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Poetry Soup Pals

Heidi was one of the first to "March" in with greetings
Then, on "Wind," Gershon came along, his praises a song
But now since he's gone, I wish him well in his meetings
Then Pat, the Limerick King
always gives me a smile
And there's Line, the Canadian Queen
Her short verses linger quite a while
Maureen's quick wit, captivating
Jan's dragonfly imagination, illuminating
Nina's encouragement of my "Silly Words"
Her verses shine and soar like a bird's
Eve is generous with hugs and accolades
Susan G's talent earns top grades
Kim R is like great coffee - strong and sweet
Mark T's works stand tall and complete
Caren with a C, you inspire me
Let's do lunch the next time I'm in K.C!
For all friends, old and new, I just want to say thank you
For re-igniting my passion for poetry, anew-

Copyright © Michelle Faulkner | Year Posted 2018

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As this week closes into hours of pewter night may the moonlight touch your lips while I sleep in the arms of dreams unrefined. Though I may not be with you on misty evenings caved by my pride, but think of me as I send you this whispering sigh of an embrace feathered by the sky... I humble myself in your presence not, but, wait for me to disrobe this façade, while you can, then… Remember days like other days when the roof of blank shades begin to unwrap this cloistered body hidden in a pile of sawdust still reeling like a glistened dragonfly. The light bulbs of time's avenues are streaked with marquees of a name where the lattice of my wishes climb into a garden of your moistened eyes so green. Enter the 100 in a ROW contest #2 Contest Sponsor: PD Linda 7/6/2016

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2015

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Silver Waves Upon The Shore

Pushed there for a thousand years
and will be for a thousand more,
pushed there by the gentle winds
the silver waves upon the shore.

Ancient trees who watched here daily
are now dark silhouettes 'round the rim,
as dusk settles in over the still lake
and a dragonfly takes a final skim.

As the sun dips below the surface
silver waters gain a hint of gold,
their riches flow around my feet
giving me memories to be told.

The sands of time sift down below
where life goes drifting by,
and laid there for a thousand years
and beneath them, so shall I.

And become like a silhouette
to watch all life drift by,
and reliving in every moment
never stopping to ask why.

Pushed there by flowing currents
and the wind's most gentle roar,
I fade away like the golden sun
glint silver waves upon the shore.

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2016

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Pandora's Temptation

For the third time Pandora stands before the box Inlaid with jewels ivory and gold In her hand is the key – she closely examines Intrigued by its intricate patterns - so ancient- so old Her Creator’s mandate she has obeyed She won the love of Epimetheus and at her bidding Never to open their wedding box - he had never been tempted Her devoted lover despite brother Prometheus forbidding Her every wish - her husband’s command But Zeus’s words her obligation till today 'Ouchi to koityon anoiksis’ However wedding presents need to be opened Insatiable curiosity leading her to disobey She is aware the brothers had so angered Zeus When Heaven’s hearth fire they defiantly stole That was denied to mankind to teach them a lesson But she is unaware of the Gods plan and her critical role Like witches a brew they must concoct A female clay form fused to conception Zeus and the Gods hatched a heartless plan A woman will be part of their cunning deception The breath of life is bestowed by Athena From Aphrodite comes insatiability and beauty Music from Apollo - Speech by Hermes Bringing brothers to justice was her God given duty They named her Pandora - ‘The Bearer of Gifts’ Then present her they did to the brothers two Epimetheus captivated, enchanted when eyes first met Eager was he to plunge into the sweet sensual brew Brother Prometheus ever overly cautious Suspicious of this beautiful apparition Too late is his warning when Cupid appears Swift arrow finds its target without hesitation Pandora and Epimetheus are happily wed The plot that relies on mans greed starts to seed But in his zeal to punish - Zeus overlooked Love’s Power True Love will overcome a mere mortal’s greed FROM LIGHT TO DARKNESS - FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT ‘This priceless box must contain vast treasures The gold inlay alone must be worth a fortune’ Curiosity overcomes the fear of disobedience Then winds enter to blow away all caution Lifting the lid gently, Pandora closes her eyes Then opens them slowly prepared to be amazed Her looks of expectancy soon turns to horror There are things in there that make her afraid Out of the box pour moth like creatures Stinging her till she falls to the floor Pandora’s Box has unleashed to the world Poverty, Misery, Disease and opened Death’s door Epimetheus in his love rushes to her aid Slamming the lid, but alas it is too late They sting him as well and as they lie together In the throes of death - her action sealed Mans Fate Softly so softly the flapping of wings A little voice imploring for its release On opening the box emerges a dragonfly of beauty Exuding such feelings of calmness and peace She alights on them, she breathes air like kisses, Curing their afflicted wounds and their sorrow Releasing them from Death’s Dark Wishes To make amends for a new tomorrow In this precise moment Pandora knows her name A changer of circumstances presenting new scope She is the Emotion found between Despair and Love She is Elpis - She is Expectation - She IS HOPE
Acknowledgement: My heartfelt thanks to my dear friend Demetrios Trifiatis for your translation of - ‘Do not open the Box’ into ancient Greek ‘Ouchi to koityon anoiksis’. Demetrios is a well known, long term contributor to Poetry Soup and his poems and daily inspirations are a source of encouragement to all. While the music is not music from the Pandora Opera, we felt that more dramatic music was needed to suit the story. O Fortuna –Carmina Burana by Carl Orff, seemed to fit the bill admirably.

