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The Idiom and the Oddity Part 4

Page 10

‘T wasn’t long before we nestled                        
In the belly of the beast 
And we might not all have fit
If it wasn’t for some grease

Demetre was disturbed
By the prodding of a sword
So he said to Val discreetly
You’re not the only one who’s bored

There’s no time to horse around
Or for gaiety of sorts
Until we win this town 
There’ll be no more water sports

I had to be very firm
For these men sure like to play
And focus on the reason
We were all crammed in this way

Achilles’ please stop shoving
There’s no room to give you more
And , Philo please wake up
For, I loath to hear you snore

The others on the beach
Have set sail,  and left in mass
As I could see so very well
From a crack found in the *** 

Page 11    You're Just Busting My Walls

Then just as we expected
The large Gates opened wide
And all those crazy Trojans
Came out, who were inside

Some looked upon my ***
With glee and adoration
While others sot to burn it down
Without investigation

Their highest Priest, now stepped forth
To speak the voice of reason
Don’t you see it is a "Horse"
A gift we should find pleasing

Still others shouted out, awful words
Not worth repeating
And our *** seem in some trouble
As their tempers started heating

It wasn’t long, till it began
The eclipse was right on time
It convinced the unbelievers
That my big *** was divine

They all bowed down to kiss it
It was a spectacle to see
And I’m glad I didn’t miss it
For it was,  personal to me

Page 12

My men until this day
Claimed a tear, formed by my eye
And I quickly turned away
So they wouldn’t see me cry

But the moment didn’t last 
As we found we were in motion
They tied ropes around my ***
And applied a slippery lotion

Now the wheels had proper grease
And the lines where taunt and tight
They started pulling on my ***
And were using all their might

We were really rolling now
As we headed for the gate
The men got so elated 
That they hardly couldn’t wait

When we finally reached the gates
We had to stop a bit
Our structure was too tall
And this big ***, wouldn’t fit

But one of their members
A fricken genus, if  I may
Said, lets tear down that portion
Of the wall that’s in the way 

Copyright © Jerry T Curtis | Year Posted 2014

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For Sale

          FOR SALE
Beautiful paint stallion
Lookin to sell
What I really gave for him
I'll never tell

Ain't been broke
But will make a heck of a ride
Though it didn't go well
The one time I tried

Calm and sweet
Quiet and sensible
Except when you pen him up
He's not really fence - able

Would make a GREAT jump horse
He's got a heck of a stride
Damn near cleared the fence
And it's almost three feet high

SUPER barrel prospect 
This sucker can turn and fly
Especially to the feed room
That's one barrel he'll never go by

He would make a FANTASTIC trail horse
He just loves livin outside
Though the one time he saw a deer
I thought he might lose his mind

He's covered all my mares
Have several of his babies
Maybe it's the inbreeding 
But most look like they've got scabies

Come on down and have a look
You can pet him with a stick
Best to keep your distance 
He's been known to bite and kick 

Don't miss this chance
To own the most gorgeous horse around
Although after his fight with the mountain lion
I can't really guarantee him sound

On sale just for today
Really needin to make a buck
If you ain't got no cash
I'd settle for a brand new truck 

Copyright © Kayt LaDue | Year Posted 2015

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Don't grow up too soon...

Run around, fall down a lot,
play all day in your sandbox,
spill your milk and throw your peas,
say you'll only eat ice cream,
get a boo-boo, scuff your knees,
draw on walls and flush the keys,
throw a tantrum, cry and fight,
make dad plug in your night light.

All the boys and all the girls,
in all the countries of the world,
you're the future, this is true,
just don't grow up too soon.
yes, you're the future, this is true,
but mom and dad would really thank you,
to be a child many years through,
so please, don't you grow up too soon.

Horse around, get stung by bees,
pick up rocks and climb those trees,
take a step, than take one more,
time to go out and explore,
play with friends that don't exist,
make noises, speak gibberish,
cry if anything goes wrong,
when dad says no, go and ask mom.

All the boys and all the girls,
in all the countries of the world,
you're the future, this is true,
just don't grow up too soon.
yes, you're the future, this is true,
but mom and dad would really thank you,
to be a child many years through,
so please, don't you grow up too soon.

