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Limes, Lemons, Cherries

Have you ever squeezed a lemon before?
(you very might well have and just not realized it).
Each time you grab the steering wheel, you feel determined:
There's no way in hell you're waiting another minute!

A lemon is sure a close call,
and anyone's capable of it - every Tom, Dick and Harry.
Sometimes you don't see it at all,
until you look up and realize it's already turned cherry.

It's a rarer site to see someone squeezing that one,
but there's no doubt it happens now and then.
Some call it stupid, others brave and daring.
Me? I just wanna get out of the car and grab a pen.

Squeezing a lime sounds much more safe.
Feeling a bit less brave, a small price to pay,
for living another glorious day.
But my dad is a different sort all together.
He goes through the entire fruit smoothie, it's just his way.

There'll be honking from behind,
people yelling, "What are you friggin' color blind?
Get off the Bluetooth, man!".
And I'm just sitting in the front seat thinking,
"I have such great writing material, so close at hand".

I'll have my head crouched low
feigning embarrassment, but in reality
this man, driving me, where I need to go
is the spitting image of myself
forty years down the road...

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2013

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Sister Bears

Deep in the meadow, where deer run wild in the open, 
Papa bear was waking his two cubs from their sheltered den. 

"Go out and play Cailyn and Jess, go discover something new, 
and always remember you take care of me and I take care of you" 

Jess went running as fast as can be leaving her little sister behind. 
She wanted to run to the river to see what fishes she could find. 

"wait up wait up" Cailyn shouted and hollered at her sisters back. 
She followed slowly and carefully inside her sisters foot track. 

Jess shouted back "Sis why can't you just let me be. 
I don't need you right now and you don't need me" 

This made little bear Cailyn so very sad, she ran and hid 
Crying and crying from what her sister cub just did 

Off in the distance she could here Jess scream 
" Cailyn, Cailyn, come help. I'm stuck in the stream" 

Cailyn went running as fast as her little legs would go 
Having to help her sister, the only friend she did ever know 

She just got there in time as Jess was about to fall 
Reaching Cailyn helped her out, whew what a close call 

The two dirty cubs went home to be with their dad 
They fell a sleep in the then den, both of them glad 

Papa bear's advice these two little bitty bear cubs was so true
"Always remember you take care of me and I take care of you." 

Children's Fable Contest

Copyright © CT Duet | Year Posted 2014

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Heaven's Answer

From the error of my ways 
in the blink of one's eyes 
falling backwards I called out 
Oh God please save me
Inside the crunch mercy echoed 
as warm blood soaked the hands 
running through fingers wetly 

I roared in a broken state for help 
a vision flashed is this the end of me
To see the look of worry in my brothers eyes 
He asked if I could stand dazed 
getting up weak my body felt heavy with pain 

I began to smile alive 
saying sorry for being stupid 
he said that he was about to get the priest 
when I got up moaning as usual 
thinking a close call to death

Lord you saved me 
hearing my call Saviour 
feeling the fall cushioned 

Went to the doctors 
he bandaged my head 
cleaning the wound 
saying I was lucky 
giving a letter referring me to hospital

My dearest father he took me there 
I felt warm comfort and love inside the pain 
Got to hospital safe 
with a gash in my head needing staples 
after an hour I was called 
handed a nurse my doctors letter

Inside my mind 
I had flashes 
of internal bleeding 
almost two hours later 
I was called for xrays 
such a long wait

Firstly a nurse washed the wound 
Waiting again for about forty minutes 
another nurse called my name
I was taken away on a wheelchair 
almost panic like 
as they were taking me to the hospital bed 

I became worried
concerned for my own well being 
so I asked if everything was ok 
to be honest and truthful 
they asked if I went to the toilet 
half an hour ago I replied 
as there was awful bruising around the kidneys 
felt like one of my **** cheeks growing up my back 
as I walked the swelling hurt

They smiled and said 
it was a concern now its ruled out 
talk about getting me worried 
a blessing I thought

