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There is an elephant in the room

The big headlines cause sensation,
Media’s chosen information.
Manipulative, they entomb
the big elephant in the room.

Stress is put on the suggestive
keeping tongue and the mind active.
They sweep aside with furtive broom
the big elephant in the room.

Gain is high on the agenda
grabbing votes in referenda.
They hide, on purpose, I presume
the big elephant in the room.

Many topics are selective;
they are made to look attractive.
Who dares to tickle with a plume
the big elephant in the room?

A Kyrielle is a French form of rhyming poetry written in quatrains, each containing a repeating line at the end of each stanza. Each line within the poem consists of eight syllables. There is no limit to the amount of stanzas a Kyrielle may have, but three is considered the accepted minimum. Some popular rhyming schemes for a Kyrielle are: aabB, ccbB, ddbB, with B being the repeated line, or abaB, cbcB, dbdB.
This form is a pleasure to use because of its rhyming scheme and the strong pivotal line on which the whole poem rotates.
Premiere Contest No. 13
Sponsor: Skat A  (2016)
Contest: Poetry Writing #1
Sponsor: Broken Wings
Placed 1st
15th December 2015

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2015

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Elephant in the Room

A lack of oxygen, a stifled room
A pregnant pause, apparent gloom
Bitter sighs and angry growls
Upon her face "It's not my fault"
His wrinkled brow, "I'm not to blame!"

Past mistakes that hover now
Where pride as tough as elephant skin
Clinch the eyes where tears begin

While those who made a lover's pledge
Now teeter on the razor's edge
Behind closed doors heads shake about
And raging voices mutely shout
Mountains, molehills, vent and spout

Fingers point inside the fist
No one recalls what led to this
Closed minds,  resolved, and won't untwist

Raising questions one by one
Old ghosts that dangle, freely spun
A hopeless scene, what's left to gain?

No matter what,....they'll show no shame
What massive figure profoundly looms
as large as elephants in a room?

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2009

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The Elephant in the Room

3 polished oak fans,
Swirling in robotic unison

High maintenance socialites,
Sipping on Merlot fallacies

Lemon yellow coated walls,
Like their smiles

Comparisons of dangling Porsche & Bentley keys
A glorified day care center,
Pacifiers included

The muted virtuosos speak softly in hymn dialects.

Courtesy laughter in snob’s octave

Their heads twitching side to side,
Left to right to left

An equilibrium facing assault charges against self

They slow dance to cello dreams
And E minor dividends

Two-step monotone, sway
Against platinum lacquer foundations


But, it was then.

These same socialites,
Made of recycled candle wax
And rubberized, hedge-fund confidence,
Began to stare longingly at the party host’s 70 inch plasma TV

Proudly imported from China

“Attention uptight snobs of Mecca!
The city zoo has imploded!
The monkeys revolted!
The zebras were tired of being racially profiled!
Run for your LIV…!”

And before the reporter’s frightened inner child could finish’s his clause,
An elephant crashes into the decadent room
Filled with Crisp linen scents of Febreze & judgmental fear

It stares at the socialites,
Laughing heartedly as it playfully stomps away into constellation’s onyx night

As tears waterfall from the snobs’ sobbing eye sockets
As if they just listened to another Celine Dion song

The real newsflash

Metaphors played hooky today

©Drake J. Eszes

Copyright © Drake Eszes | Year Posted 2013

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The Elephant in the Room

Believe no word I say;
Just watch what I do.
No matter how I try
I can't hide it from you.

Ashamed of every bite, 
I starve in your eyes.
But when you turn around 
I choke on french fries. 

I can't hide from the world
That pure ecstasy I feel when in my mouth I cram
A cream puff, a box of cereal, a gallon of ice cream, a tray of brownies...

I break! 

My heart aches.
If I had the guts
I'd eat only my scrambled brains
And drink nothing but my curdled blood.

But I'm a coward
So to numb the pain 
I devour my self-esteem,
Cover my eyes,
And avoid mirrors.

