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Yesterday's Candle

Don't be ashamed of yesterday..
We took chances in times of disarray..

Built bridges that we can't cross alone..
Through narrow paths to lead us home..

Forks in the road that divided hearts true..
We went our ways and watched each other choose..

Tread lightly if your path is in the dark night..
Look up to the sky and remember I'm still your light..

Remember yesterday and the wisdom learned..
We shared a candle light but never got burned..

Copyright © Michael J. Falotico | Year Posted 2011

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I Did It My Way

You stabbed me in
the back
Took that knife and
did a hack
You could not look
me in the face
My lady you are a
total disgrace

How deep did you dig
that grave
My how those words
became so brave
The hole just became
so deep
 All came crashing
at your feet

The knife it twist
and turned
Even  your fingers
got burned
You were so callous
and cruel
Our relationship
became  a duel

I walked out and
never looked back
This job became
heavy like a sack
I pulled the knife
and refused to bleed
I walked out, did it
my way, yes indeed

6/20/14   for

Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2014

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One Too Many

Let me tell you the story of the pie piper Had a flute he played so said the flyer The town we lived in was on fire Our situation was grave and dire That is why we needed to hire This one and the only pie piper With his flute through the mirk and mire He conjured pies from the sky and higher We needed them to sell enough to retire In fact we were set we already had a buyer What happened next was unforeseen John Dryer Although he did show up it was in two nights not the prior  We agreed to his terms...he was preaching to the choir  Then the pies happened all kinds right out of the fryer What I tell is true I am not a liar Don't believe me just ask my sire Fruit Pies of all kinds Meat Pies great finds Pizza Pies blew minds Weird Pies with rinds But then Just then The tide turned We got burned Trust unearned Yuck he churned... Quickly they began to really fall Then all the children started to bawl It was a disaster all in all We tried to leave but moved at a crawl  Who would think of such a thing We could hear the town bells ring All others knew to stay in with this warning This turned out to be a terrible morning Actually changed into a kind of mourning  The sky was now brown in color You could smell the wretched odor We had not considered cow pies Nor all the pests mostly black flies Literally the **** had hit the fan So much for our supposed brilliant plan
12~10~2014 Rhyme Scheme: aa aaaa aaaa aaaa aa bbbb cc dddd eeeee ff gg hh. Sponsor: Sheri Fresonke Harper Contest Name: Plentitude of Pies 

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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we stimulate our minds for our intellect to grow
becoming more technical
remaining spiritually slow

so we face trials and tribulation
crisis and complications
praising God, while serving Satan
expecting love when spewing hatred

our faith is dissipating 
until its totally forsaken
for miracles we pray
yet and still we disobey

missed lessons
means blocked blessings

wrong paths are chosen 
cursed to glimpse the promised land but never enter like Moses

it's hard to humble ourselves cause we've got pride
so we find a hard head leaves a soft backside

when stressed i ride 
reclined, inside

sounds booming
trying hard to decipher the message in our music

Pac said keep your head up
Treach said guard your grill
Wu sang protect your neck
Cube said to kill at will

Eazy said easy does it
Run said hard times
Jigga ask can I live
but Big ready to die

50 cent said get rich ore die trying
K.R.S made stop the violence, and listen to my nine

these are questionable times
that leave young impressionable minds
hoping to find success pushing   dope on the grind

thinking all the pain would end if they became rich
but the harder they hustle the more pain and anguish
if we could understand the hustle
we would over stand the struggle
instead we constantly land back in trouble

on frivolous pursuits
searching for forbidden fruits
living lies until they collide with the moment of  truth

I been there and done that
played with fire and got burned as soon as my hand healed I'd run back

so young and misguided
mama said don’t do it I tried it
it's by God's grace I survived it

flash back to my youth I was so naive and timid
wondering  if that  path I walked on is the one the Lord intended
tired of getting beat by bullies so I learned to prevent it
but I found my self in front of the judge as a defendant

five times aquited of crimes that I committed
but the one time I was innocent is when I got convicted
justice may be blind, but she so vindictive
so I struggle with it
trying to make since out of the senseless

