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Have a lovely day

Have a lovely day

Pushed now to the limit by a never ending whisper
Lost behind the meaning of a question I can’t hear
Dreaming of a day when life addresses me much deeper
Found within in a headline that is nothing close to clear

Led onto a dance floor with a blindfold and a promise
Following the jagged steps that shuffle once again
A slow collaboration to the music that was playing
Performed beneath a false pretense that never should have been   

Words in place of faces with a finger pointing outward
Fodder for the listeners who fall as one more prey
Stalking from the shadows on the unsuspecting gazers
Candy offered free to all of those who want to play

Jumping to conclusions as if age will change decisions
Casting off a friend without a compass in his hand
Sorry if this heart has run away from past deceptions
When its found the weight becomes much more than it can stand

Some can be so fickle filled with uninvited feelings
Blame is placed on others as their mind lives in a trance
In between the lines they find affection in a poem
Whirled about in cursive some accept as true romance

When did I become a man who listens to his echo
Caught outside the visions that can bring the scene alive
Wondering aloud if I can just afford an answer
Facts of that elusive mark which somehow I survive

No one understands me as the crowd now wanders backwards
Shocked that some old lunatic is running down the street
Screaming in a language sounding like a trolley whistle
There’s no need to fear me, why does everyone retreat

Just another body strewn about in some odd fashion
Move along, there’s nothing here you haven’t seen before
Hurry, call the coroner his pen is slowly dying
Look, a note he left behind all crumpled on the floor

I am just a poet who at times has penned emotions
Sending hope and happiness in fancy written charm
Not some steely daggers there in wait beyond the forest
Hopeful you’ll believe me that I never meant you harm

Those were not my wishes that are sorted out and tattered
Just a piece of fabric sewn around the fraying seams
Stitched together tightly in a thread of indecision
Cut by little pieces that are lost inside my dreams

Give me just a minute and I’ll pick up where I started
Then you’ll know the meaning of these very words I say
Far above the message found in hypothetic banter
Everyone, enjoy yourselves and have a lovely day

Thanks for everything Soupers. I will never forget the kindness all of you have shown me. 


Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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          by feminine allure
          my resistance 
          like a house of cards. 

          On brief reflection
          I contemplate
          the repercussion
          of total surrender
          or hurried retreat.

          - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
          © 17th March 2018

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2018

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A Depiction Of One Artist And His Starry Night

Vincent Van Gogh~Starry Night __________________________ a precarious world of indecision a dark pallet of light this brilliant depiction , it does scream , it cries out blues and yellows swirl in a maze of defeat a crescent moon suspended in a blissful evening , hangs lone in agony I rest within this small town of hope my eyes are saddened , my mind relentless in delight You are mine , my asylum , my starry night a dimension of light under this wrenching canopy of demise oh Vincent... __________________________

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2010

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A Quiet Shore

A turn in the current
     Memory, you, swirled and swallowed
          By the eddies of moments passing
     Once, I was the reef you broke yourself upon
Hopes and loves and passions

Washed ashore to settle in the sands of "mine"
     Your intents gifted to birth my purpose
          Sculpted like castles from our soft particulate ideas
     Crumbled by your indecision and need
Into a smooth wash of reality

Tepid grains of sadness that I dug my toes into
     Wriggling, deep, the melancholy warmth
          The coverlet of loss I wrapped around my bones
     And gave my meanderings to, pure
Simple, dark, comfortable.

You never looked back, not once
     I ... am still looking.
          I see you ... again, eons later
     Lives and worlds and universes later
Suffering, in the midst of pain that won't relinquish

A husband and happy family, children
     Home, career, and all you'd wished for ... then, (with me)
          And none of it can ease your torment.
     Despite all the storms that battered our union
In deference to all the torn edges and hearts rent

In the face of the ragged surf that once drown us both
     And pulled us into the briny abyss ...
          Despite it ALL ...
     I will ALWAYS be here
The distant shores you crashed yourself against

Now, the soft, warm beach you can always drift to
     The castles, ruined, that now offer rest and unquestioned peace
          The smooth sea sand that waits without judgement
     To lay your cares upon ...
To cry, release, heal, attend, dream ...