They told me 
I had to two hairline fractures on my spine 
one in the neck the other lower down 
I began praying whole heartedly  
tears burning my cheeks please Lord 
Thinking how careless stupid I was shortcuts 
sitting back they told me to lie flat and not move 
until the bone specialist came and had a look at me
my hand joined to the pyrmid of the Son 
begging His Father's mercy

As I breathed feeling pain 
I began praying in earnest 
thinking the worst case 
is coming soon bearing tidings 
the doctor came accompanied by a nurse 

I was really worried 
he began getting me 
to bend my legs and knees 
then my arms in different directions 
asking if I felt numbness 
everything was working perfect 
which I could move 
only a little stiff from bruising 
thank God I said into myself Heaven's blessing 
over and over again for each miracle received 

Because in my heart 
i knew truth answered my call 
deeply this was a serious junction in my life
The doctor smiled and said 
someone was looking over me 

I could not stop smiling 
even in pain never felt so happy relieved 
two others stapled my head 
ten the magic number count 

I was told not to lift 
anything heavy for eight weeks 
Talk about a sigh of relief 
they perscribed me painkillers

I am not taking them 
as I am happy suffering 
learning a valuable lesson in life 
miracles happen every day 

I came out all smiles 
when I saw my lovely dad 
A worried look on his face 
then smiling when I told him 
the good news and on the way home 
my drama in what he did not see

I promised God into myself 
I would tell the story true 
Letterkenny is understaffed fact 
Its clear to see in this state of emergency 
If I had internal bleeding I would of been dead 
This is a serious issue 
that needs to be addressed 
The staff were wonderful 
I sing that in the highest praise

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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Second Wind

I wanna live again
be an ageless punk
Have meaningless sex
before I get too drunk
I wanna dance on the hood
of a 'Luxury car'
Right after a fight 
at the neighborhood bar

 All my friends in a frenzy
Black spots in the memory
Drinking a handle
thru a bottle of Pepsi

I wanna live again
I wanna rage till dawn
Waking up unsure
of what drug's I was on
I wanna make out
and take shots from the body
of every girl in the place
who think's I'm a 'Hottie'
Let me surf on the crowd
Scream a kareoke jam
something real heavy
so every body can Slam

 Breathing and sweting
at a random wedding
Lip-locked with the 'Bridesmaid"
before the Sun~is~setting

I wanna live again
I wanna risk it all
Exist on the edge
and intentionaly fall
I wanna jump out of plane's
and wrestle with gators
Sleep with the enemy
as a personal favor
I'll take (1)for the team
another shot-for-the-road
What ever it takes
to stop feeling olde

 No more sleep
"I can rest when I'm dead"
From now on it's just SEX
every where but the bed
From the ceiling to the wall
gunna 'Moon~Walk' till I fall
Add a twist to my fixations
and formulate a close call...

Copyright © Christian Manzanares | Year Posted 2012

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thank you

i fall into the dark deep space
my love my life i cant find a trace
suspended in a starlight galaxy
i plunge ever so gently
toward the sky i fall
my life fading i have lost it all
i reach out my hand to you and you pull me in 
my salvation has come at the final end
you save me with your loving smile
that was a close call
guardian of the sky you have the most precious eyes
glimmering in the sun i awake to your beauty 
it was only a nightmare in the night 
i look to you and know everything is going to be alright
my queen my pillar which i build my love upon 
thank you for all you have done

Copyright © autry emanuel | Year Posted 2013

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Close Call

Death whispered my name today,
a soft seductive coo in my ear.
Proceeding onward to invade my very soul;
And over my body,
I felt the creeping cold take hold.

I closed my eyes to join the dance,
the romance of the dead;
Leading me from what I used to be,
into where I'll spend eternity,
where waltzes will never end for me.
So Free.

The shout of loved ones slingshots me back.
Lying in a cold sweat,
awake and screaming,
perhaps I was just dreaming.
Perhaps if it were more than a whisper,
I would have answered deaths call,
after all.

Copyright © Carl Fraser | Year Posted 2012

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Gramps Has a Close Call

Their day at the beach was much hotter
than usual. Soon Gramps would totter
right down to the ocean.
We warned him his notion
was bad. We’d seen sharks in the water.

