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Refurbished Children's Stories: Wonderland Redux

Alice was just going on eight years old
When Lewis Carroll made her fall down a hole.
The incredible place she imagined she'd found,
Buried in her backyard so far deep underground,
Teemed with people and creatures
With fabulous features
Too strange and bizarre for a child to behold.
Some of their stories Lewis failed to unfold,
But five better known ones will now here be retold.

The Trouble With Tarts
The monarch of Wonderland, 
The vain Queen of Hearts,
Had a prodigious fondness for raspberry tarts.
They were tasty and classy,
But they made her quite gassy,
And whenever she ate one, it gave her the farts.
Her pastry chefs baked them with infinite dread
Because with each royal "raspberry",
Off came someone's head.

The Shadow of His Smile
The Cheshire Cat wasn't evil or vile,
And his manifestations only lasted a while.
But he never complained
As he ebbed and he waned
Until all that remained was a big toothy smile.
Not quite a surprise,
But neither anticipated,
He just sat and conversed
As he evaporated.

The Brain Drain
Neither Tweedle twin was renowned as a "comer",
And making clear sense of things was a bummer.
Their brains needed tweaking,
And logically speaking,
No one could actually tell Dum from dumber.
Identical twins were Dee and his brother,
Sometimes even they couldn't tell who was which, 
Which the other.

Tempest In a Teapot
Tea party etiquette's an important matter,
It's considered bad manners to slurp, spill, or splatter.
And never sip from a cup
That is bottom side up,
That exception's reserved for the very Mad Hatter.
Why do such a ridiculous thing's hard to tell,
Perhaps he just didn't like Earl Grey all that well.

A Hare -y Situation
The March Hare needed something to keep him on track
So he'd stop losing time he could never get back.
Or was it his fate
To always be late?
His time management skills had a serious lack.
He didn't need pep talks
Or cute knicker knack words, 
Just a new pocket watch, 
One that didn't run backwards.

The Further Adventures
After this you'd think Carroll
Would be finished with Alice
And let her live out her days
In a manor or palace.
There was one more adventure
In which he'd appear her,
But falls and scrapes take their tolls,
So no more rabbit holes.
To start the next one, it's true,
All the child had to do
Was walk up to and then
Simply step through a mirror.

Copyright © Jim Slaughter | Year Posted 2018

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The Nigerian dream (National Anthem Revised)

Arise, O compatriots, 
Let’s come together to build the broken walls,
Arise, your sinking ship for safety calls;
Let’s rebuild our heroes’ humble halls.

Nigeria's call obey,
Like a baby she yearns and yells for succor;
The spears and swords of war grieves her sour,
Let arise to save her heart that’s faint and poor.

To serve our fatherland,
And not to sell our brain to the western pest,
Nor make our green garden, a terrain for test;
Let’s arise to give our fatherland the very best.

With love and strength and faith…
Not with our grains soaked in gall and greed;
We have a patriotic plea and a noble need,
To build a nation with love: a colorful creed.

The labour of our heroes past…
Yearn and yell for our hand to uphold
The sure substance in our state’s stronghold,
So we can remain a fat and flourishing fold.

Shall never be in vain…
Let’s furnish our field to stop brain drain;
Let’s shield our seas from spills and stain,
Let’s get our gains without playing with pain.

To serve with heart and mind…
A land where there is hope and health;
A land where lords and labors walk in wealth,
 A land where giants and ants share same strength.

One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity
Walking in wealth and wisdom,
Seen by sons and strangers as a kind kingdom,
Where everyone is sure of soaring to stardom.

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2010

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Main-Stream Media Have-A-Heart Trap

Each day foul critters infest our house
Though not by slipping in like a mouse
We just press a button
Or buy a subscription
To get news wrote or spoke by a louse

These creatures of the two legged kind
Try hard each day to persuade our mind
With sly information
That helps the causation
Of the falling apart of mankind

They tout the need for unearned welfare
Claim hard earned profits are so unfair
And granting amnesty
Is a good policy
Plus growing our debt is fine they swear

For those who work hard earning their way
Give what they can and put some away
Are sick of the slackers
Prodded by the backers
Whose aim is using half truths to sway

It’s hard to ignore those talking heads
But it’s not right to tear them to shreds
Yet there’s a solution
And with execution
We can spread liberty in their stead

We’ll put Obama pic’s and golf caps
Along with a taped speech that he yapped
In a human sized crate
Coz it’s time to create
A main stream media Have-A-Heart trap

Like it or not, these traps are humane
But anyways, we’ll have much to gain
So, once we have caught
All those who have brought
Disinformation causing brain drain

We’ll squeeze all of them in through a pipe
Along with politicians who hype
And immorality
Into a sphere of the livable type

In there they can tax to the extreme
And promote their harmful fairness schemes
But when they’re out of dough
They will lip read our NO!
Since their bubble is a sound proof dream!

