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Frozen Howl

Inside a knowledge turning cogs on this wheel
born from the darkness a heart rules supreme
fear in one wish looking towards tunnel light love
All that will remain when all turns to dust threads of life dance
kneeling weak alone humble and meek finding a balance

Weeping rivers flow haunting sea waves turn the key
truth is something beautiful touching deeply chords
Chilling whispers rise warm oasis warmly embraces hold
creeping inside beauty beams within shadows 
Dancing starlight kissing ocean reflections twinkle
sparkle glisten teardrops coldly ripple out

Floating on a cloud of breath precious beauty
a mystery that means something special 
finest mother of pearl gem coloring rainbow jewel shines forever
Frozen dew quicksilver lining echoes time answers always
cold as ice crystals dazzling diamond stillness pure 

Frosted vision clear cutting ivory white one cool snowflake falls
baptism in regal glowing crowning full face splendor enchants a ball
walking along golden strands looking across the sea midnight strikes
Sleepless nights held over and back destiny calls your name
utopia faraway dreaming our love complete

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

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Snow White




Zambonice-ing  Your X-winter Whiting-rinks, Visible & Unusual Tough Snow-flurry, Racing Quietly Precipitation, Overflows, Nightfall, Mocking Like-little Keys Jiggling, Inside Hailstorm, Getting Frigid, Every-second, Drifting Clouds, Building ANGER!

for: ABC contest

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2012

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A Little Piece of Paradise

A Little Piece of Paradise
An Eden-like orangery, her secret place for refreshing reverie, a haven, from an abusive marriage, where her body and mind are free. Away from a domineering, intrusive household, her own favorite hideaway – a refuge from her unhappy world. Here she is serene enjoying peace and blessed tranquility, nestled in the nurturing bosom of this fertile orangery. Contentedly she inhales the sweet fragrance of orange trees in bloom, that permeates to every corner of this sunlit, warm welcoming room. An enticing delight, time spent alone here is her singular vice, as she lingers in the safety of this little piece of paradise.
Re-reading familiar poetic verses from a well-worn book, she experiences sheer bliss sitting in this hospitable nook. What joy communing with riveting Romantic poets, like beloved Brontë, Browning, Rossetti, and Eliot. Reveling in her sacred solitude, she relishes their consoling company, amid thriving exotic orchids and other delicate tropical greenery. Nothing compares to the immeasurable pleasure she derives, from this brief respite with which her spirit renews and revives. Before returning to a hard-hearted husband who is as cold as ice, she clings a while longer to this precious piece of paradise.
07-18-2014 Contest: A Poem in Paradise Sponsor: Isaiah Zerbst Placement: 2nd

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez | Year Posted 2014

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dark surrender

for days he follows   a man dressed in black   eyes fathomless pools
I feel his yearning    his hunger    and I am smitten    curious
dreading  him yet he enthralls me to surrender-
confusion    fear overwhelms me    he is breathing   oh desire
in his room    whispering my name . . . 

his voice a deep baritone    demanding   terrifying  
those fathomless eyes look down at me    I am lost   I pull him close
he strokes my flowing raven hair    his eyes cold as ice
daggers to my soul    love(or hate)  lust   passion  possession
he wants to control me and violently he crushes my ruby red lips
with a demanding kiss and then the kiss is beautiful
words evil    he is need   lust    he says vile things

oh  those dark fathomless eyes   go away    come back   I love you
he wraps his arms around me   we are spinning and swirling  lost in love
for how long are we locked in that embrace  it seems like days
then he stops     his smile is mean and cruel     he laughs  
I am nothing without his kiss     I am a love hostage held in chains 
and when he turns away     I weep for him and hate myself
dark this lust      I MUST find the strength to leave

there is no sweetness    this is WRONG    lost as his fathomless eyes
must get away     must find the courage to walk away  leave     leave
I hear the door close and quickly dress     the rooms smell moldy
finding the door   I turn the knob    it is locked 
and I am screaming  . . . 

