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Best Condor Poems

Below are the all-time best Condor poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of condor poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Beloved Femme Fatale
“Beloved Femme Fatale”

Musk and Neroli satin skin spoons
Naked feet ‘neath The Pillars of Petra
She towers majestic above you, colours your grey skies
You are worshipping her...

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Categories: condor, love, romance, sensual,

Segun my child! My son!
Soon, the cock will crow at dawn
And the east will showcase the sun
Soon, you will leave my home, 
To found your...

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Categories: condor, black african american, inspirational,

Premium Member Mama's Song
I wander through my journey, interspersed with joy and pain, always grateful 
Though not by choice, some days are somber; yet others follow with abundant...

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Categories: condor, childhood, dedication, family, happiness,

Premium Member Machu Pichu
A staff is more than handhold, its worn
to the grasp, trust in what fell down from above.

The llama's sure foothold fits like our staffs
in the...

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Categories: condor, beauty, heaven, journey, nature,

Sailors In the Sky
Vultures on the wing high up in the sky
Careen in flight as they go sailing by
Tracing out patterns of vanishing lines
As they create most exquisite...

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Categories: condor, bird, flying, nature, sky,

Premium Member Thanks, Judy
Bluebirds can't fly over the rainbow,
And I'll tell you something more;
The only avian species that can
Is the Andean Condor.

A chased rainbow is never caught.
Somehow, a...

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Categories: condor, angst, beauty, crazy, dream,

Premium Member Love's Fire

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Categories: condor, destiny, first love, metaphor,

Premium Member The California Condor

Ten thousand years ago he roamed free
He was king of the sky on both coasts
Now his kind is just clinging to life
Only about 160 birds...

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Categories: condor, animals, loss

The Coming Of The Day
The Coming Of The Day 

Prayers sent,
Tears spent,
Strength lent,
Pipeline to be circumvent.

Broken Promises and lies,
Uniting of many tribes,
Waiting for a judge of man to surmise,

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Categories: condor, change, history, native american,

Rain upon Shadow Desert
The wind blows through the ocean between waves and the sky
Through the islands where dragon of Komodo lives it will fly
Wild tiger the soul of...

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Categories: condor, adventure, fantasy, journey,

Fresh Meat

Pardon my condor sensitivity,
	but can I be 
dead serious candid with you
Everybody look down on me,
and talk mean about me
But, in the future, they’re gonna...

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Categories: condor, animal, death, humor, word

Macchu Picchu (German/English/Spanish)
Du Einsame, 
in den Bergen getrotzt,
versteckt in den Wolken
getragen vom Geist des Inka,
wie von Geisterhand
überragst du das 
zerklüftete Tal des Urubamba.
Stein auf Stein,
gebaut mit großem...

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Categories: condor, history

Premium Member I Am Found
You may find me where the green gentle grass lies sleeping
For I shall be there healing wounds by their weeds weeping
You may also find me...

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Categories: condor, adventure, angel, encouraging, inspiration,

A World of One
Night's shadows grew weary in the oppressive heat;
Repose of Earth's golden orb brought little relief.
Like a condor shadowing its prey from aloft,
There was no respite...

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Categories: condor, bird, deep, environment, humanity,


I wish I weren’t an ant, my survival rate is scant
Done in by a pesticide, or a shoe,...

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Categories: condor, allusion, analogy, children, dream,

Towards the land
In arcade of rigorousness
that brought the use of scrupulousness
walking in the valley of rectitudeness
with a pure mind of purity

which truncate not, witting truthfulness
to a steadfast...

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Categories: condor, betrayal, corruption, life, peace,

Carnelian robes permeate dreamtime landscapes
of parchment and prayer flag.
Smiling faces walk swiftly
through corridors of ancient walls
carved from living mountains,
spinning cylindrical wheels in their wake.

Patience of...

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Categories: condor, dedication, devotion, faith, inspirational,

I am a Condor
I fly, alone, powerful, high up in the skies
Wondering at what makes clouds grey
At what makes the land green
At what does there be for me,...

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Categories: condor, bird, sky,

Browning's Soul Sky Parade

Bleeding ripe woman,
wet naked stone;
honey rock dries--
fast star bone.
Dead memories change
just like laid,
wants fly open--
soul sky parade.
Sea moon dreams,
daddy heard stars--
known little face;
death drives cars.



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Categories: condor, silly, simple,

Premium Member El Condor Pasa
El Condor Pasa means Flight of the Condor
Song preformed by Simon and Garfunkel


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Categories: condor, animals, death, imagination, life,

Premium Member Ode To Miss Del Mar
How 'bout that recent zephyr?
Scouring her formidable claws
like a circular saw
That thirsty condor vampiric
for considerable moisture for sure
While with your gentle indulation
'twas riding your form...

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Categories: condor, analogy, ocean,

Dark Angel
Dark Angel

It's a lonely night with no love in the air;
hopes and dreams disappear;
within the lonesome latter years
Dark Angel takes a stand to his dark...

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© Judy Emery  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: condor, angel, betrayal, conflict, dark,

Life reflected in a climb
It starts beautifully in tropical rain forest beyond majestic mists
Birds of paradise show off their colors to admire their exquisiteness team persists
But there among the...

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Categories: condor, fantasy, life, mountains, endurance,

With keynotes of watch winds
With plants of high plateau
With shamanic powers
With spirits of skies
Hallucinatory destinations
Death, desires, disorientations.

Magical modes in spinning wheels
Recesses in stones, meditations
And the...

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Categories: condor, philosophy

A Shadow Of Doubt
Get down!
Not down
From a duck.
What the deuce
Silly goose,
Don’t be a clown.
Just watch below
The shadow,
That runs amuck?

Watch your hide,
From the thing
That glides.
It will trick you
Then pick...

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Categories: condor, animal, bird, fear,