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Who Am I

I am one
nation under God

I am many
ethnicities together in a melting pot
blending to encompass positive traits
     Finding strength in diversity
I am all
about freedom 
to escape tyranny
     immigrants sought my New World promises
I am few
times startled like a deer in headlights
blindfolded even after 9/11
     but still carrying a torch

I am
Lady Justice and Lady Liberty
the dreams of founding fathers
     promises of yesterday and hopes for tomorrow

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2010

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No Point in Changing You

i do not want to have to ask you to hold my hand 
i do not want to have to voice my insecurities 
like glass shards rolling off a tongue 
or a blade lodged in my throat;
it isn’t easy, to say the least 

i don’t want to feel like i am perpetually the deer in headlights, 
feeling the danger but staying, 

you looked so harmless in the summer light
but the heat has long since died out 
and the light is anything but warm 

i do not want to have to ask you to hold my hand -
you wouldn’t do it, regardless.

Copyright © Michele Sherman | Year Posted 2018

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Being Green Is Not The Easiest Thing

Let's Have Some Fun Contest
Sponsor: Casarah Nance

I'll admit being green is not the easiest thing, 
    a frog looks very silly in a broken arm sling.

Yesterday Fozzie got a job singing at Shamrock Bar,
    I told him I would drive cuz' it's not very far.

Out ran Rizzo the rat, stood like a deer in headlights,
    I wanted to see Ms. Piggy later...oh, of all the nights!

Swerved and crashed into Rowlf's juniper dog house,
    "oh I can't believe that annoying little mouse!"

Rowlf had the company of Animal and Gonzo,
    what a sight to see Gonzo with an emerald afro!

We walked in to find a parakeet sleeping in moss,
   "oh man, my arm hurts! It's about to fall off!"

I heard, “ARG! RAH!” Animal threw me a frozen lime,
   I thought, “ will this really help? Pain is shooting to my spine!”

Then Scooter ran out with pickles, pears and olives,
    Swedish Chef “Shmuf shaf”, was cooking basil and sage omelets!

I saw Staler and Waldorf cracking jokes in the balcony,
    "I'm getting so annoyed, this is not the time for comedy!"

And who would have thought they would be the best greeters?
    A first aid kit came out from Dr. Bunson and Beaker!

"Geez, I am feeling a little better, this injury is no biggie,
    in walks my concerned lover, the bossy diva Ms. Piggy!

I'll admit being green is not the easiest thing, 
    a frog looks very silly in a broken arm sling.

Different Shades Of Green Used: 1. Shamrock  2. Juniper  3. Emerald  4. Parakeet
5. Moss 6. Lime  7. Pear  8. Olive  9. Basil  10. Sage

~Date Written : March 1, 2016~ 

Copyright © Lu Loo | Year Posted 2016

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I'm nervous and careless, I'm sad and mad

I'm nervous and careless, I'm sad and mad.
It'll be what it will be.
Because it is what it is.
Nervous and careless, sad and mad.

My belly tight, it hurts real bad.
My heart beats fast, i feel it in my hand.
The loss in my eyes, like a deer in headlights.
It makes me ill and filled with fright.

This world closing in with unexpected winds,
Twirls and swirls me around, until I the hit ground.
When it's all over is when I'll begin.
There and then i will finally be found.

For now in my present in anxious torture.
I'm nervous about this and careless for that.
I'm sad from the past and mad for the future.

I will face without choice my mistakes.
The storm I won't be able to escape.
It'll be what it will be 
And I'll do what i have to do.
But I'm nervous and careless, I'm sad and mad.
Why do I do see all the deeds done bad.

Copyright © Skylee Jones | Year Posted 2010

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The White Rose of Good Bye

Today I lay,
a white rose,
upon your grave,
and tears,
seep onto,
the ground,
that now engulfs,
what was once,
my first love.

I kiss your tombstone,
remembering you,
at first sight,
as my heart,
skipped a beat,
as my eyes,
glance into,
the mystery,
of the pair,
of eyes,
that met mine,
that continues.
to travel,
through the labyrinth,
of my soul.

Splashes of red,
color my face,
as the memory,
of the night,
I felt your hand,
caress my own,
as you stole,
my heart,
with your,
that captivated,
the girl,
that thought,
no man,
could express,
towards her.

Agony consumes,
my thoughts,
running in circles,
that perplex,
my spirit,
with traces,
of my mind,
focusing on,
the deer in headlights,
that was slaughtered,
by the man,
I believed,
was my soul mate.

I laughed half-heartedly,
to ease remnants,
of pain,
as I viewed,
the bold lettering,
of your name,
etched upon,
this rectangular rock,
within this cemetery.

I placed a note,
beside your grave,
with a vignette,
of my rage,
and inevitable love,
for you.

Years of fearing,
of falling into your grasp,
were far worse,
than the night,
you attempted,
to taste upon,
the purities,
of my innocence.

There were months,
when I let,
myself drown,
in self-blame,
making excuses,
for your behavior,
creating a paradox,
of sadistic love,
and intense hatred.

On my wedding night,
I cringed as fragments,
of that early august,
morning encounter,
entered my mind,
and guilt became,
visible inside,
my deep hazel eyes,
as my husband’s gaze,
met mine,
and the night,
that should have,
ended with me,
giving him the gift,
that only he,
would receive,
was decimated,
with sounds,
of your body,
Pushing violently,
into me,
 as silence,
the words,
I begged,
to escape,
from my lips.