Or simply ... breathe.

~ 2nd Place ~  in the "Distant Shores" Poetry Contest, Robert Haigh, Sponsor.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Together We Are Strong" Poetry Contest, Silent One, Sponsor.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2018

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'Don't Go In Broken'

Ensure that when you walk away You don't rush into someone new Just because you are fearful Of your own company If you are not at the point Of loving yourself or Of being comfortable on your own How do you expect to be receptive To new experiences? You can never share yourself Completely If you don't love yourself completely Don't expect someone else to love all of you When you carry self doubt and indecision About yourself within you Self doubt and loathing Will be part of your new relationship Don't start on the back foot You deserve better So does your new partner Clear your head Heal your heart Don't go in broken No one can heal your lack of love for yourself That is an inside job

Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2015

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My eyes grow heavy,
Yet I can't sleep,
My soul feels weighted,
But I can't weep

I dream on
Without the hope I need
I need to talk
Yet my tongue's not freed

I clutch my pillow,
I cling to the thought
Of how we met,
And why we fought

It all seems so silly now,
And I wonder why
We could let this stand
And let love die

Pure "saving face"
Holds me back,
Especially since
Your verbal attack

Being a person,
No easy thing,
You've left your nest
And the protection of
Your mother's wing

Should i call?
Or hold out?
Be the weak one?
Or stand and shout?

Oh, Lord, please guide me
Let me know
The way to be...

I roll over in bed again,
And turn on the light,
But light doesn't help.
I have no sight...

Indecision means inaction
I start to groan,
To lose your love,
A fear greatly grown

Turn off the light,
Again to bed
In many ways,
Wishing I was dead.

Copyright © tom bell | Year Posted 2008

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Passing the test

Feeling the pain as the solstice is waning Counting the days till the end brings me home Keeping a smile through the mess I am wading Wondering why I am here all alone Lost in a dreamscape of past tense distractions Spent too much time with my foot on the floor Watching the clock seems my new fascination Boy is it slow, so much now than before Can’t wait that long behind rush hour traffic Winter is near and it’s colder than hell What can I do if my heart isn’t in it Who out there cares if I’ve something to tell Taking each step with my eyes facing forward Still indecision becomes my new friend Where would I be if I traveled this distance Without direction and no place to end Oh well, it seems that the road I am walking Will lead me back to the place I can rest If I pursue what my life has been missing All at the same time while passing the test

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2018

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Melting Away

Walking through life with chipped shoulders
weighing you down to the ground,
burdening the mind with stress and woe
numbing thought crippling the body,
with aching pain in soul releasing suffocation
from feeling trapped under cold ice,
buried alive with indecision.

Struggling to move forward from years of baggage,
stored in worry and doubt surrendering 
to light energy flow
liberating spirit with fluid motion
envisioning solutions in the end,
catching glimpses of the sun smiling upon you
warming your frozen heart,
thawing out the sadness from your long journey home
contemplating gratitude visualizing well being,
healing sorrows melting them away.

Copyright © Shelly Wiseberg | Year Posted 2008

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Indecision No need to read between the lines


No need to read between the lines.

By Stanley Russell Harris
(the new mad author)
and (Poetry Soup Honourably Mentioned)

No need to read between the lines.
There is nothing to be found.
Right way up, sideways, or upside down.

What you read is what you get.
There is nothing hidden and yet…
You are looking, I know you are.

Sorry, there is nothing, I know I am right.
As this is all what I do write.
Now day has turned into night.

So please digest what I have wrote.
As I lay here a simple bloke.
Although my writing, is not a joke.

