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The Guise Of The Blue Jay Skies

F l y i n g a sailing tailwind in cerulean streams through beams colored creamsicle - are wings reflective of turquoise truth and the white purity of Autumn’s ether - he aviates a clear troposphere riding an unbridled capricious and combative boreas on the cusp of a new season ~ with a plumage infusion of shifting Cape Cod skies the blue jay mixes hues with the Northern azure - that fades to shades of turmoil to the South and East - becoming lost in its milky breadth its lilting light its dimming depths where the edge of rustic rural meets the ridge of conifers crooked twisted and back-bent from gales of salt-sprayed sorcery bold bluster - leading the charge of a cold sapphire crest - is bedeviled by the raw tongue-lashing spin of a brooding onshore flow twirling a brewing brawl whirling in slate pearlescent space s w i r l i n g with the dusky feistiness of stormy petrels - mobs of darkening fog fatten on summer’s fainty surrender ...leftover tints of tender cornflower and hints of dainty dove.. there’s a sparkle in the eye of the storm - as his mischievous black gaze mirrors the harsh harbinger of commotion clash and change - his piercing ‘jay-jays’ jab at the maddening mayhem of menacing air with the emerald-needled sharpness of wind-weary pitch pines anchoring the beige of coastal dunes - - where his refractive blues take cover in colorful contrast ahead of the bruising October nor’easter Susan Ashley November 2, 2018 _________________________ Poem Of The Day November 4, 2018

Copyright © Susan Ashley | Year Posted 2018

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You Know

Yes, my dear, you know, You are my source of joy, rejuvenation, hope I need your emotion spread onto my life, I need your heart to sing among the darkness surrounding Do not let our words run dry Together, in strength, we will always know And now you know, So smile, be joyous, and kiss these candid truths For they proclaim your greatness to the universe In shouts of glory, in loving whispers, On every shine of ocean shivers, You know You will always know I love you for you
To all my poetic friends, this poem is dedicated to you! This includes: David Breidenthal, Sharon Breidenthal, Rebecca Larkin, Justin A. Bordner, Just That Archaic Poet(Chan), HGarvey Daniel Esquire, James Peranteau, Guillermo Soto, Mystic Rose(Vienna), Dan Kearley, Liam Mcdaid, Kim Patrice Nunez, Rob S, Jack Ellison, Duke Beaufort, Drake Eszes(Gabriel), Davina Browne, Gary Bateman , Kyle Carlson, John Fleming, Peter Walsh, Sarah Kendrick, Jade Celeste(Eileen), Mikey Scribner, Bindu Vijayan, Don Johnson, Jake Ponce, FJ Thomas, Jan Allison, Emile Pinet, Honestly J.T, Stephen Kilmer, SKAT A, Tim Ryerson, Richard Lamoureaux, Maurice Yvonne, Giorgio A.V, Lyric Man, Mustapha Mohammed, Justin Connor, Tim Smith, Poet Destroyer A (Linda), Olive Eloisa Guillermo, James Marshall Goff, Hannington Mumo, scott thirtyseven, Judy Kronos, Eve Roper, Sandra Haight, Gautami Phookan, Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, Connie Marcum Wong,Rightly Jennings Nathan Fehr, Devin Irving, Robert L. Hinshaw, Ralph Taylor,Tanja Vermaak,Nicole Viernes,Neva Romaine, Anne Lise Andreson, Nandita Das, Funom Makama, Kevin Leake, Tammy Reams, Dean Marais, David Meade, Debbie Guzzi, Peter Holmes, Sunflower Poetess, Dr.Upma A. Sharma, William Gray, Rajat Kanti Chakraba Rty, Courtney Courtney, Cherl Dunn, David Brown, Casarah Nance, Paul Callus, Ronald Zammit, Jiril Clemons, Carl Fraser, Afolabi Muideen, Dr. Ram Mehta, Shadow Hamilton, Donovan Willis, Cynthia Ferguson, Ed Ebbs, Nette Onclaud, Cindy Cayton, Wayne Riley, Muhammad Safa Thajudeen, Sheri Fresonke Harper, Yeisiel Rios, Chelsea Chords, David Mohn, Gerald Moise, Verlena S. Walker, Kelly Deschler, Ettie Christian, Arild Andresen Ertsland, Malik Yaseen, Kurdt Cohen, Arlene Smith, Karl Marszalowicz, Pace INK-U-SCRIPT, Elly D. A. Wouterse, Pandita Sanchez, Elisabeth Wesley, Carrie Richards, John Loving iii, Andrea Dietrich, Chris D. Aechtner, Robert Petitt, Jay Loveless, KJ Force, Vicky Tsiluma, Craig Cornish, Johnney Rhinem, Keith Bickerstaffe, David Scott, The Situation, Red Fiery, Painted Hunter, Harry Horseman, Edward Orozco, Wayland Bunch, Wally Flint ,James Horn...and so many more!!!