My feelings,
are now a scar,
no longer,
only a reminder,
of a hard,
 life  lesson,

So today I forgive,
with this white rose,
my pure heart,
that contains no love,
nor hate.

I whispered,
as I walked,
away from,
and prayed,

These words,
“my Innocence,
my heart,
now belongs to,
my lover,
who deserved,
what you,
believed to,
belong to,
without consent,
and I am letting go,
of every aspect,
that connects,
you to me,
with this good bye.”

Copyright © Jadyn Kilmon | Year Posted 2011

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The Belt

The Belt

Nineteen eighty-four
That infinite time in history
Graduation day
A turning point for me

Wings grown
And almost ready to fly
I set out into the world
With my hopes aimed high

Head swollen
 I was like a deer in headlights                                                          
Had I learned nothing in twelve years?
That would give me insight.

Overnight I went from knowing everything
To not knowing anything at all       
When your pedestal is too high
How quickly one can fall

Thankfully I had loving parents
Who placed we firmly on my feet
And set me off to college
And kept my butt to the heat

For in the next coming years
I learned what life’s all about
Even though I stepped into life’s pants
I still needed a belt

Thank you Mom and Dad
From you guidance I could not hide
For even though I was eighteen
I still needed you by my side


Copyright © Jeff Morehead | Year Posted 2011

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the faint of heart

the bank manager came out from the back of the office
when s/he heard a loud noise & screaming coming from 
the front of the bank &
s/he found her/himself walking straight into a robbery that was already in
looking down at her/his feet, while stopped in her/his tracks (deer in headlights),
s/he saw the body of a teller that s/he’d known for some years 
twitching in those last throes of life & 
as it left her wide open eyes, flickering away, 
the bank manager’s heart seemed to stop right in her/his chest
as the robbers continued to pull triggers on others who wouldn’t seem to be
(as they had been instructed to be).

while the button to alert the authorities was only a few steps away
the whole scenario made the journey impossible for the bank manager who only moments ago sprung from their chair in the back office,
to see what all the commotion was about &
when they looked up from the body of the teller 
who’d just been freshly killed,
a robber bearing a fully automatic of some kind
made eye contact with this terrified creature---
“get on the ****ing floor like the rest of them!”
he yelled at her/him, 
wanting her/him to lay down on the floor face down,
as the rest of those still alive in the bank had done,
but it was like yelling at a brick wall, for the words just didn’t seem to make any 
connection &
in the heat of the moment,
rather than spend any time thinking it over,
the robber turned to fully face the frozen person &
unloaded a few rounds in their neck, head & chest. 

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2012

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the insular

swore you knew someone
but they changed like jekyl to hyde
like oil & water deciding it was better to work together toward
something less concerned with others---
more to the point,
you swore you knew someone who you no longer know &
you’re certain of this because you see less & you hear less
from them
(cannot make their face out anymore/cannot make their voice out anymore)---
seems they climbed the ladder without you
seems they saw the tip of the pyramid &
clocked out,
snuggling right down in their little tent with their little brood
to count the days of their life away all
and you can’t have a conversation beyond the pathetic polite
pleasantries of parasitic
it makes one wince
it makes one tear
it makes one tremble
it makes one stare (shocked like a deer in headlights roaring towards with no intent of stopping)
all wrapped up in how distance from each other
embeds itself,
separating & destroying

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2011

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Spooky Woman

Every morning, I steal longing glances at the most spellbinding creature I have ever cast my two eyes upon, 
Her skin is pale and lifeless, wearing a peculiar looking amulet draped across her neck, 
I cannot help myself to stare, as she engulfs her lunch meat in only a few vicious bites like some sort of evil spawn,
Whenever I cross her path, I feel like a deer in headlights; turning into a nervous wreck. 

Her alluring features of dark hazel eyes and fire truck red lips call to me from across the office, 
At the call of my name, I scamper towards my desire like a cowardly pup, 
My heart begins to pound out of my chest, her pointed ears perk up and I remain cautious, 
With music to my ears she exclaims, “You are my date to the Halloween office party tonight,’ I just thought I would give you the heads-up.”

With long black finger nails, she carves her address into the palm of my hand, 
I glance down at the blood oozing out of my fresh wounds and she playfully smirks, 
With a sloppy lick from her magnificent tongue the wound seals and I am ready to give her a wedding band, 
The fiery hot blood I feel thrashing around in my veins every time I touch her, feels like exploding fireworks. 

That night, I arrive at the address that may potentially scar my soft tender flesh, 
Before I can knock, a clawed hand grips me tight lugging me into the front hall, 
I am immediately blindfolded and I hear her deep growl, “My dear, I just need a moment to refresh.” 
The room is cool and damp, I scurry to remove the blindfold to become aware of my surroundings above all. 

Unfortunately to my defeat, I hear the jingle and sharp pull back of chains restraining me to the stone wall, 
The warm breath and droplets of fallen drool on the back of my neck make me shriek, 
Not a soul can hear the disgraceful, desperate cries and pleas I begin to call, 
Now I know why people say to never date your monster of a co-worker, as she kisses my cheek. 

I flail and bash my arms and legs trying to desperately swing and knock her off her feet, 
I feel her filthy nails ripping into my chest, 
In a soft growl she mentions something about my blood being sweet, 
With a deafening howl the horrid situation puts my body to rest. 

September 25, 2018

Scary or Spooky poem Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Tania Kitchin

6th Place

Copyright © Haley Fisher | Year Posted 2018