Just read the words I did write.
They made no sense to me tonight.
Was just that writing bug, alright.

I thought, what the heck, I’ll let it write.
Although I have nothing to say!
That bug will write until its day.

I will, have the last word today!
Or was it night, I meant to say?

Copyright © STANLEY Harris | Year Posted 2016

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Prisoner Of The Past

As the earth crumbles beneath my feet
Air is heavy with indecision
A heart kept in isolation, sinks without inspiration
Living with a measure of uncertainty, anxiety, fear

Hanging on my mind, the edge
Words, I have written, consumed by flames
Unanswered questions notice; never answered
A prisoner of the past
Wishing will not make it true

Feeling like a fool, as this is my life
You gave my secrets to everyone who would laugh,
Made words lie, what i have witnessed,
Turned my pen into a sword, thrust it through my heart
Have you known remorse?

Follow me into the rain,
Taste the pain and suffering, fills my heart with sorrow
As my thoughts float away on the breeze
Time has no more meaning; everyone I cared for is gone
There is nothing left to lose

Settling over the landscape, Dissolving, in the moonlight
like a tree falling in the forest

I knew it would end this way, I cannot escape destiny

You, will all be remembered

Copyright © jeanine dejesus | Year Posted 2005

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Between the Teacher and the Student

The coin snaps off the fingers
As gravity works the spin
I turn for you, flip and land
I see your patience running thin

It's heads, not what I want
So I choose tails and I choose you
Past indecision, I now confront
Our mess I must attend to

You don't need to explain our love
It's really between you and me
They may not understand, respect
A mother/teacher/ student reality

I refused your many lessons
From constant pains that bruised fast
Most hurt caused by self
unhealed wounds brought from the past

When your tries bring on a new sting
I resist though I want more
I only see the pain and so lose
The lesson's blessings in store

I don't need to explain our love
It's really between you and me
The may not understand, respect
A mother/teacher/student reality

I go to you, I run from you
What you give I misconstrue
Let's prove them wrong with how we do
I'll honor what we've been through

Letting go of darkness everyday
Bowing with the homework you give
I choose to learn thru the pain
And be the light we all will live


Copyright © Richard Craig | Year Posted 2015

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Upon The Wind

It was a still October night when I was cold and all alone
as through the forest of my mind in thought I wandered on my own
The moon lay hidden by the clouds that rested heavy on my eyes
and as I stumbled through the dark I felt the wind begin to rise
I heard my name upon the wind as he was flying through the night
he called to me to come to him so he could take me on his flight
In soothing tones he spoke to me, his voice sang gentle through my mind
and in a flowing melody he spoke of wonders I would find

The wind sang out to me that night and with his song I was entranced
and it was windward  my thoughts turned as in my heart his tempest danced
But still my feet stayed on the ground for I was too afraid to fly
and as the wind washed over me in mournful howls I heard him cry
As indecision split my mind my eyes were stinging with my tears
and tenderly with his caress he tried to ease me from my fears 
Across my face his gentle breath had blown the clouds out of my eyes
and then he summoned to the moon who came to light my darkened skies

And when the moon had risen high his servants came into my sight
these waiting visions that I saw were whispers in the silver light
They came to carry me to him who now is waiting there for me
they said they'd help me find my way into his arms where I'd  fly free
They said they wouldn't let me fall, they told me that they understand
and so I let them lead the way as I had given them my hand
Then I was lifted off the ground and we were soaring through the sky
and as I came into his arms he took away my fear to fly

Above the earth he carried me and as I watched it spin around
from in the heavens I could see all of the wonders to be found
I'll fly forever in his arms, among the stars where I will play
across the never ending sky, the spinning world so far away
Upon the wind you'll hear my song as we are sailing through the sky
and joyous is the song I sing as we are scaling ever high
I am alive upon the wind,  I'm flying in his arms tonight
and like an echo I will fade as we are blowing out of sight......

