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Best Crab Poems

Below are the all-time best Crab poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of crab poems written by PoetrySoup members

The Crab
You wish me to say those words,
To love you

Surely you mean to win me
As I exhale my expostulations 
Some hidden truth
That you think you understand

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Categories: crab, angst, conflict, endurance, love,

Premium Member The Red Leaf

the raspy whisper

gets my full attention -
wistfully I smile
..for its persistence reminds me of you..

the crisp red leaf 
scuttles scrapingly
across the gray pavement
to and...

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Categories: crab, death, emotions, grief, heartbroken,

Sand Dollar Dreams
It's quiet here - quiet in a way that catches me off guard. The tranquility is almost tangible, something I can touch and hold and...

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Categories: crab, memory, nature,

Premium Member Diamond in the Sky
A dead star that inspired this poem--the companion of the star 55 Cancri, in the constellation of Cancer the Crab--has now shrunk to only about...

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Categories: crab, star,

Premium Member Death Tolls
The atmosphere rings with the bell like calls
of the plover flock, long before they are spotted.
The flight herringbones a grey fedora sky.
Markings of white and...

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Categories: crab, beach, beauty, bird, ocean,

Nana's Garden
You won't find a yard like this anymore. You'd think it would seem smaller now that I'm an adult, but it doesn't. It's still enormous,...

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Categories: crab, childhood, family, house, garden,

Premium Member The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree
You can see him now, dirty as a horse
that slipped in the mud, planting petunias
with that infamous shamrock thumb

(Irish from his Pop   ...

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Categories: crab, adventure, crazy, cute love,

Premium Member ocean commotion
wind lifts salty air
scent of the sea fills my hair --
fishing without care

pelican dives fast
shrimp on the hook was my last --
strips the bait I...

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Categories: crab, nature, sea,


Animals or humans, who is the giant of them all?
Bearing a two sheathed wings, the Hercules Beetles
crash the Titans...

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Categories: crab, animal, character, imagery, nature,

Today we are having fun at the sea
Mummy and daddy, Tommy and me.
White topped waves tickle our toes
Salty sea water splashes our clothes.
Mummy and daddy...

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Categories: crab, beach, family, fun, holiday,

Premium Member Sister -- a poem in 2 parts

End-Cut Prime Rib of Beef,  
Crab-cake, Lobster Tail,
Sea Scallops.

I feel — no...

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Categories: crab, bereavement, food, forgiveness, grief,

The horizon cuts straight, long, hard
silently declining less than a degree

like toys across a cartoon’s one frame stillness
a small yacht rocks like a child’s boat

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Categories: crab, beach, sea, simile,

Premium Member Back To Rio
Take me back, to good old Rio
Let me lie there in the Sun
Then take a ride to Capo Ferro
Dancing Samba, having fun
And the girls will...

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Categories: crab, addiction, appreciation, beauty, happiness,

'Dear Prudence'
Hell breaks loose through the trusting door
Whining its splintering, wooden hinges
Claws wrapping onto the arches beyond
Gnarled feet pressed on the threshold
Lower limbs jingling with sparky...

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Categories: crab, angst, dark, judgement, life,

Premium Member Fiddler's Love Song
The fiddler crab plays as he eats
A high pitched tune, around the dunes
A fast rhythm most can repeat
The fiddler crab plays as he eats
All can...

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Categories: crab, life, nature,

Castle In The Sand
Castle In The Sand

Waves besiege the shore
As crashing long lost lovers--
Lonely lions roar--
Salty cling of sultry air
Glistens as sunlight weakens...

Latte-coloured sand
Reveals waving fiddler crab
The male--his...

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Categories: crab, animals, life, nature, sea,

Premium Member Famous Sayings
There’s many famous sayings I’ve heard
I’m sure you’ve heard them to,
So see if you remember
As I mention just a few.

There’s “Home is where the heart...

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Categories: crab, funny

The shortcomings of genius
Athletes of intellect ponder difficult questions
Cortex’s quiver to cerebral suggestions
A genius theorises with a deepening frown
Well, how come my toast always lands face down?

Quantum conundrums...

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Categories: crab, funny, science,

An Old "Happy" Couple
Cherish me as I grow old, and am surely liable to forget things. 
 I know how interesting life is and the contentment it brings.

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Categories: crab, adventure, devotion, family, funny,

Lateral thought
Crab on a mission
So much inside that shell; leaves
writing in the sand

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Categories: crab, friendship, nature, on writing

Premium Member My Friend Robbie
I have a dear feathered friend who greets me each day at dawn!
He likes to dwell in and around the crab apple tree on my...

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Categories: crab, funny, natureme, me,

Where are my dolls
Little sweet Lucy..four small. 
Her pink teddy bear.. and her Barbie doll. 
Pushed strollers of fun. traipse of malls. 
Then a Topsy turvy...

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Categories: crab, child, death, destiny, emotions,

Am I hideous

Am I hideous 

So many years have drained,
slowly taking what was once mine
scattering it over endless thoughts and memories
and I wonder why, where has it...

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Categories: crab, age, love,

Premium Member Stoplight Fireflies
Stoplight Fireflies

Stoplight fireflies blink yellow
over vacant intersections

Owls whisper on the mist
mime-like field mice listen

Soft surf muffles side step
clatter of crab legs

Feral eyes swallow
waning moonlight

A possum...

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Categories: crab, night, summer,

Premium Member The Broken It
puncturing glass cases 
with the back of a plastic spoon

the injustice toward 
the powder blue box
on the corner of 
57th and a sliver studded moon


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Categories: crab, life,