The larger I become
The less of me you see.
I blend into the room;
I become the couch.

Maybe this is what I hoped for, 
But I don't know for sure.
I'm the elephant in the room--
I would leave this hell 
But I don't fit through the door.

Copyright © Anamika N | Year Posted 2012

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Elephant in the room

Depression is killing more than ever, yet remains the largest elephant in the room
Mental health has a stigma attached to it
People are scared to get help for their mental illness and wounds
Cause people judge and laugh at it

Bipolar, depression, bulimia, schizophrenia
Just a few topics constantly missed by media
They prefer to post about celebrities and such nonsense
People go missing daily, cause depression takes them hostage

You'll call someone lazy, but depression leaves them with no energy to get out of bed
Anxiety making a person constantly panic and regret things they said
There's a female being called fat, and a dad that's beating his daughter
But you'll call the girl weak and stupid for having an eating disorder

I'm sick of seeing mental health and self harm be dismissed on the internet
How is self-harm any different from smoking a cigarette?
People get addicted, it relieves stress and takes the pain away
Not everyone deals with their pain in the same way

Wearing long sleeves to hide their scars yet you call them an attention seeker
Or "if you really wanted to die you'd cut deeper"
Just some things I've heard in my time
This isn't a poem, this is more than words that rhyme

Don't give up on someone who's struggling with a mental illness
Be patient and understanding, there isn't a quick way to heal it
Imagine being controlled by an illness and blaming yourself for it
If people judged less, maybe people with mental health issues would be more confident to get help for it

I know some of these lines don't go together
And I should have spent more time to make it flow better
But this is deeper than rhyming words, I'm here to share a message
I just hope the world is prepared to accept it

Copyright © Alex Duffy | Year Posted 2017

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to the darkie

True beauty defined by that which is isolated 
The loathe for that which is natural. 
An internal abhor, despising her vivacious soulfulness. 
It is the pigment she is hated for
It is the excessive melamine they are repulsed by. 
The sophisticated ignorance to the elephant in the room.
Colorism a global entity, more real than you and me.
A liable source of self loathe
Colorism has become viral, Colorism has been global since the beginning of time 
Greater than racism, infiltrating the walls of tribes. 
We have become colorists. A world paved by yellow. For yellow will forever pay.
She shall not become a victim of a cultural appropriateness 
An intersection so feminist in touch with her melanic beauty. 
Her revolution has been revised 
The revolution must be televised 
A black lily rare close to extinction 
A blossom in a debris of hate 
Victimized by the color of skin
Rejected by those that look like us
It is not that we aren't but it is because we are darker than the night
It is because we shall not stand to be rejected for what the Creator created us to be. 
Black blossoming with beautified pride
My revolution is being televised
Colorism shall not be the death of a natural darkie
Colorism shall be the rise of an extraordinary phenomenon. 
Colorism is mutable with a unity
Breaking barriers of pigment seclusion 
This revolution will be televised 
True beauty can never be defied
It is not in our pigment 
But in our inner being
Let sophisticated wisdom go viral 
Let the "Darkie" be televised.

Copyright © Tinaye Munyawiri | Year Posted 2016

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Green is Yellow Mixed With Blue

Through the corner of my eye I see the bride and the groom,
Slowly our corneas make contact I'm the elephant in the room.

A drunken night.
Sex combined with spite.
Makes a tainted marriage,
a fractured life.

"Speak now" said the priest, "or forever hold your peace."
The best man raised his hand and dropped to one knee.

"I can't let you take what is mine, I fell in love with her first
to me she's more than a bride. She's what keeps my hearts beating, she's whats make the sunshine, the air keeping me breathing"

The woman dressed in white looked down than looked right,
at the man dressed in regret, the man with green eyes.

Copyright © Gerald Moise | Year Posted 2014

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The Elephant

There's an Elephant in the room.
The tension filled the air all day,
Neither party dared to assume,
Dismay held sway in its gloomy way.