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2017

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The Tale Of Fairies

     A long, long time ago in the land of Fays,
     lived a forest nymph of beguiling beauty.
     Laila, the queen of the trees, an angel of joy,
     whose mere presence brought spirits to life.
     She was beloved by all the creatures of the 
     woods.  Her voice gave magic to sunlight.
     The wind from her step brought flowers to

     One day, while Laila was dancing through
     the scented grasses of the glade,
     a fanciful dragonfly, on his dutiful rounds,
     became enchanted by Laila's song.

     Being drawn by the scent of her happiness
     and after circling dizzily around her head,
     he lit right on the tip of her nose and 
     immediately started to jig.

     The sight of such glee so delighted Laila
     that she broke into uncontrollable laughter.
     As soon as it was heard it shattered into
     thousands of tiny moonbeams and from
     that, my little ones, Fairies were born.

     A Fairy Tale For Children Contest
     Sponsored By Eve Roper

Copyright © Charlie Smith | Year Posted 2017

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My Fallen Fay

Twas’ by a waterfall quite late,
Beneath the stars, full moon awake,
I saw my tiny love, my Fay,
Upon a mossy bank, she lay;

At first glance, I thought a dragonfly,
Poor thing had died whilst on the fly,
Fell there dead on that cold wet ground,
Until a closer look, bent down;

What I thought a mosquito hawk,
Sent me shivers whilst I gawked,
Arms, two legs, such delicate wings,
With Violet gown laid my undine;

I dare not touch her least she break,
Then realized it was my fate,
To take her home, to mend her there,
My little Fay with golden hair;

I placed her in a matchbox bed,
A cotton ball beneath her head,
Cut blankets from a silken scarf,
And tucked her in with weeping heart;

The days that passed where dreary ones,
For I was worse than faerie dumb,
And cursed myself each pacing night,
Inept to help my fading sprite;

With drooping eyes, and quite depressed,
I felt my heart sink in my chest,
My dear sweet Fay was turning blue,
And there was nothing I could do;

My shoulders shook, my tears were rain,
My love for Fay an aching pain,
I prayed take me, take me instead, 
Then little Fay moved in her bed;

Into the air, a dart she flew,
Her wings a blur, no longer blue,
Around my head, she circled twice,
Then out the window, lost to night;
My heart became an empty thing,
Until I heard the buzz of wings,
And saw sweet Fay had spun around
With wand in hand, she shrunk me down;

My clothes are piled on the floor,
Gargantuan garb, which I once wore,
Dear Fay prefers my naked skin,
And woods have spider webs to spin.

