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Mistake Made Right

Some get things right the first time.
Most of us do not.
Mistake. Mistake.
A rubber cake.
Okay, it is not edible, but if we roll it into balls, can we bounce it?
Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.
What did you do wrong? My mother asks me.
If I knew that, I would be able to make a fortune.
Nine bouncy balls out of a cake mix.
Imagine how smart that is.
Mistakes can be wonderful!
My friends and I follow my cake down the sidewalk,
Not eating it. 
But enjoying

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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The general election.

The general election fast approach, reelin lies,
The political jellyfish elite, pretend to have spines,
For a short period, no vague indifference, the illusion of ties,
Not that bind, we’re all blind, alluded by schoolboy arguments and whines,
Their spin dominates the headlines, whilst
Natural disaster victims rot amongst the flies,
Why is false economic promise more important than human lives?
These luciferian suits are nothing they try to contrive, 
but a vacant lot, a vehicle for evil, running with knives,
so when they declare we all slaves or another war, who’ll be surprised?
The election, intelligence suspended in animation, 
succumbed to their eventual procrastination,
their balls out nature beggars belief and captures our imagination,
thinking these toads can change our lives for the better?
They're just a criminal organisation!

Vote UKIP.

Copyright © Anonymous Norman | Year Posted 2010

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Visions of you Visions of you Part Two

Visions of you

I see a knight in armour – one of King Arthur’s – ready to do battle
at the drop of a word – for Queen, country, god and ego.
I see Babe Ruth, knocking balls out of the game,
in order to be the winning team – for god country and soul.
I see Amelia Earhart, taking on the air, the skies, the world
– for ego, spirit, soul, heart and the abused child / woman in her.
I see Muhammad Ali, putting on the gloves in order to knock out
all wood be challengers to her position, control, power, rightness.
I see a chess pro, taking out the pawns, the knights, the bishops,
rooks, the queen – check mating the king – putting him in his place,
- under her thumb, under her queen - winning the game.
I see a friend chocking up in the crunch – makes the wrong choices –
ends up missing, sinking the eight ball that she is now behind.
Never winning the game she so desperately wants to play well.

I see a friend who needs so much more than she is,
who needs so much more than she ever gets,
who needs to be a lover and loved,
who needs to be loved as a lover.

B. J. “A” 2
July 29th, 2003

Visions of you 
Part Two
De ja vu - I see a sergeant, major, barking out orders, to all, 
as if this world were her own private army.
I see a little Hitler, – mustache and all – trying to rule 
her tiny, little universe – make it fit her ideal dream.
I see a Johnnie Cochran, and his dream team ( your demons ), 
O J Simpson, the defendant, convincing herself and the world 
she is truth, she is right, she is might, and as  Jonnie Cochran, 
the lawyer, the mouth piece shooting down - all reason, all logic, 
all attempts – by denying, by lying, by deception, by trying 
to baffle brains with bull ****, by throwing every irrelevant 
- verbal diarrhoeaed – thought and word into the fray, 
in order to distract, avoid the issues, the truths, to be right.
I see a Jim Jones, a Joseph Smith, preaching her gospel, 
a gospel according to her - designed to have the sheep, 
the blind, the week, the lost souls of this planet  
to follow her path without question, and in the end, 
sacrifice “ ALL ” for the sake of her fragile soul,
her floundering, lost spirit, her ill ego.
I see a friend, with a heart of gold, if truth be told.
More of a friend to those who have done her wrong.
then to those who truly care, about her welfare.
B. J. “A ” 2
July 29th, 2003

Copyright © William J. Jr. Atfield | Year Posted 2014

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The Adventure of My Boy and Mumbo Jumbo

.....Mommy walks and Jamie toddles inside the BIGGEST plane. 
Jamie thought he was inside its belly. The storm roars outside. 
The thunder is loud inside the metal beastie. They sit. Lightening flashes. 
Jamie screams “No!” The plane swallows them like Pinocchio in the whale! 
Jamie thought of his toy plane at home.
    The REAL Mumbo Jumbo jet roars, speeding down the runway. “Good morning everyone.” 
A voice says “This is your Captain for the flight from Bangor to New York. Once we’re above 
the clouds the weather should clear. Remain in your seats.” Jamie wasn’t going anywhere. 
“How’d Mumbo Jumbo get so big?” Jamie thinks. He looks out the port hole at the lights. 
Jamie begins talking to the plane. Mumbo Jumbo roars and whooshes, as if to reply. “Is that 
you little one?” The planes vents ask. “How’d you get so small?” “Mommy and Daddy made 
me!” He chatters to the drone of the engines. “Mommy and Daddy are makers? Oh that it 
explains it. That’s How you new my name.” Mumbo hisses. “Makers know everything. What’s 
your name, Tiny?”
    “Mommy calls me My Boy.”
    “You will be My Boy too!.” Says Mumbo. “For this ride I will take care of you and mommy.”
    “But, but YOU ATE US!” Jamie whimpers. “Why’d you do that?” 
    “Ate you? I didn’t eat you My Boy. I’m keeping you safe inside me, just like Mommy did 
before you were born.” BOOM went the thunder. Crackle ZAP went the lightening.
    Jamie screams. Mumbo Jumbo rises up, up above the storm and into the sunlight. A round 
circle of lemony yellow falls into Jamie’s lap. It was so warm. He stops crying. The clouds 
look like cotton balls out the window just like the fields in Peter Rabbit story!
    Mommy let Jamie down and he runs up the aisles. He chases the lady with the orange 
juice! He peeks in a tiny room with a potty! Suddenly, his ears hurt and he runs to Mom. 
She’s brought his old bottle and sucking it makes his ears pop! After a lunch of fruit, Mom 
gives him cookies on the small table. Soon a voice comes through the air “We will be landing 
at the airport in five minutes. Return to your seats! Buckle –up! “Daddy?” Jamie says. “No, 
the pilot!” Mom smiles. “Ready to land My Boy?”
    Jamie was bouncing with excitement. The plane bounces and jiggles across the 
runway. “Thank you!” Jamie says to both “Mum’s”
“You’re welcome.” Mumbo Jumbo and Mommy say.
    Off they go to Grandpa’s arms, and with a bye wave of wing the plane leaves.
    “Good bye My Boy.” Mumbo Jumbo roars! “See ya next time!”


Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2010

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Coming to Play

I awoke this morning without a heavy heart
for today is the day,gotta get a quick start.
There will be bats and balls out in the front yard.
There will be battles to win,Transformers,and cars.
We'll have fun and laugh til our stomachs explode.
I'm sure there will be toys left in our commode.

There will be snacks and cookie crumbs all over the place.
We might even have time for a bicycle race!
For today is not just an ordinary day,
for today is the day my son comes to play.
He only gets dad for just a short while,
so we ain't got much time to enjoy our smiles.

Got so much to do to fullfill every wish.
We might go to the lake and catch a few fish.
Then it's time to bathe and read a few books.
We're both getting tired,you can tell by our looks.
Then we fall fast asleep dreaming about our day,
It's always a blessing when my son comes to play.

Copyright © Dustin Self | Year Posted 2012

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The old ram knew that something was rotten
that nature had somehow forgotten
to put in the stuff
to make him ram tough
somehow making his balls out of cotton

John G. Lawless

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2017