There's an Elephant in the room,
One could almost smell the beast
It permeated all throughout,
It needed clearing at the very least.

So if you find yourself in this state,
Declare the problem before it's too late.
Sort it out before it has chance to consume,
For no one likes an Elephant in the room.

© Dave Timperley 21 July 2017

Copyright © Dave Timperley | Year Posted 2017

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My Brother James

We only talked sanely a few times, 
About how he also had a condition like me, 
Although my dad, who had a Medical Doctorate, when James was small wouldn’t say, 
Obvious as it was that he had CF from his inward-growing finger-nails, 
Dad decided to bypass the issue, medicine to assail. 

I have CP, and needed James’s comfy chair to read, 
It was given to him in misogyny because it was blue, 
About three months before he died he said, 
I could have it, and must convince mum and dad that it was mine;
They were Christians, fundamentalist and strict, 
And so sometimes there was an elephant in the room,
Between me and James, about the physical.

Death is inevitable, but to them it was only a maybe for James, 
When the doctors had said that 14 was the expectation, 
I prepared myself for the worst well before it occurred, 
As an atheist I am, with no qualms or hesitation. 

James wanted for me the best, happiness and friends, 
Wanted me to do my best physically, ‘cos he knew I wanted that too,
But he also suspected that I would grieve for him rightly, 
Not like a sentimental fundamentalist who believes that Jesus is risen, 
But as a steadfast atheist who knows what has been given; 
So he knew to remark on my immediate life without him so as to adjudicate. 

I cherished Christinna Georgina Rossetti’s poem, Remember, 
Long before and for some time after James’s death, 
And quietly held in my heart the loved-one’s good wish, 
Mum used to think that sometimes I was cold as stone, 
But really I'd faced the fact that James was dead and gone. 

Although Rossetti was by no means an atheist, 
Her poem recites the mantra of the bereavement psychologist,  
That to get on with your life as best you can,
Is a right, the partner of grief, and the pathway for your lone self;
In the Bleak Mid-Winter puts Christ as relational to nature,
Instead of pertaining nature to Christ, as it is normally, 
And so we must partake of it within our space and our pasture. 

Rhoda Monihan 


Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

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The elephant is in the room,
In fact the entire house,
But nobody really addresses its presence,
Or the damage it represents.

It’s not clearly seen,
Like a ghost wondering about,
The feelings may be present,
But nobody seems to drag it out.

When will this elephant leave,
Or is it permanently there to stay,
Like a bad nightmare,
That never goes away.

Is it even possible,
To send the elephant on it’s way,
To make room in this home,
For another person to stay.

Or will this always be,
The elephant's circus tent,
Where its memory lives alone,
With no room for another to roam.

There should be such joy in this home,
Yet sadness seems to lurks about,
Creating this dark cloud,
That prevents the sun from fully coming out.

How does one permanently banish the elephant,
So it’s negative presence does not return,
To allow the space for love to grow,
And the sun to fully glow.

The elephant must be hunted down,
One must stand up to it and show strength,
That the elephant might know its time is done,
And turn tail and run.

So now it’s time to face that elephant,
And all that it entails,
To send it on it’s way,
So that the sun will shine brighter,
Each and every day.

Copyright © Rose Marie Heth | Year Posted 2011

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If I was the Poetic Elephant in the Room

I wake up in the morning, eat my bran and germ,
You know I'm pretty hungry, since I'm a pachyderm.
I have to write a poem, will hold the pencil with my trunk,
Better read up on style, courtesy of White and Strunk.

The poem, it must be just right, not too long nor brusque,
Yes that's right - you got it - then something about a tusk.
I may be big as writers go, but I'm smaller than a whale,
Away, pesky illiterate fly, I'll swish you with my tale.

Such a perfect morning, with tea so hot and sweet,
My poem will be playful, my prose light on its feet.
I've just one sheet of paper, but no worries, mate, no fears,
I'll pick up my trusty ink pen, and write upon my ears.