Alone, he was happily splashing,
but soon, barely clothed, he was dashing
to shore. He was screaming,
though no blood was streaming.
Just shorts, the big creature was gnashing.

7, red (garnet, birth stone)

August 1, 2018, entered in Carolyn Devonshire's Sea Tales
Limericks Contest

Copyright © Janice Canerdy | Year Posted 2018

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Tainted Desert

A Silent drift
traveling swift
rising out 
settled among your shout
down toward your colon
through the swollen
passing you by
I am why?
close call
solid wall
undo the sail 
giving tale
love and peace
shattered tease
laugh with smile
completely vile 
magnetic strength
$h!t your length
conserving water
needs get hotter
I fill my thirst
drain your energy 
stuck in my quicksand 
spitting out dirt
My tainted desert 

Dedicated to N.D.  (( Perfect Ocean ))

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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Baseball Trash Can Cats Vs Downtown Stray

Listen to poem:

Here we are fans this fine summer day,
to watch Trash Can Cats, versus Downtown Stray.
The field is grand in this deep wooded glen,
pitchers are warming up in the bull pen.

Pitching for the Cats is Crazy Legs Lynx,
his pitching fast and usually sinks.
Throwing for Strays is lefty Greyhound,
he’s tall and lanky but throws very sound.

Dogs take the field, Manx cat at the plate, 
the balls streaking by, he’s swinging too late.
Three strikes he’s out, Greyhound’s having a day,
the Bobtail cat will be next up to play. 

First pitch is low, ump calls it a ball,
the next one’s inside, a very close call.
Greyhound next pitches a ball with great speed,
Bobtail cat swings, bat up to the deed.

High into the air the baseball did soar,
Rocky Retriever swift ran to the chore.
Over the fence it finally had spun,
Cats have the early lead zero to one.

Sam Siamese next hit to first base,
Billy Beagle was right in his place.
Tagged Sam Siamese, out by a snout,
going to be a tough game without a doubt.

Black Bombay was next to at bat,
this was a dangerous black batting cat.
Greyhound threw three balls, speed lighting fast,
Black Bombay cat was not long to last.

Ok fans, Trash Can Cats take the field,
Downtown Stray, the bat skillfully to wield.
First up at bat will be Pauly the Pug,
he’s a bit short but oh boy can he slug.

Crazy Legs Lynx lets a ball go,
Pauly Pug drew back but was a bit slow.
The next ball was placed for Pauly just grand,
Pauly bunted, on first base he did land.

Freddy Fox Hound will next take at bat,
eyeing the pitcher he’ll cream that fast cat,
The next pitch did come blazing toward him,
curving left to right his chances were slim.

The crack of the bat and off the ball went, 
into left field the ball, quickly, was sent.
Left fielder Maine **** cat ran for the ball,
Pauly Pug on first base never did stall.

Pug rounded the bases, a cloud of dust,
running for home plate, as he knew he must.
Russian Blue cat was catching home plate,
Maine **** cats throw just a bit late.

Pauly Pug crossed the plate, the score was tied,
Freddy Fox Hound gave that ball quite a ride.
The next two Stray batters went down in smoke,
an epic baseball game, this is no joke.

The afternoon wore on, battle royal,
both teams competing with highest moral.
Pitchers dueling in highest degree,
all of their skill for everyone to see.

We come at last to the bottom of nine,
Trash Can Cats now weren’t doing so fine.
The score in the ninth still tied one to one,
if Downtown dogs scored the game would be done.

Springer Spaniel up to take his turn,
three times passed Spaniel that fast ball would burn.
Dan Dachshund followed, next in the order,
three pitches all strikes, right on the border.

Bulldog next up, last hold out of hopes,
with slow confidence, to the plate he lopes.
Bulldog practices a swing, thunderous might,
set not to go home a loser tonight.

Stepped to the plate, gave the pitcher a glare,
planning a hit with no mercy to spare.
The first pitch a blur no chance for a swing,
went so fast, he didn’t see the darn thing.

