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Contests: just for fun

Winning contests pleases folk;
Losing makes ‘em shrug.
Write a lot and go for broke;
Get that writing bug.

Try new forms and have a blast;
Enter, have a ball.
Nothing wrong with coming last;
Laugh about it all.

for Joe’s I just can’t win contest
Using the 7/5 trochee, a form created by Andrea 

Copyright © jack horne | Year Posted 2012

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And The Well Was Dry

Went to the well and the well was dry So what shall I do, oh me, oh my My mind's in a quandary, what shall I do I fear I've run dry, I haven't a clue Is there some medication that I can take My mind's in a dither for goodness sake This surely can't be, I must go lie down Will try a wee nap, my mind might rebound Does this ever happen to you guys out there Is this an affliction uncommon or rare Will try it again gonna give it a shot Gonna go for broke, give it all that I've got So this should be easy, what rhymes with boy It's uh... hang on... my heart's filled with joy Hey, I think I'm finally back on the track I'm saved, I'm saved, the old Jack is back This smile on my kisser is here to stay Unless once again my rhymes they do stray It's a life or death issue so wish me good luck Sorry about this, for being such a schmuck I promise you friendlies from this day on It's all copacetic and everything's calm © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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A Letter to be Read

A Letter to be read...

Dear whoever cares,
If you're reading this letter I wanted to make you feel better in this darkened the cold breezes through your sweater and touches your skin...
I want you to grin....knowing that the life I'm living is a life of giving....
my heart is a warm spot for you to embrace...for you to feel safe and sure that my faith was you being happy with whatever you are...whoever you are...
you are your own star...shine...take life and go as far as you the woman or man you chose to free with your thoughts don't stand around watching time float by....take the serious make it funny take the funny make it reality...
take the feel good with the bad...cause how sad would it be if we didn't live for we.....
Dear whoever cares.....this letter is for you to make you realize that the lies 
and alibis made were made in the shade not in the light always wronging the right....stand and fight for your belief...for your morality...for your reality....
stand and speak your mind...don't be weak...rewind what was spoke...go for broke...Dear whoever cares, color the dark nightmares that once were dreams to people that love life....Dear whoever dares to care....
                       -By: Peter DeSpirito

Copyright © Peter DeSpirito | Year Posted 2015

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Second Chance, Last Cast

Heads or tails, your first chance was good luck catch flipped on your plate.
Second chance, a line and lure cast by providence, to re-jig your fate.

First chance was fortuitous, a flippant fling to go for broke with no bounds.
Second chance cherished, cautious, circumspect, knowing there are no re-bounds.

First go target and objective, only valued and missed, when cast fell short.
Second go more focused on outcome, with clear plan and path providing support.

Getting a second chance is a double or nothing bet,
That you can win a second time, using what your first chance loss, beget.

Copyright © John Anderson | Year Posted 2016

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flip flop/ alter ego speaking

I've just re-read my poem
  of a pessimism groan
and re-Mark ed to my self inside
"hey man, where's yr pride?"
"Yo,  Why you giving up?
  before You drink the cup? 
You know you'll never find
  Her again - so grind
Yr teeth with  gnash and resilience
  and go for broke with brilliance,
cause if you let Her go
  You may not ever know
Why She intrigues You very so
  or why the Moon doth glow,
or why You tingle at her teeth
and what might be lying beneath
those Eyes that give You chills
and that heart She nearly kills
  and slays with just One look
  (like tiny tremors shook)
So, Hey Man, just see what happens next
before getting too complex
Cause I think she digs you too
That Girl, Kinshala Blue..."

Copyright © Mark Riedel | Year Posted 2006

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This time I don't want to let you go

For awhile now
I’ve thought mostly only 
Of memories of you and me
I know what I feel
In my heart for you
Is that has always been 
Meant to be
I faced my fears
I cried my tears
Over and over again
Some think shouldn’t this
Be your end
You told him what you needed
Why don’t you begin again?
I want you to know this time
I don’t want to let you go

I try so hard
To keep my mind busy
This isn’t ever easy
Depression sets in
Sadness begins again
And the wishing my
Life would end
Getting over you is something
My heart won’t accept my brain send
Then a new day 
Brings in a ray of light
And a hope and prayer
That I haven’t lost sight
That sometimes you have to fight
For the feelings you believe
To be right
You don’t give in
This one you may
Actually win
Pushing everything aside again
Is a sin
Live now and go for broke
Cause this time
I don’t want to let you go