Copyright © Doug Vinson | Year Posted 2016

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Storm in a Teacup

Silence does a reconnaissance around the room 
betraying not my artillery of thoughts
that acknowledge the elephant in the room 
so starts the ceremony that seeks to save soldiers

body language begins to breakdown barriers 
as actions march in motion anticipating
the ritual of tea that takes centre stage 
tactically open to observation and interrogation

all actions organised to be economically efficient
calibrated by the infra red eye of the guest
animosity surrenders respectfully and retreats
a ceasefire that allows peace to deploy and enter

steam captivates a tea cup holding it hostage
watching whilst water wages war on leaves
cajoling caressing domineering them to 
release  and surrender their secrets and serve

with military precision this tea sets in motion
a tour of duty washing away all detachment
reminding us to deploy civilized actions
that counter attack collateral damage

the tea ceremony symbolically strategises 
and ambushes all thoughts of war away
quenching the thirst for covert operations
once again a creating coup d'etat in a cup

Copyright © Fate Dictates | Year Posted 2014

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Elephant In The Room

Can't see past the end of your nose
reach out and feel, maybe a snake or a rope
at least you be out of yourself and who knows
touching things you may even find hope

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2015

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Cliche Heaven

Cliche Heaven

Be it as it may I'll try my hand at some clichés
    and address the elephant in the room soon when pigs fly.
It’s a win- win situation, put your game face on, work the crowd
   as we wrap our heads around comparing apples to orange.
We are all data driven, with an ace in the hole, stick a sock in it
   while stepping  up to the plate and  peeling back the onion
 and easily hit it out of the ballpark with a world of hurt.

Be my team player, run with this, my agent of change  
  but don’t throw me under the bus as you think outside the box.
We can touch base later seeing where the rubber meets the road
  and put boots on the ground, a perfect storm, deal with it.
Here’s my two cents,  if it works  I'll go off the beaten path
    driving route 66 on the road not taken when it’s up for grabs,
     and taking a walk in the sun, learning the new math.

That said,  don’t  put me out to pasture,  wait for it,  
  there’s no sign of my slowing down,  its going viral.
These are the signs of the times, take the bull by its horns,
   It’s a brave new tomorrow and all bets are off.
Don’t  force my hand to be up close and personal
  I’m a rebel without a cause and  to die for.
   Don’t get bent out of shape raising the bar in the winds of change
    There’s something for everyone, just another babe in the woods.

Stay tuned, like, duh, as a matter of fact, at the end of the day,  
  it’s a last ditch effort as you live and learn the luck of the draw.  
Pay it forward, that’s the ticket, give and take, get a wake up call,
 same song and dance, say what you will, you’re as sharp as a tack.
It’s all smoke and mirrors, just splitting hairs to reinvent the wheel 
 and walk the red carpet for a quick buck to pay as you go
 Heaven help us, 
I believe there's an app for that.

Copyright © DM Babbit | Year Posted 2016

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The Elephant in the Room

His steps are heavy
Yet he is invisible
The panic sets in

Take him for a walk
Leave him some where safe and sound
To find his own way

The grey, dreary, day
Sputtering and spurting now
Big crocodile tears

Copyright © Karen Price | Year Posted 2010

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Room full of people, how could I be lonely?
These days it's harder than ever to find a true homie
I'm trying to keep a grip but I'm losing it slowly

Filling our voids with mediums of instant gratification
that create unrealistic plateaus of satisfaction
Keep me up, keep me up,
How do you not see the ramifications?

