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One Mermaid's Lesson

A merman had one stubborn daughter who rebelled against what her dad taught her. When she swam to dry land, she could then understand she was just like a fish - out of water! For the Out of Water Poetry Contest of Sheri Fresonke Harper

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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Always cold in the morning, this kitchen is warmed now
With a roaring fire and my wife working beside me making just desserts
We stand here two hours this afternoon doing one of our projects
Cooking soup and fish for this evening’s xmas party of friends. 

The ghetto, the Projects, contained me with the music of 
The school’s leather belt and cane.  And then 
Parents lost in a fire. 
              That was a tough xmas, alcohol boozy flavored in an
              Empty-bottle kitchen, crowded and smoky.
It was a tough meat just cut today red blooded, now pale in the friends’ 
Xmas gift, the tureen shiny clean. The soup’s              
Alcohol flavored in effort to disguise taste of the firm onion, now soft slop. Next, must
Empty bottle of sauce in …add spice…Oh, now chop more veg: and the 
Kitchen knife peels and reveals their secret inner fleshes,
Crowded and jostling with juicy tomatoes, now reduced to wrinkled skins; and
Smoky, tall, erect celery now chopped into mini-sets of false teeth

Innocence lost in the poisonous smog of Dublin’s
Orphanage hymns and anthems: God and the state will help
Uniformed religious staff and teachers to tell me 
I do not belong - I must reveal no secrets about being
Woken, shaken out of bed, taken (with no word spoken) from the 
               Cold dormitory, scaly hand on my knee:
               Drown in this grasp -  fish out of water
Cold.  A small shivering fish caught in net, taken now from its fridge 
Dormitory for this sacrifice: staring, unfeeling, cold-blooded creature, its
Scaly skin shining on my cutting plate.
Hand on knee, I sit down to gut it, gills first - which made him
Drown as he struggled in the tightened net; and 
In this grasp I cut the fish open - an old  
Fish which was still feeling
Out of water. It seems a silly, scaled creature now, lifeless, staring at nothing.

I lost my loneliness from that hostile world:
She gave me peace and serenity  -
Warm feelings of belonging ; and it’s
Christmas every day. 
                 She is sweet, inviting, colorful, and around her
                 Melt-in-the-mouth music plays.
She is the essence of sugar,
Sweet free-running chocolate,
Inviting me to dissolve all of her creamy meringue shells 
Colorful and delightful, which will swirl
Around her taste  and 
Melt like love on a summer’s day.
In the mouth of my hell, she has uttered  
Music, and forever now,  it
Plays sweetly.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Written for and entered in Debbie Guzzi’s  Contest     GET SERIOUS

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2012

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An eye opener

Everything at the top I find is fabricated nonsense 
truth is security lies as they are blind rats 
to home truths and openly sources spill the beans
A fish out of water plops 
Spiraling circles around what they say within government 
gasping full of rubbish reeks in order to control media 

Everyone right to the top brass with twisted agendas
is brainwashing people in utter garbage driven by their thirty pieces 
dressed in their cheap perfumed words stink to the high heavens 

When they come to the gates of two truths all seeing 
then they will see the deceiver kneel 
before the master creator of us all

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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I wander about
like a fish out of water
in the surf blue sea

Me a traveler
in the congress of gray rocks
where carcajous howl

A vacant lot mind
wavered in the breeze empty
land soul never rests

Heart sighs seeks haven
warm breasts of the beloved
in my country home

I see the river
boatmen singing love ballad
flows out of water

Out of Water - Poetry Contest
Sponsor	Sheri Fresonke Harper

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2015

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poetrysoup- A Lovely Group

poetrysoup must finely flourish
This is my most sincere wish
Her difficulties give me anguish
She helps swim every poet-fish

By giving the site my best write
I must supply minds bright light
The site provides enough delight
I must take her to a great height

For a long time the site never opened
I was worried as to what happened
My agonies due to this deepened
No help at all I could usefully send

A site which helps all noble poets
By giving to their emotions outlets
Getting troubles gives great regrets
As all poets got caught in worry-nets

I felt like a sad fish out of water
When the site I could not enter
Due to defect in my brain-computer
Membership problems I did encounter

The site gave kindly clarification
By intimating me the rectification
Proper application of correction
Ended in membership-completion

I felt like hugging my mother
And being kissed by my father
Kindly embraced by my brother
My mind faced nice weather

A site where poets play
And their skill they display
Their ideas they convey
poetrysoup shows a way

Really her presence is a gift
As she gives to emotions lift
If her happiness suffers theft
In the lurch we poets are left

May God bless dear poetrysoup
As she has a lovely poets' group
Using pen we poets form a troop
This Godly site, none can dupe.