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2015

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Java and Me

A sonnet I will write with you today
Inspired by the beauty that I see
Beyond this pane of glass where snowflakes play
Beyond this pane where raindrops used to be

The creek behind the house has turned to white
How silently she rests upon this morn
Her muddy depths completely out of sight
Beneath a face where ice begins to form

The trees once leafy raise their barren limbs
Where now those scarlet feathers can be seen 
A Cardinal in flight upon a whim
Upon a winter morning so serene

Beyond this window pane from which I gaze
And stare in this world... amazed


A  blue jay breaks the silence with his trill
That sends those scarlet feathers to the air
Across the creek they fly to yonder hill
Where combines of the windmills creak...beware

The sun begins to rise up from the east
Exposing all the diamonds in the snow
Abreast the oak and maple leaves deceased
The frosty face of winter all aglow

With gratifying java on my lips
With a  big coffee cup held in  my hand 
I tap my table top with fingertips
While humming Crosby's Winter Wonder Land

Beyond this window pane from which I gaze
I stare in wonder this world...amazed

Written:  Dec. 10Th, 2016

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2016

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Before the Rain is Gone

She kept it all inside her
and never spoke a word,
though her thoughts flew and darted
like a trapped and frantic bird.

Inside her was a garden
that was hung with Spanish moss,
like the massive oaks were weeping
to remind her of her loss..

The spider wove at breakneck speed,
a perfect work of art,
watching it, she had her doubts
that humans were so smart.

The southern air was sultry
and the sea salt cloyed the skin,
 the yard dogs dug depressions
and the alley cats grew thin.

The black top roads got sticky
when the southern sun beat down
and the heat forever rises
forming monstrous thunderclouds.

When the blue sky rolls and blackens
soon the thunder shakes the ground
and the southern landscape flattens
as the blinding rain pours down.

Nostrils flared, she filled her lungs
with the dank and heady scent
of peat-rich soil, decay and loam,
of lavender and mint.

And in her secret garden,
reptiles raised their faces high,
and blessed the cooling water
that came pouring from the sky.

She loved the iridescence
of the blue-green dragonflies
and marveled at their flying skills
as they went whirring by.

The rain soon turned magnolia leaves
into miniature garden ponds,
there the dragonflies must lay their eggs
before the rain is gone.

Wrens and sparrows chirped and chattered,
they enjoyed the cooling rain,
but the squirrels were wet and grumpy
and the jays were raising Cain.

The girl did not seek cover
and the rain ran down her face,
on her lashes rain drops trembled,
much like crystals gently placed.

The thunder never frightened her
nor did the lightning scare,
to nature she was connected,
to living things, aware.

She lived in every moment,
soon the thunderstorm would end
and the dark earth would start steaming,
then the heat would come again.

Suddenly all fell silent
in her garden of delights,
all living things were quiet
as the steam began to rise.

The gray squirrel broke the silence
and if squirrels could really speak,
she knew he would be cursing,
surely swearing a blue streak.

And then she saw the blue jay
madly pumping out his call,
his angry face was comical
Mohawk feathers standing tall.

