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- Show Me Your Face -

                                           Do not hide your face
                                    Let me see your beautiful eyes
                                          Do not hide your tears
                                          Let me wipe them away
                                         Do not hide your wounds
                                             Let me comfort you
                                            You should know that
                                             you are not alone 
                                    Do not be subdued by falsehood
                                          jealousy and backstabbed
                                       Raise your head and be proud
                                       Show me your face your grief
                                   No one has the right to judge others
                                   They must sweep for their own door

A-L  Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2013

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Melodies of the heart

In a black and white world, feathered fingertips caress ebony and ivory keys - melodically forming a myriad of vibrant and vivid hues, diversifying dulcet emotive reflections. In a world of spoken falsehood, expressions that cannot be spoken, aid each truthful touch to narrate speechless secret serenades. For soulmates who choose to listen, minds allure to the grace of mellifluous sentimental symphonies, harmonising hollow hearts through tantric vibrations, gently echoing to soothe sorrowful soundless souls. Rhapsodic pianist strokes satin white skin, tunefully kissing black lustrous lips. Hearts play music secretly establishing spiritual connections. Ivory and ebony rectangles dance in eternal kindred devotion, igniting spirits to whirl to the rhythm of sensual sensations. Last note leads to another healed composition as departing flames of passion illuminate lovers paths. A blank page appears at the end of the song sheet. Tired pianist fingers rest as the mind is absent of lyrics, paralysed to play a melody for its own suppressed heart. Lost, pondering mute tears which fail to cleanse its soul., The Silent One 9 January 2018

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2018

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- Falsehood -

Is there still a rainbow after the rain?
An unanswered message, life is full of lies

Darkness falls - like a thief steals the daylight
I get confused - hear demons whisper

It happened so suddenly, struggling to breathe
Tired of all the things that hurts

If life was an adventure I would love to dance
Everything around me is in a white blur - the truth?

- Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
  (unrhymed couplets)
  Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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Yellow Press -

He undresses rumor to reveal lies
this is how the desperate man cries,
Extra Extra he tries to sadden ya,
a bundle of rancor rambles from the shambles of his shame
finding form on a page of purely personal pathos
what he can't have he taunts,
flaunts falsehood as fact in commiserating style,
vulgar and vile such as pornographic propaganda
designed to compell despair with poisened air,
what does he care, loyalty he knows not how to share,
decorum just a ditch in the swamp of his heart,
hurt hurt hurt is the mantra of his yellow emotion
a mud temple is his refuge,
burn love, ravage respect, ruin reputation
is the curve in his grimace, the grime in his game,
even the news stands have rejected his rank rubbish,
a character assassinator eliminated the Poet's assembly,
take your delusional drama to the closet playa
hang it on a hanger of humbled heresy,
your rusty razor shall not go "haymaker" anymore
remain in your "hayfever" brought on by Truth's retribution,
a wedge maker is your legacy, a virtuous man your fallacy -


Copyright © Justin Bordner | Year Posted 2014

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How do you change a lie into the truth?
Alchemy, dear children ...
this is how it's done, using unverifiable proof
First, you take a sick, dirty lie,
and doctor it up as truth
Whitewash and scrub it clean,
then jet power it with unsubstantiated verbal steam
That should make the lie thoroughly sanitized
Then play a continuous sound byte loop,
uncorroborated and fact-free
Present the fake news with a five-star salute,
then say secrecy is the true path to liberty
This rings eerily like New Age alchemy,
bell-tolling Faustian chemistry
If that ain't a manufactured alternate reality,
then somebody is lying to us obviously
How do you do this, change a lie into the truth?
Alchemy, dear children ...
this is how it's done, using fabricated proof
Next, you take a package,
and deliver it to the people,
with a Trojan horse message inside
But the people don't know it's harmful,
because they labeled it with a lie
See, that's the beauty of deception,
they don't call a lie a lie
Instead they choose another word,
as they place the pirate patch over their eye
Misleading, false claims
Plausible deniability
Choose whichever words you will,
a lie is a lie is a lie still
Changing a word won't make a falsehood real
Taste the propaganda spoiled sauerkraut;
as alternative facts are trotted out,
and disinformation is bandied about
Know that immoral alchemy is being performed
by high wizards of the dark arts
Frankenstein experiments in need of more body parts
Don't be bewitched by lying craft,
don't get (con)fused by this manipulative graft
into a cancerous body politic
Changing a lie into the truth
is the ultimate alchemist trick

