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The Best Go With Your Gut Poems

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What's the Norm? (for Contest)

Precious moments 
you've gotta steal
Cyber love 
it's for real

feelings deep
you've never met
owning your mind
can't forget

Online talks
Friendship sought
Innocent enough
or so I thought 

shared secrets 
intimacy found 
I've been here before
life turned upside down

can't help it 
somehow we just fit 
so drawn to u
Like a magnet 

witty banter 
between us both
may surprise U
closer than most

Phone calls
shared views
yes I admit it
I'm fond of you

unconventional romance
not easy to navigate
have to really want it
give and take 

the feelings real
so is the pain
forever wondering
drives you insane

times goes on
your in my mind
mutual attraction
of the chemical kind 

lonely nights 
dreaming of your touch
fantasies in my head
make me blush

Thoughts of you
day and night
you make me hot
insatiable appetite

your sizzling words
so hot like fire
I'm obsessed with u
your body I desire

you don't need to deny
you fancy me a little bit
I for you
I openly admit

time goes on
it isn't fair
U need to 2 be hrre
or I need 2 B there 

what does that mean
in Cyber space? 
where the click of a mouse 
can make your heart race

Forced to actually conversate
  a perpetual first date
communication down check
Never will touch easy to forget

when you log on
know what your in for
others feelings
and so much more

it's not a gane
when hearts involved
not for the weak
or the self involved

I can attest it exists
how does she know? 
how can she be right? 
I met the love of my life! 

If love comes in all forms
who's to say what's the norm? 
go with your gut
NO need need to conform

create your own form
love one, many, or a few
only person need to to make 
happy is Y-O-U!

Copyright © Diana Vee | Year Posted 2016

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Poem XXV - Your Curiosity Killed Me

Some would say everything happens for a reason, others can say it's a perfect 
mistake, regardless it has happened. I wish I could tell you what has happened 
but I don't know. "Always go with your gut feeling" people say. Right now, I 
don't know what to say. When it comes to you I just have no words so for 
once I'll give you a blank page, a picture with no words.

It's too late to run away from it all. It took a broken phone and a whole 90 
minutes of reading old conversations for me to realise that we might have just 
crossed the line. You wanted to do something no one could do. You wanted to 
save me from me. So you tried, you didn't succeed but then again you've 
never really understood the word failure. I admired the way you came with a 
black and white approach, but I was stunned at how colorful it was. There was 
this great complex simplicity about you. You knew what you were doing and 
you had so many ways in doing it. You had the ability to make a minute feel like 
an hour when we spoke. I can't describe you. Unique has been said so many 
times you'd sound mediocre. 

Even though we've crossed the line, I don't want to go back. At the same time 
it seems like we're too fragile to move forward. So I'd like us to break. Break 
out of this cocoon and show our true colours, become new beings. I just want 
it to be the real me and you. Its pointless trying to edit a finished script so let's 
leave the past as it is.

I know you have the ability to draw which is why I'll give you a blank page. Not 
with the intention to draw a picture on paper, but let the paper draw pictures in 
your brain. Since you not a fan of pointless things, may every pencil have a 
point sharp enough to draw a clear future. Take the rubber you barely use and 
rub the insecurities of your past away. If you allow us to break, we don't need 
trust issues. The only issue we'll have is if this trust will ever end. I can tell that 
you care about me. You don't mind the fact that you weren't the first but you 
don't want to be the last because you believe that there are some things I 
simply have to do alone. But what's funny is that you'll soon understand that if 
someone becomes apart of you they are you're "alone." So don't be scared we 
can be alone together no one needs to know.

You. You won't be a last because with the word "last" there's an end. We'll 
never have an end. We have 26 years to become six and twenty. 26 years to 
become greater. Think about it. Your curiosity has killed me.


Copyright © Langeni Mate | Year Posted 2014

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gut feeling

people go to psychics and ask questions ...i
f they truly believe in the answers ...
it comes to pass ...through expectation of it ...
seek and you will find the person with the cute behind
so you are torn in two directions
go with your gut feeling ...its right

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2015

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Good TImes Begin

How do you get happiness 
When you start in a rut
When hard decisions present themselves
Always go with your gut

How do you learn to accept happiness
When it always disguised itself as a tease
When something good happened
Always came bundled with a million strings

That's when I have to flip a 180
I worked hard, didn't depend on someone to save me
When the positive wins
The real fun times can begin!

Copyright © Lynn Dolly | Year Posted 2012

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There will be a time in life where we say
enough is enough
I'm moving on,,,,,,,,

The edge is so close but a mile for some
so how do we really know when its done

I say ... go with your gut
whether its right or wrong

go with instinct
your mind is strong

my heart, oh my heart
my heart will rebel

decisions are made
are they right? who can tell

Copyright © Elle Mclean | Year Posted 2012

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Quietly Stay Put

Where do you go when you know not the way?
What do you say when you know not what to say?
Do you keep stumbling along?
Do you make up the words to the song?

These questions are but few of many.
Sometimes there aren’t answers any.
Some simply say, “Go with your gut!”
This often, however, will leave you in a rut.

When you know not where to go,
Nor the words to easily bestow,
A solution is often found
That is simple, yet profound.


Copyright © DrJim Martin | Year Posted 2012