Copyright © Claire de la Grange | Year Posted 2006

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A possum of worldly descent Oh my

There was a possum
of worldly descent
Gathering diamonds
and things it had spent

Chasing a catfish
down dragonfly row
Wanting to see if
it was someone to know

Laughed at an aardvark 
with tangerine pants
Filling it's pockets 
with yesterday's ants

Climbed up a staircase
that led to the sky
Waving at meadowlarks,
saying goodbye

Chewed on a cabbage
it found by the gate
Wondering if it was 
something it ate

Sat down alone,
which was normal you see
Crying those tears
as it hoped it could be

Somebody's friend
that he never could find
Merely a possum,
just pay him no mind

He'll get along,
it's just something to do
And if he passes
in front of you

Maybe just smile
and tell him hello
He might be somebody 
you'd like to know 

Or let him be
without well wishes sent
For he's just a possum
of worldly descent

For the Dandelions Tiger Lillian and Bear berries Oh My Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Maureen McGreavy

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2018

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Pain of Night, Joy of Morning

He is now a band of sky, a bird, a cloud, a stream of blue drifting by in midafternoon, a dragonfly, a butterfly, a speck of light dancing by, an abandoned sheet of loose leaf paper with a poem scribbled on it, or maybe a grape ripening on the vine sweetening to perfection in the summer sun; he is now a feeling deepening, gravity, energy, peace, commotion, the tide – forever August, forever June… an ocean wave never reaching the shore (the sand and sun evermore), a smile, a tear, laughter that never ends, a child’s open, inquisitive mind, a friend, the welcoming voices of home, the cracks in the walls holding my secrets, the comfort of a favorite blanket or familiar pair of warm arms. Perhaps, he’s eternal summer, youth running with ease in his favorite shorts and flip-flops, hair sun-bleached tumbling free, or perhaps, he is one feather floating high on the ocean breeze. I often see his face in rain clouds mixed with tears, singing the Grateful Dead or a great hymn. He is the music forever playing in my ear and the sweet tropical air filling my lungs; He lives in the cozy log cabin in a clearing of pines and the largemouth bass jumping from the lake at dawn’s break, He’s the tortoise sunning on the shore, the buck running wild, the heartbeat of a father holding his baby for the first time, the joy of my morning, the pain of night, and the wind calling my name, dancing with the leaves on the trees… he is the trees, the air, he is in my eyes and theirs. He is in Heaven but his love is everywhere. Written, 3/7/15 for The Pain of Night Contest

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2015

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Rules and Regulations

How long did it take her to be free?

How long did it take
For the wingless dragonfly to finally open her heart to the world

How long did it take for her to overcome Devil’s workshop
Slowly caressing her retinas
With silky daffodils and two-faced tulips

She dives into a glistening pool of complicated risk
Opening her atrium to the masses

Shedding incumbent teardrops
Just for that one standing ovation

It was then
Where pieces of plastic chains fell from demure stratosphere

Dented taps, similar to a shoeless dancer,
Setting off bass tones and low-key monotony

For she was
One cholesterol filled syllable short
To be genuine

One tearful, hyphenated lyric
Too blunt
To be embraced by their “god”

One dilapidated vowel shy
Of being honest

Her diary didn’t have enough pages torn
From emerald sanity

There were too many “Wows”,
Diluting into disingenuous shoulder pats

Her stanza pushed aside

A glorified booty call with no call back number
Leaving messages towards empty dial tones


How long will it take her to be free?

Until she looks up
Knowing she already holds the key

©Drake J. Eszes

Copyright © Drake Eszes | Year Posted 2013

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The Cricket and The Dragonfly

