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War Games

As it unfolds, labeled cold, a wall confines the innocent
It looms of iron, bricks, where stones
are thrown and rifles aimed 
to claim the hopes of those intent
to breech the sniper's scope

Risks are grave, if they should fail
and graves mound high, among the brave  

Outrage cries, games commence -  incident or accident
the game of spies, U know why-- a U-2 flies
against the grain of do or die  
A chessboard filled with stakes so high,
they may enrage a fist to rise in wars against democracy

Labeled cold, …but hot as hell
pawns are played, and deals are made
Men sit alone within a cell, restrained, until a deal is tossed 

Lines are crossed, a bridge is crossed, and breaths are held
for lives of men.   Like ransomed gold
they are played, and waged as if a game of chess, 
where consequence is life or death 

     and peace depends on games of chance

2/25/16  Inspired by Contest: "Pick a Theme: Bridge of Spies"
Sponsor: Craig Cornish
Resubmitted For PD's contest: 
100 in a ROW contest -- 11 PREMIERE number 2Poetry Contest 

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2016

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Truth Or Lie


Very few like I
You either tell the truth or lie
It was do or die
So why go by suicide
When you could either keep or lose your life
During daylight or through the night
First the sun then the moon would rise
Above and below sewage pipes
Filled with human poop and flies

Somewhere around two forty five
Girl gave me a chance, so I showed her that I can scuba dive

It was now voodoo time
Never again want to hear you boohoo and whine

Up and down hills, the tires continuing to move and slide
While I cruise and drive

Get out the glue and try
You'll find out in the end who is right

By: Dalton Ogletree

Copyright © Dalton Ogletree | Year Posted 2017

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Racism Is Your Problem

       Some people think what we have is still taboo,
And it's obvious when we enter a room.
       A few eyes seem to watch our every move;
But that makes me pull closer to you and appreciate your value.
       They're unaware the stares can't shake nor break what we have,
We just shake off the dirty looks and laugh.
       The ignorance of some people say white, black, Latino's don't mix.
I say that's something this country needs to work on and fix.
       I've wondered why society stereo-types by race.
People don't lack human emotion despite the color of their face.
       A shame we are unable to see, that all are one in the same.
Yet as a nation we prejudge the individual without knowing their name!
       This is a new day, a new era.
And yes Sara, I would follow you to the back of the bus.
       I would give up my seat to you just because.
If you could not eat in that restaurant, then neither would I!
       I would fight for your civil rights, do or die!
That is the depth of our love.
       Who cares if others find it "unheard of."
There would be no stopping you and me.
       We would walk hand in hand down any street in Mississippi!

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2009

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Boys Cry 2

"Boys Cry 2"
The Sons of Fathers The Fathers of Sons God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost Left him alone in Dark Woods to fend off ribbons and tambourines, unholy army Salvation Hosts “As I lay me down to sleep” Close my eyes, "make no sound boy, not one peep" hand to mouth, do not cry "I will sing you Salvation's Lullaby" The Wolf is in his Woods “Be a good boy, do as should Mothers are absent in this neighbourhood, you can stand it, there's a good boy be a Man, just be a Man...shhh, shush now” he whispers, covering mouth with hand The Sons of Fathers The Fathers of Sons God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost Lost his father, a head on, too many New Year’s Eve toasts “As I lay me down to sleep” Momma can’t protect me here comes the Creep, pretend I’m asleep Close my eyes, "make no sound boy, not one peep" hand to mouth, do not cry Another wolf spewing spider webs he don’t lie, he don’t lie momma don't believe me when we play "I Spy" monster's in his bed the door has shut forever in his head Dead Man Walking Dead Man Walking one boy saved, the other one stalking. I spy with my little eye, Spiders scurry, they never lie God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost 2 Boys Cry 1 in Heaven the other, Do or Die (Lovejoy-Burton/Jan 2018) For those children reading, there are those who listen and do believe your story. Luke 18:16
1. 2. 3.