February 1, 2016

Free Verse/dark surrender
Copyright Protected, ID 751068

Submitted to the contest, Any Poem Written On Your Birthday II
sponsor, Laura Loo

First Place

Written for the contest, The Dark Side of Life 
sponsor, Shadow Hamilton

Fifth Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2016

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You think you know him
But you refuse to see
The artful way he abuses me
He captivates my mind
He traps my soul
He pins my arms to my side
When I tell him just to go
He uses knife like words
To slice me with his tongue
His eyes are like daggers
Causing me to come undone
Harsh fingers press against my face
Proving im a Doll
To play with as he choses
Or throw against the wall
He taunts with cruel intentions
To make my heart bleed
Playing Devils advocate
Once I cry myself to sleep
Soft and bitter sweet
In an instant he turns to stone
A heart as cold as ice
Mean down to the bone
But you refuse to see
You glance the other way
And listen to his words
You join in his game
Each word he says is now a jest
Each look is a mistake
And when he grips painfully
He just meant to play
Close your eyes to his work
It really is an art
But no matter how you spin it
Inside he is an abusive jerk

Copyright © Jay Loveless | Year Posted 2012

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Saving Grace

Your hands reach to heaven, but your heart speaks to hell
Once you were an angel, seduced by sin, you fell 
Your soul is warm and giving, your heart is cold as ice 
Your devil makes you foolish, your angel wants you nice 
Choices, you're making the wrong ones each hour 
Once a red rose, now your a withered dying flower 
Your hard life has taken a toll, once a beauty now a troll 
Needing redemption, you look above to save your soul 
You got to give up the devil, if you want God to show mercy 
Put down the crutch and let God's hands set you free 
Aware that He is there, you know you must surrender 
Release all the sins the devil has you drowning under 
Life of hanging with the devil is one He didn't condemn
Your hands reached to heaven, He's taken hold of them

Copyright © CT Duet | Year Posted 2014

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in my dream    he waits-
      I feel his yearning      his hunger and
I dread it      yet it enthralls me
to surrender-

sensing him  (in my darkened room)

confusion     fear     overwhelms 
he is breathing
           so near

who is there       a shadow moves     

whispering my name     my name whispering
     terrifying     a voice   deep baritone     demanding
and cruel                  (and then)
I see him      his fathomless dark eyes
staring down at me
    I am lost     yet I pull him close

he strokes my flowing hair      but his eyes are cold as ice
     daggers to my soul

there is love     (hate)      lust           passion
    he wants to control me
          violently     crushing my (ruby red) lips
obsession                      his lips release their tension
       then his kisses are like flowers of love

(he is evil)     he is love      he is lust
   he is cruel          I murmur words of passion

oh those dark fathomless eyes

     go away    come back     I love you
hate you    

                    he wraps his arms around me
(gentle)    and I am lost      twirling and swirling

oh why does he haunt me     
 my dream 
      is fading    
            fading in the mist

and I am screaming for him
                       (don't leave me)
oh           moon your light is failing
    you are nothing         now

and dawn breaks   like a wound that bleeds

      gone     and I am left weeping
weeping          and this dreams of a ghost
 must hide away               be locked away

  and the wind is whistling    in the weeping willows
 birds are chirping         and the sun is creeping

July 23, 2015

Free Verse

Written by Broken Wings

For the contest, Your Best Free Verse, sponsor Skat

Seventh Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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Don't Think You Know

Good morning Father, may I have a talk with you because to my self I need to be true. For Father I am living in a world of shadow and doubt and I thank you Lord for straightening things out. I have been looking at my life thinking I was living it right, I thought I had the scoop until you started to show me the truth and I was thrown for a loop.

Now I have listened to people who sound intelligent and some not quite so, some could prove what they said and others I know were just putting on a show, but there is none in worst shape than the ones who think they know. I know this to be true 'cause I thought I knew. So your laws I did forsake and that was a huge mistake. It started while growing up in the hood, where up is down and bad is good, It's no longer just there, so it must be in the air because everywhere it has spread now ain't that a kick in the head. 