Copyright © michael white | Year Posted 2006

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A Man Stood Part I

A Man Stood Part I Story/poem A man stood by his window, looking out into the world. Already in his twilight years, his gaze was kind of lost - as he wondered - where has my youth gone? A man stood by his window, thinking about his past life. once he had a family. It didn't last too long. Out of three children, he lost two. One died at birth, the other died in a fire with his wife. He got to save his older daughter, by jumping out of a second story window. He too got burned some and they both spend a long time in the hospital. His daughter was ten years old. he never got married again. A man stood by his window, thinking about an old love. He never knew what happened to her all he knew was that he had another daughter by her. In his mind, he knew that he had loved her, but she left when he didn't marry her. He knew now that he had made a mistake, but it was too late. A man stood by his window, looking out into the world. He's thinking, about his daughter - grown up and married, living a happy life. That is the daughter he saved. He looks in the mirror and knows, that he has gotten old. He has a lot of money and lives in a big house. Only a cat keeps him company. He don't have many friends. A man stands by his window, thinking about his past love and the daughter he has. he wonders if he will ever see them, or if they will just stay in the past...
-1/006/2013 To be continued.

Copyright © Lucilla Carrillo | Year Posted 2013

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lost in space
standing at 
the crossroads
between Heaven
in that of hell
i stand 
a lone fiddler
from the dust
of ashes 
one breathes

a towering
heart burning inferno
which got burned
scorched hell
drawing magic
in a memory bank
now opening
the curtains
etched on 
chamber walls

i play 
a sweet tune
as the embers
begin breathing
drums begin beating
like the phoenix
a yearning inside

one soul
i arise 
from the ashes
light of love
sparkle and shine
remaining in embers
awaiting loves call

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2013

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i loved her in ways i cant explain 
it still was,nt enough to heel this pain
i gave her my life over and over again 
but she still left me for my best friend
loyal is what she supposed to be 
but i guess that did,nt apply to me
wisdom to it all because i been around
i made myself the fool of this town
knowledge to it all i stayed and learned
still cant understand how i got burned
i love her still
and always will
she dont no how i feel
i,ll leave her alone until my heart heal
forgive her and never forget 
and remind myself that this is it.

Copyright © allen Dean | Year Posted 2011

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Dying language

The traditional Maori language, is a dying language, you can see this over the decades, laws passed by the government, forced it to be this way. My ancestors where beaten in schools, for what was deemed a forked tongue, constantly shamed and ridiculed, in front of everyone. Being a proud race, emotions weren't meant to be shared, so they stopped speaking there language, for the white man they feared. The next generation struggled, caught in a violent time, there parents reluctant to teach them, because fear was always on there mind. With each generation following the same trend, the language became harder to learn, only remnants remain now, of a proud race that just got burned. The language most spoken now, come form the city's, it has been transformed. European Maori widely is accepted, very rarely can the old language be learned. M.Mahauariki © 2012

Copyright © Murray Mahauariki | Year Posted 2012

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The Summer of 1974

It was the summer I would first choke
on second hand marijuana smoke;
I passed the swimming pool lifeguard test
and received my first real paycheck.

It was the summer I learned how to drive -
got my license on the first try;
And, by Saint Leonard’s pond I was blessed
with discovering what was up her dress.

Nixon had resigned;
I saw “The Exorcist” for the first time;
Paul McCartney sang “Band on the Run”
and we were having some adult fun.

It was the summer I smiled a lot;
The first jewelry that I ever bought;
I looked forward to each coming day
as my innocence slowly slipped away.

But summers must always end;
I saw her with my friend;
The ring was soon returned;
It was the summer my heart got burned.

Forty summers have since passed,
Of heart breaks, it was not my last,
But of memories, I must confess,
In regards of time, it has passed the test.

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2014

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I never loved you.
I loved, when we
sang songs at the
tired nights.
I loved, when you
smile to the flower,
I loved when you
look alike a rose.
Also I loved the
They stopped onto
your eyes on
September nights.
I never loved you;

I loved your
leaving, when you
put me on the road.
I loved the bullets,
when you shot me.
I loved to cry, when
you forget.
When I realize that
I was alone, I loved
my standing straight
on my feet.
I loved when I
collapsed, while I
remember you.

I loved being
without you like I
loved a bread.
I loved your voice
in July's Sun like I
miss the water.
At dawn, like a
I loved you like a
wind during the
I never loved you.

I loved your
teaching songs to
I loved your talking
to the violet,
reminding the April.
The other name of
the Spring is not
When I fall down, my
blood from part of
my body,
And my weirdness,
when I feel chill.
The boys selling
gums, the new
released songs.