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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Envious hearts would never be lovers of truth and justice but devotees to falsehood and injustice!*

(c)  Demetrios Trifiatis
          04 June 2016

* Today I received a soupmail by someone who never visits me, accusing me of supporting someone who harasses ladies and gentlemen alike! 
I would never commit injustice against anyone! I only comment to the poem written ignoring why the poem is written. 
Sometimes poems are fictitious.  It is impossible to know what is in the mind of the writer since there are no names of the supposed victim! I DECLARE THAT NEVER SUPPORTED OR WILL I SUPPORT ANY INJUSTICE and would like to let this person know that I am a free man and an honest one! It is better for the author of that soup mail not to try to turn one person against the other. Here we are not to divide people but to unite them! At least I AM DOING IT IN PRACTICE.
God bless him who sent me the message and may he sees the light and stop creating groups to fight one against the other so as for him to reign! I also ask all our soupers to work in harmony for we suppose to be poets inspired by God and since GOD IS LOVE let us LOVE ONE ANOTHER !  

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2016

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I am Christian

My divine manual and life prospectus is the Bible
my ways, a beautiful mirror sparkling like clean Marble
falsehood can’t colour my teeth
Jesus Christ is not a myth
the hope of eternal life, a conviction, not a gamble.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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A Reflection On Truth

Why? Love? Friends leave! Where is truth? Where is love in life? Truth is but an idle construct! Friendship nothing but a barren fair weather desert! The world manifests itself through hollow people, without truth,without love or passion! Truth but leaves you naked and will expose your soul then to find it pierced by the hypocrisy and cynicism of those with empty hearts. Truth is a masquerade dressed in fantastic costume by hollow men of no faith, manipulated and moulded to their own rhythmic dance. The world turns on falsehood and deception,truth and trust sequestered,love forgotten! Hollow words cascade from the mouths of fair weather friends! Truth is usurped by hollow men! Where is trusts sanction? Where is truth? Faith dies! Trust? Why? Written by Shane Cooper 12/03/2015

Copyright © Shane Cooper | Year Posted 2015

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Philosophy of Free

Voices facing headwinds feel the calming seas
Elephants grasping backdraft tails are letting
go and hearing the rumble of discontent.

The runaway (with your $$$) train called washing-
ton with earplugs jammed so tight hairpieces
jiggle with every falsehood.

People are waking up!
People are waking up!

Were you asked if money is better spent (1/2 trillion$
stolen from
your future) arming blurred sides in Syria that we
intend to bomb? then decry their use against us?

We the people are no longer in control and live in
fear. Do you worry I cannot speak freely in this
land of liberty?


My ancestors died in battle so I can write this

You, all of you artists, they fear us most...
and silence us if our words pull the sheep
away from 'dancing with the stars'

I am not a slave...I am not a slave

Rejoice in liberty!

Join my voice!

only james marshall goff
proud ancestor of the
Scottish Black Watch

© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2014

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Judge not, that ye be not judged.
 Matthew 7:1-3 KJV

Each fair familiar feature of their face  
aglows with the dim lit day's assistance, 
rests upon strong shoulders reminiscent 
of roses bloom, see their trust and proud grace. 
Before those  same  red  cheeks  were  flags  of  shame;
tearing at their hearts, rebels they were named.
Who knows, are they friends, sisters, or lovers?
They don't look alike but but they live strong,
telling their own truth stopped rumor's hover,
truth clears the blind eyes, errs are not lifelong.
While the shrinking sun delights in its role,
can they sustain falsehood, forgive such ways?
They chose to stand strong, still in mute dismay
but in their bosoms dwell two holy souls.
~~Inspired by the painting: Twilight Confidances 
by Cecilia Beaux 1888~~