A Long, Long Time ago, there was a cricket whose name
was Blue, she was named after the sky that she loved so true. 
All day long she would look up at the sky while the other 
crickets played and hopped merrily on by.
Then one day a dragonfly landed near and he heard the 
whispered wish, the cricket held so dear.
Crickets my dear, he said, belong on the ground and if 
you fell, well, you may never ever be found. 
The little cricket answered yes I know, but to the sky
is where my heart longs to go. I have wings to help me fly
but they only carry me about one foot high.
To the top is where I long to be. 
Hey! Maybe you could help me.
I don't know if that is a safe thing to do little cricket 
but if you can help me then I will try and help you. 
What can I do to help dragonfly, the cricket cheerfully asked?
Some rain would be nice to put in my water flask. 
I carry water to those of us who are sick but there seems to be a 
water shortage since the farmer filled in the ditch.
I would be more than glad to help and the cricket sung her beautiful song,
then tender raindrops fell from the sky and the dragonfly was pleased
as he carried water half the day long to those in need.
When the sky cleared and there was no more rain, the cricket waited
for the dragonfly to return again, and when he did not come back to her, 
the cricket's face had a look of concern.
I know he will return, the cricket whispered to herself low, he just has to
for he promised me so. Just as the sun begin to set low, along came the dragonfly and asked,  Are you ready to go? 
The cricket said, Yes as her heart for this had cheerfully longed. 
The little cricket jumped on the dragonflies back and held tightly on.
To the top of the tree he flew and landed on the tip top as he promised her
he would do. The crickets eyes filled with wonder and tears.
This is what she had been dreaming of, for years.
The dragonfly's days were never worried about drought, whenever his cricket
friend was about and the Cricket took many journeys on the dragonflies back.
She told her story in a song again and again. The tale of how a cricket flew
up into the sky, on the back of her dragonfly friend.


Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2016

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My Lady

"I have dipped my pen in the sublime, it is my gift to you . . ."

                                                            A Rambling Poet

My lady is the wind’s soft sigh Through fields of marigolds in June, A beach night stroll beneath the moon, A cloudless sky, a butterfly. She waltzes to a rhapsody And lifts her voice soulfully. My lady is. . . A splendid sunset in July As two soared high in a balloon. The bliss we tasted, you and I, Against a bright sky streaked maroon, Is almost like a fantasy Which lingers in my memory. My lady is. . . A tranquil August lullaby, The ocean’s sound along a dune, A dragonfly, a blue jay’s cry, A lazy daisy afternoon Till Autumn brings new poetry; Then long warm nights soon cease to be, And months of Winter’s chill ensue. My lady is the wind’s soft sigh Through fields of marigolds in June, A splendid sunset in July, A tranquil August lullaby. She waltzes to a rhapsody Which lingers in my memory. When months of Winter’s chill ensue, I’ve bid my Lady Love adieu.
Andrea Dietrich For the Contest of Constance La France ~A Rambling Poet~ "Writing in the Sublime"

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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haiku 8

the gravel path
glitters with sunlight-- 
dragonfly wings

Copyright © Heather Ober | Year Posted 2013

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Millpond daybreak

The dawn sky throws a spear of vivid red
lancing the fir treetops, but not yet me
with my bag of bread.
The wheel is still asleep, the water still,
seems today we all have time to kill.
Scan the surface with imagination's eye
waiting for Excalibur to rise,
but no- just an indifferent pair of Swans
gliding softly through the mist to Avalon.
Reverie broken,
canned laughter from the ducks
their squabbles shatter the mirror
Dragonfly tries to referee.
I look down and, for a split second,
see another me.
I wonder if he's happy

March 15th 2015

Copyright © Viv Wigley | Year Posted 2015

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The sun has almost breached, across the Eastern sky,
The little birds feel it first and begin their morning cry.
Their orchestral chorus is transcending as they all join in with song.
From tree to tree and mountain ridge in unison sing along.

Lazily it flows, the tranquil mountain stream.
Is suddenly brought to life when touched by sunshine's beam.
Platypus and dragonfly dance across its surface.
Reveling in the morning light, precious life, filled with purpose.

Rivergums make a dramatic change from grey to brilliant hues.
A touch of green, a splash of red some pink and even blues.
Sunlight has blazed their canopies as light is filtered through.
Branches, boughs, supported by a trunk that stands ever true.

From sandy bays to mountain ranges the morning sun breaks forth.
To wide coastal beaches all bathe in natures warmth.
Ever the morning is transforming, not only for nature's leisure.
For all to forget the pitch of night, and look forward the day with pleasure.