I loved your winning
sides, everytime I
lost you.
I fell on fire, like
the rose fell on the
I loved fire, when I
got burned like
I never loved you.

I fell on fire, like
the rose fell on the
I loved fire.
I never loved you.
I loved fire.
I never loved you.
When I love someone,
I love like a MAN

One night, a dear
went down from the
hill to your heart.
One night, It's like
a poem on matches
In the middle of
everyone, from the
voice of loneliness.
From the fog of
A cruel of the
Human beings from
your crying face,
Refreshness of the
The scare side of
the pomegranate,
Onto fig, olive and
Onto rose, and the
hope that I am
Onto scare, onto
All the time onto
you, all the time
onto you,
I never loved you.

I loved when you go,
I loved the
universe, when you
I didn't love when
you stay,
I was scared that I
was gonna be
addicted to you.
But anyway, I loved
to smile,
When I wave my
napkin from the
train that took you.
When the first snow
touched the valleys,
I loved how
beautiful your death
When I killed you
inside of me.
I never loved you.

I loved, when we
sang songs at the
tired nights.
I loved, when you
smile to the flower,
I loved when you
look alike a rose.
Also I loved the
They stopped onto
your eyes on
September nights.
I never loved you.
When I love someone,
I love like a MAN

I fell on fire, like
the rose fell on the
I loved fire.
I never loved you.
I loved fire.
I never loved you.

Copyright © Can Yucel | Year Posted 2013

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The Breakfast Battle

Kublia with his laughing smile
Whoever has food is his best pal
His sad eyes as big as  saucers
Tail wagging anticipating offers
He'll eat whatever you eat
People food is always a special treat
Genghis cautious ears fold back
If it ain't meat he wants none of that
Sniffs the air trying to decide
What it is Kublia can't be deny
Pancake breakfast and Kublia explodes
Flapjacks his nose glows
Mouth waters and dance in place
Pancakes make an happy face
Throw him a piece and he snaps it in the air
Swallows it whole no time to spare
Toss two bits he catches one then the other
Little Genghis confused by his brother
Hand Genghis a piece of pancake
He sniffs it once and his head shakes
Put it down on the ground
He licks it once and seems to frown
Kublia with long snot
Flips Genghis from behind with clout
Eats the pancake in a second clear
Genghis hurt treated unfair
Give Genghis a second piece
He stands his ground for his feast
Growls and stares as Kublia advances
There will be no second chances
Kublia eager slides around
Genghis worried gulps it down
Head up he struts and turns
Kublia late he got burned
Now feed Genghis food he doesn't like
He'll gulp it down out of spite
To keep Kublia from a treat and a grin
Genghis eats to defy him.

Copyright © Fritz Purdum | Year Posted 2016

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She's in drag mode

If that's what she did
than trust me
you're not under a lid

She flipped it

Added pressure to admit ****

Characterization of the limitless
hard nosed
pencil printed 
-breaking of embarrassment

Getting others to care less

But you never got to see the cherry list

It got burned before the internet

You should have had a little fit
...before a big one
and then another
or just got a gun
one that works hard to make you jump and run

She's not in love with your hugs! 

She's not entangled with you at all! 

She's estranged to leave with mud and guck and-
Maybe one nut
But who's counting
You're just as dumb...

Copyright © Jimmi Canada | Year Posted 2013

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More Somewhat Twisted Thoughts of the Day

I made a wish upon a star and really got burned
I made a wish upon a star and left Madonna breathless
I hitched my wagon to a star but forgot my spacesuit
The stars in my eyes turned out to be black holes

I couldn’t rise to the occasion so I took some Viagra
Did Harvey Wall Banger? Nope, Willy-Nilly slapped him silly
I once had sex on a golf course but wasn’t up to par and got penalized three strokes
A sex therapist counseled a maggot couple to make love in Earnest

I decided to take a brisk walk but there was this plank…
I WALKED that plank but they drained the pool so I cracked up
I walked the line and it was a very thin line (A very fine line though)
I walked the straight and narrow and had to stop for directions

I made a molehill out of a mountain and the EPA was NOT amused
I made another molehill out of a mountain and the CLIMBERS were not amused
I made ANOTHER mole hill out of a mountain but some mole dug up some dirt on me
I was shamed when the scandal was published in The Holey-Moley Enquirer
So I dug up some dirt on THEM and completely ruined my manicure…