Copyright © mv venkataraman | Year Posted 2011

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Oh Fisherman

I am in stupid love,
a fish out of water
caught by a slimy worm.

Hooked by hunger
and evidently truth,
but this bowl is far too real
to swallow.

My freedom was stolen
and he just laughs
as I swim around
in ridiculous circles,
searching for a knob-less door.

My voice gurgles as I ask him,
Oh simple-minded fisherman,
why'd you go and snag me like that
and what did you keep me for?

Copyright © Melissa Wadkins Patterson | Year Posted 2006

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Tropical Depression

Coconut mind 
At first thought.
But all that lays inside 
is the same milk you expected.
Sometimes the milk is worse.
My limbs flop around like a fish out of water
As I aimlessly do anything
Aimlessly everything 
On my island 
I am able to provide myself something
Proud for a moment 
Until I remember that everyone who ever loved me
Feels bad for me.
11 years old
Fortune cookie
I pick it up
‘Continue to sit’ it read
I took it to heart
I accepted every person
And hoped they would accept me.
Why would they?
All I have is spilt milk 
Years of hammering my head
On my island 

Copyright © Cole Mileaf | Year Posted 2015

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What exactly is it?
Is it covering yourself up like a nun?
It is being confident
It is being strong
It is being SEXY!
It is showing the world
That you are beautiful
It is putting on your best dress
Standing in the mirror
Twirling around in circles
And saying "Damn I look good!"
But then you are met by a chorus of evil words
Do you think of anyone but yourself?
Why is this?
If we think we look good we are called names
We are met with the same 
If we find ourselves ugly
Attention whore
Stop complaining!
We can't love ourselves 
But we also can't complain
We must stay quiet
Hush, hush, hush
Silence our bodies 
And numb the heart
Teach our backs to take each bite of the whip as a blessing
Each lash cutting deeper and deeper
Until our bones become raw and exposed
Until we no longer feel pain
We are stone
We do not cry 
We never scream
Because we've stitched together our lips
In fear of saying something offensive
Because even though we stuff our ears with cotton
To soften the blow of the sticks
That beat on our eardrums
We still can't handle it
We shrink into dark corners 
Placing our heads between our knees 
Telling ourselves
Breathe, breathe, breathe!
But our lungs have been replaced with gills
Like a fish out of water
We flop around until we are still
Like statues
Cold, hard, dead
But what kind of life is that?
What kind of life is it to be shoved into that box
That box of conformity
That box telling you to love yourself but not too much 
Because then your suddenly better than others
Your head is held just a little bit higher
You stride just a little bit longer
Our voices are just a little bit louder
Than those that try to bring us down
But that's the way it should be
Do not confuse confidence with arrogance
Do not confuse happiness with pride
Do not rob me of the right to love myself
No matter if my stomach make a good pillow to rest your weary head on
Or my thighs touch in the middle
And if the opposite is true still let me love myself
Because that is all you have
I don't mean your body 
Because when our times come
That is broken too
I am talking about your mind
Your heart
Your eyes and how they twinkle when in love
Your smile and how it spreads happiness to everyone you see
This is true modesty
Total abandon
Some people call it reckless
But I call it beautiful
Being honest with yourself while shutting out the lies
It what real modesty is all about!

Copyright © Brittany Larson | Year Posted 2014

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For this Turk Turku is a 1-horse
city but he has got to have horse
sense. He will not be as happy as a peacock in Turkey.
Hindi, the Turk word for turkey, is how we'll call this turkey.
Hindi, when living in Turkey, was a horse
dealer. Today he's no longer into horse
trading. He quit selling that drug. One morning
when he got up all his belongings were gone
He was shocked & almost started mourning
over this theft like a baby. His gun

gone too. Instead of going bananas
he sat down & thought: "That a lot of my country fellas have a monkey
on their backs is my bad! I won't cry over my pilfered pelf! No more monkey
business! From now on I decide to be a good egg!
I'm starting a new life! Today I cease being a yegg"
The Turk turkey put all his eggs
in one basket & wended his way to Turku!