Copyright © David Fisher | Year Posted 2013

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Brain Drain

I've lost my keys a million times,
So often that it really seems a crime.
I think it very odd where they turn up,
One time I found them in my coffee cup...

You might think Id keep them in my purse,
But that just makes things so much worse.
That thing resembles a bottomless pit,
Couldn't find nuthin' there I must admit...

They say it's caused by brains that shrivel,
But I gotta think that's just pure drivel.
If so ,today I probably wouldn't be alive,
Since I've been loosing keys since I was 25...!

Why can't I find my keys?
 For the contest..

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2010

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A Sense of Balance

A sense of balance is all I need to cope,
so I don’t hang myself with a rope.
I’ve got to get a grip on life and keep my sanity.  
God can’t save me if I don’t have serenity.

Nourishing nutrition is necessary.
A light diet is right, so I don’t have a coronary.
Exercise excites blood flow, so muscles move me.
Remember there’ll be brain drain with too much TV. 

No alcohol to infest my body and impair judgment.
Mind won’t be in a grind so I can write well and not lament.
Learn from books and others as I don’t know it all.
Hard knocks of life lessens mistakes, so I don’t fall.

So what else is there to tell?
Well, the weekend is here and I want to hear the church bell toll.
Pray a lot and purify my heart with the psalms of the Lord.
Sense of balance gone if I don’t hang onto His Word. 

Copyright © Raj Napal | Year Posted 2016

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Aa Nonsense Poem


Now as I sit here
With an O shaped mouth
Wishing to write something
Ending up writing nothing...

Tired I am
Of this common brain drain
Greeting us all in this abode...

I can't write
I wish to work
None is here...

My dream job knocks
I open the door for it
I see it not...

Is it lurking?
Has it gone?
Is it coming back?
Was it just a flash in the pan?
I know not..

Here I wait patiently 
For it
Writing nonsense
Which might make sense...
Does it make sense?
I know not...

Send to me a helper
Before all goes awry...
Here I cry

I need it
Before it boils over!!!!

Copyright © Adesina Idris Dolapo | Year Posted 2013

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I Did It My Way

I wanted to be different not like a pattern on a bench
Wore different styles than others guess I am a cussed wench

If the Thing of the moment is A, then I look to be B or C
People think I am bring awkward I am just being me.

Is it wrong to want to be different, should we all think the same
What a boring life we all would have that's what I call Brain Drain

Same when  I write poetry, I look at what the contests ask
Go away and immediately, look for a different approach

If being  different is odd then odd is my "in thing"
Glad to be an independent not a puppet on a string

Penned 15/06/2014

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2014

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Is There No Place for Us

Is there no place for us ? 
In this world of work and fuss ?
We came to fulfil our dreams
Leaving our noble motherland with goodbye tear streams 
We are prisoners of a dark dank cell called race
Named so because of the exploitation due to the colour in our face  
When I read about recent racial killings 
My spine underwent chillings
The human in me cried , “ HOLY CHRIST “
Why America, why this new twist ?
This event shall mark the start of a new genocidal war 
Which is sure to leave a non-erasable scar
We were afflicted by a chronic disease called BRAIN DRAIN
That forced us to auction our talents to another plain
We curbed our ITs to get job in Wall Street
We sacrificed our banks for a Goldman Sachs sheet
But why did we do such a fatal and lethal mistake ?
To be gunned down before the eye’s of our blood relation’s future at stake ?
Or to be wrapped down as orphaned dead carcass ?
Or to let our heart stabbed down by – “YOU ARE AN ALIEN“  dialogues ?
I just can’t believe these scenes 
That were once abolished by noble genes 
Why did Swami Vivekanand cry DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS
Why did you go along with Martin Luther King Jr.
To fight the racial discrimination career ?
You were the one who gave Rosa Parks
How come could you forget Mandela too soon ? 
You had Kofi Annan as your U.N secretary
You honoured Gandhiji and Modiji with a place in your Madame tussauds
You called upon Kalam ji to precide as NASA’s wise lord
Why did you help Malala or Satyarti?
You had experienced the legacies of Mr. Obama and Lincoln
You awarded Nobel for Wangari Mathai for her green belt 
You could have left behind the legacies of the Olympians 
Why did you sing “ WE ARE THE WORLD “ and “ WE'RE IN THE SAME BOAT BROTHER “ ?
With all sorts of races joined together , oh well whatever 
Why did you Oscar us for Life of Pi , Slumdog Millionaire ?
Did Racial discrimination come in command then ?
None Were of your colour or your demeanour
Friends and Children of the world listen 
Don’t see black bodies as illegal 
Don’t see Coloured bodies as irrational 
Don’t avoid Hindus Muslims or other religions
Love is the only message of every faith
All we ever really need is your love 
Its your talent and personality that should overshadow the world now
Instead of experiencing the darkness of the tomb
Experience the message and faith of the womb
Be a patriot ,
Not a dark nationalist tyrant
If you don’t push this task of unification 
The world will die of disintegration
Yes Dudes 

