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Light On the Devil's Chord - Dear Lucifer

I cannot compete with something as painstakingly glorious as you
Envy is but a humbling tumble down a steep, rocky hill
I am crushed in your fits of glory—your screaming for passion
My approaches are absolutely wrong
Therefore my communication is a weak, ransomed victim
Your poison arrow frog skin rubs against my exposed body
I happily accept my fate
For your beauty surpasses the ephemeral pain of the infectious reign
My erroneous, inevitable downfall
I hold you up—I feel the need to keep you tall!
Michael the Archangel did not insult you once, Lucifer
How then will I? 
How can I possibly be higher than you?-
Why would I want to?
I admire your freedom
I simply disregard your macrodomes of ever-worshiped flaw 
If I could allow myself, I would share in your glory
Only to add to it further
But as I am poisoned with the truth
I can only be your grounded pedestal
And though you flee from humility in its wake upon my brow
I realize everyday you are living for the grounded now
And I merely look to the unknown future
A place I dread where you unwillingly hold me up
Bonded in the ground with Death and Hades
You become my pedestal, and the worms my vineyard
My parasitic feet seer your glory
I am ever so sorry
I never wanted this renown

There was a time I do recall
When you overtook me in my sleep
I cried aloud in helpless acceptance
But soon I was forced in a croak of laughter
I felt your bitter poison
I felt pride at last
I thank you for it
I thank you for showing me

What I will never be

Dear Lucifer,
Provoke me no longer to praise your eternal existence
Generations of Evening take a hold of me now
And the fruit must be shared

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

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Infatuated love Limerence

Lost in your elegance, if only time could stand still to capture this memory eternally. Reflection of the moon shimmers upon tranquil waters in congregation with the stars, as we sail in composed serenity. Only the echoes of night insects and illumination of fire flies distract me from your mellifluous voice, which accompanies your radiant smile. To describe your divine beauty is ineffable as I fall into limerence. Your ethereal eyes guide me closer, all resistance is futile, intoxicated by your natural allurement. My heart feels an epiphany with the revelation of true love. As our lips touch sensually my eyes are in a state of phosphenes, now oblivious to my surroundings. In hope this feeling is not ephemeral, my whole being is enticed by the desire to remain eternally in this moment. Silent One
Originally written 7 November 2015. Edited 26 May 2018 Limerence (also infatuated love) is a state of mind which results from a romantic attraction to another person typically including compulsive thoughts and fantasies and a desire to form or maintain a relationship and have one's feelings reciprocated.

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2018

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The heartaches of living are many
The comforts of living are few;
The truths we are told are not many
And the lies we were told have come true.
Anxiety's anguish and burnings
That trust, now frustrated brings
The endless sorrows and yearnings
Are lost in the exhaustion of things.

We're done with the frivolous fancies
They sufficed in times of the past;
When we gathered the poppies and pansies
We knew the dream couldn't last.
When all who are weary are sleeping
Collecting their joys and their cares;
Their planting now ends in the reaping
Of thistles and thorns and the tares.

What happens when dreams are all scattered
As leaves are tossed in the storm;
When our faith has been hopelessly shattered
And hopes and our dreams won't conform?
What we had should have been and therefore
It might and perhaps it will be;
And if not, we should prepare for
A flight from reality.

We speak of the worst and the wiser
But the wiser and worst are as one;
Philosophy is the despiser
Of all that lives under the sun.
There is nothing concrete but confusion
There is nothing decisive but death
We imagine our lives an illusion
For life is an ephemeral breath.

Copyright © elizabeth wesley | Year Posted 2012

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je t'aime 'neath a Banyan Tree

The story behind this poem
The curiosity of many of my readers (many of them women) was excited in my previous poem ‘Passion in Black and White’ POTD 6 March. They wanted to know more about the ‘Magical Tree’ and Café’ in the poem. 

This is the beginning of the story the grandiose Banyan tree, a tree species I have always been drawn to since a child. It is magical and real, depicted in the photographs of me sitting under the tree. 