Copyright © old man emu | Year Posted 2015

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on the green meadow
there was  a
a white lily
such beautiful

silence in the deserted
befriended harassment
echo heart

I could bargain this fate
I’d buy  dragonfly wings
achieved my right of freedom” said lily

was flying over
red dragonfly
cheerfully whistling
beautiful melodies

“I'm an admirer of art
devotee every beauty
I don’t  deny
you're the real beauty”
what a feeling
embraced  by the prince of love
alluring lovers
drunken romance
dazzling the lover’s eyes

I could bargain this fate
I’d  buy your charms” said dragonfly

Laughed and laughted
wise wind 
blew down the dragonfly
to hug lily

lily with dragonfly wings
require practises to fly
to treasure her freedom

dragonfly was simply enjoying
the beauty
and love

without flying

whispered wise wind
I am the Inexhaustible story
every second together
wishful tones
sweet dreams

if I could bargain this fade
i’d transform  the blue sky
into thoughtful poetry

~(c)sukmawati komala~
08 April 2013

Copyright © Sukmawati Komala | Year Posted 2013

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Lord of the skies song

Dear dragonfly, you hover from flower to flower
But there is one which you always seem to linger on
When the world stops and time stays at the magic hour
You spread your golden iridescent wings chiffon
To catch the welcoming smile of dawn
Royal rays filtering through transparent cells
Landing on the little place where a fairy dwells
Seeking the one true taste that will give him power
Sweet essence melting sunshine beams upon
Striking bells bewitching beauty develops showers
Sparkling the day creeping spells spawn
Fountain of forever young whistles a robin's song 
Each an echo inside warmly touches shell 
Landing on the little place where a fairy dwells
Lord of the skies mesmerizing regal high towers 
Into the  fair realm rainbows touch upon
Opening a doorway into the deepest bowels 
Another world one kingdom awakens sighing yawns
Eyes within a spirit conquering glances breaths of light shone 
Under the hawthorn blossoms enchanting smells 
Landing on the little place where a fairy dwells
Wing-whirring basking in the sun to empower
The little shy being standing in the shade beyond
Gazing upwards at the motion camouflage in wonder
Darting across visions softly skimming over the pond
Kissing a twig gradually sprouting a magical bond
Synchronized heart wings  beating under one's spell
Landing on the little place where a fairy dwells

a co written piece by liam mc daid and angeline lim

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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Sweet Sparrow

A song of a sparrow in the springtime.

Birds chirp a lullaby at the peak of the morning sun.
Speedy is the dragonfly, wish I could catch just one.
Clovers fill the meadow and daisies are in bloom.
Brilliant as the rainbow heanen's scent perfumes.
I hear a sparrow singing sweet tunes of joy and glee.
Sing a song sweet sparrow, sing a song for me.

As springtime goldenrods glow.
I see a sweet sparrow perched upon a rose.
Elegant are the carnations,
and honeybees buzz me by,
God's mighty creations of tender springtime.
I hear a sparrow singing a joyful melody.
Sing a song sweet sparrow, whistle in the breeze.

Lilacs spread their fragrance.
Daffodils line the creek.
In the wind the lilies dance,
and crickets chirp at my feet.
I hear a sparrow singing such a sweet tune.
Sing a song sweet sparrow, lift the morning dew.

Sing a song the prince of love and let the music flow.
Drowning in sweet melodies I open my window.
Perched upon the cedar tree a mighty little bird.
Singing tunes of springtime for all to be heard.

Copyright © shannon farlouis | Year Posted 2010

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Spidy Man Dragon

Dragon saw a Spiderman costume at the local department store.
We were there for Dragon Food- You know- little charcoal briquettes.
How else could he keep his fire a lit, on a cold and snowy night?
Naw, just kidding… They’re big briquettes for a barbecue that night.

Dragon suddenly wanted to be Spiderman. I wish this, you could see!
His suit stretched so very far… then add a tail and wings to the spree. 
He put the local spiders busy, spinning a great web in a very, big tree.
Unfortunately when he sat on it, he weighed a tad too much! Golly Gee!