Copyright © Balambal Suryanarayanan | Year Posted 2017

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Sliced Her Like A Knife Slice

The Story: 

ragged faded 
lady hoarder, 
diva boarder, 
dancin' to the tune 
of her Dandelion Wine. 

milky-eyed maiden, 
peddles paper posies, 
masticating carnivore, 
toothless, useless whore. 
not on her best night! 
not anymore! 

acclimated alleyways, 
rodents without fear, 
muddle-minded Faustian , 
soul redeeming martyr - 
thirty-seventh year. 

The Memories: 

broken boned beauty 
forged in her mind, 
conscientious duty 
lost to time. 

could have been 
a skater, 
rockefeller rink, 
sooner came later, 
locked and loaded link. 

pride of Arizona, 
class of sixty-one, 
a devotee of luna, 
loves her remy rum. 

many bitter winters, 
bitter winter winds, 
sliced her like a knife slice, 
bled her bone thin. 

The Story: 

gave away her gravity, 
east L.A. 
weighted down reality 
roles she plays. 

saddle-strapped sad hag 
gone insane, 
never gonna' lose 
'cause she's never in the game. 

always aware where the 
light lays low to the ground 
livin' in a clap-trap 
jingle-jangle town. 
runs for the shade 
when the sun goes down; 
safety in crazy, 
crazy shades and shadow 
hides her braided hair 
and her Royal golden crown. 

salts of lithium 
took away her name; 
doesn't even know 
who the hell to blame. 

wants to be codified, 
once and for all, 
as prophets once prophesied - 
another Jackie O. 
with her hag-bag shop rags 
ready to go. 

time is always lazy for a lady goin' crazy!! 
midnight, brain-drain, middle of the boulevard, 
ragged lady bag-hag screamin' out her rage. 

The Lady Speaks: 

up there with your pixilated palindromes, 
sippin' fresh-dipped sewer juice 
and french champagne - you blue-blooded, high-borns, 
listen to the tale that I wail at you. 

i'm a sack-cloth, busted, shackled crusted scab, 
gonococcal wet-brain - slippin' on the ledge 
of pain on pain, while livin' on the edge 
in the whorin' pourin' rain. God died, I cried, 
now i'm lookin' for some gain. 

leave your flush plush penthouse high-flying life; 
see your bleeding sister, see your bleeding wife. 
that's right, once a wife, mother to your kids. 
your kids are gettin' shifty, siftin' on the street; 
private school, brittle-veined, maggot-tagged gods, 
waitin' for the reaper with the universal odds. 

i'm brain-drained, insane, dissipated plain, 
a bucket full of truth even Jesus wouldn't claim! 
so crucify your comfort, your gentrified name, 
then bring it to the street, *****, let me see your shame. 

Copyright © tom mcmurray | Year Posted 2011

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Why, when, and did we reached there ourselves??
     When have they become our voices, and spokespersons??
         When kins, religious, and regions become our boundaries haphazardly??
           Why am I behind from time?
             Why am I so dull with fish brain??
               Why are my progress  monitored??
                Why am I given freedom in one hand, and then tied on the other hand as slave??
                 Were is my voice heading, and how can I talk with nukes on my neck??
                Where is the money you promised to keep for me Mr corruption i am Mr fish brain asking??
                Why my brain drain deceive me to abandoned my fatherland??
               Why you aided my abandoning my young pastures for your already greener one??
              Why?. Cause thank God that I am now learning that which is forbidden from me??
            Why and what are these destruction made for, and for whom??
         Why are these knowledge forbidden for me??       
      Why?. When some are producing, and are allowed to test this destruction??
Why can't you come home to feed our pasture? If not our pasture will never be greener??
Old old peom from my secondary schools days. Thank you for reading.