The tree is over a hundred years old and it majestically rises in the middle of the International Market Place Plaza in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii. The café, in close proximity also exists and is known as ‘Kona Coffee Purveyors French patisserie’ serving the best coffee and French pastries.

I trust you will enjoy the poem, the music and ‘Passion in Black and White’ posted previously, where you can follow me on a romantic, magical encounter…   

Branches delve deep - concealing secrets - so hush Linger - abandon cares of a trivial life - no rush Sacred spirit residing in resplendence executes To tawny earth branches and to Heaven its roots: Whispering …’je t'aime’… A mere shadow of reality - no substance ‘tis true A life of materialism is - but a darkness whirled brew Rain puddles mirror its own spiritual visage In the still water the tree in its reversed image Whispers … ‘je t'aime’… Lost for words - in dreams - answers we seek Hearts submerged in doubt do still entreat A God inhabits - seek Him out through the maze Veneration to the ‘One’ to whom we praise Dismiss all uncertainty to the questions we raise Whispering …’je t'aime’… Ephemeral scepticism gone - here swathe in sanctuary Blossoming love in captivating honey dew ecstasy Untouched by this mad world - lovers dare connect intentional thought to boldly declare ‘je t'aime’… “Excusez-moi mademoiselle is this seat taken”? In lisping French pronunciation – you inquire The look in your hazel eyes of carnal desire combusts sparks into a blaze of heavenly fire Whispering …’ je t'aime’…
Foot note - About the Mystical Banyan Tree. The massive banyan tree is the national tree of India, also called Indian or Bengal fig. Considered sacred in India and can be seen near a temple or religious centre giving shade to travellers in very hot summer months. In fact Buddha was said to have received his enlightment under a tree like this.. In the Bhagavat Gita, Krishna said, "There is a banyan tree which has its roots upward and its branches down, and the Vedic hymns are its leaves." (Bg 15.1) Here the material world is described as a tree whose roots are upwards and branches are below. An observer will notice that the Tree reflection in water is upside down. The branches going downward and the roots upward. In similarly, it is the material world that’s a reflection of the spiritual world. The material world is but a shadow of reality. In the shadow there is no reality or substantiality, but from the shadow we can understand that there is substance.

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2018

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“I am certain that I have been here as I am now a thousand times before and
 I hope to return a thousand times after.”  GOETHE 


Once upon a time, 
The Lord of spiritual consciousness was sitting peacefully on His blissful throne 
Ceaselessly contemplating upon His equilibrium
T’ was the era of no moon, no sun, no stars, no earth, no oceans, no rivers
Just a motionless, timeless and deathless entity it was happy with His existence  


Suddenly the thought of sacred motion was felt deep down in his essence
Seeking the chaos to be stirred from its core outwardly
Consequently separating the light from the darkness and all the other elements 
That constitute the Cosmos
Thus giving birth immediately to old mighty time


When Time: This wizard of celestial art found himself alive
His expert hands stretched in advance, wanting to create
For that the plastic energy he took, that was everywhere around
And skillfully and patiently the Cosmos carved according to the Logos
Creating thus, the nebulae, the galaxies, the stars and all the other planets


Then God looked at times creation and marveled with its beauty
But as there was no life to be seen in all of this creation
The thought of desire was born in God to inhabit every place
For that out of himself he cut myriads blazing souls
Which like shooting stars he sent downwards to animate nature,


In this way, to manifestation’s cosmic sphere, the souls were beamed
Radiating their luminosity to reality’s lower planes  
Bringing with them the sacred principles to denser forms of life 
As they were passing from the spiritual, the mental and the astral
And finally materializing, themselves on the physical solid plane
Where life began on earth, with God’s will and grace!