She swam the Sea of Apathy
and the Ocean of Ennui,
there the waves upheld her gently,
washing over memories.

And the earthworms turned the soil
in the garden of her mind
and the trees again were weeping
from the echoes left behind.

Copyright © Danielle White | Year Posted 2008

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In Search of 50 Names -EDITED for judge

In Search of 50 Names(couplets alphabetized for ease of footnoting the names)

A) A tom cat sits in heather nearby a willow tree.
Rose and jasmine fill the air. A billy goat I see.

B) 50 words that sound like names I seek. A pail I carry.
I wade across a nearby stream just now to pick a berry.

C) Already I have found ten names! What a fun quest I am on
A fanny pack and comfy shoes and jeans I had to don.

D) Three more I found! Did you know? I now go through a glen.
Upon a colt I bob along as I go up a ben.

E) The cliff is steep. I must go down. A hunter I now spy.
To a blue jay he gives chase. One and twenty names have I!

F) There comes a gale, but I am wily, and I find a lee
dug by someone in the earth. Into it I flee.

G) Twenty-five names I have found; twenty-five I lack.
I leave my shelter, rob a van, but now I need a jack.

H) Are you aware of three more names I've added on my way?
I fix the van and now in earnest, I cannot delay.

I) I go for miles. Have you kept track? Thirty names I’m at.
I see a gym and go inside. They have a welcome mat.

J) With thirty-two fine names, I’m feeling good and so I pat
myself upon the back and tarry at the gym because I’m fat.

K) I nick myself while lifting weights and go into the john.
If you can notice, it’s now thirty-six names that I’m on.

L) A guy is in the ladies room. I’ll be frank. He’s a dick.
I’m curt with him and let him know that he makes me sick.

M) It’s forty names that I have found; I only need ten more.
I spot a karaoke bar and open up its door.

N) By the way, I’m looking for a man that I may marry.
I will find him in this place but he better not be hairy.

O)  Those last two lines had four names in them, did you know?
Two of them were also modals going with my flow.

P) There’s another! Five remain to which I must be led.
Also, I have found my mark, the man I want to wed.

Q) He’s singing at the mike. Both cute and rich he seems.
And I’m feeling randy; he’s the vision in my dreams.

R) I vie for his attention. Fifty names and he are mine!*

*I took off the first line of the last couplet when I realized I had gone over the 35 line max! 
The names I found per couplet are these:

A) Tom, Heather, Willow, Rose, Jasmine, Billy
B) Carrie, Wade, Barry
C) Fanny, Jean(s), Don
D) Glen, Colt, Bob, Ben
E) Cliff, Hunter, Jay, Chase
F) Gail, Wiley, Lee, Doug
G) Rob, Van, Jack
H) Earnest
I) Miles, Jim, Matt
J) Pat, Terry
K) Nick, John
L) Guy, Frank, Dick, Curt
M) Spot (but only if you are counting dog names. LOL)
N) May or Mae, Mary, Will, Harry
O) Flo
P) Mark
Q) Mike, Rich, Randy
R) Vie or Vi

Written Nov. 25, 2016
For Viv Wrigley's What's in a name

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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On Restless Wings

I wrote verse on the wings of a lark
romantic phrases in perfect rhyme
but the lark flew away in the dark
I wrote no further for the longest time

A lone blue jay landed upon my lawn
I wrote sweet prose on his sapphire wings
He spent the night with me, but at dawn
the jay flew away and no longer sings

I answered the call of a beautiful raven
I wrote love sonnets on his ebony wings
He stayed for years in my safe haven
I was one of the raven's castoff things

I no longer trust those who take flight
I lost them all and my torn heart bled
On restless wings I'll never again write
of love that leaves me alone in my bed

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2017

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By morning wake
When the light in my face
I'm reminded of your disgrace!

How can I do this to myself?
How do I wish Calgon would take me away?
Will I ever wake like the melody of the Blue Jay?