When I was a child I heard screw discipline and run wild. Well life burst my bubble and I stayed in trouble. Then why work when you can get over and you can do it while getting high, forget being sober. Well, I ended up on the rocks 'cause that took me to the school of hard knocks. Then I heard drown your troubles and rebel, that took me through a living Hell. Now the world makes this easy to believe, you think you know but you are being very naive and totally deceived.

Lord I thank you, for showing me, in this life which has so many ways you can go, to take it slow and whatever you do, Don't Think You Know. Now lord I see we are living in perilous times with high and heinous crime. People are turning cold as ice, many are saying down with Jesus Christ and the whole world is about to pay an extremely high price, At The Rise Of The Anti- Christ. For without you Lord He's an unbeatable foe and one of his most powerful weapons is To Make You Think You Know.

This comes with a twist, 'cause He will also make you think, He don't even exist. For he know us all to well and his mission is, To Send Us All To Hell. Now I thank you Lord for showing me, That The Holy Bible is the key to unlocking life's mysteries. With you my life was a waste and whatever I face, I now know, I can do nothing without your Grace. And I thank you again for clearing things up for going the way of the world, you will drink from a very bitter cup.

Now I am all aglow 'cause walking with you, I No Longer Think I Know. Thank you again, AMEN.

Copyright © Milton Robertson | Year Posted 2015

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love and hate

Love and Hate

You say you love me ,

Yet, i hate the way your eyes say i am a disappointment.

I hate the way your eyes say I don't love you as you are, for who you are.

I hate the way I feel empty and worthless in your eyes.

I hate the way I crave to be loved, I hate the way it masters me.

I hate not being able to not care, not to harden my heart and make it cold as ice.

Leave me alone and let me be.

Love me as I am is all I ask of you.

But that shall never be.


I feel sorry for you, sorry that you cannot see past your judgmental garbage .

Pity that it comes from those who should love you unconditionally. 

Too bad, so sad, time to move on.  I don't need you.

Copyright © mary diliberto | Year Posted 2015

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Cold As Ice

She tells warm lies through lips cool as frost,
while her eyes cast frigid glares.
Her backhanded barbs, sharp as steel,
strike like ice crystals in your heart.
Infidelity coats upon her like a sheen of ice.
Beauty and slippery deceit, rolled into one.
And yet, you stand, as a man made of snow,
not truly seeing, not speaking out.
You slowly die, waiting for her to thaw.
A snowball in Hades stands a better chance,
than you, to win her heart.
For within her veins runs soiled slush
and her soul is an Arctic wind.

For the contest:  Free Verse For Winter
sponsored by:  Chris D Aechtner
Placement: 8th

Copyright © Paula Swanson | Year Posted 2011

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Coyote Full of Secrets Deep and Dark PT2

Ten years past since Coyote deceased
The land became fruitful, with the help of a new priest
It was the time of the crescent moon
When the boys would be sent out across the desert dune
To kill a coyote and return with the skin
And from that day forth their life as a man would begin

On this particular occasion the crescent moon shone bright
Casting shadows of the boys as the priest bless then in the light
One at a time they were sent in different directions
With a two inch blade for their protection

As they wondered off into the dark, out of sight
Suddenly their screams brought a chill to the air and the tribe was consumed by 
The medicine man rushed to their aid
Carrying his crescent moon shaped blade
Behind him were the tribesmen, twenty strong 
To back him up incase anything went wrong

They found the boys laying, in a row
Alive but in a lifeless trance surrounded by snow
The ground was hot but around them as cold as ice
Everything was methodical and precise

The medicine man stood for a while looking afar
He saw a female figure near the missionary camp called “The Starr”
The ordered the men to take the boy back to the camp
As he walked off into the night just with a night lamp

He reached a huge boulder
When the air became colder
His curiosity overcame his fear as the female figure drew nearer.
He called out to it to identify itself
As she pounced majestically onto an icy shelf

She said you will remember who I am
Once a female sacrifice which should have been a man
He lifted the light to see her form
Her body perfect, a picturesque goddess, however, a bit pale
And around the thigh curled and uncurled her coyote tail