Each soul an ambassador was and is of God’s will and grace
A ray of divinity, a guardian of the Holy Law 
Each with a specific mission: to learn or rather to remember
How to find the way of return throughout space and time
And with the divine, again, to be seen in perfect equilibrium


The day I was born, as every man alive,
I found my immortal self bound to the wheel of time 
That around eternity’s circumference took me, in very heavy chains
Asking to follow obediently the unswerving path of fate:
This endless trip of return where the only constant thing is change


Since then I have died once and many times after
But death's dark palaces to hold me were unable
As my soul’s perpetual desire to follow my destiny
Brought me back to this ephemeral world of fleeting dreams
With a new body, new hopes, new goals but always with the 
Same desire


Thus I journeyed back and forth the plains of oblivion
Choosing the best conditions I could, according to my karma
Trying to find endlessly the golden middle way 
That unmistakably between the extremes is only to be found
But since from the river of forgetfulness each time I was drinking 
I was obliged, unfortunately, to start over again


So, I was born once a king and another was I born a beggar
And in turns I was born a coward, a hero, a holy man, a vicious man,
A  Christian, a Muslim, an atheist, an idolater a strong man and a woman
And healthy and sick I was born and intelligent and witless
And was I born to love so much the things I once detested
And to hate passionately the things I once held dear


And I was born once to laugh and another just to cry
And I drunk successively from joy’s cup and that of sorrow’s
And was born to make friends out of my enemies 
And enemies out of my brothers
And was born to realize the impossible dreams and fail the very easy  
And I was born to slay and to be slain alternatively for thousands of years


Thus I lived continuously the extremes of both good and evil
Striving to find endlessly the balance in my soul
Through the wisdom that was endowed upon me by the Great Spirit
That like a beacon, luminous, to guide me waits
To my supreme destiny that GOD for me has traced


So, as was passing from life unto death, from darkness unto light
With a speed determined by me, I don’t put on GOD the blame,
All my lessons have I learned through trial and error
Up to the very last reincarnation, in body’s mortal temple


Now free, AT LAST, from all earthly desires and every karmic blame
Radiating with holiness and glowing with grace 
My immortal soul, HER divine wings unfolds and soars upwards the heavens
White light blazing in perfect equilibrium 
And pure now to her glorious creator returns and with 

©Demetrios Trifiatis
  11 DECEMBER 2013

“A little while and my longing shall gather dust and foam for another body.
A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind and another woman shall bear me”

* This poem because of its length I was unable to post it in one piece for I was not a
member for life at that time therefore I published it in two parts as: “CREATION” and as “REINCARNATION.” Here is the entire poem as it was originally written.
Now, my friends know that apart from my epigrams I write... long poems as well!    

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2013

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On Such Divine Evenings

Aye, Spring-tide ...

On such divine evenings, thus, are perfect odes not freely spun?
The Perseids, dancing their jigs - evanescent stripes of golden ire,
under a tapestry of wonders ...

Watching rapt, ever-attentive, streaking, burning ephemeral, as if the
gods themselves trace their fingertips gently on a phosphorescent brine,
but this, yet, a sea of suns.

Could it be they are fleeting?

Hopes of angels, perhaps, dying bright in the veil of Zion - plunging to earth
as if mortal. Perchance, they're pearls of Sol, strands of liquid morning, pure,
to adorn the breast of Heaven.

Could they be forsaken souls?

Lost spirits, given one last chance to burn - to sign their id on the firmament.
Or even yet, the wishes of children, sparkling to life in the midst of their
deepest dreaming ... and then gone.

Oh, surely, it must be that!

Their bright, momentary glory is meant for just such tender fancy, the
imaginings of youth, the only fit and worthy vessel for such runes, and I,
an ever-willing caretaker.

Thus, on such divine evenings ...

Aye, Spring-tide!

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Cosmos" Poetry Contest, Thvia Shetley, Sponsor.

~ 4th Place ~  in the "Spring" Poetry Contest, Craig Cornish, Sponsor.