What am I suppose to do?
Shut myself down from this misery?
Emotionless, because I am too weak to be strong

It's my fault for inviting
-he that dropped my heart from cloud nine
Well, I have nothing else to say.
Except, "life has no meaning, and here I am GONE!"


Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2010

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There Is Nothing Like Tomorrow

.Loniliness is what you've given me Solitude is what I chose I kept falling down rolling like a clown till I found myself in a distant land lying on the ground I thought of better years when emotions were not words I thought of plans, excitement shared On those nights you cared But darling,Oh darling you You postponed my heart and made me fall apart Now,We are the past A vow that wouldn't last. Precious gift is time and I'll make this life sublime I walk the path alone to a world I call my own To the sound of flapping wings To where the blue jay sings On a bench I sit and wait for tomorrow's open gate A new promise will be made and the grey clouds slowly fade I'll wear pink gowns of wild flowers Bathe myself in moonlight showers Round my neck I place fresh pearls and a smile upon my tears I waste not another day thinking about that month of May when you stole my Spring away in a sour deceitful way. All blank papers will be filled With new chapters I'll be thrilled I'll be found by a brave knight who'd be always by my side Who loves me for who I am and be my only man In return He'll have my soul and no other will I know I would never leave his hand and be there to understand what he wants and what he needs In the sun,I'll be his breeze.
Fiction poem inspired by the Annie`s movie song 'Tomorrow' Have a beautiful tomorrow

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2014

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Woodland Rhapsody

A woodland path in the dappled sun- hushed and quiet
where I come free my breast and silently ponder.
I gaze upon a spiritual calm and listen to its quiet song
releasing tranquility of mind that does wander.

Between branches of towering mixture of spindly trees
encased in morning sunlight smoky haze;
I hear the rustle of hanging leaves falling gently as a sigh,
conceding tired mellow heart to praise.

In far distance echoes soft cries of lonesome blue jay,
quickly taunting squirrel gives harassing reply.
In shadows of bushy foliage, sunlight fails to cast
hides ground creatures that have come to spy.

A cool soothing breeze sweetly lulls an inward peace
capturing solitude within fractured soul.
Suddenly troubled trapped mind feels timely at ease
when moment seized a woodland stroll.

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Third Place Winner ~ "A Woodland Path” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Constance La France
July 6, 2011

Copyright © Caryl Muzzey | Year Posted 2011

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A Pirate Jay

Outside    the fall is deep and new
Tangled branches on the trees
Are bare    black    but drifted white

Survivors of the wintry night,
Birds are perched    by nature blended;
At intervals a few will fly.

A few will light beneath a weathered
Picnic table    darting    drilling
Sorting husks    or    hunting a nut

Some squirrel has hidden in a place
He    only    knows.  Then    on a stump
One whiskered fellow paws a fruit

And    from above    a pirate jay
Comes circling down    so blue    so bold
Pecks his tail    then steals the gold.

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2008

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Dewberry Cobbler

"Caleb, go fetch me some dewberries from the fence row," Momma says, 
as I polish off my Saturday morning breakfast. "I'll make us a cobbler." 
She stands in her humble kitchen, the light of a country morning dawns
on her face. She's beautiful. I'd be happy to walk a hundred miles to 
fetch her berries, or anything else. She hands me an old milk carton
with the top cut out of it. I burst out the door, running for the fence row
with the dog close behind. "And watch for snakes," she hollers after me.
As I round the edge of the 40 acre soybean field, I take the time to thank
God my dad doesn't have me hoeing weeds out of it.

toes peek out
from the canvass sneakers –
milk mustache

The dewberry vines meander beneath the line of fencing in between
the posts. I poke the undergrowth with my walking stick, trying to shoo
out any snakes! The berries ripen early this year in the Arkansas heat 
wave. The stickers get me good where my big toe pokes out, I wince. 
It’s too late now to go back for boots. The berries are real ripe and juicy,
staining my fingers as I drop them into the jug. “Two for me and one for
Momma,” I laugh and a passing Jay mimics with a caw. 