He got a job in a Turkish bath as a front desk clerk. One noon he met a not
pigheaded porky from Alaska who told him had quit smoking blunt cold turkey
of late & was quite itching to relapse. Hindi didn't want to be a cold turkey
nowadays so he gave him advice on withdrawal. He jotted down some
notes for the porcupine to read & apply & didn't ask, at all, a sum
of money in exchange for the nice advice. The porky thanked him a lot & got
inside the bath. Finn tongue was Greek to Hindi
Whenever he had a chance, took a gander at

the phrasebook to learn Finnish.
At 5 pm he was glad to finish
his shift get the puck
out of that place
go home have duck
soup & plaice.
He wanted to invite the hake for supper. The latter
refused, didn't want to feel like a fish out of water.
Hindi, quite offended, told him off but it was like water
off a duck's back. He didn't want dinner alone, so
he thought who else could come. Bingo! The sow!
And she did. He did indeed bring home the bacon.
The food was very simple to prepare. It was duck
soup. He was cocksure the sow would love duck
soup & plaice. For dessert, a piece of cake
they'd have. Cooking all this was a piece of cake
without doubt. When nosh was ready, the sow
brooded over & said: "Wait a sec. This is so
weird. You invited the hake, a fish, to eat plaice.
You're eating duck & you're a turkey. In place
of eating explain. Are you a cannibal?" "Clam
up & pig out!" he said, not happy as a clam.

"O In a pig's eye I will! You are such a cold fish!
Horsefeathers! Besides, I am no longer hungry!
I've never seen anything like this in Hungary!"

"I eat duck soup and, if I want to, I cook my goose!"

The sow, horrified, at once did for sure vamoose.

Copyright © Ivo Cosentino | Year Posted 2014

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I want the real Jesus

I want the real Jesus
Not the one who appeases us.
I want the living God
Not this secular facade.
There’s some Friction
About the Crucifixion
It’s more than a benediction.
There is Accountability
And vulnerability
Which Leads one to a life of
Spiritual stability.
You can’t try to fly
When you’re living a lie
Injected by a media that worships
the Third Eye.
Only a fish out of water
Can tell it’s a new order.
Only those that pay attention
Can see its false protection.
Mind games rule the masses
It is time for you to grasp this.
Our music bleeds on innocent lives
We are forgetting Pollution has a price
Don’t fall asleep to all the signs
We are living in the end times.

By: Sabina Nicole

Copyright © Sabina Nicole | Year Posted 2014

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Fish Out Of Water (Pisces Dude)

I once knew a compassionate man
who couldn't survive on dry land

    he was sensitive and kind 
  helped me find peace of mind

with him a spiritual quest began 

Pisces Freak I Am 

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2010

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Out Of The Shadows

A littered path of dreams that lay broken.
Humbled desires strewn over this road.
These are the sorrows that need to be spoken.
This is the bearing of love's grievous load.

Eating your sweet lies just like they were candy;
nourishing me to the depths of my heart.
Purely believed you so I kept my love handy.
But you buccaneered my soul right from the start.

Sank into darkness in the depths of my sorrow.
Cobblestoned furies that led to my door.
Relief was far-flung and a smile couldn't borrow.
Was a fish out of water lying dead on the shore.

Then after the longest time I began healing;
bearing some scars from the damage you'd done.
Out of the shadows I bounced with a feeling
of sweet retribution and war that's been won.

I no longer feel grief when someone speaks of you.
You don't hold a place in my soul any more.
Live out your life and I'll surely rise above you.
No trace is left of the heart that you tore

for contest"Coming Out Of The Shadows"

Copyright © Deb Wilson | Year Posted 2013

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Fallin Skies

Like a fish out of water with no air
Hope yearns woefully on the edge,
Tis a needful timeless nonexistence
Scampering across arid sand dunes,
Thirsting for meaning neath visions
Shrouded in darkness soaring above.

Like a hamstrung soul lost among
Breathless gasps rambling shadows,
Its barren lies born of misty dreams 
Showered by acrid vocal raindrops,
Masquerading as candlelight amid 
Cosmic dust in a picturesque frame.
Like a wayward child daydreaming
Entranced by a deep mystical gaze, 
Through the looking glass trapped 
In a oft forgotten frozen reflection,
Hung upon the brighter side of life
Thru an opaque window rarely seen. 