Copyright © Leanne Lovejoy-Burton | Year Posted 2018

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Leap of Faith

Not long after The Beginning,
There were Animals and there was Man.
A great chasm lay between, that legend said
Only a Leap of Faith could span.
Animals seemed happy on their side;
For, after all, such a leap could not be done
“Make the best it,” they all said;
All, that is, but one.
There stood Dog, alone upon the brink,
The distant Man’s reflection shining in his eyes;
Something was robbing Dog of peace;
Something was urging him to try.
Compelled, he stood and stared,
Nothing could distract his gaze.
Now and then, Horse would come;
Each time, the same old words to say.
“I understand.  I really do.
I admit it.  I’ve thought about it too;
But it’s too far for me to jump,
It’s certainly too far for you”.
One day, as Horse spoke his words,
Cat rudely interrupted with a sneer.
“Go ahead and try.  You’ll break your silly neck.
You can’t go there.  Your place is here”.
More resolute now, his vigil became duty;
Still, he often wondered, “Why?”
But something deep inside kept saying,
“You must.  You must.  It’s do…or die”. 
Then, one day, he turned and walked away.
Oh, yes, he’d need a running start.
He knew now, he had the Will;
But only a Leap of Faith could prove his Heart.

Just before he made his Leap of Faith,
Dog saw the loneliness in Man’s eyes.
“He needs a friend, someone to help 
And always stand right by”.
With those unselfish thoughts,
Dog had reason, he felt whole.
And well he should, for at that very moment,
God granted Dog a Soul!
But Souls don’t come so easy,
And his leap was short that day.
If Dog was to make a Leap of Faith,
Man would have the final say.
Dog’s faith was truly tested, front paws upon the edge.
He hoped  Man’s eyes hadn’t lied. 
Then Man’s Heart swelled and touched his Soul.
He helped Dog up and placed him proudly at his side.
Oh, so jealous was Cat I’m told;
His eyes turned green that day.
“Oh, you are an heroic mutt; 
A friend of Man, you say?
I’ll make that leap by myself.
You can bet, I’ll find a way”.
So, Dog had made the Leap of Faith.
He and Man became Best Friends.
So it shall be, for all eternity;
That is to say, until the Very End.

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

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Do or die migration

       do or die migration 
Every one see that sea
From North Africa 
Close to Europe 

Every one see that sea 
Close to Australia 

Ever one see the little boat
Jam parked like a can of sadden 
Full of people called immigrant 
Where are they from ????????

Do or die migration 
Let see if we know this people 
Just like a reality tale 
In some places 
Are set of people living like 
They got no help nor care
Like a hell on earth 
This people have a government 
This people have leaders 
Hello does this ring a bell
Yet the fire of poverty keep 
So frustration drive them to 
The little boat jam park of sadden
Where and what is this place 
Called ????????

Do or die migration 
Let see if we know this place
This place this immigrant comes from
In some parts of this world 
An empire show the power from 
In trying to create their identity 
They devalue human 
Devour innocent souls 
The survivor now try's to migrate 
Rushing to the little boat
Jam park like a sadden 
What part of the world are they 
From ????????

Do or die migration 
I know every big shark 
Will love to live in this 
Part if the sea
Where day by day 
Night by night 
Souls drawn while 
On a journey of survival
On a run to safety 
What can make a human 
Take this risk 
Leaves me with a ???????
Question mark  
With a humble heart I dedicate this 
Poem to the souls lost on the sea while trying to migrate to the land of safety mostly to my lost friend from Nigeria  wale tunde!

Copyright © richard nnoli | Year Posted 2015

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I rise daily from troubled sleep attempting to make sense of imagery.
I magination inside me peeks, anxiety occupies blanks with grief
C onscious wars with angry speech, again I decide to rationalize.
O nward, up, fight - ours is not to reason why ours is but to do or die; 
N ever give up, never give in- decide what's right, begin again.
I nward look and find your truth, outward search to find your own truth
I f man or woman was not meant to grow and change we'd die unclaimed.
C onsider this my icon's face, an aged woman, bathed in grace
O nly be kind, its all she asks, to each other; it's the right path.
N ow you know my ICON; be strong, be kind, and carry on.


Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2015

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A mother lover's Ode

smoother than most, all moving no boast, shooting a moon to toast, to our beautiful host
revolving no doors, just opportunities score marking the entrance ways pores
balance implored
fracking a lack of communication crashing breaking backs and racking our foundation
till were screaming take it back
unpacked and all out, dig deep for the fall out, kettle blackened from potty mouths,
busted missing a tea spout
pour me a gallon of chandon the whole sip for your front lawn, till the bottles dry
like jokes from monty python
silly satans salivating sighing and spraying your favorite simon's saying cause piles of money and ego feed are waiting for the generating
nothing new under the sun but above clouds I found me some, cause ignant bliss still exists even if you wear a cummerbund
tell all your facts and try to catch my glazed eye, cause compromise can be the do or die, to where ever future lovers lie
this blueberry from space ferry might fit in a test tube in perspective
or we just miss the point why evolution was so selective

Copyright © Davin Payne | Year Posted 2013

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Seattle Seahawks Haiku

Seattle Seahawks Haiku

Off in cloud of dust
Was it do or die or bust
Possibly a must

This was Seahawks game
All full of fortune and fame
For loss who should blame

Guess is good as mine
When you are so far behind
Throw pass be so kind

Guess that should be salt
After game came to a halt
Was a big insult

Two games with no win
Hope will not happen again
Did fan I offend

You have football blues
Seahawks haiku sure could use
For both me and youse

Jim Horn

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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My Country Tis of Thee

As we all try to make a living
And pay this month’s bills.
There’s an insane world out there
Whose flags won’t come unfurled.

By that I mean, The American Dream
A gift that we’ve been given.
Is a wonder, beyond no other
They don’t get it, it would seem.

When we have a sports event
And we salute our prestiged flag on high.
Express our gratitude to those that serve
On their commitment that we rely.

We have our faults, with bad results
I chose to overlook.
My Country Tis of Thee
I love you, I shall never forsook.

For you have given me freedom
The world has never known.
I am forever grateful
For the seeds that you have sown.

For all our leaders who’ve misplayed their hands
And misjudged what we all think, 
In two years we’ll vote you out.
Your party, it shall sink.

And for those of you who question the second amendment
Of mad men on their insane quest. hold on to that sentiment.
Have a look across the seas at Egypt, democracy in jest.
Won’t happen here, that’s for sure, we protect ourselves you bet.

So as I conclude this interlude and finish all my thoughts.
I ask of you, “What say you?” Have your beliefs been bought?
Am I to conclude your attitude is one of a have naught?
Or are you the patriot that this country has forever sought?

Are you from the left or right, does it really matter?
What’s most important is “all of us” amidst the endless chatter.
Do or die, Semper Fi, on this I do believe.
My Country Tis of Thee, I will never leave.

Copyright © Guy Chaifetz | Year Posted 2013

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At The End of The Rainbow

At my rainbow's end, there'll be new beginning
alluring voice will usher me to inning.

At the end of the rainbow, one sign says do or die
there's much more to life, than meet the eyes.

At my rainbow's end, a scenic reservoir
on elevated grounds I'll jog, with morning star.

The end of my rainbow shows seconds for perfection
I'll revert as one holding gold medallions.

At my rainbow's end, I'll see family and friends
waving colorful flags, with words of love I extend.

Then again, at the end of my rainbow, I'll be poised
since share of equanimity, will surely be my prize.


(Entry for Eve Roper's "At the End of the Rainbow" contest

Copyright © Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis | Year Posted 2016

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Next Year

This is the second in a trilogy of football poems.All the need to be read to get the full story.