__Olive Eloisa D. Guillermo__
4:30 pm; January 17, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2016

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A Force To Be Reckoned With

I see the bitterness polluting this world 
a multitude of evil hides then divides 
conquering with twisted visions of democracy 
one joke history repeating past horrors return 

Hurting innocent people tells another story 
bullies who think they are above human justice 
aggressors filled with pride in falsehood 
you will fall heaviest of all

Suffering fleeing war victims as the devil marches forward 
his army is arising from ashes darkness grips our planet
6 children a day dying, 3 world war two show mercy 
for the love of all that holds good in this world

Such hardships giving up everything held dear
Look into your soul and know the mortal truth 
only the blind hide and do not see selfishness 
the one demon followed by others a legion

Fed like animals where is the loving joy that opens arms
Offering comfort to those in need have mercy 
Peace unto this world sings with a warm heart
To love and understand our brothers and sisters plea

Please give them shelter 
feed and clothe their weary bodies 
in their hours of ache 
With open arms I pray to God 

Your salvation love and understanding the scriptures 
we all know what must be done in our Lords name
Protect those families against the demon who hates and destroys families
Watching the news we are tainted with so much ugliness 

lies drip fed to us twisted through the master deceivers hallow heart 
We all know who sits at the head of a fork tongue
Peace is the way forward as greed wants war 
only a fool arms themselves with hate their pride lies in bed with envy 

Cunningly cursing everyone 
curtains raise darkness you will kneel to the light
With power and glory supreme leader at your command 
I bow with open eyes we see the path of complete destruction ahead 

Faith is the sword of truth 
openly we all should do more even in voice help 
Do we stand for something or fall in our sins
I speak one soul because united we are many

Just a note to say Gary on What Kind of People Are We
after reading your piece these words flowed from my heart 
thank you kindly for the insight and powerful pen filled with light and truth 

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

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Joan of Arc

        Joan of Arc

HE speaks, and messengers appear
To innocence of one so young in year
The calling understood, she will not flee
Till France is free of English tyranny 

The struggle long, a hundred years or more
An army tired, sapped of strength by war
She steps into the fray, new hope, inspire
Her words believed, the lighting of the fire

Hoorah, the trepid siege of Orleans broken
Triumphant Gaules their spirit now awoken
Battle proved, proud see her banner fly
On to the capital,  her new war cry 

Though the king be doubtful to her power
Sanctioned he, and blessed her of the hour
There, before the gates and walls so tall
Defending well, Paris refused to fall

Defeated, wounded, weary, drawn, down
Undone, alone, rejected by the crown
Falls into allied hands when out at large
Imprisoned to be tried, on falsehood charge

Religious order sent to set out court
To seek and force the answer that was sort
She, unwavering in her self belief
Her story standing gave them no relief

A minister dispatched to find (his) truth
Then shout her heresy from every roof
A thousand times the question fills her ear
A thousand times she answers without fear

Time was never going to be her friend
None came in aid or cared her to defend
Sent forth to burn in blazing execution
Inglorious was her perfect persecution

True to HIM her love would not betray
For HIM, at the stake, her life she lay
The passing years, gave her soul release
St Joan, now rests in reverence and peace. 



Copyright © Richard D Seal | Year Posted 2015

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The Five Word Challenge - The First Daughter of Eve

My Father, 
See the little serpents slither
Among the Wolfsbane, the Foxglove and the Daffodil
My mother distains the creatures,
And fears the beauty of my garden
Though I see splendor in their movement
They dance carefully in the night,
The moonlight shining on their freshly shed scales

Why are they punished for an ancient wrong?
Why are they hated for their doings? 
Am I like the snakes, in my father’s eye?
A limbless mistake? A falsehood you know,
As they wait to accuse,
And always abuse? 

