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Best Entrance Poems

Below are the all-time best Entrance poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of entrance poems written by PoetrySoup members


Take a deep breath
Let yourself relax
Close your eyes
Come with me


Let me guide you
I’ll take you on a magical journey

Give in to the moment
Close your...

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Categories: entrance, adventure, freedom, journey, peace,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Where Gladiators Fought
Part I

Where gladiators fought for life,
we meet to fight for love
The constellations in the Roman night sky,
celestial spectators, bathe the Colosseum
in the white blood of...

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Categories: entrance, passion, places,
Form: Epic
Premium Member KNOW YOURSELF

For years before the narrow windows of my senses

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Categories: entrance, god, introspection, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Well-Known Stranger
'Twas a sound I thought alarming, most assuredly disarming;
Up I rose from peaceful slumber to discern what it might be.
While my candle flickered, wavered; whilst...

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Categories: entrance, absence, assonance, feelings, miss
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Organic Ecstasy

It had been a day full of miraculous detail.

Freezing rain played the ground like a kettle drum.

Trees snapped and flowers curtsied 
before engaging in a...

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Categories: entrance, nature, planet,
Form: Free verse

The Enchanted Dream
How sweet the soothing songs of May
Reposed upon the fragrant breeze
The comely songs were Seagulls play
On the lulling trembling seas.

That dissolved the traces of your...

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Categories: entrance, beauty, love, nature, romance,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Advice
Do not look to me with questioning eyes
For i do not possess the answers you seek 
i cannot taste the bitter sweetness on your tongue,

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Categories: entrance, change, drink, psychological,
Form: Free verse
You see us everywhere you go
Every corner of your street house our offspring
Every bridge in your city has become our refugee camp
We are the people...

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Categories: entrance, morning, poverty, rain, storm,
Form: Free verse
I am Virgo Too
In response to my fellow poetess, dearest friend and soul sister, Jennifer Proxenos, inspiring poem “I am Virgo”

I am Virgo too
A September woman
thriving in her...

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Categories: entrance, autumn, beauty, faith, friendship,
Form: Free verse
A Debutante's Ball To Remember
A Debutante’s Ball to Remember

In the autumn of my life, oft have I recalled that superb summer night,
when I finally experienced my long-awaited heart’s delight.

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Categories: entrance, celebration, dance, fun,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member THE OTHER SELF

( Repost )

Somehow, her eyes expand with the disobedient sky
and there, she senses urchins filling water on the lake
her feet and thighs slide up changing...

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Categories: entrance, fantasy, identity,
Form: Free verse
Your Love Echoes in Time
 I once had your love which sailed on the shores of sorrows,
Broken hearts did shove the tears thru echoes of morrows…
For it is only...

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Categories: entrance, devotion, fantasy, time,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Make Love To Me In That Ancient Place
The Bedouins, bequeathed with the sacred beauty of paradise harsh,
trusted guardians of jealous gorges and gifted groves
lead me from the Wadi Musa to the humble...

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Categories: entrance, adventure, desire, history, love,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Survival
     We boarded the Carnival Cruise in Miami with excitement,
our destination was Montego Bay-   with a promise of great...

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Categories: entrance, cute, imagination, lost, strength,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Underground Art Montmartre
soak up the side streets of Montmartre, 
Paris, 	Pigalle on Boulevard de Clichy
class less 	art combusts	then drips 

- street beggars & tourists cant

writer Rubbish pastes...

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Categories: entrance, art,
Form: Free verse

A stairway of tinted boulders reveals
The fable of old gods marking a past,
Etched on tall red-stones divinely claimed…
And as I ascend to touch a warm...

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Categories: entrance, appreciation, places, travel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Thirsty

I could tell right away he was up ta sum thin.
I could see it in doze beady eyes!
His wordz were smooth in a snake like...

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Categories: entrance, betrayal, corruption, death, future,
Form: Prose
My Love Is Real
A pre-lit Christmas tree sparkles the entrance 

Monet, Van Gough, and Wassily Kandinsky prints 

adorn the walls of her sitting room

a dozen painted roses sit...

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Categories: entrance, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Travelling Circus

The travelling circus arrived in town
I bought some tickets for my family
We got there early for the matinee
At the entrance was a scary sad clown.

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Categories: entrance, dream, family, fear,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member The Birth of Music
The old man was no longer a hunter,
But he would not stoop to women’s chores.

A storm was brewing as he sought
Shelter in a round cave.

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Categories: entrance, music,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Friends For Life
I hold three magic rocks, in my hand
Rolling them over and over and over
Leaving this reality behind, far behind

The door seems far, far away
Little steps...

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Categories: entrance, friendship
Form: Lyric
Timeless Cave
Timeless Cave

Hidden deep out of time on a limestone cliff
its entrance for the ages concealed
paw prints of cave bears on soft clay ground
and smoke-stained walls...

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Categories: entrance, art, time,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Three Doors
I see three doors before me.
The one to the left is blue, a beautiful lupis blue
with ornate lacework in its center.
Parisian-esque, it looks likes an...

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Categories: entrance, metaphor,
Form: Prose
Autumn's Door
Creedence aligned along the corridores of passage
Which usher in through the portends
This Autumn's door....
Such colourful banners a latitudes sprinkling
Flowering waters of repose that still echo

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Categories: entrance, birth, light, love,
Form: I do not know?
Daffodil dimples
Daffodil dimples

Crape myrtle blooms form
the entrance now leading
Into the garden of
dreams that we share

Rose buds and hyacinths
tickle our senses
Blending their fragrance
so sweet with the air


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Categories: entrance, good morning,
Form: Rhyme