Copyright © David Dowling | Year Posted 2007

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I have a good-looking piano
I have a splendid kitchen…
overflowing with fruit 
I have a wonderful future 
to look forward to
I have a hearts for 
harmonizing with my sister; 
my voice sounds like a flute 
I have a couple of guitars…
but no drums to pound on
I have tons of songs to write…
for you 
I have a decent apartment – 
a family-oriented environment
I have drawings all over the place…
hanging up on my walls
I have an awesome summer 
to set my mind on 
but unfortunately,
 I have to stay busy with my mowing job…
But I won’t have time 
to laze around and sob!
I need to stay true 
to my schedule…
No time for summer school…
thank the Lord Almighty ~ 
No time to horse around…
Oh no! 
No time to act naughty ~
I have a room 
I share with my bro…
BUT he plays his rap music too loud, 
Yah know? 
I have a trillion poems to organize 
I’m lacking motivation fuel 
Every day, 
I want to be satisfied with what I have 
and I refuse to feel unhappy 
Every day, 
I always long for 
more confidence to exterminate my negativity 
Every single day,
I have to admit that 
I can get stubborn at times 
Almost every night,
I search for the answers…
In prayer,
I seek for my 
Deliverance from Egypt 
Help me stay focus and be equipped 
Or I’ll be outstripped 
I have a virtuous, marvelous God 
Who crafts miracles? 
Who gives everyone blessings that deserve it?
Who delivers people out of Egypt?  
Who listens and answers to our supplications? 
Who is the Father of us all?
Is it God? – Yes 
I have a long-term goal 
That sticks to my brain like brain tissue 
I have a family who taught me how to sing
Who taught me
The difference between what’s right
And what’s wrong
I have a million things to do…
Invigorating ideas shimmers anew 
Ideas for the summertime… 
Lists of things to do to keep myself busy
At least I have some friends and family 
to spend time with 24/7 – 
That’s what I call 
True Heaven 
I’m thirsty for assurance 
I’m hungry for reverence 
I’m hoping to be of your assistance
Not your adversary…not your encumbrance…  
But, I’m sick of playing the fool – 
 I’m probing for His acceptance  
I’m yearning for my independence, 
not your vengeance…not your eloquence… 

I want to be as constructive as a handy tool 

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2013

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Monkeying and Horsing Around

Absorb what you observe as quite absurd,
have fun with wacky wit that's seldom heard.

       For instance, watch a shrieking monkey
           monkey with a monkey wrench,
               or a horse as it hoarsely horses
                   around with a horseshoe on a bench;

       you'll find that, neighing hoarsely,
           the monkey will horse around the bench
               as noisily as a shrieking shod horse
                   monkeying with a wrench;

       or hear a dog doggedly bark
           at dog-eared books about cats,
               or see some turtles crane their necks
                   like cool giraffes wearing straw hats;

       in time, the dog will learn to meow,
           to stretch its neck, to wear some hats,
               as turtles try to bark and read books
                   about giraffish dogs and cats.

Observe you've just absorbed something absurd,
some wacky words are better read than heard.

Copyright © romeo naces | Year Posted 2006

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If I'd Been a Boy

If I’d been a boy when I was young,
I would have put caps in my gun.
I might’ve dug worms up to scare the girls,
And laugh as they’d squeal or they’d run.

My bicycle spokes would have baseball cards
Wedged in tight so they’d snap as I rode;
And I might’ve mixed chemicals in the sink,
Just to see if by chance they’d explode.

I’d bother my sister, undress all her dolls;
Draw a mustache on some of her heroes.
In school, I’d act stupid and horse around,
Getting punished with glares or with zeros.

I’d revel in sports and I’d run real fast
In my cool PF Flyers or Keds;
And if my report card had D’s or F’s,
I’d hide it or rip it to shreds.

If I’d been a boy, I’d have had a blast
As a mischievous brother and son;
But alas, as a girl, I was sweet and good
And I guess I missed out on the fun!

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2012

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The Long Horned Milk Producing Patio Steer

Hello and welcome to “The Plains of the Serengeti Show”,
I’m your host Bwana Bob come on let’s get ready and go.
Right outside of this window, just a short half step away,
You can see all kinds of wildlife as they go about their day.
See the house over there with a concrete patio in the rear,
Now look closely at that patio and I think you’ll see a steer.
He’s the rarest of the patio steers he’s the kind that can give milk,
The chocolate ice cream that comes from him is as smooth as silk.
Getting back to the milk producing patio steer who looks so forlorn,
Trying not to break anything with his extremely big long horns.
It’s hard for him sometimes and that’s why they keep him where they do,
If he were in the house with other people he’d break and spill things too.
I had a turkey sandwich today with mayo, tomato and lettuce strips,
It was just delicious and tasted like the turkey kissed me on the lips.
Anyway, the long horned, milk producing patio steer is very seldom seen,
They’re not allowed to travel in packs even though that may sound mean.
Because when they get together they will invariably start a stampede,
They horse around till someone gets hurt then from their nose they’ll bleed.
Thanks for stopping by today and looking out my window with me,
Take a bucket with you when you go and get a gallon of milk for free.

