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The Best Hang On Every Word Poems

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Getting what I really wanted

I wanted
peanut butter and jam
But settled
for bread and butter
I wanted a puppy
but got a hamster instead
I wanted you to live forever
Until I wished you were dead

You promised me everything
it was always less than enough
You lacked imagination
I was never interested in stuff
Instead of substance you offered tough
Me not being understood was worse than rough

You bribed me with attention
so I would hang on every word
I was the invisible hopeful talker 
who wanted to be heard
I waited for your pauses
Hoping for a say
But it seemed that you were breathless
morning night and day

Why did I think you were amazing
the true epitome 
I believed in your greatness
the carefully constructed history
A lover of self a strange christianity
Your selfishness 
became your blasphemy 

Daddy, papa,
stranger, ghost
You gave little but wanted the most
I wanted to know you as a better man
You couldn't tell me that I could or can
succeed in life or truly stand
You lacked the ability to be that dad
All I could think was that I was bad
Still in some strange way, 
you're the reason who I am and I'm glad.
My life didn't turn out to be sad

The ones in my life  
Who I love and who want
I gift them with more than tears
I've learned through my years
the strength of my ears
By listening to hopes
I've alleviated fears  
At times I've been their mirrors 
By knowing who they are
I've helped them go far
They're better than famous
They are who they are
When someone is loved they feel like a star
All anyone wants
Is to be on the radar
So thanks to you
I'm seen in a way
Today, when it means everything
Things turned out better than okay!

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

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Blue Moon

       I'm lost inside your world...
       Hang on every word...
       A love I can't afford...
       I breaks my heart...
       Sapping my hopes..
       Draining my dreams...
       I live my life in a constant
       Confused,bewitched and
       Hot under the collar...
       My love is far too young...
       It's painfully naive..
       For a man matured in years..
       I worry...
       About the money...
       Living faraway from friends...
       about the years I have not got...
       And yes I love too much..
       Your always on my mind...
       Not to sure if that's healthy...
       You make me feel ten feet tall...
       And then I fall..
       Or hit the wall...
       I am a fool...
       For believing dreams come true..
       They only make you blue...   

Copyright © stephen blencowe | Year Posted 2011

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Carry Me with You

Why do you seem to slip into everything but me?
What capacity does every other form possess?
How do I mimic its shape?
How do I extend its depth?

I disperse myself into everything, 
In a hope that in fragments I may find my way to You.
Into Your nostrils,
Under Your finger nails,
Between Your teeth,

Carry me with You.
Carry me with You.

I want to be the smells which cling to Your hair, 
So that I may brush ever so softly against Your cheeks.

I want to be the dirt which fills the ruts of Your nails,
So that I may be a part of everything You hold dear.

I want to be the food which adorns Your teeth,
So that I may hang on every word You say.

Carry me with You.
Carry me with You.
For, You have long since taken me.

Copyright © Jessica Goldstone | Year Posted 2013

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In my sleep , I seen many things
what this old world bring's
there is no light in darken dreams 
though it seems
the words of love is dead
all I see around me is ashes and bones 
while I see and evil beast on his throne
he rised up just to take a look at me
and he acts like he likes what he sees
I think to myself 
every start has and beginning and a ending
But from what I see 
I am in between this old darken dreams
things are never what they seem
If you know what I mean ?
then he started talking to me 
that's when I looked up at him 
saying , hang on , 
I'm not ready to play your games
an what is up with your voice ?
Do you really need to scream?
and why are you acting so mean ?
your words I will have to avoid 
I must have written a billions of famous lines
like the billions of stars in the sky 
that sparks on me tonight as I write
what is on my mind, what my heart pours out 
in the winter time
I have to questen myself 
all that I am in this world 
Why am I so sad ?
I try very hard not to be bad 
I hang on every word and ever line 
that has been evilly spoken to me
that makes bad dreams for me 
where all my emotions get so shaken up
what is hurtful is I don't get Compensate 
for all this life pains this world gave
where my faith has been shaken
But , I still cling to the promises
So, I hang on to every word I ever known
But this old pain still remains 
that is how my dreams are made
I see the practice and claims that some people say
that have moral standards and their faith is strong 
well I look at them with anger in my heart
Because if they are so God like 
then why do they always walk around 
blaming and judging and knocking down the spirit
To me I scream ''Hypocrisy,'' they are to me
when ones behavior does not conform the pretense 
they contradict everything I once believed in
I cry out and shouted out loud 
I disown your evil Lies
my soul is willing to forgive
but I will never forget
I hanged on to every word they had ever said
Oh, they had made their bed
but all those lies messed with my head
know I don't know who to believe 
when it comes to faith and dreams
because it all seems to be the same to me.

Poetic Judy Emery

Copyright © Judy Emery | Year Posted 2017

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To all of my fellow artist

Just because you can do something dosn't mean you should
Appropriate times and places must determin if you would

speaking your mind
exspressing your rhymn

letting your feelings flow
exspressing what you know

I will fight because it is your right
I will fight with all of my might

( But why would you want to exspress to those to young to understand?)

Do not awaken lust before its time
It cases a young boys heart to go blind

They no longer see the beauty of her soul
Sexual gratification becomes their goal

They don't learn the true value of a warm embrace.
The magical memory of the smile on her face.

What they will see first are her lower parts .
Instead of the jewel within her heart.

For them true love may always be
A fairytale and mystery.

Lust will be what they know.
And lust will be what they show.

So why show to your child and mine.
Things that are wrong for their time.