Momma's call 
carries down the row 
stomach growls

Poets: Caleb Smith & Debbie Guzzi
See About the Poem

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2014

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Angel of mourning soup
Angel of mourning
Who gives birth to fresh morning dew who 
helped me pursue who showed me the light
when I was lost for clues in times of blues

Angel of assistance
From were did you fall
From heaven?
From where did you fall
From where did you
hear my call
I wanted to say thank you
that's all
that's all
You are the fairest of
them all and you don't
need to ask the damn
mirror on the wall.

You helped me build the ladder of saul but the others
couldn't help because they couldn't speak our language
at all and so if I ever fall I know you will be there to 
pick me up like a pen like a friend  I wish I can give 
you the sun but I am young enough to be your son 
so I give to you the stars of friendship ,I can feel your 
breeze its it make me want to fall to my knees and never
cease to rain my gratification on your being because what
I have been seeing is a lending hand when many ran I 
guess that's what separates a rock from a grain of sand 
size of heart so were should I start.  

Let me fill your shopping cart with the immensity 
of this poem so when you get to the cash register
 of  heavens doorway you can show em your appreciated
 hearts receipt  you have given more than I can take  
you have dotted my I's and crossed my t's you are the
 rain to my tree the beautiful shells in my sea the form 
of my key the correction and assistance of me the blue jay 
at dawn singing to me the heat to my tea the caps for my
 knee you are the back up stinger of this bee so tell me 
honey what you see because I see the better half of me 
may our friendship never cease catie please you are the
 cat and I am the flea don't you ever scratch me because
 friends tolerate the most annoying  things of each other so
 let the itch be any way I don't think the vet's can separate 
you and me there's just to much chemistry.

Angel of assistance
From were did you fall
From heaven?
From where did you fall
from where did you
hear my call
I wanted to say thank you
that's all
that's all
You are the fairest
of them all and you
don't need to ask the
damn mirror on the wall.

I will take the poison apple out
 of your hand and take the fall
You are the fairest
 of them all and you
don't need to ask the
damn mirror on the wall.

Copyright © Elliott Bowe THe DrUnKeN POeT | Year Posted 2012

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A Warm Kentucky Afternoon

Here in warm sunshine I sit, near by a beautiful lake. Many birds in the tree like to flit. Long lush branches the breeze likes to shake. Pretty birds all around call twit-twit - Sweetness of which I partake! Spotting some boats off a way dotting the lake, happily I have put down my pen as a jay swoops on by. That is when I first see shadows creeping have dimmed my noon day. Sunlight, as always, must flee. Written July 1, 2015 for the Quatret Poetry Contest of Isaiah Zerbst

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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The Hidden Garden in My Winter Forest

"The Hidden Garden in My Winter Forest"
First you must find the steps Covered in wet moss, fog and cobwebs It’s not easy to find, the Hidden Garden in My Winter Forest Traverse the path to the gate at the end Of the twisting Labyrinth - A key required, deep inside your soul you’ve had it with you all the time You’ve just lost it in a far corner of your mind Or in the pockets of Chinese Whispers, doubts and egos intertwined Summer’s dead, you are pining for Spring, Autumn has bashfully beckoned and now Winter like a beautiful Siren, wraps her breath around you exquisitely, “Your” own sweet song she sings. Red leaves are long dead and gone here But in the hidden Garden in My Winter Forest Red bleeds in every vein that breathes, Both flowers and weeds bloom all shades of alabaster, grey, ebony and blues You’ll need your secateurs to manicure, re-adjust some Yet not remove, the words that cover all the leaves In all the stories hanging off all my trees They never drop, no fast and smart scathing cold Winter breeze blows the stories away here Winter warmly strokes each leaf and branch fondly brackets are just swings and end of sentences, well, "Freedom Day" always wins, adjust a penny for the Ferryman, full stop Close your eyes just for a little while, sleep beautiful one, The dream begins, you open them and stay The Hidden Garden in My Winter Forest calls to you I'm not gone, hear me singing out your name. In the Hidden Garden of My Winter Forest, Love is fierce Nothing dies here, it’s forever in bloom, multiplying Caged animals and tamed minds do not exist They roam wild and free, running riot happily This is the place where Lost Lovers come to tryst Villains come to try their best, but I must confess They just turn into leaves when they’re fully undressed Naked as a Blue Jay screams, you can see through All their bluff and bravado, their wicked schemes, They’re just unloved, mortal fear-kept things Divested, shy and retiring they flee, or remain to evolve as new creatures to play their part in my story In this my Hidden Garden, in my Winter Forest, by way of Lady Labyrinth in all her haunting glory. My table is set to entertain you, pull up a seat under the growing leaves of all my Winter Trees. There’s always warmth in the Hidden Garden of My Winter Forest. There's always comfort, safety, LOVE, chocolate cake and hot sweet Chai tea. (Lovejoy-Burton/April 2018) for my daughter, G. x