If life is a rat race, God needs to set out some traps
Life was a bowl of cherries til I cracked my tooth on a pit
Speaking of pits, I escaped The Pit and the Pendulum but (Oh, rats)
Speaking of rodents, three-blind-mice ran into a herd of stampeding lemmings and quickly took the plunge…

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2013

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The Crossroads Made of Fire

The crossroads made of fire

I walked my share of crossroads
But this path was mine to bare,
The street sign made of brimstone
And sulfur lingered in the air.
The journey made me weary
Voices heckled in the dark,
Depressed and very lonely
That's when the devil left his mark.
This crossroad stole my passion
Demons taunted in my sleep,
I asked God to give me strength
And my soul for him to keep.
Others will face this crossroad
And I pray they make it through,
Lost souls searching for an end
A new beginning waits for you.
Love will find your heart again
Your soul will seek desire,
I got burned but made my way
On the crossroads made of fire.

Copyright © Troy Snyder | Year Posted 2015

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Checking the lights on the dashboard when they flash and stay red:
it's the oil that needs to be changed or the engine that requires
maintenance, and in frigid temperatures who would venture outside and get frostbites?
A car is a necessity, a commodity and besides daily pleasure, it may cost a lot indeed.

Running to the grocery store through the backdoor when milk is low,
and guests wait for a fresh coffee pot and you put on a face not so mellow,
and much worse when you forget the roast in the oven...the bird you admire, 
and smoke fills your just dial 911 and scream, " My house in on fire! "

But the worst one that can send you into havoc...
when the mean kid down the block throws a rock
and your window shatters and the cat flees with the swiftest animal beat,
but the dog gets vicious and runs after him by exposing his sharp teeth. 

Ever forgot to send your mom a Christmas or Easter card?
She'll call you the same day knowing that the Post office won't deliver,
and what her voice will sound like? Soft or harsh, or angry as a bard? 
I can imagine the words she will say, " Have you forgotten something, dear? "

These are just few of them that can drive you crazy like wild kids who love to fight
and make you head spin and ache until you sit down and take a break by a lamplight,  
" Ouch!" You got burned from the splashing water while draining your steamy pasta...
you complain,"It's overcooked and not al dente!" And like mother you exclaim,"Basta!"

* The word "Basta" in Italian means " It's enough "

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2011

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Scarred Hands

Beautiful Scars
At Nancy’s birthday party,
Before her friends came in,
She reminded her mom
Of the shape her hands were in.

“They’re so scarred and ugly
I don’t want my friends to see.
Cover your hands with gloves,
They’re as awful as can be.”

The girls were very happy,
It was such a joyful day. 
Busy in the kitchen,
Mom’s gloves got in the way.

She smiled as she made the things
She knew her daughter wished,
Removed the gloves for a moment,
As she made a party dish.

She forgot about the gloves,
As she served the birthday cake.
But upon seeing Nancy’s face,
She realized her mistake.

Her friends saw the scars
And Nancy’s dreadful fears, 
As she left the party
In a flood of tears.

She marched up to her room
Without saying a thing.
She didn’t know the heartache
Her mother’s hands could bring.

Mom rushed in behind her
While she sobbed there on the bed.
Her little body trembled,
And this is what she said—

“Oh Mommy, Mommy!
I am so ashamed!
My friends will never like me,
And you’re the one to blame!”

Tears came to her mother’s eyes,
As she breathed a heavy sigh.
She knew it was time to tell her,
So this was her reply—

“Nancy, when you were just a baby,
And times were very hard,
I suddenly smelled some smoke
While working in the yard.

“I turned to see the house
Was filling up with flames.
I ran real fast inside
And to your crib I came.

“I quickly grabbed a blanket,
The only thing I could do.
The fire was burning me,
But I kept it off of you.

“So, now you know what happened,
And how my hands got burned.
I didn’t want to tell you,
But some day you would learn.”

Nancy turned toward her mother,
With a look of sheer surprise,
Her heart was filled with sorrow,
As tears fell from her eyes.

She threw her arms around her,
And quickly kissed her neck. 
She learned a life-long lesson
That she would not forget.