Fallen Lucifer laughs in the crevices,
As he has taken my brother with the rock of another,
My desires remain in the ground,
Among the burrowing creatures round
For it is a falsehood you know
That we, the children should be blamed
For a wrong made by the very ones who made us
I will dance in the moonlight,
I will water my beautiful, poisonous plants
And I will live and die like the ones before me
I will bear others, and keep watch of their growth 

For The Five Word Challenge contest, hosted by Timothy Hicks
Five words used: 

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2016

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Youth is Treasure

traditions of ages are victomized of changes
the sun of morning the harbinger of new-ages

Isolate wisdom of truth from the slavery of falsehood
Let the new blood take the steer of the Master

traditions of ages are victomized of changes
the sun of morning the harbinger of new-ages

water the body with the seeds of a character 
that stimulate the desire to achieve greator

Let your blood infused with the vibes of love
perfection of faith and wipe out hate….

traditions of ages are victomized of changes
the sun of morning the harbinger of new-ages

Isolate wisdom of truth from the slavery of falsehood
Let the new blood take the steer of the Master

traditions of ages are victomized of changes
the sun of morning the harbinger of new-ages

Sprinkle my mind with the wine of divine
opening to me the secrets of life

high time is it to be the man of time
this time , you will never rewind

traditions of ages are victomized of changes
the sun of morning the harbinger of new-ages

Isolate wisdom of truth from the slavery of falsehood
Let the new blood take the steer of the Master

traditions of ages are victomized of changes
the sun of morning the harbinger of new-ages

Copyright © Muhammad Imtiaz | Year Posted 2017

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Flight of Fantasty

In the stillness of my heart
When the clamor of existence dips into the twilight of my sub-consciousness
There where eternity waltzes with my make believe
In my utopian dream
You come

The moonlit halo of your figure looms
there in the star kissed landscape of my mind
I catch my breath
The wet fog of deception and falsehood clears
You come to right the wrong
of a million hurts in the languishing heart
Your eyes, pools of mysteries unexplained
ethereal yet real...
Spellbound, I gaze

You pick me up in your arms 
press me to your chest
and in this place
where beauty is the master designer of grace
I trace your face 
and sigh

You carry me
I’m burdened
You carry me
I’m broken
You carry me
I'm wounded
You carry me
past the gutted castles
of burned out promises
out to the open fantasy fields
you carry me
Calling out to the sun
You make him vanquish the night
and I see
a flowing stream
with a weeping willow tree
and flowers to cheer
to a place where fantasy frolics free
you carry me

And in that place
where longings are unfettered by reality
you lay me down
you lean over me
you command the breeze
to undress me with his hands
you ask the willow tree
to shelter us in her flowing hair
and there
there you show me  
What it means
To be loved wantonly

With adoration’s seal
you cover my lips
and every part of me
in this place of fantasy
you open my eyes to see
what it means
to be a woman
love filled


In many ways....I'm still a little girl believing in fairytales and happy endings...believing in a world where people "mean what they say and say what they mean." Believing in fantasy and love... :)

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2015

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Understanding the Lord's Prayer

Lord's prayer Matt6:9,10

Jesus taught us to pray, what to say to God, His Father, Our Father.

Oft repeated rarely understood words that put
His Fathers name first, to be sanctified made holy.

Isaiah43:10 he declares that he has his witnesses
that declare his wonderful name Jehovah, through all the earth.

"Let your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven".

What a wonderful hope that by means of God's kingdom, a real government,
(see Daniel2:44) that the earth can be a paradise, again, with conditions, like heaven, when Jesus begins his 1000 year rule over the earth Revelation20:6.

Understanding the two hopes or destinies of the faithful has help me to understand so much more, of how life will be when paradise on earth is restored, and we can witness the resurrection of our dear loved ones back to life on earth.

Even Jesus described the two destinies Matt5:3 Spiritual persons will inherit the 
heavenly kingdom, Matt5:5 meek shall inherit the earth mirroring Psalm37:29
What a blessing understanding what has been misunderstood and repeated for almost two thousand years.