Next pitch was low and they called it a ball,
he stepped off the plate, the pitcher to stall.
Here came a pitch it curved to inside,
Bulldog took a big swing, losing his pride.

Then two more balls were to follow that day,
three balls two strikes on the count they would say.
Next pitch coming, he could see the darn thing,
he reared back and gave his most vicious swing.

The crack of the bat shocked even him,
the Trash Can Cats future now looked dim.
Howe Himalayan cat ran at top speed,
so hoping to catch this game winning deed. 

The crowd were all standing, waiting to see,
the out come this blast from Bulldog would be.
The ball flew so high, then began to fall,
finally landed way over the wall.

The crowd gave a cheer and shouted as one, 
the Downtown Stray had successfully won.
Both teams met in the middle of the field,
shaking of hands, their friendship was sealed.

Robert Gene Stoner Jr ©

Copyright © Robert Stoner Jr | Year Posted 2016

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Close Call

God wasn't ready for me to join him. . . 
       any more than I was ready to make the journey.

Copyright © Judy Konos | Year Posted 2013

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Here, Kitty Kitty

Once upon a time there was an impulsive cat named Bella
A fun loving white and gray small
four-legged meowing furry ball
She loved to sprawl on the doormat
in her owner's humble abode

Bella also had an evil side that would unfold
She was always ready for combat
chasing a small bushy-tailed woodrat named Jerry
that stole anything it's mitts could carry

One day Bella started meowing more than usual as well
as cleaning herself 
usually a sign a rainstorm will pour
A few days later her prediction came true
four inches of rain until it withdrew

Bella, sweet little fella afraid of water
fell asleep on the garage door

Bella's owner didn't notice her when he left 
to get some lumber for repairs at the store
pressed  the remote button closing the garage door

With a look of shock and a surprise on her face
Bella got squished between frame work and closed garage door
her hind legs and  tail hung over

            Everyone shouting,
                        "A cat is stuck between a garage door and the wall"
                                                     "Oh my God, it's Bella"

Neighbors rushed over to remove the frame
carefully removing Bella from being lame

Bella, sweet little fella afraid of water; that was a very close call

Lucky Bella used one of her nine lives after being trapped in garage door
surviving without any injuries, brought the community together
to rescue her

Bella sleeps sprawl on the doormat
in her owner's humble abode
staying away from the garage door
killing time playing with Jerry the woodrat


Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2017

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Early in the MOURNING I usually went out,
To ride my bike on a FLOUR filled route.
BUTT because of the WHEATHER, today I changed,
A nice ride in the evening I had arranged.

I found myself riding THREW the dark scary WOULDS,
A BARE popped out and I dropped all my goods.
I felt the HARE RYSE up on the back of my neck.
Then I HERD myself mumble “oh what the heck”

He was so close I couldn’t help but STAIR,
My life might end, Oh this just isn’t FARE!
The CENT of his breath, replaced the night HEIR,
Yes my friend it was SHIRLEY a scare!

My hands a trembling, I began to feel WEEK,
I don’t know IF EYE ever did blink.
Out of reflex I grabbed ahold of the BREAK,
I thought if I fall down, dead I’ll fake!

Just then I was able to gain control,
I started to PREY, Lord save my SOLE!
All of a sudden I heard God’s voice,
I have your back, just rejoice,

Rejoice I said, what can you mean?
Oh my God, I want to scream!
Then something sticky began to POOR,
Had I been clawed?  I wasn’t SOAR!

A massive hive had fallen down
It LADE on his head like a golden crown!
I NO this sounds a tad bit BAZAAR,
But the honey could’ve filled a giant car!

I tell you the truth, for this I saw!
THEIR was honey on my lips and jaw!
The honey was SUITE, yes I did taste,
WRITE then I didn’t care about the size of my WASTE!

It was quite a SITE, the hive on his head
He was very shaken, as the liquid spread!
The BE’S were swarming around his FIR and KNOWS,
THEY”RE were thousands and thousands that did impose!

The furious animal SACHET a WEIGH
FOUR the Lord had saved me on that terrifying day!
EYE am so thankful I didn’t DYE,
And that ole grizzly WALED on BUY!