Mom told Nancy and her friends
About a Bible time,
Of other scarred hands—
Hands that were divine!
James Tate Nov 21, 2015

Copyright © James Tate | Year Posted 2015

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My Old Cat Herman

My old cat Herman sure looks like vermin When we douse him with a bucket of water His teeth start to chatter, gets mad as a hatter His master, he'd sure like to slaughter! With unearthly growls, slinks round on the prowl For a spot to get back his lost dignity Under the couch he retreats like a grouch We crack up in a mood of frivolity! One day we'll pay for this game that we play Herman's gonna rip away at our flesh With an unearthly meow, like a demon from hell He'll pounce - his dignity refreshed! So here's what I learned bout the time I got burned By this human-like piece of machinery We've now learned a truth, Herm does rule the roost He's responsible for a change in the scenery! © Jack Ellison 2012

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2012

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Cheerful Bones

Daylight comes,
The light washes clean
the marks of the night before,
The delirium of freedom
the delusion of choice,
Till all thats left,
Glaring in the harsh daylight,
The bleached and cheerful bones. 

You danced with the devil,
You swore to the Kings,
You told me that sunshine owned you,
While your eyes turned to the stars,
You got burned by fire,
You were cut with a knife,
The blood rushed down, 
blinding your eager gaze,
You were cut to ribbons,
Leaving your cheerful bones. 

Even in the decrepit form,
The lack of substance,
The glow of bone,
You are still reaching,
Still praying,
Still betraying,
The shadows that formed you,
The secrets you deny,
That mark your cheerful bones. 

I wish I could leave this,
Say that I’ve had enough,
Let you lie there,
Alone and pale,
Walk away and never speak of it again,
But it would haunt my dreams,
Your skeletal form,
Desparate for love,
You would have done anything,
You must admit that,
In the end all it took,
Was the starvation of substance,
A life of smoke and mirrors,
Well, You got your cheerful bones.  

Copyright © Alys Inside | Year Posted 2014

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A Sorrowed Past To Always Last

A lot of heartache I have known
Since I was born, till now when grown
Born into a loving family
Not the scenario for me
Something felt wrong in my heart
That I could feel from the start
Out of place and never wanted
All my days were being counted
till I was old enough to leave
For now it would be filled with grief
Pushed around ignored and hated
I was hopeful and had waited
For some kind of love return
That I gave, but I got burned
The affection brought on me
Was out of hurt and misery
By a brother who would fake
Real love and somehow take
My innocence away for good
A situation no kid should
Be put through but it would last
And be part of a sorrowed past
That followed me into my teens
And nightmares when I would dream
No teen romance would be mine
It would take a lot of time
To trust anyone again
One touch I would close down, but then
I finally felt my hand be held
By someone who I could tell
My story and not freak out
Learning what true loves about
But now and then the past creeps back
And I have a new attack
Of memories that linger on
Never going to be gone
From my life and stay forever
Like someones pulling the lever
Opening my hearts door
To the way it was before
And I get scared once again
Putting walls up on a friend
That don't deserve this kind of treatment
But holds on till I can beat it

Copyright © robin davis | Year Posted 2014

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Road Of No Return

Well here I am again,
on this broken road today
Searchin' to find,
my lost highway
Last night I broke her heart,
in the pouring rain
But now it's me,
who feels the pain

I looked through my windshield,
saw a sign through the pane
Said hello friend,
welcome to memory lane
So I parked my car,
beside a deep dark river
Walked across a bridge
that just won't burn

Saw an image of her crying,
with a broken heart
As I walked down a path,
through a cold graveyard
Thought I saw her across the valley,
but she was just to far
That's when I Felt a tear on my cheek,
so I returned to my car

I looked at her picture,
hanging from the mirror
She had the sweetest little smile,
and long flowing hair
And as my fingers traced her image,
down ran another tear
So I turned my car around,
for I needed her here

Today I was lost,
on this road of no return
My mind full of memories,
oh someday I'll learn
Now I Need to hold her,
and beg for forgiveness
For this road of no return,
has filled me up with sadness

Last night I broke her heart,
but It was me who got burned
And now the sun's going down,
on this road of no return
It was all selfishness,
and now it's her touch I yearn
Cause today I left many tears,
on this road of no return

Copyright © GeorgeKenneth Martin | Year Posted 2007

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Wounded Bits OF Pieces

                                                Wounded bits of pieces
                                 When your broken how do you find the pieces
                                               If you get it back together 
                                             How do you erase the creases
                                              The memories don't go away 
                                               The images haunt and stay
                                                    How can you go on
                                               That living in you is wrong
                                                        This is no fun
                                                      Isn't this too long