We've been desensitized me overstimulated
Our thoughts and subconscious incubated
By news feeds, timelines, snapchats and the latest
Virtual friendships masking this hiatus
Can we talk about something besides other people?
It'd be different if it were positive, but it always seems to be fecal
Do you realize the power of thoughts and words? Gossip is lethal 

Forget words, we've forgot how to feel
Western medicine, we've forgot how to heal
Longer life expectancies, but without any zeal
Living longer just to live longer, what's the appeal? 
Why would you ever live a life less than ideal?
Playing' double dutch with reality & surreal
Here we go with another one of my spiels

Let's imagine a day without a word said
Let's imagine a day without thoughts in your head
Let's imagine a day with all expectations shed
Just actions, seems it'd be hard to be misread
Do you see how we make things complicated?
Speak the same language but need it translated

Unrealistic mediums of keeping in touch
Hey, hi, what's up, how are you?
What happened to just chatting over lunch?
Pretty good, Chillin', yeah me too

No such thing as plans, someone might text me
"I'll let you know", we have to keep a plan B
Some of you probably string along three
Day dreaming about the days before technology
When you had to be where you said you'd be, #T.B.T. 

I see the followers, yeah you got a bunch
How many you seen in the last few months?
How long can we use instant gratification as a crutch?
Social media, the FOMO illusion, how much is too much?

Dramatized highlight reels of our lives
Look at me, look at me, I'm alive, I've arrived
Perfect little story, just how you contrived
Elephant in the room, the antithesis of live
Let's just upload consciousness to a hard drive

Seen friends waste hours in paradise editing pics
Just to post them in hope of some double clicks
These habits have turned into Tourette's tics
Sucking the essence from the moment, the "present" tick

MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
What's next? It's all just one big sham
The egos favorite invention, that & the front cam
I'll apologize now for these next lines ma'am

Some of you girls confused about what's a shirt
**** & *** out, actin' surprised by perverts
The spice is gone when everyone's seen what's for dessert
You aren't fooling anyone, it's oh so overt
Oh, can we all agree to quit recording concerts?
Guys, know the difference between flirt & thirst
You're not Drake, your behavior's actually the worst
Court a random girl in person, that'd be a first
It's so much more genuine unrehearsed
Put your phone up be available & alert
I'll bet you'll wish you would've when you're riding in a hearse

Copyright © Zachary Alvstad | Year Posted 2015

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the nuclear issue

The Nuclear Issue. 
 There they sit the high and mighty
And their lackeys it is serious
Business, who can have them and
Who cannot have them. 

How important they are these
People who dare not think or whisper
About the elephant in the room, yet
It sits there glaring for all to see.

Confirm or not to  confirm, we know
They have it. Will this conference fail?
Most likely, the enemy of a deal only
 Wants total surrender.  

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2013

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The Elephant

Believe no word I say;
Just watch what I do.
No matter how I try
I can't hide it from you.

I'm a coward.
To numb the pain 
I devour my self-esteem,
Cover my eyes,
And avoid mirrors.

The larger I become
The less of me you see.
I blend into the room;
I become the couch.

Maybe this is what I hoped for, 
But I don't know for sure.
I'm the elephant in the room--
I would leave this hell 
But I don't fit through the door.

Copyright © Anamika N | Year Posted 2013

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Elephants Memory

I am an elephant or Republican I think
After a couple of drinks
If memory serves me I'm pink
When not frolicking on the savanna
Pushing down trees for a snack
I work in a circus act
This place smells like a zoo
I'm getting too old and put on some pounds
It is hard to climb trees these days
Or ladders to success
Pole vaulting is out of the question
Circus food sucks
They say you are what you eat
I must be very tiny from the stuff that they feed me                                   
Peanuts are very nutritious but small
My keepers want to keep me lean
They think that I'm stupid and make fun of my feet
If they are small than something else must be small
Accusing me of peeing myself on stage is the last straw
They say my brain is the size of the food that I eat also                                               
I'm sick of them too
Vegetables and fruits are delirious…. or is it delicious
I forget how I got in this circus zoo mess                                                                                
Why do I have a big E on the pajamas
Perhaps to identify me while in bed
Or to avoid common confusion with them   
I know you think that I wrote it myself
But my feet are too large for that
Someone must have printed it 
A political party perhaps
If you ask me what I think
The elephant in the room not called Trump is me

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2016

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How it went down

A decade of growth and decadent boom 
People didn't mention the debt elephant in the room
It was the charge of the bull
Many pockets were full
The search for a higher return was the motivational pull. 