Now they've lost in the playoffs
It makes me want to cry
But they'll win next year
It's then they'll do or die

This team is full of talent
You can't keep it down for long
they'll be back with a vengance
For they will write this wrong

The quarterback still awesome
None like him came before
More wins then any rookie
Next year he'll wipe the floor

You can take it to the bank
For this is no darn lie
To the Superbowl they're bound
It's there they'll do or die

You see my faith is solid
This team is due much more
To the Superbowl they're bound
Number five is at the door

I talk to you again
When they have won the Bowl
I'll tell you how we made it
Plus who you should console

Copyright © Charles Reese | Year Posted 2015

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I, Freedom

               I, Freedom

By my desires I firmly hold
Whilst misery and fear torment
The hand that strives to unfold
Those with hearts of true intent

Ask me if I find you wanting
Do so and I will not lie
Yes but I’ll not be lamenting
My vapours that of do or die

I hear the call of all enslaven
See the yearnings deep inside
Know, I am the one true haven
Know that peace, I will provide

Place me in the hand that wants me
By tyrants you’ll not be ignored
Fix the eye of steel upon me
Reach to the sky, I am your sword.

20 April 2015

Copyright © Richard D Seal | Year Posted 2015

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The Few and the Proud

The Few and The Proud-Noah Holden

Marines come from far and wide,

Many have joined the corps and many have died,

In 1755 the marines were formed,

A marine is a marine in or out of the uniform,

I will protect this country and display our flag with pride,

As long as I have God, Marines and an M16 by my side,

I want to carry on with over 200 years of tradition,

I ask God to be with me on every mission,

God will serve as my armor and my flack,

I can count on the Marines to always have my back,

Marine Corps motto is do or die,

Instilled in every Marine is a value known as semper fi,

You’re a marine even when you put the uniform away,

You’ll be one of the few and the proud all the way to the grave,
The Corps is my lifelong dream,

I hope one day I will become a Marine.

Copyright © Noah Holden | Year Posted 2010

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Nails and screws ‘mate’ together
But nails puncture tires when misdirected
Another’s love loss is another’s gain
Love bites break hearts into little pieces
Commodities here today, gone tomorrow
Replaceable parts are ‘outnumbered’ one to none
Do or die in the here/after--- ‘suicide’
Life will rot to its very core
Thrown aside ‘punted’ fore-ever more
Rebirthed and planted it will grow big
And perhaps will be saved for another year’s commodity.


Fishwife’s tales
Poppy dog tails
Fairies in storied ‘lore’
Fly and gad about no more
Lengths of twine saved thrice
Wrap on today’s keepsakes!

Treasures are memories held
In minds, hearts and pretty boxes
Brought out to remind once again
Keepsakes of puppy dog tails and fairy lore.

Copyright © Diane M Quinlan | Year Posted 2015

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'Wild Bells and Blue Sky"

Off with the old, and on with the new,
  Hopefully good ambitions all pursue,
  Salute Lord Tennyson do or die!
Ring out wild bells, to the wild sky...

I will read my Alfred Tennyson,
  Meanwhile, eating my wild...venison,  
  Past mistakes absorbed of Old Langsyne. 
Ring out wild bells, to the wild sky...

Remembering old youthful explores,
  Living in the wildwoods with wild boars.
  Lying back in Green Ivies, resting eyes.
Ring out wild bells, to the wild sky...

Reading my Lord Alfred Tennyson,
  Up nigh blue sky eating venison,
  Watching as an old hexed world goes by.
Ring out wild bells, to the wild sky...

Remembering olden days forgotten,
  Many hated days picking cotton,
  Gazing at sky dreaming of future pie.
Ring out wild bells, to the wild sky...

The apple feminine of my eye,
  Her nature’s beauty, provokes a sigh,
  Such awesome beauty a man could cry.
Ring out wild bells, to the wild sky...