Copyright © Tony Lane | Year Posted 2011

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Before My Very Eyez

Unfaithful…put to the test all over again…all hope turned to ash
Wine glasses clash…the car crash
With a miracle in disguise 
Changes right before my very eyes
Skylit wonders breaks before my very eyes
Go away…I wanna make your day
Share what you care to share…
Baby, you got me dancin’
I’ve slept with dreams screamin’
In my ears for a decade long,
Writing this strange song
I meant to be upset
My ears met the snapping of scissors
Then, a present with a ribbon wrapped ‘round it
Appears out of nowhere
Trapped in a rehab of regret
I luv the drug of luv…
Kicked around like a beach ball
A miracle has shattered a soul or two
You came out of the blue
Enter into me your happy smiles of glee
Disease – put to ease my disease
Trace me the butts of pleasure
Beyond measure, 
The cigarettes, with regret, get smoked out
Choking on chalk…the board reads nothing…
You’re my disease and everything in between…
Unbeatable umbrellas cheer me on
My Action of Satisfaction and interaction
Mister Sunshine glitters…shimmers…
Stars…scars…cars…all shown on television
It’s my mission to make a hard decision
Nighttime forever burns 
The ocean churns
The ocean churns
In between infinity and beyond is where I am
Mend my heart of angst, for I am your sheepish lamb
Youneek az evah…
Umbrella flips and flops
Arms and legs alarm 
Pour it up your uplifting rain
No harm done, friend
All till the end
I horse around deplorably in my mind, all alone…
I desire none around thee
Flee from me
Entertained by being on my own
I Luv to hate
I hate to luv
Loving the hurt
Hating the comfort
Loving the guilt
Hating the guiltless
My character and characters change
Right before my eyes
Stranger stories blend into the cranium of my skull made of the finest titanium
I’m numb due to the gossip and the lies

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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Horse Dream

All my life, from day one it seems,
owning a horse has consumed my dreams.
I was intrigued with horses right from the start 
and the four-hoofed critters captured my heart.

I would wear a little western hat of felt 
and two cap pistols on my plastic gun belt.
Then I’d straddle a stick from our pile of wood 
and ride that “horse” around the neighborhood.

Later on, when I was a grade school tyke,
I’d visualize a horse when I rode my bike.
I’d pretend I was taking a horseback ride 
as I pedaled across the desert countryside.

This dream didn’t stop even in high school,
for I was still a horse-loving fool.
I lived in town and hung out with the cool gang 
but the car I drove was a Ford Mustang.

For years I labored in the city grind, 
but horses always lingered in the back of my mind.
Finally I decided to pursue my own course 
and went out and bought myself a real live horse.

I kept my equine dream alive 
and my one little horse soon became five.
It’s incredible how much money I spend 
but I don’t want my horse dream to ever end.

Copyright © harold miller | Year Posted 2007

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EMERALD LAKE I believe you want to wade in clear blue water, But the Yukon presents a treetop view, Of a lovely lake, emerald son, not daughter. I was a traveler from the East Coast, one of few, Who freely strode a horse around this paradise - A two hour jaunt with my grinning spouse. And if i could do it again, i’d pay a greater price, Fly across this pioneer’s land, leave my sturdy house. Are their colorful fish hibernating from the Yukon’s cold, or dull - like pike or pink salmon? What does one beg in this intense and bold, blue and green lake of gold? I’d rather prance my high horse then search its dreg. Lovely sounds of nature, broken by growls of grizzly bears. Even the cliff’s crag, that shares its features - I am amused. Yukon spirit with pure mountain air lifts away personal cares. All of this paradise, sadly left, yet - into Alaska, we cruised. 5/16/2017 Brenda Chiri’s Mountaintop Lake Contest

Copyright © Kim Rodrigues | Year Posted 2017

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Sturdy Cowboys

Sturdy cowboys 
evolved as heroes,
Well built, stout featured,
Wooden attire
Arched hats, spiky shoes,
Tough looks as is life !

Farmhouse mornings,
Saddle the stallion,
Solid hoofs sound,
Get into the saddle
For a day's ride,
Horse around or about !