Yes I know damn good and well
You may be avoiding me
But still I can’t
Just let this be
I’ve come to see
All I’ve done wrong
And all I’ve done right
Thus far in my life
Perhaps now it’s your fears
That you need to face
Fight back those tears
Capture that grace
Seems like it’s you
That now needs to re-trace
Where you’ve been and
How the hell you got there
Where you are today
I know you are, because I am to
Still scared
Terrified of the unknown
I believe this time we’re ready
All seeds have been sewn
We as people have grown
Time has past
Moments moved on
But that don’t mean
The love we have for each other is gone
I’m here still holding on
Clinging to hope
Wishing on that star
That my prayer isn’t that far
Off from being answered
And if it does come full light
That I to you am some kind of cancer
A thorn in your side
You can’t bear
Don’t fear
Those maybe words I don’t want to hear
But I would have to for me to move on
To me though our hearts and souls 
Will always have that special bond
However it’s you that has to take control
Push and repress the memories we share
You see it’s you that has to let me know
You have to tell me so
You’re gonna have to say goodbye
Until then when you really want is known
This time I don’t want to let you go

Copyright © sandy schermerhorn | Year Posted 2007

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Quatrain #544:

Pain wears deep strain in humble yoke,
Ask reprieve plain where hurts spark jokes;
Instruct complaint to bear with fact,
Note how restraint can go for broke!


Leon Enriquez
28 November 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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Rumination on the ruination of water

Rumination on the ruination of water

A pleasant clearing with lots of grains
but only a touch of water,
the trickle trailed through transparently
and so the migrating chickens stayed,
but as the flock expanded there emerged 
the problem of the water flow 
both quantity and quality
To waste means want, to change or to clamber on 
the chickens debated cluck-ed and scold-ed.
Two sided and entrenched they were,
what option did they have, to move was foolish, 
would cost resources the time invested to purify 
much more worth a look, but studies said 
categorically, that nothing was amiss, 
while the trickle trailed through translucently.
They washed and scraped and pooed some more
and the trickle it did change, it now trailed through turgidly
and the chickens scolded and sickened.
Desperation enforced decision and debate resulted in action.
Powder was bought to make clean water but, there was no mixer
…and the costing was extorting… time for emergency measures!
Hang the cost  and go for broke, debt for future generations.
Dig and scrape and make a lake! …well at least a puny pool or pond…
providing clean and clear; crystal and ethereal,
surley this would be achieved. 
But before the water could reach the middle it passed
through mire deep and dense, there was no clause
in the contract to clean it and so;
the crystal water became a beautiful emerald. That it was a 
pulchritude, a positive feature the chickens were assured
by all of economic sense and ability. No one wanted to argue 
because they weren’t quite sure what it was they were told.
But still more scolding and sickening.
entrepreneurs began to stock their medicines and cures
the chickens bought them and rather than shift stayed in their rift.
That place downstream that plants had cleaned, lay green 
and fresh and forsaken. When this was raised they were horrified!
¨We would die!¨, the chickens did cry,  
rather than drink downstream of this mess.
So they did.
Except for the rooster who retired downstream, still visits above
to scrape and to scratch. The grains grow huge with their liquid food 
and, with a mist in his eye, he transcends the loss of his friends.   


Copyright © Tim Arnold | Year Posted 2018

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Claire Wineland

(whose video powerfully, profoundly, and
positively affected this southeastern residing 
Pennsylvania papa)! 

Afflicted with Cystic Fibrosis since her birth
contagious exuberance, gung-ho,
     infectious jubilance noah dearth
which eye opening (then tearing)
     podcast link sent tummy 
     FaceBook account,
    she distilled and 
     didst poignantly blog the

     purpose driven life,
     no matter...hmm...
     her existential time
nearing thee finis 
     line on planet Earth
though upworthy defying
     deathly clasp of grim reaper,
     who scythe lent
   lee doth await
she (titled lass of poem) established
     a substantial supportive network,
     via such an up
     beat aura, charisma,
     persona, et cetera create
ting global bond sans,
     world wide web, aye equate
chance lucky opportunity

     to witness airily especial
     and gutsy acceptance
     of her (congenital) grim fate
while this healthy
     (as an oxymoron) lix
     spit tilling chap doth hate
sweaty palms (a minor, 
     though tolerable inconvenience)

     versus being irate
at an accursed disease
     still no cure as of late,
yet...state of
     the art revolutionary treatments
     provide longevity, and... YES
     possibility to discover a mate
though consigning severe limitations

but...WOW, that girl (unknown
     til yesterday) doth narrate
positivity, which amazing
     will power didst permeate,

within thine noggin
     triggering sincere flowing tears
     bursting forth at an unstoppable rate
hence this attempted rye
     ming livingsocial tribute
     to go for broke
     esprit de corps elan trait
completing a bucket list
    while eternal sleep will wait!

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2018

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Go for broke
Strive for greatness
And for glory in everything you do

Date written and posted: 09/14/2018

Copyright © Edward Ibeh | Year Posted 2018