Copyright © Leanne Lovejoy-Burton | Year Posted 2018

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I Have To Tell

What's happened recently I have to tell. (Hiccup)
Wish I could muddle through without a screw-up.
It starts out at a comic show. (Hiccup)
The stand-up doing jokes was such a crack-up 
my laughter turned to choking then,  (Hiccup)
and from my nose there squirted diet 7-up.
Embarrassed by all this, I got up and (Hic!)
excused myself to the lady's room and quick.

I tried to drink some water and to (Hic!)
apply another coat of Rose glow lipstick.
When I returned, I heard stuff that was (Hiccup)
not for kids and hardly for the ears of any grown-up.
I guess I got back just in time for (Hic!)
that crazy guy's most hilarious shtick.
Laughing violently, I felt (Hiccup)
I once again was gonna have a flare-up.

But why I just kept choking I don't (Hic!)
know, but this time I was feeling rather sick.
That's when I first started doing (Hic!)
this.  Wish I'd gone instead to see some flick.
This all happened thirty days a (Hic!)
go.  I think I've now tried almost every trick-
from breathing into bags to even (hiccup)
drinking from the wrong side of a teacup.

I'm tired of my husband trying to (hiccup)
scare me into stopping, so I'll sum up.
A guy like me was on Jay Leno's (Hic!)
Show. Hey!  I could be the famous hiccup chick!
And yet, of all the things I could be known (Hic!)
for, this has to be the last one I would pick!

Written 3/18/14 for The Tickle My Funny Bone contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2014

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Why Do We Keep Killing Each Other

I have become the tree, perched on a limb,
Bow in hand, camouflaged grey, black, and brown.
Looking with my eyes, not moving my brim,
Detecting movement, the forest slows down.

Suddenly, a flicker of ear and tail,
Flashes in the sun entering my view.
Deer browsing, eyes darting, heads bob, ears flail,
Squirrel climbs near, my position askew.

Chattering loudly, bushy tail thrashing,
Alerting of danger for all to hear. 
Blue jay flies in and joins with jeers lashing,
Deer, with a flick of the flag, disappear.

Why can't humans communicate so well,
Spanning differences, on earth where we dwell?


Copyright © Michael Vacek | Year Posted 2017

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I have dropped my pains on pages of poems,
the ink in my pen treasures my groans,the 
quill is my sword, with edges sharp enough
to sculpt the perfect picture, the quill is the
only thing you got when those devils try to 
get ya, the only warmth when those men or
women forget ya, I bet ya a million bucks 
and yes it sucks, but poetry is more than
just writing, its healing, remedy of feeling, 
dealing with the worst of you,  quenched the
thirst of you, a doctor or a nurse to you, 
sometimes you  get delusions and think it
gave birth to you, as it pours on its immensity
of worth on you, that's what enchanting words
will do.