~ Poem of the Day ~  on Poetry, awarded August 7, 2017.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2017

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A Butterfly's Ballad in the Faraway Land

I get a glimpse of you A soft hue of light lavender rising in my dawn gliding fervently in sun-kissed breeze An ephemeral beauty enchanting the depths of these caramel eyes flaunting your gossamer wings in whimsical ballad sprinkling ethereal dew upon the embers of my heart And I feel it,a florescent flutter tickling my bare shoulder a slight inhale of fragrance's breath lingering within my thought chasing the back of my neck,teasing in wistful wonder My blushed smile preserves the moment Of your tender brush across the silk peach of my cheek Of your fervent kiss fading in evanescent bliss and unspoiled warmth of ardent touch upon my hair My heart capture the seconds till those iridescent wings fly high in sheer splendor to crimson blossoms which bloom,which sway which bleed and bend,which wrap their thorns around my feet,around my hand So,I would not follow dreams'coloured pastels So I would not run to you,and I would not find you by Spring's muddy gardens,in the faraway land. Contest : ' In the Faraway!!!' sponsored by G.Veneto Inspired by love and nature Written by- Charmaine Chircop

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2013

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The Butterfly's Ballad

I get a glimpse of you A soft hue of light lavender rising in my dawn Gliding fervently in sun-kissed breeze An ephemeral beauty enchanting the depths of these caramel eyes Your purple wings flaunt in whimsical ballad Sprinkling evanescent dew across the embers of my heart And I feel it,a florescent flutter tickling my bare shoulder chasing the back of my neck teasing in wistful wonder My blushed smile preserves the moment of your tender brush across the silk peach of my cheek Of your fervent kiss fading in ethereal bliss An unspoiled warmth of softened touch upon the almond scent of my hair My heart captures the seconds before those iridescent wings fly high in sheer splendor to crimson blossoms which bloom which sway,which bleed their rose which wrap their thorns around my feet,around my hand So I would not follow your shimmering dust on promised paths of rainbow's pastels So I would not find you in the faraway land Yet,here I am, On autumn's carpet I mark my footprints Yet,here I come So close to you Yes,here I stand.

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2014

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The cheerful trumpet of miraculous life, imperatively sounded in 
My mother’s life-giving womb,
Heralding with its melodic tune another animation: MINE!
And as my innocent infantile heart was provoked by
The challenging divine call, 
Started beating tenderly in the rhythm of never-dying cosmos
Thus making me ALIVE!  


The promising sound was still ringing in my delicate ears, singing the 
Marvelously hopeful song of life, 
When a sound of a Second trumpet, similar to the first, filled with 
Its melancholic tune my tiny world, announcing the
Coming of calamitous death thus condemning me to DIE!

LIFE and DEATH beside me they stood facing each-other, 
Tenderly holding my hands and claiming me as their child,
Life was the first to whisper into my ears promises so many:
She talked to me about joy, happiness, love and procreation,
About thousands of other things that she would like to offer, 
Only a favor she asked in return- to be hers and only hers


When death heard what life said, didn’t make any sound
Only sardonically smiled at her first and then to me
Emphatically declared:
“The cup of joy you can never drink before you empty that
Of sorrow’s
And no matter what life tells you, in the end you will be 
My very own.”


That’s the way my trip in this ephemeral world began
With vigorous life leading and tracing the promising way
While death kept following her, just a few steps behind,
Patiently waiting to catch up with her pace
As years were passing fast one after the other
Death was approaching her rapidly each and every day
So the fight they had begun so many years ago
Relentless war now becomes with life still the winner 


Yet the ill-fated day of my death came to my great surprise
As life’s iron grasp of my hand, had lost its strength and vigor
And that of death’s had gained much power and might,
In vain I cried for life’s help for she had lost the battle 
So, the eager hands of death I felt around my skeleton waist
Violently squeezing me with all their force and main,
Ready to extinguish they are my very last spark of life  
And as the shrilling wind of death, is howling throughout my body
I fall motionless, breathless, DEAD and over the ground remain


Yet, I am still here, just hovering all over my inanimate body,
Surprised! Confused! Bewildered, nevertheless EXISTING!
With no hands, no arms, no legs, no head or any other organ,
Just pure thought, pure consciousness, pure light, in other words 


Now, to those of you who many tears of sorrow shed
For my sake
One thing I have to ask: Rejoice for I am truly alive
Dead was I certainly, when among you existed
Therefore, your grief for me should turn to great joy
If you do not want me to pity you and delay my flight