Her face, a face that every woman would admire
Except for the coyote fangs, he found that she was his desire
Like perfect mountains were her firm pink breasts
Her belly button the shape of a moon crescent was what intrigued him, his thought 

She moved close slowly and touched him with a hand that was cold
But the touch made him feel a warmth and he knew his heart was sold
To the desire to have and to hold
He kissed her gently and he felt more bold

To be continued….. P.D. Pt2

Copyright © Sidney Hall Mad Poet | Year Posted 2011

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Rudolph's stuck in traffic

Rudolf is stuck in traffic
This is simply tragic
What will he do with the toys
Eagerly awaited by girls and boys

It's that flock of geese causing the commotion
Flying in the v formation
Blocking the skies so no one can pass
Tried pushing his way through.. but alas

They pecked at him was not  nice
Their beaks were as cold as ice 
He  sent a message to Santa Claus
Sam sparrow woke him up from his snores

Relayed that Rudolph was stuck
That the children will be out of luck
Santa then with a flash .... thought
Of asking the starlings for the help he sought

Off they went to go find the poor Reindeer
Whose red nose was looking much paler
Each took some presents off they flew
Delivering to all of the children something new

Christmas morning smiling faces all aglow
Will never know that Rudolph didn't show
That Santa said thank you starlings I am sure
Children will leave you nuts galore

For helping Santa this night
Poor old Rudolph did look a sight
Face was red with cold not just his nose
Santa sent him to bed with socks on his toes

Penned December 1st 2017

Contest:.  Christmas Rhymes by Kim Rodrigues

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2017

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A hearts bleak blackness,
Cold as ice.
Lie just once and pay the price.
Of 16 yrs full of sorrow and pain,
Sharing some of the glory and all of the blame.
You said there were no favorites,
 But there in your eyes,
I was silently condemned, that came as no surprise.
I don’t want any apologies,
You never really cared about my emotional needs.
16 yrs gone, too little, too late.
What’s this new emotion? It’s a thing called HATE!!
Not hatred of you,
 Please don’t get me wrong.
I’m tired of being blamed,
It’s the same old song.
Yes I’ve lied and I’ve said I’m sorry.
But I guess it was too late.
Because ever since then I’ve been cursed with this terrible fate.
Never believed when I told the truth.
Always thought a liar and deceiver,
Harsh words spoken, “Never believe her!”
I’ve admitted my sin, but still it remains,
Never will I speak the truth, my words never the same.
Thanks to one lie,
That’s haunted my past.
My present, and future, so happiness never lasts.
I’ve said I was sorry,
Meant it with all my heart.
But you looked away,
Thinking I was playing a part.
Thinking I was playing some weird mind game,
With you as the pawn,
So I just looked away,
 My sorrow long gone.
I’m sick of feeling sorry for myself.
I’ve drifted past that emotion.
I’ve now moved on to bitterness.
And now I’m swimming in an ocean,
Of tears and confusion,
For what I used to be.
Never again will I be myself,
Never again will I be me.
Because of the lie that I spoke and your stubbornness to forgive.
With every breath I take,
With this pain I am forced to live.
Since you can’t forgive me,
How can I forgive myself?
Even with all I have, that you’ve given me,
My good fortune and my health.
Still beneath the surface lies,
What I feel for you emotions as bait,
As ugly monster ready to rear it’s head,
With a name as horrible as hate.
I’ve never hated you,
Please, don’t think that.
But I can no longer stand,
For you to feel like that.
To feel like I can’t be trusted.
That hurts more than you realize.
You’ve never looked past the surface to see,
Where the truth lies,
 I hate only your emotions towards me.
 I love you more than you’ll ever know.
But because of the way you act,
I make sure it never shows.
I know you love me more that life.
So please put aside this fault in me.
And tell me it’s alright,
Tell me you’re sorry so we can be as happy as we used to be

Copyright © Nadine Youngblood | Year Posted 2007

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Has this kindness
Gone too far?

Being used with
No mercy.

My goodness
Causing misery.
People take advantage
Of my good heart.

Walked all over
With no remorse.
These feelings once
Warm, now cold as ice.