© Eugene Harvey

Copyright © Eugene Harvey | Year Posted 2014

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A Tale Of Mumbo Jumbo

Captain Mumblebury He is no dumbo A UFO pilot from The planet Mumbo A little known planet Shaped like a spoon Just turn left When you get to the moon Mumblebury is The captain of cool In his UFO ship Taking children to school World famous he is On the planet Mumbo Though he actually lives On its moon, Jumbo With his loyal pet Who actually speaks A fish out of water Known as Gillcheeks A fish out of water, How does he survive? A goldfish bowl on his head Keeps him alive Is this story true? I don’t really know It could all be just A load of mumbo jumbo

Copyright © Gary Wayne Hill | Year Posted 2013

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Cliche and Catch Phrase Party

Once in a blue moon I have been told
The cliché’s clan gets together with the Catch Phrase posy

If I have told you once I have told you a thousand times this story or are you the last one to know?

Well, it all started for no rhyme or reason but you could see the writing on the wall.

Rat Race and horsing around would be in charge of the children’s activities for the day.
 While crazy as a loon and Wacky Tobacky would take care of the entertainment.
Ice Queen would be the bartender for the night and Wall Flower would play the music.
Requests were already pouring in from the peanut gallery. 
Young whipper Snapper like to hear a country song called one step forward and two steps back
And Jonny come lately wanted to hear a rock song called Chip off the old block.
Class clown always wanting to be the center of attention got drunk and started dancing
On the picnic tables. 
 Simon Says and Mother May I where there to tell everyone what to do and where to sit.
 This would be a catered event so One sandwich short of a picnic was hired to feed this Motley crew.
On the menu was Fish out of Water served with two peas in a pod and for dessert The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree Al- a- mode.
Everybody was having a great time until the trouble makers showed up.
One for the road and Three sheets to the wind where known for starting drunken brawls.
The worst thing was they brought their 3 grown sons Hammered, sloshed and pickled.
If I only knew then what I know now left early. She had a feeling there would be trouble.
Penny for your thoughts would be collecting the raffle ticket money and No time like the present would be handing out the prizes.
Liar Liar Pants on fire and Cry me a river were sore losers and always made a scene if they lost.
It will be a cold day in hell didn’t want to go so he sent his wife Heaven to Betsy.
Too much of a good thing got sick and ended up taking the bus# Catch22 home.
Well, nothing lasts forever was the last song of the night and Turn out the lights the party’s over security guard company showed everyone the door.
The end.

Copyright © Erin Soares-Anselmi | Year Posted 2014

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Smoke a little weed, drink a little drink, there's nothing to it are so you think, but before you keep going you need to take a good look because underneath there lies a hook. So you do a little here, you do a little there the high is real good and you just don't care, but before you know it your goose is cooked, the jonez is on cause you've been Hooked. Now you're a child of the night and you know this is not right but the hook within controls your body and mind and will lead you the wrong way every time.

So you try to resist but to no avail because that hook has got you hooked and it's taking you through pure hell. You see that hook is very deep and this is so true, but that's what you get when you deal get the Devil's brew. Now the doctor's will tell you that it's a disease, but it's that hook that's bringing you to your knees. Look how the hook is designed, and it has a one track mind. It don't know up, only down and it will take your crown. Then it will make you give up the fight and that's when it will turn out the light.

You know it has to be removed, only if you could, but you can't do it and it will start to even make death look good. Yes that hook is a very bad thing and this is no lie, take it for a joke and it will hang your *** out to dry. It will flopping around like a fish out of water, while bringing and making life harder and harder. There is a way out if you would like to know, God is good and He's the way to go. God will remove the hook and not just break the line, while leaving the hook within and still driving you out of your mind.

You see leaving the hook in and just breaking the line, will having you going to meeting ever day, while praying to God, you don't slip and loose your way. For Jesus died for us on the cross He gave His life so we wouldn't be lost. So you can turn to Lord Jesus when your life is in shambles or when somethings on you that you can't handle. So think before you do your next drug or take your next drink. STOP, take a good look because underneath, there lies a HOOK.

Copyright © Milton Robertson | Year Posted 2015

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So then she flew

Little Ila of warm Indian waters
   was born without fins but with feathers.
“Fishes don’t fly,” they constantly told her
   wings in water are just a bother.

Tightly she wound them close to her
   and tried her best to keep up with peers
Oh, she once even tried to pluck out her feathers
   so she wouldn't look like a fish out of water.

But as she grew, her wings became larger
   and surely you realise, swimming became tougher.
Was she the only freak of nature, 
    she spent her time in depressed wonder

Then she met the turtle who seemed wiser 
    and gave her a dream of a sky up higher
There’d be hills and vales and trees and flowers
    and an eternally bright cloudless summer.

The journey was arduous but nothing could deter
    little Ila to defiantly labour up to the border
Then the sun shined in her eyes, struggle just a blur,
   with a leap of faith soon she flew… out of water.