Death, you are my savior, my friend my ally
Thank you for delivering me from agony and pain
From space, time, ignorance, ignominy, injustice
And most of all, I thank Thee for the eternal life


Impatient my soul now becomes, yearns to fly away
Far from human misery and every other worry 
The only thought that exists deep down in my soul  
Is to trace back its steps to its celestial home


Now, I fly uninterruptedly, I am on my way
As the shining bright stars illumine my road
The road of accomplishment, attainment and glory
Ah, there at last I see the ever dazzling light
The gates of eternity to open for me wide
And God Himself to look at me with His ever blazing eyes
Calling to hurry forward and with Him unite


Instantly I disappear in a universe of sacred light
Joyful, happy,  jubilant, ecstatic, ever-blissful 
And become one with the ONE, immortal everlasting 
Radiating with holiness, enraptured with grace
A ray of divinity encompassing the COSMOS

Oh, how grateful I am to you DEATH my LIBERATOR!

©Demetrios Trifiatis
16 DECEMBER 2013

*Wrote this poem for the passing on of a thirteen-year-old girl! 

**Because of its length I was unable to post this poem in one piece for I was not a
member for life at that time therefore I published it in two parts as: Choreography of Life 
and as Death My Liberator. Here is the entire poem as it was originally written with minor 

***Myself, have thrice crossed swords with death and have felt his breath on my neck!
    With God's grace though I am still here!

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2013

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Brokenhearted sunsets

It's never anything big, just a nagging defeat Of wanting to be exclusive in your ambit, For in your eyes, I see an opportune disguise Living as a friend of genuine vibes gone awry. It was the zealous-moon you adored with glee When romantic vibes you scripted about me, Fussing about moon-spot of slight imperfection Looking at my face, hinting coy comparison. When I lauded our pond's white lotus flowers You admired silence of the ripples in water Singing praises of existence so ephemeral, Never denying you compared it to our love. Being impulsive, you stole a rose from garden Handing it to me like borrowed ardent charm. As I held it in gratitude for its delicate beauty It pierced my heart with its anguished thorns. You take me places, pleasantly well-meaning But when I get there, I'm left feeling alone For you traverse a lone-orbit on your own Leaving me to tangle by your rotational force. When you ask me, if love still burns our flame, I simply want to say, love has changed its name For time has falsified what we once meant, No more can I bear brokenhearted sunsets. January 29, 2018 First place: One in five contest by Joseph May

Copyright © Vijay Pandit | Year Posted 2018

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What are we but vibrant green leaves in the foliage of the tree of life, soon to be turned brown and fall before others take their place? 

What are we but fast moving waves on the surface of the ocean of humanity, heading towards the shores of oblivion where they break up and die? 
What are we but wandering clouds, chased across the sky of existence by the winds of necessity and consumed by the sun of voracious time?

Let us ponder for a while, my loving friends

Let us try to give an answer to this:

How sensible is it, to waste our ephemeral life by
Hurting one another?  

Wouldn't it preferable be, more holy and more wise, 
Only love to harbor in our hearts and
Nothing  other?   

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  20 OCTOBER 2014


Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2014

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You Will Remember

You can simply lay me there in shade of trees
that slowly breeze their umbrage with the 
ephemeral sun, a caress with tenderness across this
          fragile frame.
You can leave me here, where fragrance of freshly
rained grass will wash over us with the warmth
you used to bathe and sprinkle subsequently
          with perfume.
You can lay me here and sit, watching
clouds move with grace of swans, or ponderous
nobility of elephants, blocking the sun with their
          tenacious bodies.
And when you go, you will shed some tears, love
in your heart and remembrance of all the words
we spoke, or never said, all the arms and legs and
          raging love.
You will remember, you will remember.