Inspired by Elaine Georges' Tell Me A Story contest

Copyright © Robin L. Gass | Year Posted 2009

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(Deep in the rainforest), in (The Land of the Small), there lives a (Solitary Man) who is 
known to do some (Slow Strollin’) among the (Deep Pockets) of (Vernal Pools) looking for 
something more than (Sustenance). Of late, he finds it increasingly hard to be (Still Smiling) 
after his (First Love) left him some (...graffiti on stone) (The Day She Left).

Choosing (Desperate Measures) over (Indecision), he said, in order to release these 
(Imprisoned Opinions) “(I LOCK MY DOOR UPON MYSELF”). (From Where I Live), my life and 
(I, GOT RHYTHM) from our (Sweet Exchange). I was (Longing For Love Not Lust). 

Suddenly in the clearing a (Bronze Beauty) struck (That Pose)! His depression quickly 
vanished as he began thinking (The sky’s the limit) now and it looks like it will be a long time 
before he says: (I Miss You Again)!

*As I read poems from the top 25 poets who enter member contests, I wondered if I could 
make a narrative from the titles of their last five poems posted. I randomly borrowed 23 
titles from 17/25 poets. Perhaps it will evoke fond memories of these poets’ work. (The titles 
are in parenthesis). ENJOY!         


Copyright © John Trusty | Year Posted 2010

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In the City of Love

by Eiffel Tower
shall I take lift or stairs

sipping coffee
off the beaten track
why does it taste better

on bench, relaxed
relishing the peace
can idling be a sin

fantasy shared
padlocks on a bridge
is love for ever more

pleasantly lost 
in city side streets 
do we need find the way 

an evening stroll
lovers by the Seine
who knows where it will end

soaking in her
nocturnal beauty
how can I resist her

lingering thoughts
when it's time to leave
how soon can we return

Contest: Questionku Two
Sponsor: Richard Lamoureux
Placed 1st

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2015

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The A D D Poet

The A.D.D. poet, knows not of forms.
His mind is adrift, his thoughts move in swarms.
He loathes punctuation, he oft lacks the words.
To convey his whole meaning, to strike the right chords
He has no control, of what he retains
He tries to make sense, of what little remains.
He's left with an archive, of incomplete visions
Forged of distractions, which breed indecision.
He jots every line, with the best of intention.
Trying to conclude, despite fading attention.
Then he has an epiphany, if explored he could finally be free!!!!!
Then he gets hungry, makes a sandwich, and is off to watch TV. 

Copyright © Joe Inka | Year Posted 2011

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Like the crumbled paper of indecision - Epic thoughts waste away With each dying memory - I burn the soiled page A place where love had ran away - As I Peer past the rusted gate With each wall of contemplation - Forever and too late With immortal thoughts and mortal pain - A tear upon my face Clothed in a suit of aching desire - Suffocating in my fate Like the crumbled paper of indecision - Tossed and thrown away.... _________________________________