It had left him hanging, upside down; nose to the ground, until his fire lit!
Next he tried to climb the walls, but couldn’t understand why he didn’t stick! 
So he used a whole tube, or two, of Gorilla glue, just to finally do the trick.
He was finally able to hang upside down, tho he couldn’t get back down, Quick!

Being a Hero Spiderman is tough, with a tail, and it’s said, a very strange mind!
He used Silly String to shoot webs from his hands. It didn’t work, not one time.
Silly String blew back into the air, getting stuck in his wings, tail, and hair.
He had to fly, to stay in the air, plus he didn’t stick when he finally, got there.

Sadly, it didn’t do well with fire. Can you say the word ‘poof’? When it sprayed!
You can say: He didn’t have enough legs to stand on. Get it? Spiders have eight!
He quickly tumbled into despair as he kept being confused with… Lizard Man…
Also: Swamp Thing, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Tree Frog Man…

Finally, he became known as ‘Dragon Fly Man’, and was back within the game!
I’ve always told him: If you can’t beat em! Join em! So that became his refrain.
Dragon cruised all over town, as he looked, to some how, finally, save the day.
Suddenly, a farmers’ bull got lose, and spied the Sheriff of CrazyLand. O..K..!!!

You guessed: He was bending over, a red bandana, hanging from his back pocket!
The bull tossed his head, put it down in position, then took off like a giant rocket!
Dragonfly swooped in, just in time, grabbed the sheriff, and lifted him in the air!
Flying toward the farm, he bumped the sheriff on the ground, often, but with flair! 

That was because; they say… his costume, every so often, got in Dragonfly’s way!
And of course the Bull added insult to injury, a time or two, adding to the fray!
All were saved, tho the Sheriff might have trouble sitting down, for a little while!
And everyone said, his cape, with its Capital D, was perfectly worn, in great style!

Now I ask you… Who said Dragon, when flying, can’t hit the broad side of a barn?
Well, the Trolls arrived swiftly, fixed the fence, and rebuilt the barn, so badly torn! 
Yes, it ended as a Great News Day… With film at Six… on TV… they say!
The Moral: Super Heroes come in many forms, so just be ready to save the day!!

Written 9-19-2016

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2016

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On The Wings Of A Dragonfly

I walked down the hospital corridor
And a dragonfly I see
Staring through the window pane
Looking just for me.

My mind immediately took wings
And soared above the clouds
I looked upon the city huge
Where I was once a child.

Then the wind beneath his wings
Transported me far north
To the Nebraska Sand Hills
And the school I once taught.

Here a Cowboy riding tall
Caught my eye you see
Then I knew with all my heart
This land my home would be.

I drifted farther north again
To Dakota land,
Where we ranched and raised the kids
Our dreams to soon would end.

Back to Kansas we did go
A living was our goal.
For twenty years you worked so hard
Your health did pay the toll.

I traveled upward one last time
Our old place I see
Beneath me lies your garden site
With nothing left but weeds.

I soar over our new home
Your flowers and veggies bloom,
I picked your pretty coral rose
And brought it to your room.

The dragonfly blinked his eyes at me
His message I'd misread,
He wasn't here for me at all
But for my Cowboy, instead.

I need to thank my daughter-in-law Darcee for her help.
Cile and Darcee Beer

Copyright © Marycile Beer | Year Posted 2005

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A Fleeting Moment

dragonfly darts past sun shimmers rainbows on wings brief ripple on pond

Copyright © Joseph Soper | Year Posted 2017

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Jan Allison

Jan Allison

Her poems are one of the best!
She tells good stories different from the rest.
Was inspired to write more because of her.
Dreaming right now is to be like her.

I remember her poem “Empty Chair”.
I was also feeling the taste of despair.
Like the way she said things.
It’s like a gentle wind making sweet rings.

Her words are as sweet as mine…
Hope that I have a chance to meet her in another line.
I may not know about the real her…
What matters right now is to listen poems of her

She has no idea how much I so admire her!
Just like a beautiful dragonfly with no fur.
She should read this sweet poem of mine.
Just to let her know that her poems are real so fine .