It must have BIN one of the WRUST DAZE of my life!
Maybe AISLE carry a switchblade knife?
OAR attach to my bike a wooden OR
And knock him down on the grassy floor!

I could consider the CELL of this old bike
But that would be wrong, CUZ the bike I like!
And even though it was a REEL close call
I didn't get hurt, no NUN at all!

But I HERE its better to BEE safe than sorry,
who NO'S I may ride in a DESSET or safari!
And I may not be WHITTER than the rest,
But God STEEL speaks wisdom into my chest! 

TWO HYMN the day was a total loss,
TOO me it was a day to trust the cross!
To trust that God has a unique plan
Even for me, the simplest of man!

To SUM I bet this story just don’t SEAM fitting.
But there is a point to WITCH i'm getting!
SEA, HEAR is the reason to you I RIGHT
We all make mistakes, some big, some slight!

God uses the simple to confound the wise,
So grammar police, WOOD you please surmise!
It PROPHETS you nothing to point out our SNAFU!
And how would you feel if I was pointing at you?

Grace my DEER should guide HOUR CORSE, 
The love of Jesus, we should enforce!
Now if you STEAL have MIST the mark,
The PRINCIPAL thing,
 If not in love, please muzzle your BARQUE!

Written by: 
Stacey Brown

Copyright © Stacey Brown | Year Posted 2016

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Close Call

Constant jeopardy is something we must accept. An asteroid whizzed by on a near-intercept. Two million miles is not a distance that is far. It was a reminder of how vulnerable we are. The close call happened to be just last night. Many around the world are startled with fright. There are plenty of big rocks floating around in space. If one hits us, it may end the human race. We are not old enough to remember the fate of the dinosaur. Those big reptiles roamed the planet in numbers galore. Something happened, and they are not around anymore. To insure the survival of the species called “man”, don’t you think it’s a good idea to have a contingency plan? From a news story found on

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2014

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COPLA 99 INVOCATION: This Bad Guy World

COPLA 99 INVOCATION : This Bad Guy World

Look : how Great leaders smile at the sky
Proud of the kettle-drum thunder they ply :
Safe underground

Yet tectonic plates inch by inch shy
Away from the Gondwanian crunch nigh :
Earth molten bound

Zhen the Eldest Son shockwaves the gong
Drowns our thunder bound in moth balls :
Nature’s close call

See how Pompei’s pillars go for a song
Come the Krakatoa tsunami walls :
(Do) Great leaders fall

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2014

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2014

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A Beach Menagerie

At daybreak, I approach the beach
across a soft hill  of clover,
past sleeping pandanus,
and down a small sand dune. 
I am enveloped by seawind.

I look up to a flight of swallows,
symbol of returning.
They occupy the airspace of seagulls.
A kookaburra laughs,
somewhere to land-ward. 

A malamute puffs up alongside me,
pulling a lady along, on a long leash.
If she had a small sled, she could mush
on this perfect, white beach. 

Tall lady pines line the shores,
their skirts just out of reach
of sea water. 

Seagulls sit in small conventions,
pecking free donuts, and
line up for cups of coffee.
I imagine their grey wings,
tucked through Aloha  shirts.
A  German shepherd lopes, wolf-like
scatters them; they swoop out to sea, laughing.
They'll be telling the folks back home
of their close call.

Now the sun's rays
have reached the high rises,
awakening diamond fires,
from glass windows.
On the horizon, sunbeams
reach down in straight lines,
like sun-pictures
from a child's storybook.
My step quickens,
as I climb the wooden beach ramp,
back to the street,
alive, for what my day holds.

For Craig's : By the Seashore Contest. 

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney | Year Posted 2013

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Weather Forecast - Twister Terror

"Weather Forecast - Twister Terror" twister touchdown twirling free black funnel cloud spins angrily wind crackling branches on bare trees neighborhoods in panic freeze ... beware windows and open doors take shelter as fierce rain downpours. destroying four homes in a row as lightening bolts ignite scary show rain cascading fast to slow as plants and patios endure blasts and blows ... beware windows and open doors take shelter as fierce rain downpours. as time elapsed the sunshine loomed and happy smiles had fully bloomed 'twas a close call from life to doomed but God's Almighty Power zoomed ... so everyone now cherished life no casualties to end twister strife. *For Joy Wellington's Weather Forecast Contest ...

