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Where Poetry Lives

 His  poems live deep down in the wood
down in an olde hunting lodge
They are brown as the bears head that 
hangs on the wall
brown as the dark leaves that fall
silently hiding the salt lick
from fawns who come in
the twilight to call
His poetry growls and grumbles and purrs
like a cougar alone on the rim
of the canyon above the olde
hunting grounds
where he writes all his lines
like a hymn
His poems stretch out on the furs
by the fire
and tell of the storms and the waves
that tested the strength of the words
that inspire
and sent many songs to their graves
for brave are the sagas
the odes that survive
the trek through the woods to the town
and as we go home we gather them up
scattered like leaves on the ground.
Brown,yellow,red ,a few of them green
His poems are places and things we have seen
but not from the view that the truth hunter gives
deep down in the woods ,where  poetry lives

Copyright © Johnette Loefgren | Year Posted 2006

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Cougar and Young Meet

Captured by a young man with an old soul that's good to the 
Her desires awaits patiently and yet fulfilled as he joins her at her 
A mile away he can hear her voice whispering in his ears oh 
  soo Sofltly.
Saying, that her desires which are kept in secret need not come out, they ARE
Captured by a cougar with true beauty that has a predilection for young
She quenches the thirst in his eyes by her presence, yet he gets sooo
The right environment explodes to never ending imaginations and pure
Constantly caressing, hugging, kissing and passion that turns into more
Their lips begin to speak a different language that's spoken oh sooo
She feels the muscles of his arms wrapped around her body sealed oh sooo
Unbreakable emotions results to stimulations that are non fictional, not planted, but up rooted, as she loves it Sooo Rightly.

Copyright © Pace INK-U-SCRIPT | Year Posted 2012

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Wisdom of the Cougar

She thought by marrying an older man
She would forever look young in his eyes
He led the way, ‘twas a child that held his hand
Until he met with an early demise
Older now, she finds herself attracted
To young men more likely to outlive her
But my, oh my, how her peers reacted
With choices she made, they could not concur
Fiftyish gal with a thirtyish mate
He showers her with such great affection
And he doesn’t mind she can’t procreate
But from old friends she's scorned by rejection
These friends have husbands who are cheating now
For men have desires to feel young as well
Their marriages hang from a fragile bough
As these men fire blanks at much younger belles
*Entry for Dr. Ram’s “Cougar Effect” contest
By Carolyn Devonshire

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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Consider Cougars

Some men might prefer kitty cats oh so pretty, but they might be brats! The mature feline, though, is the one in the “know” and is better at dealing with rats! To the Cougar’s “prey“, I say fear not! It can be a good thing to get caught. Ashton Kutcher’s not blind. Maybe you too can find a cougar both wealthy and hot!
By Andrea Dietrich Inspired by Dr. Ram Mehta's Contest: "Cougar Effect"

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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Lady liberty, hold your flame light high, 
Beware the path thy cross, in the wild undiscovered
Wilderness of the U.S.A.
For it is here a fierce native predator,  
Stalks the rocky ranges bad lands,
Behold the American mountain lion.
Known as the cougar.
Nature's solitary soldier, walks with
Silences stealth and predatory cunning.
Beneath the thickets underbrush,
The beast does savor, upon his preys weakness,
And relishes the hunt of engagement.
Secretive creature, an apex hunter,
Wearily observing, his natural habitats
Surroundings, this king
Survives by tooth and claw alone.
Once hunted to the brink of extinction,
At the hands of mankind, and greed's bounty.
Nobility's instinctual majesty, has reclaimed
His mighty throne, on the cliff tops high.
The cougar, represents a come backs promise,
We as American's shall leave none of our
Own behind, has recovered and announces
His arrival with a mighty roar.
In the heights forbidden realm, the big horn sheep,
Smacks his antlers against his reveling foe, 
It's soundings echo is heard for miles,
Abreast the whitening fallen snow,
But the great feline lord, has now returned,
To his ancestral territory, a shadow flash,
Of golden brown, a royal phantom to 
The art of war, clashing with basic instincts
Desire to survive.
Behold the pride stands tall, upon the
Red bands of freedom, nay liberation’s
Symbol soars above the lion's den,
Beneath the night's sky shines with
Old glory's stars hanging in beauty's favor,
We honor him, this the great American lion,
The Cougar.