One day I gave poe to a dying tree 
now it has grown it looks fine to me, boy oh 
boy the tree said to me, if it wasn't for your 
poe in tree  another day I wouldn't have seen,
but now I have STRONG roots running below
city's a million  feet strong and a billion feet 
long and I can stand to bear the blues jay on 
my branches, with songs all day long, I wrote his 
song it went like this poe in tree poe in tree gave
ETERNAL bliss to thee, oh by the way, I am
the tree saved by poe in tree poetry poetry

Copyright © Elliott Bowe THe DrUnKeN POeT | Year Posted 2012

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                                                                   blue jay
                                                              jealous jester
                                                 your jabberwocky sounds
                                         jettisoned across the grove through
                                  jack pine now rebound, jack hammering the
                                              warning “junco, fly away! This,”
                                                     you jeer, “is my feeder!”
                                                            unjust you are
                                                                   blue jay

Copyright © Shelly Berkeley | Year Posted 2007

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Loch River Valley

Where the forest is still virgin and the lyrebirds often call,
the bronze-wing comes to drink, and the ferns are growing tall, 
there are deer prints in the mud, and there’s leeches seeking prey…
this little creek meanders on its way.

Where a pothole track goes winding through the burgan and ti-tree,
mountain ash and messmate stumps are overgrown history
from loggers in the forests, and the straining bullock dray…
this little creek meanders on its way.

Where recreation parks have forced a need for clearing of the bush,
where this grassland in the mountain now welcomes the human push,
and the platypus is unperturbed, where it’s still prepared to play…
this little creek meanders on its way.

Where lands been cleared and now the pines are planted in a row.
It’s all green but foreign and where nothing else will grow.
And king parrots or black cockies, have found their seeds okay… 
this little creek meanders on its way.

Where dairy farms are greener than you ever think you’ll see,
blackberry hugs the banks with, bootlace bush and goodia pea,
and so mournful through the valley is the calling from the jay…  
this little creek meanders on its way.

Where it’s back again to virgin scrub and hugging closer to a hill,
where the pools are getting deeper with backwaters black and still.
And the mother stream Latrobe, awaits the Loch, to draw away…
this little creek meanders on its way.

This little valley’s heaven for the angler coming here,
not only for the fishing, but the peace that’s always near.
Where one can reach the grassy banks of the chosen course,
then meander with the little creek, rippling from its source.

There’s a dearth of hides and cover for the trout who ‘hog’ the stream.
They chase the spinner to the edge, when they see the twirling gleam. 
And where some take the triple hooks while others get away…
this little creek meanders on its way.

Copyright © Lindsay Laurie | Year Posted 2016

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Far more than friends

I thought and I thought
I thought and I thunk
so very much thinking
My thoughts made me drunk

My friends are great friends
Friends that are friendly and true
They are far more than friends
These lovely friends one and two

They're considerately considerate 
They consider what they do
By considering the possibilities 
It's consideration that makes them true

What confuses is confusing
Nothing seem to confuse them  all
When I'm feeling confused
It's those friends who I call

Depend on the dependable 
Depending on if it's true 
If the friends you depend on
Can also depend on you

Being kind brings out kindness
My kindly friends always do
The very best kind of friends
make you happy not blue

True givers are a gift
It's a gift to spend time with them
The gift that keeps on giving
Over and over again.

So thinking turns to thanking
Thanks for all they have done
thoughts and a heartfelt thank youse
For being kind and such great fun

Dedicated to our friends Al and Jay who's kindness and friendship mean the world to us. I lack the words to adequately express our appreciation. So I gift this bit of silly as a token of our affection. You are truly special people and have been God sent into our lives. Al and Jay you are loved.

Merry Christmas 2016
Rick and Mary

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2016

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Ruben's Sandwich

Hey diddle diddle
We poets will fiddle
With poems that jump over the moon.
But sometimes we blunder
He still claps like thunder
And soon we are smiling a tune.

While he sits on his tuffet
and gobbles his sandwich
He brings a smile with each comment he makes
Collecting his wits,
With humorous bits
Jay Leno would gladly be paid!

To have him crack jokes
He cheers all the folks
Who stay up by light of the moon

Even little dogs laugh, 
While the rest of us grin
You're a great guy, we love you! ... Ruben!!

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2013

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The map

Glacial ice melting
The climate suddenly changes
Old relationships.