Jesus did say the "truth will set you free"John8:32.Knowing and understanding
God's love, as revealed in his Word I do feel free, free from desperation, free from ignorance, free from falsehood, free from the Devils lies.

I look forward to the time when the Kingdom will come and God's will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

John Derek Hamilton
December 26, 2015

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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Bring It On

Eckhart Tolle says, "Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness."


To this, I say, bring it on
Throw everything at me, the night of your own right,
And as sure as there is light,
I will live, push, cry, and fight
If the words roll away into the winds of woe
When your eyes no longer burn in my vicious glow,
I will pull through without, within
Taking all the impact in

Lost will be my promised purpose,
In the deepest prisons cold,
Jeers of delinquent devils shout,
"Out with mercy! 
Out with fight! 
Out with all the hope of light!
Into the fray, vicious and gay,
Stab their souls in false array,
Cut their tongues of honeyed hope,
Crack their joyous jaws and mope,
Beat their battled courage raw,
Reduce them to tears-commit them to flaw!"

To this, I say, bring it on
Drag me to the prisons that quiver,
Into the hell that encompasses the strongest of mind
If treasures are fables, then grime I shall find
And I shall mold the muck into wings of luck
Descending the cliffs of the damned 
I will light the wick in my world 
With the flame of all determination unfurled!

In the cries of goodbyes I will lift mine eyes,
Across the seas of delusion,
Sing-song, supple voices cry,
"Welcome to dream, 
Welcome to relief,
Welcome to mastered misery supreme!
Syrupy promises, in smiles we roam,
And make sugared falsehood our hanus home!
Take their wearied souls and breathe,
In the softest fumes of darkest retreat,
Drain their sorrows in the booze of blood,
Take their children and drown them in mud!"

To this, I say, bring it on!
Lure me into your seas of wrath,
Poisoned with liars promising heaven
If misery be my friend, let her lend a hand,
And lift those hopeless children from the sand
Riding the waves that were once dreams-now life,
I will let myself drown at the expense of their ascension! 
You will not take our next generation!

I rise in the gorgeous eyes of your frenzied surprise,
I make love to the promise that even the weak survive
As certain as there is love,
I will always battle with the tiger eye and the charm of a dove
And the souls will remember the days of suffering,
Giving into drifting doubt:
"Remember our slaving curse tonight,
Our God brings death as sure as night,
Weakly we beg you to surrender, right or wrong...
We cannot sing along if we don't belong..."

Moan and groan, my flock, till the break of dawn
Still to this day, and always,
I will pray, bleeding, heaving and graized... 
Bring it on...

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2015

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As dark clouds

Descends over the mountains 
a blanket of suffering thunder
The fork between two tongues sings 
truth always comes to light 
under angel rays expelling echoes 

A thousand ancient whispers 
striking home babbling silently 
gathering tongues cry to the vain
Gale force in the mind blows fuse 

There is so many power hungry nations 
fed by constantly spilling innocent blood 
keeping people down is such a falsehood
God be with all victims of crime committed 

Wounded knee echoes of past genocide exist 
as does the Emerald Isle 
an open book clearly speaks volumes

They who should be held accountable 
by countries of this world 
brought to justice and face the facts 
freedom is a democracy 
to live without chains attached

Sweeping under weeping souls chant 
Spirits haunting winds cry 
over many plains in song 
There is no love of God present 
in them who take another's life

Rustling through branches 
many tales of woe Armenia cries out 
Battle reduces men into animals 
through their blood thirsting hate scars

Filled with rage and bitterness gas used 
inhumane violence stormy seas fuels the desire 
to kill every living being poisonous mushrooms cloud 
with hate consumes 
wiping out countless women and children 
destroying nature without a care for this planet
Always innocent parties unto such vile acts are addressed openly
Wipe away the cobwebs from over your eyes world 
Taking life from the living forbidden 
no good disturbing the balance of peace 
Love is far from so many people's heart's these days

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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Blood boiling in my writing stick,
Black ink bursting in my veins,
Flames of light leaping in my eyes,
Existence echoing in my breath,
Life looping in my being,
Death moored to my feet,
Strife stringing in my path,
Spirit striving in life’s spin...
Immortality slithering in my soul,
Mortality meandering in my body,
Truth thrusting in my ways,
Justice jingling in my acts,
For in the bowl of my being
Lies the found of me.


