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He does resurrect

The affect we all at times
with hope and longing 
try to best,
though there is upon us
ache of heart

But those of us who treasure
the promise,
who glimps with what is inspired
from our Lord,
gather us who
follow the words;

“From dust we are
and dust we return,”

And to the faithful,
He does resurrect

This poem is in dedication to Carolyn's dear friend who is not fairing well.
God bless your friend Carolyn, and you for your kindness and love for your
friends !

Copyright © James Peranteau | Year Posted 2009

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The Deck

It’s been thirteen years, but I still think about him a lot
In the morning quiet, standing on the deck he built, not forgot
I sometimes feel him there with me
His presence seems to hear my plea

After the loss I’d break down at any condolence shown
In time, it happened only when I was alone
The hospital room seems long ago, even the code blue
The tough times are at night, when I’m alone with my view

Or when I see pictures of dad, or stand upon his deck
Knowing he’s not there to counsel, or help me reflect
I do feel his soul or spirit looks in on us still
It wasn’t just in the first weeks, that I needed his help to fulfill

My journey of being a good husband and father
His guidance was a true gift, and never a bother
The Senior Skins Game was on today, a perennial prelude to the Super Bowl
Dad and I always loved watching it, golf a common goal

I watched for a while, but felt saddened and lost my resolve 
Feeling guilty he wasn’t there, difficult to evolve
The legacy he gave me, enjoy life’s blessings with those you love most
Resonated more, as we were equally proud of each other, not meaning to boast

My last vision of him, just after he passed
Was important and lasting, something later to contrast
I talked out loud to him, caressing his hands, arms, and face
The tubes were now gone, he seemed much at peace

I tried to remember everything, leaving nothing to regret
Cementing a last picture, never wanting to forget
It is still is hard to believe he’s truly gone
Though time does heel all, I know he hasn’t withdrawn 

I remember that last time, when we parted
We hugged goodbye, not knowing what life charted
I walked around the house today with my dogs
The pond is high, and the bass have quieted the tree frogs

When I look up at our house, I can see that his deck finished the place off
I thank him in my thoughts, and do so most times when I walk.
Thinking back on that long, hot summer, and the small contributions I made 
I wonder if he knew his time was near, and the deck was his final parade.

He checks in on us, to see how we’re all fairing 
I know he’ll be there to greet me when it’s my time, no despairing
My mom, still with us, is the kindest and gentlest of souls
And I work every day, to emulate her role

So if you’ve been blessed in time with parents who matter
Make sure you spend it not just in idle chatter
The deck is there to remind me of more than he or she
It’s something, like them, that will always be a part of me

Copyright © Shawn Sackman | Year Posted 2009

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Dialogue In A Sinful Night

I leave you with this bleeding verses,
The stone that will kill you shall not be far from you.
The fly that will breed maggoting maggots on you
Shall not wait until you fall on bed of sorrow.
You have eaten the fruit which I fail to give you in a hurry, so shall your life be taken away in a hurry.
Do not look for me when a cry of a child is not heard in your abode, because you brought this sin on yourself,  water that a child pours on his body does not make him feel cold; yes, I have spoken!
In the ears of this sinful night have I leave this sinful words on you, go and make yourself a bleeding life.

Even strong men struggle with their lives, a sick night
Does not need to be asked how he is fairing, and how well he is, but when looking at his darkness, you will know that all is not well with him.
We dance only for the gods of sexuality every night,
Taking that which rightfully belongs to a man is not a sin, and the gods bear me witness that I have not sin against you and humanity; it is tradition!
Rant! Rant!! And keep ranting for all I care; for what I have eaten, I have eaten, and nothing shall change it.

This tree shall stand  against you forever in judgement,
Your footstep shall become your cripple enemy.
Hear me under the cover of this motherly sky; the sky that bears the pains of women in love and affection,
You shall cry one day and go on your kneels begging
For forgiveness and then shall I mock you more.
I speak and I speak, for taking away my woman,
There shall be no cry of a baby in your home!

Be quiet! You are breaking the ears of the night with your song of folly.
If you can't have a stone for a fowl, you can have it for a turkey.
Yes, men will always have their way whether good or bad, women as a weaker vessel will always cry.
Now go tell your stupidity to the morning yet to come.
If your womb bears a fruit, tell your people I am not responsible as the father.
Go for your stupidity is as cruel as the bleeding of your words. 