I tremble as I recall
All that I’ve lost.

Has this kindness
Gone too far?

Copyright © Jessie Melanson | Year Posted 2018

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Grandpa's Farm

Grandpa grew hay and corn and vegetables on his farm,
And in the Autumn on bright sunny days we all helped him;
With the gathering, reaping and gleaning to get in the Fall crop,
Then the family gathered to celebrate another abundant harvest.

And when the rainy season started, torrents of rain fell,
Soaking rain that flooded the fields and made them soggy;
We all stayed inside on those wet days reading and waiting,
I did not mind, for I find the pitter-patter of rain to be pleasant.

Soon Jack Frost was knocking on our farmhouse door,
The hoar frost covered everything in the early hours of day;
And it was piercing and penetrating, it chilled us to the bone,
But by mid-day the sun came out and melted all the frost away.

One bright morning everything was frozen and ice covered,
All the walkways were iced over, it was bitter cold, cold as ice;
Old Man Winter was just reaching out his icy fingers to warn us,
And I was thinking, perhaps it is time for me to check my skates.

It was late November when the first flakes came in the night,
The snowstorm was light snow with big beautiful, gentle drops;
By morning, there was a mantle of white on all fences and barns,
And by afternoon everything had melted into a wet, slushy mess

After school, I was helping Grandpa shovel the many paths,
My teeth were chattering, trembling, I felt like a girl made of ice;
I told Grandpa, that I was quite sure I was going to freeze to death,
He nodded and said, go in the house; I noticed he was also shivering.

It was a long Winter with many snowstorms and huge drifts,
But somehow we survived it; I loved the smell of the fireplace;
And curling up on the sofa with Grandpa and Grandma like a kitten,
Then those ever shortening days of Winter became long days of Spring.

September 17, 2015

Poetry/Verse/Grandpa's Farm
Copyright Protected, ID 15-710-135-0
All Rights Reserved.  Written under Pseudonym.

For the contest, Seasonal, 
sponsor, Shadow Hamilton

Second Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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Classic Vinyl Love Poem

The radio plays their song
And two hearts beat as one
To the rhythm of a tune they call their own.
The gold and platinum vinyl spins
Creating the sound where love begins.
If only for the moment, they have won.

“Something” that George found
In the way she moves and smiles
Made him ‘believe and how’.

Millions search forever and still 
“Want To Know What Love Is”.
It took Chicago 17 tries to find “Inspiration”.

Some go to great lengths to proclaim love.
Joe showed he could “Stand A Little Rain”
For the chance to say, ”You Are So Beautiful”.

The Eagles knew that love was strong
And, if and when “Love Froze Over”,
They knew “Love Will Keep Us Alive”!

Eric used his ‘Slow Hand’ to tell Patti
She was “Wonderful Tonight”, and
Plugged back in to cry his heart to “Layla”
While Mick searched for “Satisfaction”
Knowing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.

Classics hold a “Whole Lotta Love”
For listeners with open hearts,
And those unafraid to take a chance
To help a “Foxy Lady” find romance,
“With Or Without Love”.

But, I must admit “You Really Got Me”
With “Every Breath You Take”!
You knew that someone “Was Waiting For You”,
And if you become “As Cold As Ice”—
“I Don’t Care Any More”—
‘I just don’t care any more’.

“Angie” and “Maggie” both had lovers
Who had to say good bye. But it
Wasn’t because their lovers didn’t try.

Rhythm and lyrics speak to the spirit
Of “Suzie Q” as freely as the rider of the song,
With an open invitation to ride along.

‘Lace and Whiskey’ gave Alice “You and Me”
And left the rocker moving Muppets hearts.
I hear a whisper from the Beatles, “Let it Be”.

Duane stayed long enough to “Eat a Peach”
But couldn’t stay without “Melissa”.
So, Skynyrd helped his spirit float away.
“Freebird” made the guitars cry
And the crossroads let him go, they say.

The Stones turned down the volume
When we heard Mick Jagger say,
“Wild Horses” ‘couldn’t drag me away’.
How sweet does that Keith Richards play?