I write existence on immortal white scrolls,
Existence writes me on eternal pages,
Sempiternal prints of my discourse
Etched on infernal grounds.
Sacred voyage of my soul
Beyond flesh’s blistering bliss.
Moribund surface at the fall of day
When cries lonely night;
Echoes without voices
And paths without prints.
Solemn strides of solitude,
Fated tread threaded in illation
That our souls may dance pre-emptively.
I lived before my birth,
I died the hour I set my feet on mortal Earth
And I will live forever after my mortal death.


Death starts immediately life begins,
Death blossoms from the seeds
Of life’s radiant flowers,
Death is a dream until the soul’s eyes 
Behold immortality in the reality of the unseen 
Masked with white curtains and purple tendrils.
Sensation crowing on the high hills of my heart 
With voices of violins and flaming flutes:
The definition redefined in hands of the sculptor; 
Clearness poured on piercing faces, loud in delineation.
Nothing is akin to this coup of words: the death of falsehood.
Remake of the man within with revived image
Of the transcendent glimmers that bear the clarity.
Lucidity of the orbit that precedents the matchless
Aura dawning in the dusk of the moment:
Throbbing mind for the pending bend, swiftness tending,
Mounting itch for the fall of pristine clouds,
Nevus inscription enrolled for the ovate orbit of truth.

Copyright © Osieka Osinimu Alao | Year Posted 2012

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Where Are The Christians

Today we live in dreadful days that truly test our faith,
When all about the truths of God men try to negate.
When leaders rule in governments and make lies into laws,
Where are God's people? Are they mute, won't fight His  righteous cause?

Where are the ones who call themselves the living saints?
There's no protest that nulls the lies that Evil paints!
Is it that now Christians hide and just cower in fear
Safe in their comfort zones, let Falsehood reign, appear?

Christians would just sit in church but cannot speak out 
When sin's made right and God denied, there's nary a shout.
His Word tells us we'll take account when we must testify,
And yet because we fear backlash we'd rather live a lie.

To him who knows what he must do, and yet he fails to do it-
There's reckoning, the scales could weigh and his reward forfeit.
Men will hate us because of Christ, for this we make a stand.
His truth must march in us, that's what our time demands!

Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~~02.23.16

Copyright © Cynthia Buhain-Baello | Year Posted 2016

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The Tear I Abhor

Tension crawls into the pores of crashing contemplation
Why has it become so hard to breathe?
If only it was known what this dejected heart is saying
As she sobs poetic lines of wordless woe
She is cradled in the tempo tempest of this reflection
Pulsing in the unfeeling land beyond her bodily home
The blood pumping sweet iron grief spurts
The soles of the feet throb at the impact
As the grass cools only to recall the coldness of the present

The impact…
Of a tear falling to the floor
The droplet so gentle… in clear-watered, grounded rapture
The energy of the sorrow befallen is perilous
One with many roads leading to frail fantasy
Aggravated tear…so atrocious, envious
There is something more whirling in this déjà vu cycle

Being crushed many times
By lackadaisical, ever-traveling minds
It is too easy to be tossed to and fro
Between conscious leisure and provocative pressure
 Sub-dominated by sumptuous conviction
That word—love—a furtive dagger
Driving a gaping hole of shame and unknowing
Straight into her
Wracking around in this meddle
Of emotion and reason—shooting up falsehood full throttle
Drifting there again
In a solitude almost consoled by the earthy coldness
Of his fowl glare…
Every unsaid word frazzling to the mind
Tearing me and lifting me high
One must wonder if you watch as the fragments fly

As they float for only a few seconds
Of your precious time 
And fall back down below
At your very feet
Where the grass is warm, and hopes are high

Please don’t leave them on the floor with the tear
The tear that never quite gets absorbed
The tear that chillingly consoles that bleeding heart
Destroying me
As she thrashes in the maze of bones and matter
Each hollow pathway of the marrow leading to a dead end
Or an  ever-winding way downwards

They say each body of water leads straight to the sea
Where will the tear I abhor…lead me?  