Copyright © Afroze Ali | Year Posted 2015

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Fish out of Water

After the inhalation of all my burdens,
I exhale,
In the coldness of my breath - a mist containing all my dreams.
Lying half awake on the seashore, silent, reminiscing under the sun's beams...

...I was swimming in the current near the trenches,
back stroking til I was pulled by the ocean -
who rebuked my great escape.
Trapped in the gravity of an island paradise with a beautiful face.
Enjoying the times,
finding peace underneath its coral reef.
until a single tidal wave of defeat - left me
helpless in the sand along its beach.

Copyright © Corey Brown | Year Posted 2011

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 Another night I'm awaken by her sight, 
See her smile, hear her soft subtle sound. 
My time of peace is replaced by lies 
That cause the water that drowns  

What was just a peaceful face. 
I feel the hole in my heart 
And the horrible grasp of this fate. 
As a fish out of water, falling apart,   

Gasping for that presence to my avail. 
How the heart bleeds for its repair 
To restore this ship and sail. 
With tragedy pumping through these oars, 
depression deep on deck with remorse.   

Lays this once fierce battleship 
On the shores of my bedroom, 
A soon apparition in the mist 
As my siren that caused all this

Copyright © Miggy Lomeli | Year Posted 2014

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You Can

You can be born a male
But that is no guarantee that you will be a man
Or a female maybe your gender
Maybe never a lady, but still is a female
Some will even try to alter God's plan
Who knows what they will come out in the blender

You can walk the straight and narrow line
Or you can flip flop and go on the wild side
We all have to go some where
Some will mess up and some will do just fine
It is your ticket and it is your ride
Some will just be winging it on a prayer

You can be independent or dependent
Some want to control and others are in  control
Some get lost of the way
Some are wild and some are obedient
Those that the Devil ends up with their soul
When they become his prey

You can be about anything that you want to be
A fish out of water and swim up stream
Take the rocky road or the easy street
Travel the world and see all you can see
Have a nightmare or a sweet dream
In the end all depends on who you want to meet

Copyright © Danny Nunn | Year Posted 2010

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Ocean Gem

A princess with a smile, a daughter in distress;
In school, but her mind? Always at the pool;
To dive her retreat, swimming makes her feel alive;
The king so upset, she doesn't study a thing;
At night she sadly wanders under the moonlight;
Intelligence meant nothing to her, is she wasn't content;
Blessed fish out of water, her feet simply swish;
Strength shines around her, she is made of brine,
Never condemn or try and control this ocean gem.

Plucky Two By Nine Contest

Copyright © Melani Udaeta | Year Posted 2015

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Inside Out Upside Down

Inside Out   Upside Down

There are times, at least once every day,
when I seem to be turned inside out,
when life itself seems to get in my way.
My mind is cluttered, clouded with doubt.
My decisions have flipped me upside down,
wearing the saddened smile, so out of place
on the painted facade of a circus clown
who stood on his head to draw on his face.

I'm floating in space, caught in a safety net.
Spinning through time, clockworks inside out,
Yet, I'm not out of control for I've no regret
for walking the path of my chosen route.
On a sandy bank,  a fish out of water.
There's a place to park, but it's upside down
a parking meter, but I can't find a quarter
groaning inside, but I can't hear a sound.

I'm stuck at the top of a Ferris wheel
feet dangling, but I'm touching the ground.
My heart is numb, so how is it I feel?
My emotions have turned me upside down.
I keep buying tickets for the roller coaster ride.
Should I get off? Suddenly I'm filled with doubt.
Not yet. I've just had a thought that's inspired!
Soiled laundry is clean when worn inside out.

Unable to move, as though suspended in air
shirt is wrinkled and turned inside out
ignored the label marked 'handle with care
removing the wrinkles is what life's all about.
Because of the decision to give love a chance
The smiles I wore turned into frowns.
Life out of step, but I'm learning to dance.
I can dance to the rhythm, even upside down.