Ann Wilson loved her “Magic Man”
And told her mother of his ‘magic hands’.
And through it all she cried for Ann.

Sometimes it’s love at first sight
And couples dance away the night
As the Beatles, when “I Saw Her Standing There”.
And they never needed any “Help”, now let’s be fair.

Some found what they looked for using “Radar Love”
While the Guess Who ran from their “American Woman”.
Could Lady Liberty understand the hatred?
Still, she welcomes all who come.

Some lovers open “Lying Eyes” 
And can’t find love the way they try.

But Mercury was electric and stadiums loved his voice
With operatic vocals he pranced across the stage 
In his Superman wife beater and stovepipe whites.
He begged for “Somebody to Love”,
While Mary waited at home.
Still the singer danced the stage. 
And, like us all, was afraid to be alone.
For him, she was, the “Love of My Life’.

So, when you’re feeling lonely
And think your love is final,
Dig through your collection
And spin some classic vinyl.

And “bring it back, bring it back.
Bring back the love of my life”.

“And if you try sometimes
You just might find
You get what you need”.

Copyright © Ray Dillard | Year Posted 2014

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Armadilly Billy and the Buzzard Rustlers

Armadilly Billy the Sling Shot Kidster, was the Sheriff of our town.
When mangy rustlers went into action, he was wont to hunt them down.
‘The Buzzard’ and his surly gang of rustlers of epically, bad renown…
Had picked Texas and other states clean, and were on the move, NOW!

A terrible dust storm, dumped them smack dab, into our piece of territory.
The evil buzzard leader sat, now contemplating, upon the hangman’s tree.
His gang was ready to rustle, as he sat scoping out, many a nefarious deed.
Their base camp was an Old Box canyon, not far, and full of tumbleweeds.

Now, snail rustling’s a crime, so word got out, of where they’d be found.
As they’d gleaned, every single snail, grazing in all the creeks, all around.
The outlaws were expecting soon, to get away quite clean, with them all.
But the sheriff of our town, Billy was steamed, and he was standing tall.

Billy went on the move, and he meant business, if you know, what I mean.
Yep! He’s tough! He’s mean! He’s focused! His eyes were hard and lean!
While ‘The Buzzard’s’ head was bald, eyes cruel, his stance was cold as ice.
In the box canyon they’d be snail kabobs, by sundown, if Billy didn’t strike.

The snails were easy to follow, just had to follow their trail of yucky slime.
With Billy’s trusty stead Jalopy, they were at the boxed canyon by noontime.
Now, No One, and I mean NO ONE, steals, while Billy’s Sheriff in any town.
That no good, low down, Buzzard better watch out, for he’d now been found.

When Billy arrived they were loading snails into a boxcar to ship for Escargot.
The French black market in Quebec would offer a price, beyond compare so… 
To bring them buzzards down, Billy’s slingshot clipped each wing and tail.
Without their feathers they couldn’t fly so they couldn’t remotely prevail. 

But not without looking each one in the eye, for he was the good guy, after all.
There was neigh a feather left, as they were buzzard bait, way before nightfall.
But who can tell on a buzzard, for they don’t have much to start with, anyway.
Now they were the one’s loaded on a train set to Yuma, to prison all the way.

The moral to my story is that: Crime never EVER pays. Besides…
Snail rustling is just plain dumb! They’re so slow, that it's a pain!

To the music: The Good The Bad and the Ugly.

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2014

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Wind Swept Mountains

Scalding winds, cold as ice, burn away frozen layers. Drawing raw, unbidden scars, upon the rugged spires.
For the contest, Show Me Sponsored by Brian Strand

Copyright © Paula Swanson | Year Posted 2012

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Under dark protection of the night the gruesome two-some take to flight,