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2014

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The Truth of Falsehood

lies big or little they’re still wrong, denying breath of guilt thrives burning slowly social lubricant enhance personal misleading gain. ripples in streams flow outward in the end big or meager, lies!
7/27/2016 1-2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2-1

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2016

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My Name Is Enticement

In the Middle East, far south of Sweden,                                                                                                                   I was discovered in the Garden of Eden

I have a bold purpose and a clever plan, and I'm not shy
I have deadly tools that take people slow while making them high

A by-product of a fallen angel, I'm neither nice nor do I try to be
I'm at my best when stricking like a snake and stinging like a bee

I am a state of ease and ready to please, so beautiful and picture perfect                                                            I welcome young and old alike, with plenty of pleasure for the best effect

I am known for seeking out and engaging  the forbidden, which never ends well. Blinded, people seldom see me coming; so deaf, they can't hear the bell

Each generation tries to sheild the other from 'my hard to resist temptations;
often forgetting that it also failed to master and overcome its own frustrations

I comfort and soothe, causing pleasantries like bathing in sunshine and  blue sky. I am mesmerizing and addicting, creating falsehood until I take wings and 

fly. Things forbidden feel so real initially, with lots of thrills; but they never come to stay. Ceasing to pray, people are captured and arrested; and like 

children, they like to play. Few would dare to admit that I am their skeleton in the closet, their secret admirer. I stir and provoke their emotions, release their 

hidden passions, and light their fire. People are graciously embraced with care; and they are held closely until they cry. Quite often, I will behave like 

mirages, and appear with a most deceitful lie.  I may have the look and the feel of a doll, play like a child, but I am no toy. From olden days, I am rooted 

in rebellion and commissioned to destroy. I have a plan to engage,                 and a purpose to pursue.  I am neither an allusion nor an accident.

I possess neither good will nor good intention; and to avoid me,
good people will need more than an ouch of prevention                                                                              

I am pretentious, ancient, and also modern;                                                                             masterly alluring, my name is *Enticement.

09152017 PS Contest, Speak Your Truth, Master Demetros                                Inspired by Bible:*James 1:13,14,15

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2017

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The Boadicea Blood Cup

"The Boadicea Blood Cup"
Didst thou think? Didst thou? Didst thou think, at all? That thou would remain untouched, unchecked, unscathed Safely locked up away from mine wrath and thee, thy self-made grave? Imprisoned in your Dark Lost Woods of evil pungent sulphuric devil greens, Speaking like an uncast angel in soft tongue who could do no evil nor speak no wrong In the company of skulking spineless serpents slithering forever cursed un-named forlorn? Guarded ferociously by that rabid dog, thy gormless sibling, thy reckless servant and her preening false prerogatives - so vain, so arrogantly reeking the smell under her cur-like nose and feet, her overblown ego and unanimous disdain? Didst thou sibling think? Didst thou sibling think, at all? That by thoughtless folly, abducting mine own White Queen’s world, mine own Royal Swan Child, the then recalcitrant girl – thou wouldst covet mine own Cygnet to thine own sour, shrivelled milkless teat to suckle In your barren, childless, soulless world? Then, thee darkly re-coursed to read falsehood fables to mine own World As above, So below, full Circle of Eternity You thought to close the portal ‘tween Cygnet and White Queen Betrayal’s in thy blood a bonded evil duo Deceipt and lies make a bed of thorny lying thistles Together in thy Assassins Bureau Truth the soul, is branded in the heart of the White Queen LUX VITAE pumping through her veins She quietly and ever powerfully summons The Army of Me and Reigns in the strongest spirits from her cerebral Heaven She castes her spells with Sword of Truth, raises to her God her Chalice Places a hex on your dreams, cuts your Morpheus off with her Athame Whispering incantations of darkest obsidian and midnight blues She drinks the Blood Cup her final Quest, her ardent panacea She sleeps alone with misanthropic glee and dreams of slaying the dreaded Jabberwocky and The gormless passive Red Witch Queen Our Lionhearted White Queen is now Brave Boadicea Somewhere in a lonely tower Royal Swan Child hears Boadicea’s song upon the winds and lobbies In a strange bland place of political renown, there’s something in the sound - A voice so distantly familiar, from somewhere deep inside her heart-strings she remembers that voice that sings The child, now a young woman, understands the state of things The signet ring means nothing. Latin written in a stirling silver locket that she’s broken, holds the key, holds every lesson to be learnt True meaning of this time of vacant hurt. The lost locket contains the spell which will bring her Home For through these words in the Silver Heart that’s closed The rightful Queen will find her mother’s gift to her A victory never thought, nor seen, ignored and never dreamed Her never ending Freedom Powers Cygnet is True Queen. (Lovejoy-Burton/March 2018) For my beloved daughter, Georgia.
"Nothing will keep a mother from her child, not even death." Leanne Lovejoy-Burton, WRITER.