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2014

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A Compilation of Fickle Foolish Footles


Bad-*** old bear:

Dachshund making critical life choices:

Cougar from Arizona:

Cowardly Cock-a-Doodle-Doer:

Slave Driving Beaver:
    Dam it
    Damn it!

Aptly named female feathered friend:
Alaska poacher gets mauled by a:

Overweight Terrier:

Scavenger Mores:

After sex, bears often share a:

Neutered Tomcat:

Wolf in Sheep’s clothing:

Proportionally, male Dachshunds have:
(But size isn't everything)


Overweight law enforcement official:

Overweight Janitor:

Spaced-out church officer:

Church officer forced to depend on Depends:

Unhappy restaurant client:

Cosa Nostra restaurant special:

Yep, you guessed it. A criminal Crustacean:

Why did she slap me? All I did was:
    Toot her

Careless Urologist:

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2015

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A little dog

Once I roamed through the woodlands 
With my large old shepherd companion.
We walked fearless, through redwoods and pines, 
Through vines and ferns 
To the top of the Cross mountain.
There we stood gazing out over the hills
Covered with sage and lavender,
Over the tops of homes cream and salmon,
The tall buildings of cement and glass 
On the shores of an emerald bay.

We made our way by the pampas grass
 Onto the dunes and sands,
Felt the water spray of the waves
As they hurled onto the shores.
We walked freely then in the world
As only nature’s  top predators can.
Gone now into ashes and into ground
My big dog is no more.

For now I have a little dog
Who jumps up anxiously for the treat in my hands.
When worried she barks and bears her teeth,
Or crouches down onto the ground.
No long walks into the forest deep 
Or along its mossy paths.
To a coyote or cougar she would  appear 
As an easy light meal
 And I fear I would not be able
 To keep them away.
So, no more wandering freely
Through the grandeur of the land.

I no longer walk along the unpredictable sea
Where rogue waves crash and crush;
Where unforgiving and unfeeling forces flow.
So now we stand upon the cliffs
Behind the gray old redwood fence.
Once, I had a big dog and we walked freely
Along the glorious shores.
Now I keep my little dog close
And when a stranger knocks
We stay behind closed doors.

Copyright © linda milgate | Year Posted 2010

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Cougar effect

Cougar trouble

In 98 I was free again,
Thanks to wife stealing cousin Wayne.
At work the boss was an older chick,
Who moved on me, so very quick.

Though I had found other ladies great,
And was a dating several called mate,
Two ladies were there at work,
One married chick, who called me jerk.
It was hard to concentrate.

The Cougar kept me back one night,
Seduced me once, and it was nice.
Until I spoke of other girls,
Venom surfaced, plates were hurled,
What would be your advice.

Woman scorned, she did her best,
To move me on, till I had left,
No longer even Cougar blest.
Moved on to new horizons.

A History Of One Day Poetry Contest

Don Johnson

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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Cat Paws

Poetry drips from cat paws
Out of drowsy sonorous sleep
Through the green slit
Of a blinking eye
That alone shows a profound
Of environment, and world
Creeping up in its fawn colored grass
To pounce from nowhere.

This cat that I cannot surprise
Takes me like play rag
Toy or rat
In its dripping mouth
And I going limp
I have heard the dog moaning too
While she walks above the roof
Looking down with a subtle smile.
The dog curls on the mat
Ignoring the majestic movements
I cannot shake the claws.

Cougar slinking through crevices
Of boulders forgotten by flood
Puma leaping through the fluid light
Panther crouching
At the edge of night
Tiger forever burning bright
Lion in the caterpillar stage
There is a story in every rage
Cats cuddly cute unwind
Into vivid sheets, poetry dripping
From their tender paws.