Read from Johnchizobavincent mall

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2016

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A tear a day

People ask me how I'm fairing
I say I'm fine by just declairing

One single tear a day
I cry my love silently away

One single tear that's all
For a memory I may recall

One single tear bereft
Of happiness and hope that left

One single tear for her
The one who made my heart to soar

( for Paula Swanson's Tear contest )

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2010

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can you see me?
im probably staring
reading all your subtleties 
pondering, how are you fairing
why am I caring?
not just a question solo, a pairing
when one asks the other
the answer is wearing
instead of details, or something so particular
take chance to set your stance
to look past the base curricular
when i had it in my head
whats before me was lost
so i sit thoughtless and the process
came creeping like frost
realizations colder than 
the tenth of December
a fraction or sliver
turned to silver or better
cause the hint not from squinting
or what someones response is
i can relate in a way 
that forces me to be conscious

Copyright © Davin Payne | Year Posted 2013

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Where The Ships Go To Die

In the night, all is dark, when the moon can't be seen
when cool air blows lightly, though cooler still it seems
Not a soul in sight nothing living to be found
not even the waves dare to make their crashing sound

When the ocean is silent, when the bay beckons sleep
not even the willows then dare to weep
for tonight is the night the ships go to sleep

Across the waving beachgrass, and through the deadly peaceful night
lies a bay of silenced memories, in a hazy fog of light
here all sea fairing vessels go, when their adventures have gone dry
And so this is the place, the sacred place, where the ships go to die

Copyright © Anna Nomaly | Year Posted 2017

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Nights Guiding Light

They twinkle so bright late into the night
Guide sea fairing men like a blazing light
For centuries man has stopped to admire 
The breathtaking glimmer, a streak on fire
Though one may try to keep a count
Their numbers seem to continue to mount
They seem to lift ones spirits high
Wondrous lights that dot the evening sky
Glow and shimmer they beckon us near
Though man can visit their atmosphere
Try as he may to catch the lights
They run to be free they take to flight
So let us admire them from afar
It twinkles and glows a beautiful star

Copyright © Diana Briand | Year Posted 2006

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Each Dying Day

I've been through darkness
She's my loyal friend
I've been through darkness
Will I see her again
When I hear her voice calling
I view her beautiful face
Oh it shakes me afraid
Because she takes me away

She's wrapped like a present
But her presence unknown
She keeps on calling
But I won't answer the phone
She weeps out her message
But forever she'll wait
To give me her love
I won't live with the pain

Baby I tried to find you
I looked everywhere
When I opened my heart
And you didn't care
Baby I loved you
Each dying day
Baby I love you
But I'm not dying today

Being with you
Seemed like a dream
So I pushed on ahead
A full head of steam
Being with you
Was daring with lust
I'm fairing with death
I'm wearing your cuffs

Now that I know
What loving you means
It's a means to the end
You've ruined my dreams
Now that I know
It's safe to let go
I can find that place
That I've never known

Baby I tried to find you
I looked everywhere
When I opened my heart
And you didn't care
Baby I loved you
Each dying day
Baby I love you
But I'm not dying today

Baby I tried to find you
I looked everywhere
When I opened my heart
And you didn't care
Baby I loved you
Each dying day
Baby I love you
But I'm not dying today.

Copyright © James Ng | Year Posted 2014

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My Own Nemesis (part 1)

Down deep with
   is where it lies,
burning and churning
in the purple blackness.
Until it hears the latch click,
      then the world
   finds out
what's in store.
With its release
the whole world darkens
and trees twist
    losing their leaves,
               all is deathly silent.

It has taken the one
   that brought life
        from what's rotting once again.
This time 
I join my knights
  in the fight,
this time its all
          or nothing.

First Rage bursts
out of my gates,
hacking and slashing
red slices in the fake night
as the tendrils
close in on my fortress,
                choking out the light.

Now its tearing at 
the walls like it
          was a wrapper
to a candy bar
in a child's hands.

Sorrow stands 
on the terrace of my castle
with crossbow
and ballista,
launching despair
in every direction
       in a frenzy.

Then I run out 
into the courtyard
in my crimson armor,
sword and battle-axe
in hands.
I rip into
the sadistic night
but it envelopes me.

Cutting my way through
I find Rage
      fairing no better.
Seeing there is no other way
   I do the unthinkable,
I join my body with Rage.

Every pore burns
    as stiff hair
pushes its way through them.
My back hunches over
as if I was put in a vice,
     my nerves scream
        as my skull contorts,
  nose and mouth to snout
            and teeth to fangs,
my hands freeze
      in a deadly curve
as razor sharp claws
make their way
through my fingertips.