May 6, 2017 
Copyright © Darren White

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

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Lullaby of the Lost

for Chris Matt's
Favorite Songs and Lyrics Contest

“We were born before the wind”
  Held by angels and given wings
  To fly this world ephemeral 
  Every breath a miracle

“And oh, I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain”
 Chased spectrums of the rainbows burst between
 Held my arms around the thunder storms of lovers
 Rode on river bends deep with loss and wonder 

 But still I’ve only ever found an aching that is you
 In alpine meadows drenched with light inside the morning hue
 And when the sloping sun sends golden kisses out to sea
 I “shoot the moon and miss completely”

 It seems I‘ve always drifted out or crashed and combed this life 
 A seeker gleaning meaning in the shadows left behind
 Where night is sleeping softly round the lonely stars above
“Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?”

Van Morrison
James Taylor
Norah Jones
Fleetwood Mac/Dixie Chicks

Copyright © Soulfire | Year Posted 2011

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Dark Wings

Dance for me now ...

Eyes of polished onyx pierce me like the keen edge
Of a scalpel, deftly wielded ... the black blood of my

Heart flowing in and around you, warm and welcomed
To your wings, and the aspiration of our spirits ... air

Between us as still as ruin, while the world spins outward,
Ever ... calm coalescence in a realm of chaos ... airborne

And harmonious, sublime, if only ephemeral - if only
Once ... I am your vessel, awaiting, I am your barre,

To stretch and strain upon, I am the adoration in your
Hush, and the dark feathers of your plume, rapt in awe

By such immaculate and lithe form ... destroyed wholly
By the grace of your movements, and the exquisite finish

Of your line and flow 'en fouette', it is the anger and
Complete abandon in your expression that at once

Terrifies me and slays my spirit ... that brings all that
Is demoness to your passion, and all that is angelic to

Your ire ... spellbound by the dance, I fall into your
Shadow, and let your dark wings surround my delirium ...

An aphotic interplay of souls, a forbidden allurement of
Figures, a carnal and concupiscent 'Pas de deux' of fury ...

Dance for me ... now ...

~ 2nd Place ~  in the "Contest Number 360" Poetry Contest, Brian Strand, Judge & Sponsor.

~ 2nd Place ~  in the "Obsession" Poetry Contest, Silent One, Judge & Sponsor.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2017

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Hell's perpetual fires
Burning up my frenzied desires
I'm gurgling up a rebellion
Can you feel it frothing?

You sure have claws
That scratched my skin raw
The blood is everywhere
Do you see it spilling?

I barely recognised your voice 
Cold and harsh like beaten up ice
My ephemeral lovesong was meant to be sung
Can you hear it dying?

Just one more knot
Tied up your body to the cot
I'm pouring the fuel around
Don't you smell it burning?

Goodbye my sweet love
Endure what you deserve
I've been waiting to burn you to ashes
Did you see this coming?

Copyright © Sohini Mukherjee | Year Posted 2016

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Sign of the Times

Satellites in space keeping an eye on the human race
Independence in place a parental pacified pallid pace
Gods of war prepare for their cadaverous command
Narcissistic lair in control of the deceptively damned

Obedient in oblivion MK ultra has barbarously begun
Facing fallacious delirium bullets bleed of killing done

Tyrants of time tenacious terminators of our humanity
Hellions in prime pandemic behind a venomous vanity
Evaporating echoes of morality ephemeral of the state

Thespian theological amnesty thermostats that negate 
Idols of invasion indestructible in their satanic structure
Mellifluous minds into evasion ready to rapidly rupture
Escaping evil entities of illusion diner drugs of the day
Seduced by enemies of confusion that are here to stay.

Sign of the times
Sponsored by: John Hamilton thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims, family and friends…of the horrific Toronto truck massacre chain of events that happened April.23.2018… to the Toronto Police, first responders, and pedestrians who had to witness this great tragedy…for these are truly sign of the times…