Copyright © Linda-Marie SweetHeart | Year Posted 2012

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I once had an affaire de coeur  with a foxylady, in fact a randy colleen
In Ireland with a tough older brother looking to punch me out.
But I cold cocked the rambunctious  hooligan, 
A real  old blowhard who knew diddly squat  about fighting.
Oh yeah, he had some mickey mouse  gizmo like a nunchaku
But he was a shilly shallying,  vacillating sort of bloke, 
A tightwad  nitpicker  full of  quintessential  balderdash 
(To put it politely),  
And I just lambasted  his ***.    But,  you know, with hindsight
He did almost usurp  my dubious position with his sister.
Actually I rather think he was an incest-freak,
A what-you-might-call  weirdo trying to insert himself sneakily
Into her good books, (and maybe also my  gay books).
In formal language he was an aged  interstitial  gender-bender .
This stupid  old codger tried to seduce me as well as her.
I didn’t acquiesce, didn’t  dilly-dally  hither and yon,  
Like some  ethereal dancer doing a glissade.
In the midst of an abso-bloody-lutely   horrendous  
Wingding of a drunken celebration
The pinch penny  tried to titillate me 
With his  whole second-hand collection of pictures,
A great caboodle  of ***********:     
And that easy  rider fuzzled me  later in  a jimjam party
And almost brought me out of the closet.
He was some Tallulah,  let me tell you. . . . wow!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Almost the entire poem should be highlighted for 
it contains every word on the given list
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Entered in  Debbie Guzzi’s  Contest       For Love of Language

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2012

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I Hate Lightning

I wish it could rain without lightning
I do not like it at all
When the night is lit up like the day
I always feel it was a close call
I am convinced the lightning wants to get me
I am convinced it lies in wait
For the one moment of my inattention
So it can make me pay
Why must there be lightning
What purpose does it serve
The way it just comes and does what it wants
Lightning has got a lot of nerve!

There was a lightning storm last night so I wrote a fun little ditty about how much I hated it.

Copyright © April Gabriella | Year Posted 2013

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Close Call

William Tell 'tis said

     Split an apple on son's head

          Son nearly dropped dead

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 9 in Carol Brown's "Apples? Oranges?" Contest - May 2011

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2011

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Music to His Ears

At church we thank God for his saving grace,
And honor that is His Holy place.
We don’t realize He sees and hears all,
Not just when we have a close call.

Praise God morning, noon, and night,
During your troubles, when things aren’t right.
He is always there to ease your fears,
Your praise to him is music to His ears.

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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The War is Brewing

The storm is coming; I can hear the thunder in the distance 
The war has begun; there will be no resistance 
Grab your weapons and your hateful state of mind 
Show the enemy who is the most unkind 
The scene is darkened and damp with bitter tears 
Let it all go including all of your fears 

The lightening has struck; the war has broken out 
Hide your wife and kids for they should not go out 
The time is nigh; are you ready to die? 
Spread your wings and prepare to fly 
Right now is no time to cry 
This is only a time to say goodbye 
Let you stand ready, steady on your feet 
Let victory surge through you and your fleet 
Time is slowing down; can you hear the boom of the bombs 
Can you see the red flashes; will you tend to alms 
Fall back with terror filling your eyes 
Who could blame you or your silent cries 

If you wanted Hell then you have come close 
Bodies piling up and stacking by the gross 
Limbs raining down and fire singing your face 
Close call; next time you'll be left without a trace 
Running toward your enemy and screaming in horror 
Searching ways around them kind of like an explorer 

You can't find away; you must go for the kill 
War is Hell; it is quite a nil 
It should not happen; this blood and gore 
Humans fighting each other just to settle a score 
If you hear them coming hide your wife and kids 
I hear they will rip you apart and sell them all for bids 