Appropriate tiems appropriate places.
Makes our Father proud and puts smiles on faces.

It opens minds and your message will be heard.
People will listen and hang on every word.

They will see your pictures and arts
They will feel it within their hearts.

If you use wisedom and undeerstanding.
God will bless what you are planning.

Bobb Marly Life on Purpose Live it before you lose it! ©2009


Copyright © Bobb Marly | Year Posted 2011

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Red rag to a bull. It’s funny how
That makes me smile inside: I think of
Your hair and how it entrances me.
Red hair; and me, stamping and snorting inside
As those shiny waves sway and swirl, heavy,
Chestnut hued and red, red.

But you are no daughter, prattling child nor
Reluctant pupil, to hang on every word and quip
And feed my misconceiving ego.
Oh no! A red rag all right, challenging the
Misconceptions and preconceptions, by which I 
Habitually order my inner world.

Yet in the soft light of evening, arabesques frame 
your face, elfin and mischevious; a beauty,
A feminine Puck indeed.
A woman in the outward form of elf or fiend:
(That’s my red rag to you!) but a woman all
in all and so delightful to me.

Copyright © Edward Clapham | Year Posted 2015

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Too in Love

I use to be the girl who put her career dreams before dreams of a man
Life's like an hourglass
And something changed in the sand
I just wish I knew if I'm wasting my time
Are the grains of sand slipping out of my hand
Or are you slowly approaching the title "mine"

Just being your friend is driving me crazy
Cause I'm too in love with you
I thank god you like me the way I am, I'm sure
Cause if you didn't I'd change everything for you
I know that's wrong but you're the only thing that feels right
I'd be so quick to blow off every other dream if I could be yours
Do you get what I mean
I've been holding this in since I was sixteen
Two years of living on edge, confused if I've made progress
Babe I know I wanna stand one day before you in a white dress

You're so sweet, so smart, I like everything you are
I can be myself with you, that's something I normally can't do
But please make a move
I'm losing too much of my mind 
Scared to death I've wasted my time
Scared I'm too far into something for the first time
Please, please be mine
I know I shouldn't love anyone this much
But there's nothing like your touch
Or the way you console me when I cry
I feel nothing better than when I have you on my mind
And I hang on every word you say to me

I go back and forth in my mind
Extreme high when I think I'm moving forward
Lowest of the lows when I'm a negative

I wish I could say this to you
But I love you far too much
And this is the feeling people look for all their lives
All I need is you
You're the answer to everything I do
What else have I got to prove

Copyright © Justine Cole | Year Posted 2010

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Playing By The Rules

I can read between the lines
Much more astute than some
This pretty package has a brain
And will not easily succumb

There is a lot that’s left unsaid
Or the answers don’t suffice
I wasn’t just born yesterday
You must be more precise

What is it that you’re hiding?
What is up your sleeve?
Do you think that I don’t notice?
This is bordering on deceit

I don’t play by all the rules
This surface has not been scratched
Look closer at what you’re toying with
I think you’ve met your match

So if you want to fence with me
Draw your sword and take your stance
I’ll be your best opponent
You may have a sporting chance

Do you want to play this game?
Or do you want truce?
I can play it either way
But I think that you need to choose

I will not fall down at your feet
Won’t hang on every word
You aren’t saying anything 
That I haven’t already heard

There are plenty out there
Who will fall for all your lines
But baby I’m not one of them
It’s a total waste of time

Copyright © Jo Bien | Year Posted 2009

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Wounds of Love

Love, a bittersweet blessing
Sometimes it fills us with joy
Sometime it drives us to madness
We feel it's power either way
We cannot escape it's grip on us

Without warning it enters our heart
Suddenly our lover becomes the entire
Focus of our lives without us even realizing it
This is when the dark side of love reveals itself

We hang on every word they utter in our presence
Waiting for the poetic words that make us feel adored
When acidic words are screamed instead 
Our emotions intensify and explode

We transform into another being
One that knows not rational thought
But, whose emotions dominate their lives
A wounded heart commits acts that defy logic
Like a mighty twister spiraling out of control
There is no taming the ferocious beast 
That is starved for affection by their lover

When our lovers cherishes us 
And fills that emptiness inside us
We feel loves enticing magic
But, when we are neglected
And battered our sweet demeanor
Vanishes and is replaced with wrath

When you starve your lover
They become vicious
Remembering the bitter
Sting of your rejection
They cannot handle
The emptiness they 
Are being engulfed with
They drown in despair
Falling victim to the
Wounds of love

Copyright © Courtney Dyer | Year Posted 2008

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Seeing your face in the morning makes me smile,
and staring at you at night puts me at ease so I can sleep.
I hang on every word you've ever said.
They repeat all the time in my head.

All day long, I look forward to talking to you before bed.
Tomorrow I'm going to cook your favorite dinner.
And tomorrow is Thursday so our TV show is on.
So good night I love you sweetheart. 

Shoot, I overslept for work, thanks for not waking me up!
Today is Thursday, so its garbage day, I know you told me that.
I might be late getting home, but I know you'll be here when I arrive.
Bye, I love you....always and forever.

I had a terrible day at work, I'll tell you about it tomorrow.
Your mother and I coming out to visit you.
I thought this was supposed to get easier, but its not.
The bed is so cold.
I miss hearing your voice and having your arm around me.
I'll see you tomorrow about 3 and I'll leave a rose for our anniversary.

Copyright © Chris Matt | Year Posted 2010