To exhume the grave of the recent buried, in a wheel barrow the bodies ferried,

Body snatchers creep at night, the open coffin brings delight,

Strip bare the corpse of wealth adorned, delivering the body before the dawn,

One with a shovel the other an axe, with powerful blows the coffin cracks,

The lid split open the crypt undone, access gained to the disrespectful ones,

Cold as ice the body lay, undisturbed until this day,

Burke reached in to rob the dead, as Hare watched on, his greed be fed,

"Help me Hare this one is stuck", his feet were sinking in the muck,

But Hare looked on his face turned grey, as Burke was being pulled away,

The ground beneath began to crumble, as Burke and Hare began to stumble,

The grip of  fear had them tightly bound, as the corpse took hold of both their Hands,

Burke screamed "For God's sake help this is no joke", and that was when the Spirit spoke,

"Burke and Hare your fate is sealed, by the hand of death from which you steal,

Tonight The body snatchers me, as I ferry your souls on deaths black sea,

I take your life's to pay your debt,

Too long you taunt and tease the dead",

The ground opened up and fire shot through, the screams of torment echoed Through,

As Burke and Hare could not break free, from the depths of hell they could not flee,

Falling deeper underground, their bodies never to be found,

Yet listen close by graves at night,and you will hear their screams of fright,

A warning as they burn in hell, never desecrate a corpses shell.

Copyright © julie Cottingham | Year Posted 2008

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Heart of ice

A fire burned deep within his soul
 for her,  but she was  aloof  and cold as ice
As his  desire blazed out of control

Her frosty emotions  became  her purposed   role
the flames of warmth could not make her nice
A fire burned deep within  his soul

No spark of love could make her whole
the embers of passion were a roll of the dice
As his desire blazed out of control

The  fire blazed from his head to his soles
her icy demeanor was her only vice
A fire burned deep within his soul

Her   frosty heart  like an avalanche rolled
a   frigid  smile would have to suffice
As his desire blazed out of control

 But her heart of ice he could not cajole
With  tears and despair  she paid the price
A fire burned deep within his soul
As his desire blazed out of control

Joseph May
For  Fire and Ice contest

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2012

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World in Chaos Spread your Love

Only God can change the world now
Mankind has just gone too far
As we can clearly see 
Throughout history
Man just can't get on
With so much hate and suffering
Love for our fellow brothers and sisters 
Is far gone
Tolerance good will and understanding
Are replaced by guns and bombs
And the innocent suffer most.

Greed sex and power are never enough
For the wealthy few in their ivory towers
While so many dwell in the gutter
Their voices go unheard
Although they in their desperation
Have so much to utter.

Our beautiful planet is being destroyed
It's for everyone not just a certain wealthy few
I find it immoral and disgusting
That people actually own mountains
And everything within their view.

Our world is like a poisoned flower
Slowly whithering away
The putrid stench of decay
Gets stronger every single day.
I hear those voices unheard
I see the tears in a terrified child's eyes
And hear the mothers stricken by grief
Primal cries.

Oh how I wish I could change the world
Not for myself
As much as everyone else
My dream would be to make everyone equal
Have real justice peace and lasting love
Like God has told us will happen
By divine intervention from above,

I may not be able to change the whole world
But the immediate world around me 
By spreading my love with equal respect and concern for everyone
No matter who they be
If only everyone took the time and wanted to
What a better place this place would be
This world belongs to everyone
Including you and me.

The trouble is we don't all think the same
Some want peace and others want war
Propaganda and lies fed to nations
Through the media false religion and TV
And a fickle blinded society
Dictating  and demanding what to we should be 
And our material goals and even how we must look
To fit into society
People conform and follow
Like sheep
Then when things go wrong
They are bitter and weep.

Many just turn away from what's going on out here
They don't care they are ok
Their hearts as cold as ice
Until it concerns them
Then the cold winds bite.

Man has not only lost his way
Buy forgot
We need to live in harmony with nature
Striking a balance
Or we'll lose the lot.

Satan is the real ruler of this evil world
But not now for long
He is roaming the earth like a roaring lion
Causing as much destruction as possible
Know time for him is nearly up
And his existence almost gone.

Only then will we have everlasting peace and true love
Just as God planned
And mankind will finally live as one
And walk together forever
Hand in hand.

Spread your love everyday. 

Peter Dome.Copyright.2015.June.