Copyright © Lei Strauss | Year Posted 2015

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Embrace My Dreams

Can't seem to hold it in
Don't want to hide it anymore
Have to let it show
Let them all know
What's in my heart

I don't care what they think
Don't want to be caught in the drama
Can't let the chaos get the best of me
Must take a hold of my life

Don't want to be caged up
While the world passes by
Like the majestic dragonfly
It's time I open the door

With my own strength
To unlock the lock
Setting me free to take flight
To go off to find my happiness

If the world finds me strange
I'll take is as a compliment
Your words just make me strong
You'll never chip my soul

Don't tell me what path to take
Only I choose my own road
Obstacles that come my way
I have to learn to overcome

Mistakes can be corrected
Seeking answers to questions
A Person must grow on their own
Facing their own battles
That people don't understand

Can't let the chains of oppression
Bring me down in depression
Only I can break free of the constraints
If I wish to embrace my destiny

Let the world deal with their issues
I won't let the dissonance get me
Have to focus on the task at hand
Embracing my dreams by letting go

Copyright © Megan Ryan | Year Posted 2014

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Briar and the Dragonfly

Briar and the Dragonfly Seated in a saddle on a dragonfly in flight Shimmering upon the evening skies Iridescent flickerings beneath this moonlit night Magical this scene before my eyes Smiling like a crescent with a firefly in tow Laughing as the trees have come to play Eyes they glow illumined as the springtime breezes flow Shining like a diamond on display “Hey there on the ground”, she hollers as she passes by “How’d you like to join me on my trek?” Reaching out a hand I see her beauty makes me try Hopping on I utter, “what the heck?” Through a blooming garden I hold tightly as we soar Daffodils and rose buds sing their song Irises are waving, tell me who could ask for more Happy that I chose to tag along She said, “My name is Briar and my dragonfly’s is Bliss” “Inspire me, he does most every day” I answered, “Please to meet you and my friends all call me Chris” “I really do enjoy this, I must say” Through a maze of hedges, like a sea of feathered green Underneath an arbor made of wood Woven tight with Jasmine, aromatic and pristine Many are the years this place it stood We flew above the water seeing ripples in a curve My grin reflects the surface smooth as glass Around the bend a cat tail that we miss now as we swerve Enchanted as these moments come to pass Then I heard a ringing so annoying and so loud Startled, my alarm clock it did scream Opening my weary eyes, a hazy kind of shroud Knowing now that this was all a dream Now I lay here frowning with her picture in my mind Hopping that the day will hurry by So it will be nighttime and another chance to find Briar and her friend the dragonfly Good night Soupers

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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Dragonfly Afloat On The Lake

Dragonfly Afloat On The Lake

A dragonfly afloat on the lake,
Desperately flaps to keep from drowning,
With life in the balance its senses spring,
And boards the paddle I nudge into place.
Slowly, I draw the oar from the surface;—
And watch it bask in the sun’s rays warming.
Now recuperated with dried wings,
The insect alights on the boat’s gunwale.
I contemplate the situation,
Wondering if it understands kindness;—
And canoe towards shore for its safety.
Or is it just instinctive reaction
That brought us together in this crisis;—
As it flies away in my memory.

Copyright © Dennis Spilchuk | Year Posted 2018

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Just Whiling Away

All before was green
The pool like glass, serene
Waterboatmen skated by
A Kingfisher flashed the eye

The Dragonfly mates on wing
As distant Warblers sing
The rushes bend and sway
As the Heron stalks his prey

Flowerheads stretch their petals
The Red Admiral lands and settles
Spreads his wings , takes the sun
Soaks the heat as nectars won

All is calm beneath blue skies
Ripple given by the odd Trout rise
Breezes borne of butterfly wings
Sweet the air a fragrance brings

Earth and air the quiet share
Picture drawn of natures care
Colours taunt, flaunt the eye
Sit and watch as time goes by

Copyright © Daniel Cheeseman | Year Posted 2010