When the blue jay sings
Listen how wide it ranges
The boundary of spring.

After rain rainbow
Thunder makes the coastland smile
Faith provides the oil.

So I map landscapes
With audacity to see
Change, a boomerang.

I search through petals
To find a woman's soft heart
Felt a bumbled sting

No bridge left to cross
Love drowns everything in tears
So the cuckoo sings

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2009

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Call Me Home

You are the river running through 
unfathomable greens
glassy yellows 
down in the core of the river
flicker lightness on top
You increase me…swell me…impregnate without word or deed
push me to the fore till my sail fills with your carbon 
a deep blue undertow …rip tidian 
only moderate and full…like a plate of food...of vegetables …of fruit…of corn
You are the dark brown peat from which I absorb minerals 
vitamins … steel ...magnesium…sulfate
the pillow of my essence’s rest in your name …hurricane 
You fall on me
Wash off delusion
And I am a small green thing …a fine rooted thing 
Small leaves of me stretch for your chloroformian shadows
My roots dig deep 
hear your drum beat in the equatorial regions of the flaming core
I bend around the rocks …look under ever beetle’s shimmering skin 

in all things you can be found
Amorous and craving …a magma surface of tension and sun
in tree tops …dark places 
in the dark alleys 
You are the blue jay…the cardinal but also the raven 
the oak knows you too well…the west wind too and swells up in my skirts…my cottons
my downy …my linen …my lead
you stand … your hands on your hips 
look out over the possibilities 
hungry for returns
I echo 
Light housing across ….a sound burst 
a wave in a vast universe of waves many 
too many waves

but you will hear me
Master of my heart 
lover of my flesh and bone…my fat thinness…my crispness…my luxury
You will hear …what no one else will ever know
and call it home

Copyright © Ingrid Showalter Swift | Year Posted 2014

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Hey Baby S.K.A.T..."Where-You-At?"

Hey Baby S.K.A.T..."Where-You-At?"
Because, this is the place to be!
The Poetrysoup needs a scoop
Of your slamming poetry!
Hey Baby S.K.A.T... Let's go "Tit-For-Tat!"
But, prove to me that you want to win it!
Whatever you do...Don't obstruct my view,
Like a glass eye with a fish in it!
Hey Baby S.K.A.T...Come join my FRAT!
And show me that you have a quick hand!
You must be able to prove yourself stable,
Like a peg leg with a kick stand!
Hey Baby S.K.A.T...Don't be a BRAT!
Don't just lay down and take a nap!
Please don't fear that your slams look weird,
Like an AFRO with a chin strap!
Hey Baby S.K.A.T...Your MOM is FLAT!
OOOOH! Now what do you have to say?
I have bigger breast on MY chest.
"NOW do you want to come out and play?"
Hey Baby S.K.A.T...This is just a SPAT
To see if I can hit that spot!
So, I will put this one to bed, but like Jay-Z said...
"Little Mama...Show me what you got!"

Copyright © dakarai cobb | Year Posted 2010

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The Unforgotten Brother

There were thirteen of us,
but now there's only twelve
Our brother Jay
will never be forgotten by us
His time on this earth is over,
I pray that he used it well

Our brother Jay was an exceptional lawyer,
be he died like a very foolish man
He fell asleep one late evening
with a lit cigarette in his hand

Him not being with us now,
is like one hand missing a glove
It's like a part of your heart is gone,
a piece of you that's missing some love

He was such a kind, jovial man,
helped anybody as often as he can
It didn't matter what your lot in life was,
Jay would help you just because
you were a fellow human being,
someone in dire need
That was all he needed to know,
that was all the proof you had to show

Our brother Jay was an extraordinary lawyer,
he lived like a loyal, courageous man
He would always remain by your side,
when everyone else turned tail and ran

Truly we miss him dearly,
as time keeps moving right along
We will never ever forget him;
his loving memory remain in our hearts,
even though he is now gone

Dedicated to the loving memory of my beloved brother John

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017