Me O my.. an apple of the eye,
  Living my heaven nigh, way up high, 
  Missing…kissing.. ladies, hearing them sigh!
Ring out wild bells, to the wild sky...

These olden days have come and gone,
  I purposed poetically in a song,
 As salute to Tennyson do or die,
Ring out wild bells, to the wild sky!

For and in Honor of Dr Ram and Contest

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2010

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The British Soldier at Balaclava

Listen to poem:
                     By Robert (Bob) Moore © 2016

I am a British soldier, been a soldier all my life
and back home in England, I left 2 kids and a wife
now I’m outside Sebastapol, with Cardigans Brigade
waiting to fight the Russians, Cavalry on Parade

We are part of Raglans Army, and we’re ready for the fray,
Light Dragoons and Lancers, and Hussars were there that day
We rode our light fast horses, for mobility and speed
Unarmoured, armed with lance and sword, skirmishing our deed

we have our orders “charge the guns” believe it we cannot
but ours is not to reason why, to do or die our lot 
we sit our horse and wait there, for the word for us to go
hoping we won’t have to, a mistakes been made, we know.

We started down the valley, toward the waiting foe
riflemen to right and left, were shooting as we go
three quarters of a mile we rode, sprayed with shot and shell
600 of the Light Brigade, went charging into hell

A Russian battery to our left, another to our right
500 yards ahead of us, Russians, starting to take flight
Line one went through the battery, 2 Regiments in all
the cost was great as all around, we saw men and horses fall

The second line of Cavalry, now charging through the guns
Cut and slash the gunners, as they turned to run
then came the third line, to complete the duty so assigned
to finish any gunners, or rifleman they may find

The charge is done, its “threes about”, and retire back up the hill
once more to brave the Valley of Death, for the battle continued still
through the Russian skirmisher, rifle fire and cannon shot
the end for many brave soldier, who’d given all he’d got

And so the brave 600, with two thirds left behind
after a charge against 5000, returned, only there to find
the heavies had not followed them, momentum had been lost
the charge, although magnificent, had not been worth the cost.

Copyright © Bob Moore | Year Posted 2016

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Yesterday I Lived Today I Died

I spread my broken down wings and fly 
So minded high when Im so dam low that I cry
Im living around hurtful people so much it makes me think suicide
You see the pain written line after line 
You can honestly see the tear drops fall down from the eyes
Pain so deep a sucker like me can always realize
Realize the pain inside a hearts truth so much  that it seems like a lie
Everyday is is certain do or die
When all is said and done atleast I can let me people know that I tried
So someone tell me something different on this crazy road in which I ride
Everywhere I run It still seems like an addict like me can't hide
I do what I do in forms written in rhyme
Living a young crazy life trying to get out a life a crime
I know that Im still young but it feels as if I am running out of time
I almost went out twice that should be a life changing sign
Yeah I like to laugh yet I wouldn't know what it would be if I wasn't crying
I keep crying when Im laughing that the feelings collide
All because yesterday I lived and today I died

Copyright © Travis Lone Hill | Year Posted 2012

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The Great Mahatma

The saint of Sabarmati
Our great Mahatma Gandhi
Lived a life of simplicity
And marched towards Dandi
For India to attain freedom
He strived day and night
Even attained martyrdom
To keep our future bright
His Quit India movement
And call of ‘Do or Die’
Reminded Indians of their commitment
To the glorious days gone by
The great Mahatma passed away
Holding the entire nation in his sway

Copyright © Tahera Mannan | Year Posted 2010

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Bad Banking Makes Hope Sinking

Why Country suffers underdevelopment?
Why her public suffer unemployment?

Bad banking is the main reason
So milk comes not, but poison

Some bank men daily toil
They only preserve the soil

Many relax without any work
But, they get the best perk

Influential bank men develop
Playing politics to come up

They try and very finely spoil
By putting into water dirty oil

By giving a bad confidential report
They cunningly cut possible support

If a subordinate is very well-dressed
Surely he becomes by them cursed

If they see a robust young man
Against him they make a plan

More and more work they dump
Giving pressure to heart-pump

Do or die policy, they wrongly follow
A hard-working heart, they will blow

Country is not at all very strong
As Country's Banking is wrong.