Copyright © Matthew Corbin | Year Posted 2017

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Our Destiny is the Dirt

Everybody’s destiny is the dirt
Only question is:
Who’s gonna get buried first
Everybody’s last trip is into the earth
Only question is:
Who’s gonna leave away first

Each decision you make
carries a lot of weight
Some seem big, real important ... 
some seem small, of no significance
But a ticket number is assigned to each one;
the larger the number, the longer the days
Yet, someone has to pull the short straw
	Fate and chance — 
wrong house   ...   wrong party   ...   wrong dance
One wrong decision,
and the Reaper with the grim look
got a sickle ready to sever you from the Vine
	Man-made design or Divine — 
wrong café   ...   wrong table   ...   wrong choice of wine
But the decision you made today was a close call,
God’s mercy lengthened your short straw
Another day given,
a delayed encore to the morality play
More time extension
to examine your life, and change some things
But somebody got a purchased ticket
to get sent away

Everybody’s destiny is the dirt
Only question is:
Who’s gonna get buried first
Everybody’s final destination 
is six feet under the earth
Only question is:
Who’s gonna arrive there first

Crossing the line of right and wrong
never meant much to some
Swerving back and forth in life like a drunk
But today wasn’t a good day to drive;
if you had stayed sober, you might still be alive
Bad decision on your part,
now there’s a widow with children
crying out their heart
And you over there playing them gangster games,
flashing the gun, taking other people things
Ill gotten gain now in your coveted possession
Today you were granted your death wish obsession
You ran across somebody with a bigger gun,
who had an even bigger anger itch to kill someone
Terrible decision you made,
put your bullet-riddled body in a pauper’s grave

Everybody’s destiny is the dirt
Only question is:
Who’s gonna get buried first
Everybody’s gotta ticket paid for 
by their sinful deeds on this earth
Only question is:
Who’s gonna get their’s punched first

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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 He beat a rather hasty retreat
  As the ominous predator just
   Missed him by the skin of his teeth,
  Barely escaping with his life, he shook of the dust 

  It was a watering hole he had visited often
   But he never had  such a close call
  It was wise to be more careful then
   Or to not even drink there at all

  But thirst compelled him to go
  To take a risk, quickly this time
 But being just a bit too slow
   He found himself in the jaws of his foe

 So if ever you visit this watering hole
   Take heed, and drink with an urgent speed
 Or you'll end up like those unfortunate  souls
    Whose bones you see scattered by the reeds


Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2012

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Family Gatherings

Mum doesn't do
Family gatherings anymore,
Weddings,christenings and the like,
She's rather go for a walk
Or a ride on her bike.
They always seem
To bring out her worst,
Make her curse
About to burst.
She'd give her own funeral
A miss if she could,
A close call,
But then given a chance
Wouldn't we all.

Copyright © BRIAN EATHERTON | Year Posted 2012

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Close Call

As I read todays Sunday paper,
it brought back a lot of heartache,
it'll be 5 years this coming Wednesday,
when there was a terrible outbreak..
I remember when I was little,
and for the first time saw
The Wizard of Oz,
thought the twister in it looked so real,
thinking Dorothy really did
go through a horrible ordeal...
Fast forward to 2011,
when my husband was
at work up in Spring City,
and my oldest son and I,
worked in the same industrial park,
just for different companies...
meantime my youngest son was 
home alone holding down the fort...
It was sometime in the afternoon,
when my oldest son Paul
came to see me at work,
saying "Mom, I think I'm gonna
head home, and you should probably
come too! There's a bad storm
coming, and it'll be here soon!"
I said "Son I'm going to stay here
at work, because this county is
not on any high alert."
Found out later a tornado did
touch down, on the other side
of our county, killing around 
10 people, leaving a path of
wide destruction...
Now if I ever hear of another
tornado outbreak in northern
Alabama, we will be home
in our cellar all huddled...
and praying together.

Addendum: All told, there were 55 tornados that touched down
in the whole state on April 27, 2011 resulting in 238 deaths.

Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2016