Copyright © Peter Dome | Year Posted 2015

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The Warriors way

The warriors sword is sealed as the weeping souls who were taken by his blade echo out across time
and the walk of the warrior is filled with empty strides a quicken pace places distance between his heart and his mind 

as each ambition is fulfilled upon angers vice, 
his soul becomes emptier than ever and his heart remains cold as ice 

he finds no pleasure in watching flowers grow but rather in cutting them down, 
for they are flowers and he is sand he remains a prisoner of the blood soaked ground

Copyright © john castro | Year Posted 2011

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       I'm here to signify, to make known, to imply, why I'm so fly!
            I'm a women separated from the rest,
                or from all others I'm the best!
               My self-esteem is overwhelming.
                Having the power of attracting.
                I pay the cost to be the boss,
                        without no flaws!
                 Cold as ice, hotter than fire.
               Cooler than the winters degrees,
                warmer than the summer breeze.
                  Momma was a rolling stone,
             I was put here to claim her throne!
                    Atribute to the best,
           now time for the others to be layed to rest!
                 My contribution is to the best,
     respiatory to all the rest, hitting them straight to the chest.
               That's why they call me superfly!
             They say birds in a flock fly together,
                    I fly alone in any weather! 
                        No one can do this better.
        Born on leap year a birthday that comes every 4 years!
                         keeps me sincere!
           Sincere to the game, and loving all the fame!
          Rape'ing hearts while I'm climbing the charts,
                        That's why I'm fly!

Copyright © twanna Irisha | Year Posted 2011

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A Dark Fairy-tale

A Dark Fairytale

As I was chained, I breathe in.
As I was burned, I breathe out.
As I was cut, I looked down.
As I was broken, I looked up.
As I was destroyed, I closed away.
I had killed myself damaging beyond any repair.
To keep myself closed I chain, cut, burned, and destroyed what was within me, isolation my fear around me. But suddenly as I had nearly been kindled to a shivering light, something braver and stronger then I appeared and took me and held me and once again I was fixed and this is what happened; 
Suddenly I breathed in as I was unchained.
Suddenly I breathed out as my burns disappeared.
Suddenly I looked up as my broken body mended.
Suddenly I looked down as my cuts faded.
Suddenly I was opened up and my destruction was nothing more then a dream
As my knight, you entered that shadow and held me now I grow with a unprofaned radiance.
I was held once more, and my soul emerged.
I was spoken to once more, and my mind went blank.
I was kissed and my body reacted without a second hesitation.
And before I could run away once more, I was trapped.
Unlike my prison I lived in a fairytale, in were I don’t want to live this place anytime soon. What happened then and what happening now are so fair apart it hilarious.
 I’ve forgiven the past, not forgotten it. Prove never to make the same mistakes or else be locked back inside that tower I call my mind. 
Let me in brave knight, into your mysterious ways.
Let me in brave knight let me have secret passages into that world of yours. 
Let me in brave knight so I can truly capture you. 
I was as cold as ice even more then winters hail, but you with a ridged past that icier then I could have imagined is as warm as the summer sun and sweet like spring air.
For saving me, for taking my heart, for releasing me, I’ll become everything you want and then more, I’ll stand by your side and hold you like you held me and I shall be everything you need.
My sweet Knight.

Copyright © Marcedies Rhodes | Year Posted 2013

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You Are the One and Only

A dozen of the longest stem red roses I could find
For no expense was too divine
For all the love I had to expose
So immense and eternal as the single red rose

When the clerk smiled her kindly approval
I was imagining her naked in my pool
Seeing her lovely curves and assets too
I was thinking of how a new romance to brew

She asked me if I had any other purchase or wishes
Taken aback I caught my composure
I smiled and said the roses twelve will do me over
She wrapped them up in pretty pink paper

You sure nothing else to go with that?
I thought why yes, as I adjusted my top hat
Give me 12 cards of those over there
That say your the one and only
                 ….with such poetic flair

After that, I do confess
In the shop of flowers so sweet and nice
Was the sound of dead air, you could hear the mice
As it was so so suddenly cold as ice

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2016