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2009

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She's A Cougar

She is a predator at night and a proper lady in the day
Young men, the younger the better but in their early 30's is okay
She has money, but wants to own several men
They can't satisfy her cravings, but do the best they can
She knows their weaknesses, like Superman and Lex Luthor
She is a well known species, she is a Cougar
Her men better be in shape, she likes the hunks
Buys them drinks to get them drunk
She looks good for her ripe age
But without the makeup, she could be put in a cage
She wears the Minks, not some on sale Kmart fur
She lives next door, watch out for the huntress in the local cougar

Copyright © Eugene Carmen | Year Posted 2010

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Mystery Woman

She's a woman of mystery
with a deep seated soul
You may try to understand her,
but you'll never know
She likes Deepok Chopra 
and girls' night out
She may get angry, but
she'll never pout
She'll show you she's witty, honest,
funny and fun
But, try to pin her down and 
like a cougar, she'll run
A corporate gal now helping
others find employment
She listens to music for centering
rather than enjoyment
She keeps her heart in the closet
where it's safe and secure
It'll peep out for a moment
but not for long be sure
She's strong both in mind
and spirit
She’ll admit she’s fragile, but
you’ll never hear it.
She’s loving in her strength, but
you may not see it
She’s kind in nature but
may never free it
Rational and sensible is what
she displays to the world
Her true emotions are hidden as 
they’re twisted and twirled
She’s running from something,
but she’ll never tell
She’ll convince you she’s happy
when she feels like hell
She’s my friend, I like her,
but I’ll never know
The true Rokeyai, and the
depths of her soul.

Copyright © Kim Hilliker | Year Posted 2009

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Footles for the Birds and the Beasts

Bad-*** old bear:

Cougar from Arizona:

Cowardly Cock-a-Doodle-Doer:

Un-cool Terrier:

Larcenous bird:

Slave-driving beaver:
Dam it
Damn it!

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2014

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The Cougar With The Green Thumb

There once was a cougar named Rose

who kept the young men on their toes.

Working in her garden

they'd say "beg your pardon

I'll bet you could use a good hose!"

for Bawdy Limericks Two contest
sponsored by Roy Jerden

Copyright © Deb Wilson | Year Posted 2014

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Day Dreaming On A Vacation

On the lake as I sit free.
On a vacation I would be.
I see the trees and I hear the birds.
I see the deer that run in herds.
On a mountaintop far away, I see a ram,
and he wants to play. He dances, he jumps
and knocks rocks loose with all the fun.
But the ram is unaware of the danger that leers.
I see a cougar coming near. Luckily, the ram veers.
I am glad and filled with glee.
And I see a butterfly land on a tree.
With its bright colors and large wings,
if only I could be such a thing.
I would fly away, with no care in sight,
and carry on all through the night.
I fly around and visit the flowers.
What a gorgeous day. I hope it doesn't shower.
I stop dreaming, and awake I be,
and there I am, for all to see.
Back on the lake, until the next dream I dream.

Copyright © Shawn Daniels | Year Posted 2016

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The Cougar

The Cougar

How the Rouge Cougar
ruined your life
he killed your father
leaving you an orphan
in your teens
the Lady of the Forest
came to you
giving the power
the Cougar power
it started at age twenty one
every nigh
you transformed
to your hearts wish
your wish for vengeance
upon the one who destroyed
the once cheerful little boy
into a Cougar seeking
your heart for answers
soon they will come
one night the Rouge Cougar
finds you
a battle begins
of life or death
you're left weak and bloody
the Rouge Cougar dies
now you are free
free until you find
the nemesis
is still out there
he did not die
he is now after you
and your new family 

Copyright © Tiffany Phillips | Year Posted 2015

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'Cougar Effect'

C aution to the wind 
O  lder me and a younger you 
U ndeniable attraction 
G rasping the chance to explore 
A nd never thinking about 
R egrets or the age gap 

E njoying all the dubious 
F aces probably wondering 
F or the life of them, what does he see in her?
E specially when we
C uddle and you kiss me in public
T angible expression of our love

Contest Name : Cougar Effect
Name : Wilma N. Neels


6th Place

Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2011

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The Dream

In slumber I lay on white sheets in the barn.
	Sweet thoughts of a lover from which I am torn.
	I can still smell the scent of her soft fragrant hair.
	To my side I find that my Cougar is there.
	Calmly he paces.
	He claws at my arm to warn me, beware!
The ghost that is floating just feet in the air!
	I leap to my feet, my lover is gone, the sorrow I feel will forever live on.
	I run to the woods and I turn to see that the ghost is closing in on me!
	I stop.
	Only a face, just mouth, just eyes.
	But calmness comes over me as I realize,
	The ghost is my brother
	How is this so?
	Perhaps it is love he is trying to show.