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2013

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I’ve been adrift on the sea, a lost soul of ideal inspiration
Tossed asunder amongst realities harsh waves of the incomplete,
A disembarked being, caught at the mercy of a thundering riptide
Of indecision, floundering, drowning alone, with no life preserver
To cling upon!
Rolling waves crashing against my bare exposed mental flesh,
I’ve know the deeply threshing under currents of the starving mind,
Of the uninspired, the de-mused, without imaginations glory,
An orphaned child without thoughts infusion!
Once I disembarked on a sinking craft, a vessel without sail or wind,
Ideally wondering having no true course, or no dead reckonings landing
Point of reference!
A voiceless refuge unable to scream for help, to and fro so did
I just rock upon the waves of homeless, and helpless,
In this self- inflicted imprisonment so did this castaway dwell,
In this empty ocean, alone mariner aboard a sinking ship!
But than a far off light shown, it burned at my blind eyes,
With such brilliance did it so shine, as if by a magic I
Couldn’t understand or comprehended, my tiny boat
Find its way into a safe sheltering port, many open
Hands reached out to this lost soul and pulled me 
Upwards towards inspirations dry land!
Voices spoke gently unto me in the whispering winds
Of imagination, your free here, you’ve come home
At last, soar, fly be at peace now drifter, you are welcome
Here amongst thy kindred!
Standing at the dock of acceptance, I turned and watched
My tiny ship torn apart by the hurling waves of change,
Then I realized that many others were still left on this
Ocean of aloneness, and how lucky I was to find my
Way home at last!
I’ve found my place in this big old world at last,
Here where I can express myself,
Amongst others whom have excepted me for myself,
On this island called the internet,
In a cyber-family, amongst my friends and kindred,
I’ve finally come home at last, in a place
Mixed with diversities beauty, 
In this poetry soup of humanity!
Here I’ve tried my anchor, no more a wander,
Just a voyager remembering, looking upwards
At an inspirational sky and finally able to bath
In the guiding wake of my own imagination,
And sharing it with others of my own poetic
Experience, thank you for the welcoming,
I’m home at last!

Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

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The Master Artist

Vincent, we adore your Starry Night,
Illuminant to the inner being,
Undercurrents of celestial, 
Brilliant and intriguing. 

Dali, we love your vision,
Etching with great precision,
Alive with startling surrealism,
Reflecting human indecision.

Monet, you paint dreams,
E’ry bouquet picturesque,
Midday, sunrise, sunset,
Ballet dancers stretch and arabesque.

But God, You always take the cake,
Your work they only imitate,
Reprints of all You create,
E'ry shore, mountain, and snowflake. 

April 2, 2014
Form: Cross Lento

Copyright © Kim Bond | Year Posted 2014

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It Can Truly Be Said ---Summary---

                        " Prolog".....

It can truly be said that the love of "God" has never destroyed
anything, but has assured utter happiness to those who seek
His path and adhered to His work in His own name.  Love promotes'
love when walking in the path of "God".  Lust promotes' ultimate
self destruction at its' extreme.  Love can not be confused because it 
is absolute and with-out out side interpretation with "God" as a
witness.  Lust ends' in only one interpretation when exhibited in the
eyes' of the Devil...

Love provides' for positive growth while physical attraction (lust/deceit) only
provides' for temporary indulgences' of this World.  The Devil delights' in His

The Lord gave His only begotten Son for love.  For lust, the Devil gives' a life
of confusion and jealousy.  While love makes no provisions' for jealousy, distrust
murder in the name of the Lord or any other indignation, it do provide
instruction in the Word of the LORD.

Lust doe's entail indecision, murder, adultery and other foul crimes' against man 
and beast.  It don't  invite confusion and transgression against your fellow man!
The Devil would agree that this is necessary in the name of Jesus.  I would say
that it is in the name of Love if you confuse the Devils' comment verse "God's" good

Gary Fields


Copyright © Gary Fields | Year Posted 2014

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Fly by

Gone with the wind
Gone are the days of indecision
Gone are the days of determination 
Are you sure?
You will forever be indecisive
Because God decide
You will forever be hesitate
Because God has the final plan
And it changes at the last minute
So forsake - go on
Know that the Determiner has a Hand on you
That He determines everything
from the day you walk
To the day you talk
From the one you marry
To the one you fly
From ahh whatever
You get the message
One thing for sure 
- He will not leave you floundered
He always has a plan
And therefore you have a plan
You just don't know it yet
Or do you?
Like I said
Don't be floundered
Like you have a choice

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2015

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Rosalia - The Evil Black Witch of the Harz, Part Six

Rosalia - The Evil Black Witch of the Harz, Part Six

Archangel Gabriel and His Force of Heavenly Angels
Upon seeing the radiant, almost blinding light as it lit up even the darkest corners of the forested area, Monseigneur Hardenberg and his party dropped to their knees and in earnest prayer thanked the Lord God for making his presence known to them.