Copyright © mv venkataraman | Year Posted 2011

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Do or Die

Do or Die?

I am perplexed
unable to decide
what to do?
Either to spare
a traitor's life
or to kill him
what if the traitor
is my own son
or brother?
I am perplexed
unable to decide
what to do
what to do if the traitor
in concert with his accomplices
gets his hands on my life
what if he kills me
while i indecisively sit
and think
then suddenly comes to my mind
how the great Mughals
dealt with such problems
the gentler Mughal monarchs
would catch their inimical brothers
who were after their lives
so that they could
grab the Throne
and come to power
They would arrest them
and blind them by bringing the fiery glow
of  red hot burning rods
opposite their wide open eyes
and then throw them
in dungeons to rot
the other more harsh Mughal Emperors
would fight against such traitors and enemies
and kill them
in the battle grounds
But I am not a Mughal King
nor a kin of the blue blood
yet I am am
in similar situation
in a place where law and justice
bows to the strong
and corrupt
So what should I do?
Kill or get killed
by the greedy enemy
none else but my own
flesh and blood
I am simply perplexed
unable to decide
which course i should
to save my neck
from imminant risk
of being swiped
while i think.

Copyright © mazhar butt | Year Posted 2014

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Pursued of Death

[Psalm of obsession]

Sleep with the remembrance of Death, and rise with the thought that you will not 
live long. - Dwais El-Qarni

He huffs and puffs
anxious at seizing
a moment unknown
of mercy
He scavenges on me breath
in every nook
He fossicks after me soul
in every cranny - as
He pounds verily hard
on me footsteps and whilst
His nostrils unravel me
existence upon horizons dreary
[Time possesses nay reprieve]
His, ain't a pogue,
but a sledgehammer
trademarked of fatality.
Patience oughtn't be
His becoming, 'cause, either
He do or die ...
i've realized,
will have to do - for, if not,
none will be left to inject
mortality's folly upon me:

He runs on a velocity
terrifying than the throbbing
of me heartbeat;
the pursuit 
grows desperate every time.
He endorses that
i speculate of Him
a fore i taste Him.
stalks me shadow
as of a nocent marauder
devoid of mercy ...

Copyright © jacob Mawela | Year Posted 2014

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A bump in the road

What's the cost
Cat has my tongue 
Confidence lost
Punctured lung

Why can't I be firm
As the ground beneath
Unstable worm
On a dying leaf

I've mastered the trade
I'm qualified
But afraid of the blade
Being denied

I sell myself short
Of talents acquired
A deadly sport
Self worth retired

Before long, the subject
Makes me fall ill
Upkeep, I neglect
I'm standing still

Is this the moment
Do or die
I stand tall and own it
Or fail to try

Things were booming
Now I hear a pin drop
So much for assuming
A sudden stop

Could it be the end
Is reality knocking
Or a fickle wind
Temporarily blocking 

So I ponder
Is it worth uncertainty 
Should my focus wander
Or push on, this journey

Copyright © Anna Hopper | Year Posted 2015

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Always a hustler

Every hustler has fallen.
Cracks in the concrete is how the streets are watching.
Calling me back, i thought i closed that door?
Slipping into darkness heating up my toes.
Rock bottom balling is a choice. 
Do or die. Be heard or make noise?
Bodies traced in chalk then go void.
Last time i checked I'm dealing with faith.
like a rose that grew from under the pavement. 
A hustler dies a hustler is made.

Copyright © fernando vergara | Year Posted 2014

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The Chase

be it a dream
a nightmare
a field mouse
the moon

the chase means alive
do or die

	the chase one day ends
	tranquility transcends
		the chase is a marathon
		no one ever wins 

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2018