But whilst stocks and shares rocked and flared
Investors held their breath in shock and fear
They seemed to forget that markets go up and markets go down
Because as long as uncertainty shows up, the cycle goes round

But to be fair the times were good, and returns seemed sure
The earnings of many corporations, continued to soar
The zeitgeist was the age of prosperity, profit and greed
It wasn't the time to question sustainability or question the need

Many financial advisers advised that it was the right way to go
"You should take advantage now, while all these rates of interest are low"
So many consumers took out mortgages, that they just couldn't afford
Including the 'sub prime', with bad credit, and of course the poor

But let's not forget, that the consumer went along, and played ball
Creatures of habit responding to the mating call, that beckoned us all
Deposits levels came down, loan-to-value went up
House prices bubbled and brimmed and we all drank from the cup.

Now the banks merged all of these mortgages together in lumps
Sold them as safe bets to investors, who were taken for chumps
Then the US housing market crashed
Now comes the the consequences
Unsurprisingly mortgage repayments started to slump

So called safe investments soon became worthless as junk
Families who had homes repossessed now facing the funk
Securitisation of mortgages now seemed so dumb
Regulators appeared powerless, dozing and numb

Lehman Brothers collapsed. America sneezed
The world became infected. Financial markets siezed
Governments and Central Banks now stepped into the fray
To prop up a system, that should have been reconfigured that day

Many banks were bailed; too big to fail. 
The bankers who were at the wheel, too big to jail.
The humble tax payer was forced to post the cash
And many years later many banks still owe this cash

So the world was saved but here's the 'but'
The pubic purse was utilised, to escape the rut 
Now all society must pay the price; take a hit to the gut
And suffer the pain, of historic public services cuts. 

Mike Concise © 2015

Copyright © Mike Concise | Year Posted 2015

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Alien Nation

Alien Nation

I come from a place of 

I sought an
Inspired by
The Man on the Moon

I wanted to be 
On top of the World
Like the North Pole

Experience universality
Unities versatility

Thought I’d farewell…

When I arrived
My axis

Gravel unraveled
Charred to the
Earth’s Core

The Tear Flooded Oceans
Made the most embracing waves 

Threw a Penny at that wishing well
Missed it

Wished me well.



I saw with the
Eye of the Tiger
They walk around like
The King of the Jungle
Morally lying

Human Race’s
In humane race
To the end

Genius dies
The love of war
Raw Evol

Evil Evolved.

I did right
To progress 
But, behind 
I was left

Outer Space
I’m out of place

There’s in elephant in the room
They’re my elements of doom
Their six tons to consume,

Insatiable glutton.

I thought gravity was the force that held humans down,
Synonymous for prejudice?

The force on their faces must have 
Turned those smiles frowns!
….At least, that my posthumous hypothesis...

I wanted to be a part of the world

I came hungry
But they ate me

To many strings attached
Cut the hate please

My spirit will return to my Planet
Like the Galactic Plan said.

When I met the 
Man on the Moon,
He inspired me,
But now I realize 

It wasn’t humanities alienation he loved,
It was the Alien Nation.

I thought I’d farewell,

Now I’m back to the
Extraterrestrial Celestial

Far gone,
So long,

-Stephen Kofi Opare Obeng

Copyright © Stephen Obeng | Year Posted 2011

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Only the strongest survive

Somebody recently asked me
"how are you?"
GOOD question:
I don't have a satisfactory short answer.
I think I am ok
Its a strange thing,(this elephant in the room)
my past is never really far enough away;
a bit like leaves in the autumn wind,
it settles
till the next gust comes along.
Should I just lie,?
and say ok thanks ?,
I am caught-up
between the two worlds of his and hers
what support structure that is available in the UK,
you must find for yourself
takes years to get help and advice
from official sources
till then, you are left to swim,
against the tide,on your own.
Only the strongest survive.