Copyright © Winged Warrior | Year Posted 2018

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Dawning of a Child's Mind

Born to Wonder How & Why Rapt in Awe Thee & I ~ Thru a child's clarion eyes Sweet simplicities sought What astonishing conversions Fledgling senses Begetting thoughts Ephemeral glimmers of light Glimpses of eternity Natures feathered pen Scripting natal poetry Rhymes of self Winging a heart To fly Into Her wild wondrous world Earth! Sea! Sky! O’ Sweet Innocent One Secure in radiant wonderment Of mysteries yet unknown Untainted by heresies Yet to be sown All Is Holy! A Child's Mind Beholding Part-2 “Escapees From The Womb” Alas !!!! Too soon It Assaults A contemptuous withholding Academia rages A Pox upon Thee Intelligentsias Invoke Decry and Declare May all thy virtues Be desacralized May all our absurdities Be canonized Bold and brazen Hybristes fumes: What foul Émigré is this Who escaped our scalpel Who flies in our skies Emboldened Untaught This Un-wombed Anarchist Born for nought but lies Pinion this insurgent’s Feathered wings Tie Her thoughts Into Gordian Knots Thou Shall Not Dream such childish things !!! What a monstrous act To sanction and sever Sacralizing Death Banishing Alethia’s Breath geo.v 4.9.07
NOTES: From Zodhiates' Hebrew- Greek Key Study Bible. KJV Romans 1:30 Hybrist?s : Impudence, insolence. Deriving pleasure in hurting others (in Greek usage the “mental injury” and the wantonness of its infliction being prominent; cf. Cope on Aristotle, rhet. 1, 12, 26; 2, 2, 5; Alétheia: Truth as the unveiled reality clearly evident before our eyes. As opposed to todays academic and intellectual postmodernist's premise that no definite terms, boundaries, or absolute truths exist.

Copyright © Word Hobo | Year Posted 2018

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Inexorable Want

Inexorable Want

How do I find
These sentences 
Written as they are
In ephemeral ink
Indelible lines
Inscribed in my being 

Spectral yearnings

It crashes me
To rocks
In unanswerable waves
Swimming tidal
To the inexorable
The implacable distance
Confounds me

Longing vent me no more
In twists and turns
And unmade beds
Where crumpled kisses
Dream on hot soaked cushions 
Leave me not
To the ever restless
Quiet unheard of whisperings
Of her name

How do I find
The collective alphabetic
Of love unknown
Divulged by these
The screeching banshees 
Of petal falling
Corpuscle red
They flow through my blood
And so desperate

How do they find me
On such a precarious brink
With the voltage
And permission of electricity
Rapine in all my singularity
Hurricane she batters at me
For all my will to resist
I am

I cannot

Help me please
Lest I drown dark
Brooding in forever’s need
She is my quiet
And ever sun set calmed
And I
I am a tempest
Left to bellow and blow
Inside an hour glass
In the confines of my soul

Help me please
Save me from this void ripping
As she shreds every day
Every hour
With my unrequited returning
To her arms

Save me

For I have found
My life
My soul companion
So far from me
On some so strange a horizon
That the distance
Between us
Could prove to be

Copyright © colin mitchell williams | Year Posted 2009

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Patina Of Pain

Beneath the kaleidoscopic chameleon skin the concept called color doesn’t ever change, blood flows always as red stream in the vein. The truth dwells beyond the deception range. The ephemeral sheen of the mask on the face melts in unshed tears behind the pensive eye. In the shadow of stifled shame it begins to trace a track in time to reach the reality, it can’t defy. In the shimmering show of the revolving circus the flashing clown tramps on stage in fake style, under spotlight turns into an animated carcass. The concealed pain lurks behind sprained smile. In the harsh winds of desert at the sunset hour the weathering life rusted with age can’t retain the luster of the mind, once a blooming flower. Within fold of wilted petals grows patina of pain.
June 30, 2018

Copyright © Subimal Sinha-Roy | Year Posted 2018

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All Beauty's Ephemeral

Would Autumn's leaves' colors dazzle us so
      displayed on their twigs the year round? 

Would Spring's peonies seem so full, so fragrant
      if they never faded in the heat of the Summer?

Would Winter's soft snows so enthrall and enchant us
      were they to fall in the heat of July?

All beauty's ephemeral ~ its Death the preservative
      that enriches our Lives with such meaning

Copyright © Gershon Wolf | Year Posted 2018

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Beauty abides, and as her lover, 
I lift her veil to see transparent eyes glimmering
with an enticement worthy of seduction.