In the distance, the search party could see a large group of light beings with halos. Aurelia’s sensing proved correct. This was the Archangel Gabriel with his trusted group of angels. Perceptively now, Aurelia could both sense and see the entrance to Rosalia’s cave beyond a thick grouping of trees in a small clearing. Archangel Gabriel was pointing the way to them to the cave.

Once more, Aurelia also knew now that Rosalia, despite her vaunted powers of darkness, was actually clueless to the arrival of the angels in the vicinity of her lair. Under God’s power, Archangel Gabriel was shielding and protecting Monseigneur Hardenberg’s search party from detection by Rosalia and her witches.

As it turned out, the search party was there in reality to help and assist the angels as they could when people who were prisoners of Rosalia were freed from her control. The real battle though that was commencing was at the heavenly level now. Archangel Gabriel with his angelic group descended quickly now into the cave immediately followed by Aurelia and Monseigneur Hardenberg and his group . . . The element of surprise was theirs. 

It was now after 6:00 pm and the final preparation for the Black Mass celebration for the Black Witches’ Sabbath to occur at midnight was underway. The key was for the angels to strike decisively before the appearance of Lucifer at midnight.  If they had to confront Lucifer directly, Archangel Gabriel knew he needed God’s direct intervention.

The full force and radiance of the angelic heavenly light permeated the deepest and darkest reaches of Rosalia’s cavern. The witches and the lost soul minions of Rosalia were totally surprised by the sheer light and power of the angelic force. Those who fought and resisted—and there were many—were immediate destroyed. There was still a small grouping of Rosalia’s witches and vassals remaining that immediately surrendered to the superior force of angels and the supreme will of the Almighty Lord God. The surrendering group pleaded for mercy and begged forgiveness and recanted their allegiance to both Rosalia and Lucifer—and then turned to the Almighty Lord God for their ultimate salvation.  It was indeed a truly remarkable sight to behold.  

In the confusion which ensued following the success of the angelic invasion and the demonic capitulation, Rosalia was nowhere to be found. It looked as though she had literally vanished from the face of the Earth. But this proved to be not the case. During the moment of surprise when the angels attacked her dark forces, Rosalia was caught completely off guard and for a moment froze in fear and indecision.  A real first for her. For the very first time, her ability to summon the forces of evil was not possible for her. Her only way out was to turn herself into a Black Cat, a favored creature of hers.

Rosalia’s deception did not last long.  Aurelia alerted everyone to the evil presence of the Black Cat. She knew at once that the Black Cat was indeed Rosalia. The deception was up.  For once, Rosalia could no longer hide. And it looked like even Lucifer had forsaken his prized favored witch and mistress.  Perhaps this could be his punishment for her failure to effect the ritual of the Black Mass as planned and the important celebration of the Black Witches’ Sabbath.  

In the Lord God’s name, and by all of His Power and His Glory, Archangel Gabriel stripped Rosalia of all her magical and other worldly evil powers, to include her spirit of immortality.  With this done, she was now a very old mortal women who looked both disheveled and haggard, but was still quite hideous to look upon by all concerned. Rosalia was released to Monseigneur Hardenberg and his priests for confinement, trial, and eventual execution. 

End of Part Six

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, Schoeningen, Germany (September 20, 2014)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2014

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Healing Hands

A long, lost dream lay dormant for many years 
Beneath a constant sea of delays and indecision
Stuck in a routine so unappealing to my spirit
Hours spent in self indulgence became the norm of each day
It did promote team spirit however, did nothing for my famished soul
At break of dawn, the alarm clock would sound, 
Anger stirred deep in my soul; hindering my commune with God  
Then along came Holy Matrimony, or so I thought it was 
Graciously, light revealed the cobwebs that draped my life
It was then, at that crossroad where clarity and strength revived  
My inspiration, one consolation, an angel sent from above 
In defining ways, she would teach me what it means to truly love
With no expectations, no remuneration, observing in awe and pure joy
It was no accident that I found my lost dream in yesterday’s ruins 
These gentle hands are blessed to heal, love and give care 