Copyright © Leanne Lovejoy-Burton | Year Posted 2018

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GOD we blame you for the evil that we do. Why don't you keep coming to our rescue? Just wipe it all away, make everything new so the crazy and foolish things we can continue to do, then maybe, we will believe in you.

You see, we are highly intelligent we think we know better than you so when you hear us croon we want you to dance to our toon, now we may sound like buffoons but GOD we want you to make life a cartoon. Thence no consequence.

Even as children we have learned if you play with fire you will get burned and if you do dirt a lot of people could get hurt. But your laws are old from so long ago where it also say you shall reap what you sow and your old laws we want to overthrow.

Yes GOD, we are very smart we just refuse to understand that you made life real and not wonderland, which is why we say a woman can marry a woman and a man a man. If you get that sensation then it's aspiration, to us it's a good relation but you call it an abomination. That we won't even mention cause we pay it no attention.

Because we want our livelihood, to live like Hollywood, even if it's falsehood we still want you to make it all good. So your laws we want to change or rearange. We love to shake our groove thing, to make life a game where nothing matters but fortune and fame.

Therefore, we want to be players coz we love to play, the problem is it puts us on ground of very soft clay. Although it feels on solid ground we stand, it keeps turning into quicksand. As we are going down wearing an ugly frown, bidding ourselves adieu, we blame you.

Now GOD if to our every whim you would cater then we would stop being traitors and haters but only if you be our personal waiter. Since your consequences can be brutal and trying to change your laws is futile then we are highly disturbed so we'll have to kick you to the curd. 

We don't care about the preachers broadcasting, that you and your Word are from Everlasting to Everlasting. Furthermore, if you are The Father and The Master why would you let people go through such horrible disasters, while letting children die of cancer.

Knowing very well we're looking directly at the answer. For we know it's a crime, a shame and a disgrace when they let children play on land full of buried toxic waste. They know it's there they just don't care because they are in the land of milk and honey, so they do it in the name of power, fame, fortune, Greed, MONEY.

And they don't fret because they know the people are not a threat. As we turn our heads, twittle our thumbs, act dumb and even get numb and expecting a good outcome. While the bigwigs keep snapping people like twigs and using the public as guinea pigs. As they poison the air, the land, the water and the food too, yet GOD we blame you for the hellish and heinous things we do.

I remember hearing my father holler, gather around and hear me sing, this is my castle and I am the king. No one would open their mouth because there was no way we could tell our father how to run his house. You are our Heavenly Father and The Creator , we want to be the dictators and you our personal waiter, snap our finger and you're the operator.

Its all Vanity and what is the meaning of INSANITY?

Copyright © Milton Robertson | Year Posted 2016