Copyright © James Sessions | Year Posted 2013

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Snake Creek

Tired body aches. Long walk on starry night -
ears attuned for bear at creek, or cougar.
Nothing, not a doe.
                            But that afternoon
came upon a healthy young buck in a meadow.
High up. And a hawk left a feather for me.
Old, old stands of lodgepole pine, grey bark
like wrinkled hides of elephants. Thick carpet
of dead needles.
                        Thirst. Sit at snowbank
for an hour eating snow. Burn tongue.
To soon after stumble upon a pond and the place
that a creek springs from the mountain. Water
indescribable. Eat ravenously and drink deep

Climb highest rocky peak at dusk. Razor-back
ridge. Mother hawk scream nearby. Must
backtrack and then go straight down near dark
feet fall through layers of scrub pine, hands
grab for the live stalks only support against
broken bone.
                   Choose steep narrow bed of loose rocks,
surely waterfall in some other season and descend
on *** and all fours, feet first always fearful
it will end in an uncontrollable hundred foot drop.
Trickles of water nearing bottom.
                                              Cracked hands, raw
behind, cross final snowbank and attain road
along Snake Creek.

Copyright © Robert Ronnow | Year Posted 2015

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Nightmare on Elm Street

 When we sleep we expect sweet dreams
        The kind where we  ride  on moonbeams
Where everything is lovely and nice
            Sweet dreams made of sugar and spice
So it was on Elm street that night
            When children went to sleep expecting dreams of delight
Little did they know that Freddie  would be there
            To turn their dreams into their worst  nightmares

 He goes by the name of Freddie Kruger
           And has claws as sharp as a cougar
 Freddie has a disfigured  face
       On his head a brown fedora sits in place
He wears a striped sweater of green and red
     And comes to steal your soul  when you're asleep in bed

 So the children wouldn't sleep at night
        They were in a perpetual state of fright
But sooner or later some would nod off to sleep
             And  come the morning you wouldn't hear a peep
In the night they had screamed and screamed
      But no one heard them, it was just a dream

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2013

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Cougar Lugar

There once was a very fine cougar
Who had a top-of-the-line Lugar...
She shot him in the head
Because he never said
She was much sweeter than sugar!

Copyright © Quentin Ehlinger | Year Posted 2013

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She Is A Cougar

you were sexually charged through all the parties you barged ready to motor with the crowd proud, looking for the well endowed still you danced with all the boys blended into the background noise a cougar in the skin and bones of a young girl well preserved, vanilla with a cherry swirl they never heard your roar little men never do anymore you hid under the vapour of your vodka you hid in the guise of your drama grabbed your willing prey you never did anything halfway kept them all on standby blamed it on a twenty six ounce high you don’t need wings to fly or an excuse to tell a lie you’re dressed like a woman with class but you know you've rolled in the grass with the body of a lady long legs and more you keep a room with a revolving door like a pro you moved to the beat grabbed your sacrificial hunk of meat

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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Quit Your Growling

<          once there was old woman on the prowl
            found younger man and begun to howl
            under silvery moon
            fead him with baby spoon
            now stomach does goo goo gah gah grawls

Written By Katherine Stella

Entry For Dr. Ram's Cougar Effect Contest 
G.L. All                                                                

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2011

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Cougar Effect

Women who date or marry younger men
Think younger at heart than those
Spend time with older man.

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2011

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Tara my sweet Tarantula

                           My sweet tarantula was a complicated lady
                  She loved a small hunting spider chigoe chigger Freddie
                               This was not at all a spider life style
                              "You must be a cougar once in a while "
                   Tara listened her face glistened " papa  food is ready"

                   Tara my sweet Tarantula/Limerick/humor-nonsense-fun
                        © Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty 21 November 2014

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2014

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Ode to a Cougar

Beautiful woman by my side 
Soul and body coincide 
I love you way too much sometimes 
Or perhaps it's not enough 

Back when you were my blushing bride 
We both were sorely terrified 
The kids, the house and minivan
The years flew by in a flash 

Then came the day when you walked out 
For another your love poured out 
Shelter elsewhere you would seek 
In the arms of a younger man

I rise up early in my bed
Music playing in my head 
What was the tune you used to sing?
So sweetly to my ears

"I would never love another 
'Cuz you're the Dad and I'm the Mother"
But your heart was turned astray
By the face of a younger man 

Copyright © Brian Moore | Year Posted 2015