                                            No pain, no gain, please explain
                                       When it rains, it remains, ease my pain
                                                  Can't be patched, sowed
                                                    Can't be mended, no
                                                    Can't replace my soul
                                                       When its soo cold
                                                   I got hurt, I got burned
                                                     I'll go on, I will learn
                                                   The next crash and burn
                                                  I may bruise, I wont yearn
                                               Broken hearts, tattered dreams
                                                 Missing parts, silent screams

Copyright © Jennifer Arnott | Year Posted 2010

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Sleepless night

i lie here
but never can i sleep
thoughts of u haunt me in my dreams
i find ways to make it easier to forget u 
but u still remain in my soul
this is not fair
why am i the one left to bleed
why must i cut myself open to release u
ashes to ashes and dust to dust 
but im the only one who got burned
i dont understand why i cant heal from this
hearts mend so slow
never again will i fall for this
guard myself from the world
surround myself with safe faces
but they seem to drift away
not knowing why or were things went wrong 
still tears me apart
if u wanted me to think it was my fault 
u did your job
i try to stay away from u 
but i find myself staring right at u
endless lies ive tried to fool myself
hell maybe they're true
all i kno is u dont think of me
so why i cant forget you

Copyright © Travis Bonnell | Year Posted 2013

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The Death of Myself

The Death of Myself  
By Aidan Gilbert

I remember the day where in death I lie                                      
I lie on the ground and make no sound                                               
There are no more games                           
I tie myself up in chains                              
Those demons that fill me with fear              
I know my fate is near
I know my fate 
Does not lead to heaven’s gate                     
I cry for help
But know I am wearing the devil’s belt
My life is filled with bait
So I take it 
And always think it is too late
To go to my Savior’s fate
Which is filled with mercy and grace
I am too ashamed to look him in the face
With tears and lies
Pouring out of my eyes
I turn around
Bound to die
I can hear the bells
From hell calling my name
But for a second I do not feel the same
For I am not a dope 
I have a lost hope
That is a dream
That seems so real
I can feel God’s hand on me
I feel free
But cannot see
For the sin on me is too deep
I can see inside hell
With the empty desire
And the mass fire
I see badness
And people with sadness
Just like me they did not learn
And got burned by the devil’s sting
And put on his ring                                       
That capture them
From God’s love
I am not there yet
For I did not make a bet 
To the devil for my soul
Even though it has holes
I stay above water 
Thanks to the grace of my Father
I get stalked by the terrors at night
I fight against what is right
But I have a small grip
To the Most High
And I will not die
But oops I slip
And fall
Like a doll
But I look into God’s eyes
And know I live in the shelter of the Most High
For God’s angels come down and save me
And lift me high
Into the sky
To heaven
I open my eyes
I am free
This is where God wants me to be
Man am I glad
I held on to the little faith I had

Copyright © Aidan Gilbert | Year Posted 2015

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Slowly, but surely
Sip into my jar of tea
There you'll find me...

Twisting and turning
In childlike laughter and joy
Boy, you just got burned!

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2016

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The hands that failed

Square sensible head. 

There are gypsy moths in the corners
 they have hung there for so long..

I saw one fly the other day he carried saint 
peters prayers into olympia washington
  and thought he was clever.

He got burned like all the rest........

The clocks hands have never motioned less
 and the sun has ran out reasons to be kind.

 Now the sun hurts my eyes.

maybe by coincendence
 the sun hurts my liver. 

The sun fills my kindeys with a glorious 
crimson candesence.

Oh well its just blood anyways.........

I must quit looking for beauty here.

I must  return to the hospital be rational like the even
 corners of a glissening sarcophagus.

Maybe Cleanse my skin  in the bathroom and
 pour water down my esaphogus.

I must bury in my throat the
 Terrrible sayings of the gypsy moth. 

His yellow cocoon is hollow the weaves
 of fiber have scratched his eyes.

 never thought you would be here 
  like this.

   this time.. that time.. some other time..
  f#%^ that dial on the wall..

 sacrificial blade clicking through its gears.

 Empty time slows and narrows.  

Some useless things clutter in a predictable way.

I pass by mirrors with painted angels on them.

Cliche sayings scibbled along the bottom in
 cursive seem so disgusting.

 alcoholics remain anonymous and offer repetative
 prayers that fit on tiny mirrors.

I reflect narrower as the day passes
 my fingers grow so thin.

my hands fail, the clock on the wall fails.


Copyright © nathan martin | Year Posted 2017