Touching some primordial passion, 
she wreaks havoc on my senses.
And graces me with unspoken words 
that promise delightful pleasure.

Beauty reigns as Queen supreme. 
Upon her throne she emanates majesty
with an exquisite demeanor and 
I stand back intimidated and shy. 
Who can reframe this emotion? 
Not a poet or artists brush.

Her soft rolling hills and gentle valleys; 
expectations of undiscovered treasures
fire an imaginative pose
I am bound up in a mystic rush 
that dominates like a drug's addiction.

And in a exotic haze I lie dreaming 
of ephemeral caresses,
highly charged currents 
that flow unrestricted around 
her coveted reactive spaces. 

Alone, with thoughts in time displaced, 
I wonder, does she entrance all others? 
Or in my silent muse am I the only one 
transformed and felled by her abstract beauty?

Her allure is enduring, enshrined for all to see. 
The recherche picture of her memory 
never grows old and she still remains 
indelibly imprinted on my erotic mind. 
10-12-2012   Revised 9-25-2013 

A question for you...

1.) Is the poem about a woman?
2.) or is it about a beautiful mountainous valley?

Copyright © Allan Koven | Year Posted 2013

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A crystal lattice so Devine
Slowly falling on earth supine
Surely we now must redefine
Our place in nature so sublime

Such elegant beauty a shrine
A crystal lattice so Devine
Each delicate flake is a sign
Slivers of heaven gods design

Ephemeral glory is thine
Fragile resplendence so benign
A crystal lattice so Devine
Fleeting splendour to death consign

Complex simplicity combine
Enchantment one cannot decline
Nor Michelangelo refine
A crystal lattice so Devine 

Dedicated to my friend Mary Jo who so loves the snow.
Written 04/05/2015

Copyright © Shane Cooper | Year Posted 2015

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When Sheep Collide

'Tis strange where we should get the notion
That poetry expressed in motion
Should within the human form reside.
When nature gives us many chances
Unpractised and ephemeral dances
Like in a muddy field when sheep collide

Truth is, that nature's not so humble
And doesn't mind the dancer's stumble
There's nothing that it ever seeks to hide
Uncaring it leaves all revealed
And is not shamed if one small field
Has crazy sheep and one long muddy slide

They're mad, they're bad, they're having fun
Those naughty sheep and every one
Is doing what convention has denied
The hillside's muddy, wet and slick
With crazy sheepies sliding quick
Down to the bottom, down where sheep collide.

Many count good nature's fare
The birdsong and the country air
Among the wonders of the countryside
But strange delight can yet be found
In woolly bodies sliding round
A simple muddy field where sheep collide.

While nature guides celestial spheres
In cosmic dances, it appears,
With majesty the earthborn are denied
Down far beneath in mud and grass
A sheep slides on its woolly a***:
A sense of fun, though not a sense of pride.

Copyright © Lee Leon | Year Posted 2010

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The Ghost Town

It was
a dalliance
this bucolic lost town,
just ephemeral my visit,
petrichor scents of fresh rain, just fallen,
birds songs a harbinger of me,
oh serendipity,

I feel
the erstwhile past
in the vacant buildings,
the sadness an epiphany,
beyond nature calls my propinquity
but I stay and stroll empty streets,
redolent with flowers,
this demesne lost
in time.

March 18, 2016


For the contest, A Day In A Town,
sponsor, Nayda Evette Negron

First Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2016

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A Senendipity Happening

I left my little bucolic home to spend a day in town,
A few hours of mere dalliance and shopping for a gown.

A mansion with demesne and a sale sign, caught my eye.
Such epiphany of grandeur I was unable to pass by.

I had ephemeral time to use, I would indulge my senses
With efflorescence from the gardens, always hidden by the fences.

The harbingers of Spring were there, the red robin and his cousins.
In propinquity they gathered and they numbered by the dozens.

The fresh air was redolent with the special scents of May
And the petrichor resulting from a sudden rain that day.

Erstwhile my man was waiting, and I knew free time was flying.
That serendipity happening had kept me from my dress buying.

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2016