Copyright © Umar Kakamu Aliyu | Year Posted 2015

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The whirlwind of peace is dead and long gone
At the present time, war and conflict have overtaken all as the future is born
This oceanic wave of chaos is so strong; it’s dragging us deep down its depth
The patriots are dead and gone; the pastors are preaching death
A dead decaying love of a nation is all left in this grave of a country
I trusted in a constitution; that constitution assassinated me without empathy
This family once had an understanding and co-existence
Now, there are absence of many things and presence of many things
We are searching for the essential things but kept on finding the unimportant things
The mountain that sheds salt is no more; there was peace.

The colossal mystery of life has been uncovered; all there is to it is meaningless
A life of no purpose; what then is the purpose of life in itself?
When peace is just another word in the dictionary; terror becomes a legal practitioner
The sins of the children is far greater than the sins of the fathers that befall them
Sodom and Gomorrah is just a shortage of words for the immoral acts of this generation
Morality lost its stand and fell in the mud and it is now used to build mud house
The prodigal abominations of the past found its lost way back into the constitution
The things that are feared to be said are now done and right protected by the law
Who can stop the evil doers now, since only they can stop themselves?
They are the fountain of justice; busy perpetrating injustice.

So enveloped in assorted problems; the nation is lamentably foxy
The giants unlike many years ago appears to be a continental dwarf
We are not safe anywhere; so over treated with ignominy in overseas
More worrisome is the fact that brain drain has become a common case
The brightest and bestest are ignored in the shadow of mediocrity
Trailing behind the footsteps of our leaders; learning continuous immoral legacies
Leading lean; placing a leaning hope on non-lenient leaders
Without blinking any glance of empathy on the suffering masses; looters are looting us
There was but there isn’t now; how can the past allow the present to build the future?
The pains of pain; all we need is a total recovery; let there be peace!!!

										D’ Poetic Beast.												31st August, 2013.

Copyright © Victor Alexander | Year Posted 2014

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What idiots we are, thinking a hard
day’s work will suffice; the hurt that
is measured in years, unconsciously digs
deeper with every sunrise. “I taught these
guys everything they know.” A voluntary
brain drain, tapped to exhaustion, each
one passing out to a brighter world, only
soon to forget. Basic humanity being squeezed
out, thus giving room only to their unmoralistic
company charter!

These non-productive morons, that holds all
power, hardly able to keep a straight face,
when insincerely apologizing for distributing
that dreaded piece of white paper!

© Harry J Horsman  1989

Copyright © harry horsman | Year Posted 2010

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                                        Harb Holl, a hilarious puck
                               Grabbed some crazy crabs in the ruck
                                         He cracked under strain
                                          A grievous brain drain
                                     He fell off the back of a truck 

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2014

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Brain Drain



Oshkosh – OH MY GOSH!!

Butt crack
gone slack


Plumb Sexy

No stench
wrench wench


Blue pill
bag fill

Pay Day

No rush
He’s flush


submitted to – FABULOUS FUN FOOTLES – Poetry Contest

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2017

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Lucid Socialism and Nuclear Safari

Socialize your piety
Whilst still capitalizing on figurines
Maximum bust on trophy shelf
Doing it all in cutthroat seas

Wandering in lucid dreams
Charging up energy to believe
Now out on dottted lines
Where traffic does confine
Minds strapped against time

Look around towards horizon's smile
the lustrous safari outstretch 
Lions making disco rhymes under sun
Men in jeeps adrenaline to run

Gravity is patient
She does not force
Talking heads beyond
What is subsidized-
Caring for elderly and poor
Is that economy brain drain?
Are we that atomized?

Copyright © Justin Debrosse | Year Posted 2012

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Lyrics III Poetry Contest

"WITHER/Lyrics III- Dream Theater" poetry contest entry.
Don’t rock the boat, they said Over and over and again and again “Don’t rock,” can infect the brain Unclog my head: harvest the grain O, we need to rock before the music withers Before the mean ones become the winners A certain music there is That cries out for brothers and sisters To shock, join the flock, bust through the blocks – Rock the boat, rock the train Don’t hate the refrain: Not to rock the boat Reignite your brain; no more brain-drain! Dazzle, frazzle, ragmatazzle your brain ‘Tired of that old game They wanna deny change! It’s happening again and again Don’t you see it, feel it, deal it? Change will break your chains – Don’t chain your brain Brother, Sister! Something’s gonna give Even when Jesus comes again Something’s gonna change Vote the rock; Rock the boat Rock the Vote, Vote the Rock Rock of the Ages Unleash the SELF in Thee.