Copyright © Mark Matthews | Year Posted 2008

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The Breaking Point

I could not hold it in 
Not for one more second
This matter takes precedence 
Life was not sitting right with me
It was not fairing well in the one place it should
To be so easily set aside
Given the cold shoulder
In the one place that is a haven
A place of peace, love, and unity
This place is suppose to feel warm and cozy
Like hot chocolate on a winter’s day
The kind of warmth that feels good to the soul
This place was to be my place of mental rest
My place of comfort, happiness and friendship
Instead it feels like torture
Is this what I deserved
Is this what anyone deserves
I laid in my bed
Pondering over just what to do
To render myself free
To find my place
Where am I to go
Where do I belong if I don’t belong here
Who will hear my plea
Then suddenly
Someone heard my plea and they were there to help
To rescue me
It was a delivery better than I could have ever asked for
It was my place in life
My haven
My everything
All it took was a heartfelt ear an a dose of patience
An I am no longer at the breaking point but, rather the point of no return and there is 
no turning back.

Copyright © Timeka Chaney | Year Posted 2005

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I give the facts, you guess the rest:
150 miles to go heading west

Alberta  in January  -  middle of the  night
Bound  for   Calgary,  slid on black ice - fright

Damaged front  wheel  bearing ; 
Back on highway  - noise under the fairing.

Slow down :  120 miles at 60  or so,
Two hours to go

Bearing noise  worsens : 80 miles out, drop to 40, you know
Two hours to go 

60 miles out, drop to 30….oh  no
Two hours to go

Fate had me reach invisible 
Time barrier insurmountable

40 miles out, at  20
Bearings died  - overheat  a-plenty

To  Calgary?  Not me, ‘twas  the car
Which was never fated to get that far.

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2011

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A sense of lost was felt
A sense of being wasn’t until…
A hearten iciness did not melt
Encasing those of sins to feel

Drifting away becomes welcoming
Serving no one with something to lose
No longer from within am I listening
When a world serves no more to choose

I do not mind the people staring
Knowing they’ll never see me anyway
Times too change for quiet fairing
For myself to never stay an everyday

And it wasn’t there… I cannot find
A sense of being… a dire for hope
I was giving in… was I unkind?
Yet of faith unmeant… I made broke

How long was I gone?
Did I return… torn and broken?
Did I give in to feel belong?
For my sense of lost to be forgiven

Copyright © Joel Lee | Year Posted 2010

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as the knot slips

filled with emotions hollow, forced to go through the motions, never caring for the commotion. Fairing like a flame in the marsh, no hope to claim. wandering without aim. are my parents to blame? How many people feel the same?

 Feeling so harsh, so brazen, hatin the flow, life feels too slow, eyeing the hope like a crow. Future like a tree fell, as the tears well, and they call our final bell, Too painful to tell, filling up every cell.

Waiting for the reaper's scythe, pondering this life, watching my only friend the knife. Will they mourn the lost life, the worn spirit? Was this my destiny since I was born, to feel forlorn, to be so torn?

So why, why not die, why continue to try?
Are you afraid you'll fry? Can you not fly? Is it too soon to say goodbye?

Let's be sincere, we don't belong here, our best possible career is to serve beer. Go home to our dear, live in our house of fear, and when the end comes well silently cheer. 

And after we pass, some believe that will be met by 72 a lass, some think we will simply meet our end, nothing around the bend, a few believe that saints await at the pearly gates, but no one is ever sure about what waits behind the fates. 

 Feeling so harsh, so brazen, hatin the flow, life feels too slow, eyeing the hope like a crow. Future like a tree fell, as the tears well, and they call our final bell, Too painful to tell, filling up every cell.

We go through our lives, presenting Broadway with a faux smile, half-hearted foes, just waiting for the close, 

Is this really the life we chose? Filled with more cons than pros. Please let it all be some sort of hoax. Each morning coaxed out of sleep, and we weep. The sadness creeps into our hope. We lose our ability to cope.

And as the knot slides, the death of a thought Tears caught, soon we will rot

Copyright © levi stephenson | Year Posted 2018

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Fighting Within

The fighting,
it continues inside.
Too many sides 
to keep track of,
none fairing better
than the next,
       except the loser.
My brain is like a battlefield
and the loser is sanity.

Bombs of suicide,
   revenge... the list continues,
all bombarding 
the fortress of sanity
   constantly weakening the walls.
The only way to "survive"
is to release my knights.
Rage is first,
he pumps so much adrenaline
into my brain
that I get a rush,
    relieving the pain
Then Sorrow moves in
shooting despair everywhere,
until all is silenced.

The dwelling of depression
      once again
is back to it's dismal self,
which is worse?

Copyright © Mark Matthews | Year Posted 2008