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2010

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As light plays upon the dark, that moon through stained glass windows
cutting a swarth across cobbled floors.
It seeps into the cracks like it's found home at last 
How a distant piano to a curious ear attracts
a de'javu moment and yet it is unwritten. 
You follow the fleeting seeking some origin
reaching out for inspiration as if it were original sin
All recitations from what remains unwritten
Those words hidden under the tongue just below the surface of a heart.
Contour of an image meant to be lived, yet remains unchanged, namelessly forgotten.
Its a melancholy of indecision climbing the walls of narrow passages like wisteria
you adhere to the impulse to cover all that once lay bare.
I drag tired fingers around the next bend, the next barrier
is more impressive than the last.
There’s an attempt to grasp something in the lapse between thoughts
to trade abstract beliefs for the tangible, it is enough to inspire devotion. 
a shadow climbs the wall only to stall in its climax
abiding but a remnant of the unwritten.
Something is always left in these corners where candles aid their illumination
and thoughts drift elsewhere in the dancing theatre of undefined movements.
The unknowing becomes vagabond to the warmest of comforts.
You find yourself in these blankets of cloud cover observing holes in the disguise.
The veil suddenly lifted, experience immediate, no longer a stranger
so you can gaze upon these mirrors and hasten that journey toward home
Home, your feeling is kept fleeting, A temporal haven so you can continue repeating
these steps that lead you towards the perfect escape.
Always almost there... In this world of smoke and mirrors
Trapped in illusion that holds time obscurely 
"The Unwritten"
So we bend beneath the wing of watching eyes.
Trenched in the words of silver tongues, frozen by the voice of awkward edges
For if the unwritten were to be before its time, If it were to flee, 
to break free and roam; Become the breeze through these hallowed halls
of desperate belief.
To write the unwritten...
Then though they'd cry and shout and leap, No wall could stretch from sea to sky
Nor any kingdom stop it.
It is etched on the soul more deeply than stone
And we have given it a name...

                                         Our Destiny

Copyright © Sarai Virden | Year Posted 2015

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A LINGERING indecision laid bare
and morning sighed with me beside
internal debates fleeing
asylum with turmoil between 
fret and fear

so i decide...

a narrow splinter jiggles my mind
like how someone treated me -- 
a wreck;

love, like us, a barren and somber alter 
without her triptych
and questions remain.

:: ~ ::

Copyright © Ernest Robles | Year Posted 2016

Details | Indecision Poem | Create an image from this poem.

Escaping teh Clouds

Escaping the Clouds
                     by Odin Roark

Entering one's Now…

How long the traverse.
Mountainous obstacles
Seem not of our creation,
Yet rock hard impasses appear
Where clear path seemed obvious,
Now impassible.

The best laid plans
Swirl amidst the winds of challenge,
Icing our tenacity,
Whiting-out our vision,
Deafening our ears to resolve.

Made to stop,
We seek refuge.
Cower we must,
Time's weather independent
Unaware love's thermal core
Knows but limited defense.

Suffering assumes the time.
We fearfully give it,
Granting indecision
Until we satiate.

Sentience abides.
Patience its virtue.

The conscious
Somehow realize a clearing,
Both path and atmosphere
Reveal survival routes.

Bad weather lifts.
We often know not why.
A path reveals itself,
Accompanied by fixed ropes of trust.

Having exited the overcast,
We embrace our trailhead,
Willingly remove extra weight
No longer needed upon our shoulders.

Stripping to our nakedness
We ready the entering of one's Now,
That place where past and future
Are but interference to being with the moment.

Escape from clouds,
The engulfment we mostly create within.

Copyright © Odin Roark | Year Posted 2014