Leading the herd
Get on high horse,
Appear out of woods
Clouds of dust follow,
Awaken devils
Legendary heroes !

Written on 2/5/14
Sponsor- Shadow Hamilton 
Contest name- Howdy Pard

Copyright © Dr. Upma A. Sharma | Year Posted 2014

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An Incomplete Love Story

        Sometimes my sweetie sings to me.
	He’s loud and often gets off key
	and out of tune, but I don’t care.
	We’re always such a happy pair. 
	I think he’s charming as can be.        

	He hangs out with a rowdy crowd.
	They horse around and get so loud.
	They get all muddy when they play
	their childish games, but that’s okay.
	To be his girlfriend makes me proud.

        We pass love notes each day at school.
	When others see, they think we’re cool.
        At fourteen, we can't marry yet.
	I’m lucky as a girl can get
        'cause even at this age, WE RULE!

	“It’s ‘puppy love’!” my parents say.
        "Now COOL IT! Let it fade away.”
	Could they be right? Someday we’ll see.
	I think ten years from now I’ll be
	preparing for my wedding day!

July 16, 2018, written for An Incomplete Love Story Contest


Copyright © Janice Canerdy | Year Posted 2018

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Please Reveal the Right Time

I lie awake inside my mind's ride
Gotta body-quake it away side by side
I fly away from my cage inside
And…I…and I tried to peacefully hide

I…tried to peacefully hide – denied 
Please don’t subside...don’t kill me with bitter pride
Didn’t mean to fail inside! 
There’s price unpaid with debt-credited stride 

But, I fell down, weighed down, way down now 
Below the dust and the dryland's ground...
I wanna break free if you would let me somehow
I’ve been lost without a spark or a sound

Without a spark or a sound

Shake away the shame
And the shade along with it
Make me not your game
You horse around with a bit

Around with a bit, I admit

Don’t forget about me, forgive me possibly
Lay all your comfortless burdens down on me
Break away the bravery of cowardice sway 
Stay with me for a while and stray not away 

For a while, stray not away, here is where you stay

Clear away the clutter in our lives…
Hoard not the hatred, burying us alive
Fear will soon not draw near, it dives
Into the bottomless ocean of we-will-survive

We will survive and arrive undone beyond the commotion

Reality's demise got me thinkin'
Dreaming of you got me sinkin'
Negativity got my mind stinkin'

I will settle down and talk way less then

Desires churn with fiery-like admiration
I’m sick of having a lack of concentration
I'm still longing for a wondrous sensation

Don’t doubt me or let me go without hesitation 

Listen, listen to my…heartbeats' progress 
Beating away the burdensome thoughts I have thought of, guess it wasn’t really enough, tough luck 
Kiss away my distress, my sad loneliness –
It all came in the heartless, freezing climate of unreachable love; times like these get rough per buck 

Times like these get rough and I know, it does suck!

Rescue my soul from solitude's hold on me
Steer away the waves of my roaring misery
I lie awake inside my mind's ride, deeper side by side
Abide by my side, unleash me from this prison inside 

Unleash me from this leech-of-a-prison inside
To step on the brakes to cease life's car ride 
Unleash me from this leach-of-a-derision, it lied 
To make the truth and all to hide, naught to hide

Unleash me from this painful, poorly passion-packed prison – till it’s all nearly gone –

Where I peacefully hide…
Where I swim in below-shallow waters, darling, that’s where I rove
Where I noiselessly cried…
When's the right time to belong? A spark of love will guide me above

So, reveal the right time….
A time of shine, not this time of grime
Reveal the priceless prime
In hopes that I get out of here this time...

In hopes that I run out of here before times like these go awry, 

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2018

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Off to see the Wiz

I'm off to see the Wizard, the man behind the curtain
He can help me I am quite certain
I am a different colored horse
And I am tired of people staring of course

How many horses have you seen that are pink
If anyone can help me, he can I think
He helped a girl, a lion, the Tin Man and a scarecrow
If he could help them, he can help me I know

I don't want to be a horse of a different color
I want to be a horse like all others
So the Wizard was wise and with the wink of an eye
He ordered the Munchkins to give me a full body dye

Now I am the most normal horse around
No longer flashy, just plain old brown
So I left the city of Oz far behind me
And moved to a small horse farm in Kentucky

Poetry Contest: Off To See The Wizard
Sponsored by: Charles Messina

Copyright © Timothy McGuire | Year Posted 2018