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Best Heavy Heart Poems

Below are the all-time best Heavy Heart poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of heavy heart poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member HEAVY HEART

Heavy heart hears,
Ink invokes ire;
Dance deeply dear,
Expose empire.
Hurl hurry's horse,
Expose empty;
Ask apt applause,
Voice vanity;
Yield yonder yes.
Hide hopeless husk,
End each express;
Air aligns ask,
Rust reaps refill;
Thrust troubles...

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Categories: heavy heart, change,

I Can't Breathe
In memory of----

Solely in my room, I can't stomach the sound of my heartbeat.
I sit here alone to forget the taste of air, 
Overwhelmed by...

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Categories: heavy heart, abuse, bullying, color, discrimination,

We Push The Pen
We push the pen to make you feel
the gentle tapping of the falling rain,
the stinging burn of the summer sun
the heavy heart of despair and...

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Categories: heavy heart, poems, poetry, poets, senses,

Premium Member Sadly Musing Life and Love
I sit alone as evening claims the day,
with common crow my only confidant.
I watch the sun sink slowly in the bay
while musing life and love...

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Categories: heavy heart, lonely, lost love,

Can You Spare A Teardrop
I cried for so long, so many nights,
and now no more tears can drop,
I'm all out, do you have some to spare,
cause you know once...

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Categories: heavy heart, cry, emotions, feelings, how

Premium Member Life Is Like A Leaf
We'll watch in awe and witness talking leaves
In multicolored hues their story told
With heavy heart their passing we will grieve
Their memory, like weather soon grows...

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Categories: heavy heart, appreciation, autumn,

Premium Member In the Dark of Night
As you all peacefully sleep
My heart is awoken by the darkness of the night
I slumber through this empty house
For I carry in me a heavy...

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Categories: heavy heart, dark, december,

Premium Member Poor man Rich man
I went to a poor man's house
There was an exquisite car in the driveway
I walked up to the grand entryway
Rang his doorbell
The chimes sounded like...

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Categories: heavy heart, heart, identity,

Prodigal Son
Waiting for his return, with heavy heart and a flicker of hope.

Contest: Monoku #9 by Poet Destroyer A
Placed 1st

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Categories: heavy heart, hope,

The Whispered Song
The warrior lays her weary head, 
With heavy heart she cannot bear, 
Burning tears stream down her face, 
As whispered memories touch the ear.

Her armour...

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Categories: heavy heart, childhood, daughter, death, dedication,

Premium Member I Want to Leave
I want to leave
The next world holds more hope
As this life seems lost in circles
Both worlds filled with virgins

I want to leave
And escape the daily...

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Categories: heavy heart, heart, lost, love,

Premium Member Ice King
He grew within a frigid place
No one thought those legs would ever part
A Dark Prince thawed her frozen heart

A member long and stiff like ice

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Categories: heavy heart, fantasy,

Premium Member Exquisite Anguish
(The sad sea greets me, ebb and flow)

Why do I fancy heartache so?
It isn't pleasant, sweet or fun
It carries not, a buoyed charm
No sullied mirth...

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Categories: heavy heart, joy, lost love, love

While You Sleep
While you sleep I tell you all of the things I keep inside throughout day.
Now that you can hear but not listen I find them...

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Categories: heavy heart, absence, abuse, addiction, adventure,

Common Man

The traveler reeked of weariness,
His companion was Fatigue
Wear upon his clothes suggest
He'd come a million league.

Gaunt were eyes deep set and brown
Above his cheekbones high

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© Jack Clark  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: heavy heart, america, conflict, corruption, discrimination,

Premium Member And still i drive - part one
Stars fall under failing skies...stars fall...stars fall...
And sadly...i start to drive.
Through the unremarkable village with its tall 
Georgian Bay window panes, lightless,
devoid of visages; outwardly...

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Categories: heavy heart, heartbreak, places,

Premium Member A Tortured Love
A tortured love abides deep in her heart
A love intense and strong, fearless and brave
A love demanding all and not a part
A love that must...

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Categories: heavy heart, pain,

My Only Son
I woke last night, with a heavy heart,
miles away, and world's apart,

sensing you...  sensing you..

All through the night, and into morn,
headless fears and shadows...

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Categories: heavy heart, hero, murder, war,

Seed Of Friendship-A dedication
L-iving in a world of vast 
souls formed from 
another voided world,
E-ntering thru portals 
from their world to earth.
O-ozing spetacular smell 
and wail when the...

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Categories: heavy heart, addiction, angel, care, change,

Missing My Friend
You are sunshine giving me warmth on a pleasant day
Shining through the sadness showing me how to play
You are the rain tending to my garden...

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Categories: heavy heart, best friend, emotions, missing

A Tale of Tears
Tired of talking too much
I wish to rest my rhymes.
Now is time to give ears
To your titanic tale of tears.
The heart that was under constraint

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Categories: heavy heart, desire, destiny, life, love,

Modern Marketing, A sonnet
Oh heavy heart these PR men in power
Yellow waxen masks reciting lies
Discovered by research in college towers
Who watch flashing brains in MRIs
Recording as fear lightens...

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Categories: heavy heart, angst, men,

Premium Member The Voice of Her Mother- My Daughter's Gift
I've written the lyrics to two lullabies for my daughter, Shereen. I even made 
up the tunes, and I'd sing to her when she was...

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Categories: heavy heart, birthday, mother daughter, song,

Light and Love Illuminates
Haiku #13,005-13,010.......................................Light and Love Illuminates

One resolution
Smart measure, full screen intake
Trinity means love.

From morn till night, light
Soft potent gems beckon us
Main ingredient, love.

Nutrition is gem
Light, airy...

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Categories: heavy heart, abuse, best friend, blessing,

Are We There Yet, I Really Have To Pee
This is something other than unsure laced with heavy heart.
I'd love to change my mind,  is this where you take charge?
When our play begins,...

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Categories: heavy heart, abuse, addiction, creation, love