Copyright © Anil Deo | Year Posted 2017

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Decommissioned Pen

Trite query from pen so weary
My muse has blown a fuse
The light that once shined has declined
My fleeting hope hangs from a rope
A vagabond whose muse did abscond
With illuminating spark leaving him in the dark
Out on a lark; my scuttled engine in park
Night and day I recon the lexicon
But the literary discourse is no recourse
To a stray itinerate who has lost his way
The sty in my eye has begun to cry
The pus is no fuss; my page is dry
A rhyme for a dime would be sublime
Perhaps, a bartered verse in my purse
Will break the curse, or still worse
Might stain with shame my languishing pain
Incarcerating my fraudulent pen in the critic's den
Oh, if words would rain then my brain drain
Would filter inspiration to my perspiration
The fertile strain if only but a grain
Would fertile sprouts shoot extinguishing my doubts

Copyright © Stephen Parker | Year Posted 2011

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Of The Brain

Philosophical usually means “of the brain” To this guy it usually means a real brain drain As we all get older Our brains still smoulder But our drive takes a detour to a different plane

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2017

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Indian Quickie

The muse is like gurgling coffee within the poet ready to ooze.
Home study primer serving poetry quickie’s off the shelf.
Lesser mortals have run off with the muse. Crying foul?
Nobility gone, ladies have polished their parlour smiles.

Brain drain from Manchester, the pull down micro mini muse.
‘Hello Madam!’ Mellows Derozio, the idol smashing heathen.
Mother Kali, chastening beer swinging reckless Indians.
Indian gallant chivalry whoring around after firang Gods?

Poetry is the exploding of image words, larger than life.
Super coherence of the conscious-unconscious thought.
The Hologram of expanding known or unknown elements.
Over to Plato, Good emotions? ‘Indian taste, Chetna’ - No good!

Copyright © jai Garg | Year Posted 2008

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    Brain drain

Copyright © george seal | Year Posted 2017

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The stamp and the stigma

The office of credibility
Stamps their approval
A latent rising over the stalk

Chafing, is the stigma
Medicalizing or criminalizing
The avid loophole watermarks
Blurry in their dispossesion
Searching for means to an end

What end of perspective?
Could ask for proof
Of insanity
In a doctors authoritative opinion

Avoid the brain drain
because the permanent records track
Putting the mark of cain
On social histories of the past

Copyright © Justin Debrosse | Year Posted 2012

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Dimple simple

Dimple simple 

Rain train meet the 
Station of hot land 
Brain drain flow 
Glow like mud 
Glass class finish 
Like a fish in the 
Tale of male 
Who saw a picture 
Nature mature 
Dimple  simple 
On your face... 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri 

Copyright © jagdish bajantri | Year Posted 2017

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Back pain, ankle strain, brain drain 
Wake up dead no pain, no strain 
Positive thinking eyes are blinking
Sun moon and stars red rosy mars 

Negative thinking my feet are stinking
Just want this day to slip away 
Friends and family gather round 
Sun is shining on the ground 

Beach and ball memories for all
Children playing always hurrahing
Peace and prosper only proper
Best is yet to come before I’m done

Copyright © niall fulham | Year Posted 2018

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Sometimes I search my heart
When a poem I try to start
And believe me it is a real pain
When you find yourself with acute brain drain.

The words just do not seem to want to flow
Why this happens I do not know
I seem to get a mental quirk
And that is what makes my brain refuse to work.

So please forgive this TERRIBLE write
Due to the fact that my brain is not working right
Maybe the blight will leave my brain
And I will be able to start writing again.


Copyright © Bob Taub | Year Posted 2018

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Verse scripts tell
All’s not well
Where we dwell

Lines of rhymes
Stretch lost time
As gloom chimes

Words try wit
In odd fit
In loose bits

Rhymes seem dull
As words cull
A dumb skull

Thought seems vain
To hook plain
That brain drain

Less seeds more
As touch spores
From deep core

Purge thoughts fake
As gist makes
A fine take

Line by line
Work health fine
In salt brine

In sure rush
That odd blush
In swift flush

Leon Enriquez
24 January 2018

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2018