Elizabeth alexander           18/1/2016

Copyright © elizabeth alexander | Year Posted 2016

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The Here and Now

The Here and Now

I sit here alone, once again.
The cold winds of this valley howl at me,
Making fun of me, mocking all I live for.
“There you sit, you stupid girl!
Waiting once more.”

For the man who said he loved me.
For the one I trusted above all others.
Waiting.?For the pain to subside.
Because he’s not coming home, he lied.

Was it really that hard to see?
If he wasn’t there with you,
Where was he?
With whom?
Just not seeing the elephant in the room.

I wish I had never known him,
Never felt his touch,
Never smelled his scent,
Because this, this has ruined me.
I’ll never love again. Not ever.

Copyright © Elisa Christensen | Year Posted 2016

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Born passive
Anger born with clashes
With people never indured poverty but act like they grew up in poor  
Screamin clap $hit where in the middle class yo *** sits
My own cousin questioning my blackness
Society already put me on the black list
While I'm disowned by my people because I don't represent what black is
Even a white chocolate told I was white in black skin
Whooped his a$$ so fast punches spit off like they was ratchets
People who never stepped in the hood sayin how to teach us
Minds are dirty sayin they need to clean us
Teachers running to the scene cuz
Cause I say screw Thomas Jefferson Tupac is my genius
Screamin founding fathers
At young boys who struggle at finding fathers
Buckin for a buck
Most were never virgins since birth lives been fuked
Colored folks ain't sistas n brothas
Comparing our blisters with others
Not recognizing suffer is suffer
Fighting eachother while the elite laugh now you tell me who's the sucka
08' election celebratin like racism found it's tomb
Even Stevie Wonder sees the elephant in the room
$hit been alive since Blumenbach let it out the womb
Part the reason people sleepin in ruins
Why lives are constantly ruined
And why people struggle at speakin justice fluent
Easy to see the repeated cycle
So upside down is how the smile goes
Your anger is evident would you like to hide it? No
It's the fuels that drives me it uplift the soul
Anger doesn't mean being a meance
It taking control of the situation not waiting another minute
Beating hatred then killing it when it try to replenish
Anger makes sure the fire doesn't diminish
Becoming what my grandpa wanted look in the mirror I see his resemblance

Copyright © a m | Year Posted 2011

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Intermission in the White Room

Ridding the world of you came at a cost
now I float without color
without virtue

Why can’t I feel my arms? 
what were once extensions to hold me up
don’t provide much when walls aren’t a factor

This place has an odd irony
I seem to be the butt of it’s joke
No violence, love, hate or demeanor is needed
I don’t even think the decorator had any idea what to do with the interior
Gave it to the serpent and the man with the hat who sits on the clouds

I should probably move
Saints come here for purification
I’m the elephant in the room that everyone's well aware of
but unsure of
Do-gooders snicker and point
wonder why I’m even here

So much for secrecy, so much for some well earned alone time

I wanted to rest by the white tree 
have a drink 
wax idiotic with Dante and Virgil
rather that than being cleansed by fire
it was just one and she deserved it

There I go opening my big mouth again
the flames lick my toes as the chubby servants poke with their sticks
God damn it I told you I have a thick coat
this may take a while so I hope you brought something to read

Drink the elixir, pardon the purpose, give me the light and rest
bring on Hades
make a decision cause I’ve always been torn between the two 

Not all bad is good and vice versa

Book it for the door as the red guy extends his grip
I should have tried a different route
no turning back now
I will not be reprimanded by the mountain
on this wing I’m carried back where I belong
amongst the hysterical and crying souls of a nameless generation
I’m back.... did you miss me?

Copyright © Martin Graham | Year Posted 2010