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2015

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I feel,
A strange hunger
A hunger for freedom…
Though I have,
Yet I desire…
A deep unfulfilling kind of starvation…
Can never get too much of freedom,

Intangible yet priceless, 
Like air,
Invisible yet vital for life,
Embrace but don’t abandon me!
Without you,
I will be like fish out of water

Give me the space,
To live my life,
The way I want to,
With whom I want to,
I understand there are constraints,
I understand that absolute freedom means anarchy,
But allow me to make my choices,
To create my own little world,
Free of dogma and prejudice…
Let me do,
What I want to do…
I don’t dream of an unreasonable world,
But a world of reasonable limitations…
A fair world, 
Where justice is not a delusion
Am I talking of an imaginary world?
No, I am not…
I want to be free,
Just like animals in forest
Just like birds in sky,
Just like busy ants,
Just like jumping squirrels,
Just like galloping horses…

Give me freedom…
Freedom from anger,
Freedom from attachment,
Freedom from anxiety,
Freedom from bitterness,
Freedom from craving,
Freedom from chaos,
Freedom from depression,
Freedom from dilemma,
Freedom from diseases,
Freedom from despair,
Freedom from darkness,
Freedom from deceit,
Freedom from dishonesty,
Freedom from envy,
Freedom from egotism,
Freedom from fear,
Freedom from frustration,
Freedom from fright,
Freedom from fury,
Freedom from grief,
Freedom from hatred,
Freedom from irritation,
Freedom from imprudence,
Freedom from jealousy,
Freedom from lies,
Freedom from loneliness,
Freedom from medicine,
Freedom from narcissism,
Freedom from oppression,
Freedom from pain,
Freedom from poverty,
Freedom from pride,
Freedom from resentment,
Freedom from rigidness,
Freedom from sorrow,
Freedom from subjugation,
Freedom from trouble,
Freedom from tears,
Freedom from torture,
Freedom from temptation,
Freedom from vanity,

Freedom above all,
From these mountains of challenges,
That I am surrounded internally and externally,
Let me be like a bee, 
That sucks the nectar 
From the flower of life,
Without harming it…
Like the beautiful lotus,
That thrives in dirty pond water…
Let me enjoy the freedom,
Without disturbing others…
Free from all bondages,
Allow me to dwell,
To live 
And let live,
A life of my choice,
To breathe 
The fresh air,
To fill my world,
With love…

Oh, Master
Give this servant
The freedom 
From the precincts of life
Allow me to rest in peace,
In the bosom of your earth…

Copyright © Vinaya Joseph | Year Posted 2015

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Waiting All Alone

Where have you my love gone 
Leaving myself so alone? 
There are some things with me, 
Being to you still unknown. 
Every beat of my heart 
Comes taking just your name 
It seems ages since I last 
Saw you and last you came. 
No smile’s touched my lips 
Since you’ve my love gone! 
My eyes rain and rain. 
My heart burns with pain. 
My soul keeps in sobs. 
My mind shackled in your memory’s chain. 
Come bless my eyes with your sight, 
Or else, from the world I’m gone! 
You enjoy the company of others 
And the garden of my heart withers. 
You’ve made my life a sorrow, 
Wherein no happy event occurs. 
 You promise to meet and forget 
And I keep waiting alone! 
In the deep still of night 
When all is off my sight, 
In the mirror of my mind you peep 
And into my dreams creep, 
And when in the surprise of happiness, 
I stretch my arms, you are gone! 
When you are away my pretty doll, 
I’m just as a body without soul, 
As a fish out of water 
As a bird with no shelter, 
N’ the life-journey seems as walking 
Over thorns, with my feet fully torn. 
I, in the imprisonment of loneliness, 
Shackled in the chain of your promises, 
Let my gloomy eyes stare 
Far in the sky for roses, 
The roses of your lips,
Smiling to me in the morn. 
When the whole universe is asleep, 
My thirsty eyes are awake. 
The blood of the injuries of feelings 
Flows and flows as a lake. 
Come and see how is your lovelorn. 
I’m waiting for you all alone! 

Copyright © Aejaz Zafar | Year Posted 2010

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a fish out of water

I I watch as you lay like a fish with no water.
Scales open and close with fury and violence 
Yet,  nothing in return

"Like so is life", you say
Still gasping; Still searching 
Eternal search, yet infinitely barren
Always, yielding nothing in return.

You continue, though you grow tired.
You are relentless, yet hopeless;
Dreaming of peace, always.
A hint now barely seen to a naked eye.

You suffocate and you smother.
Certain, this infinite search steals your very air.
You gasp as you pray, and yet nothing in return.
Only destruction awaits you.  Your destruction; self destruction 

Though you are certain the search steals your very air,  you search on.
You fear suffocation, yet, you know it to be your fate; 
Inevitable it is.

You gasp as you pray and yet nothing comes 
Your final cry of sadness
One final search;
Only to find nothing.

You know this madness.
For we are of too likeness.

Copyright © Bobbi Myers | Year Posted 2014