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If Time Stood Still

If Time Stood Still,
I’d... take a suicide pill

I can hear me wife say
“All in a days work”
Just imagine 
Non-stop DIY would drive me berserk

She’ll say fix this, fix that, fix this again 
And I can’t say
I’ll do it tomorrow, she’ll drive me insane
I’ll be on me knees begging for one more day

The nagger she is,
 She’ll nag me to death
And when that woman starts talking,
She dosen’t take a breath 
Her words come outta her mouth
 Faster than an automatic oozie 
I’m still repairing the holes 
In my jacuzzi

So please keep the loving
It makes the world go round
And i’ll always have a tomorrow
If you stop 
I will drown
And be killed in a endless day of nagging sorrow

**for my Wilma who asked me to write this poem**

Copyright © Sidney Hall Mad Poet | Year Posted 2010

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All in a Days Work

God created the heavens and Earth,
Presided at a child’s birth,
Made man from a pile of clay,
Welcomes saints to glory everyday.

God smote the Philistines and Egyptians in a fight,
Put the stars and Moon in place for light,
Provided manna for his people to eat,
Placed all the Earth at man’s feet.

God gave his son up to the beast,
Decided the sun would rise in the east,
Created yesterday and today and called it time,
Allowed the savior to be convicted of a crime.

God raised his hand and parted the sea,
Just to set his people free,
Brought poor souls back from the dead,
While listening to a child’s prayer before bed.

God gives food to the baby bird,
Inspired the truth in his written word,
God set in place all existing fates,
Judges all who pass the Heaven’s gates.

To get the message thru to you and me,
God is mighty and simple as he wants too be,
From miracles to simple tasks, for all he has done and will ever do,
All he wants is love from you.

Copyright © Timothy McGuire | Year Posted 2018

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Wolf of the North

Smooth wood 
Worn by water and air
Never polished 
Escaped by the hands that touched it
Ropes and tackle attached streaming up towards the sails
All foreign to a land lover.
When tied at bay she seems so tame and easy to control
But set her free among the briny sea and you will see what she can bring
And bring it she will and take it with pride and gusto
For the winds were made for her sails and masts that anchor them to the deck
The seamen go about their business as though in a dance or a jig perhaps
But one not for feint of heart
They cuss and scream and talk about ones mother all in a days work
Unless of course you cross a line then there’s trouble about
In the night of the galley or the berth were there may lay trouble can find a weak man
And leave him there till day.
But it only takes a warning for each man has a job to do
And without him that means more work for the others
And less sleep between call
So they sort out their business and carry on as one must
But don’t think you can sleep the day away and not get a lump on the head
For they are watching you and you them and never in between shall a man lay his head down before his time.

Now the sea’s rolls in and o’er the bow tis time take on ones rest.  First call comes early and some men like it the best.  I prefer four bells in the wee hours of the morn’
When the rooster crows if you can imagine that at sea and the Southern Cross is high in the sky.  I’ll take my chance with the wind and the sea and see what God brings.  And I’ll swing her around and head for the China Sea if that what fancies me.
For we have been on this ship for more than five years and yet to make land for a day.
A ghost ship you may call us.  Lost at sea and never found.  But our wood is smooth and berths are clean and we never lie about love and women.  For Captain Peterson was an honest man taught us the books of the Lutherans.  But we buried him in an island town about ten years ago.  And since then I have sailed this ship to heaven and to hell.  It’s time to rest and bring her to shore but now no one wants to leave.  Our land legs are gone and the desire to walk with the weak leave us less than desire.  So shove off again and head to the seas and I’m sure the wolf of the north wind will find us.  And we will laugh and cuss till she brings us under.

Copyright © Stephen Kilmer | Year Posted 2014

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My daily work to pursue; all chores to be assigned
Organization is the key, thus concluding in a peace of mind.
The future I cannot foresee, however solid planning in my hands
My employees won’t be led astray, they faithfully obey my commands;
I am patient showing them the right way, hence the day starts with morning bright 
Every job is taken by grace while their working hours filled with delight.
Knowing I’m satisfied by looking at my face. High standards and higher they rise,
Pleased I am and my solemn gratitude I pay, rewarding them with a bonus prize.
These faithful workers with me they stay; I am glad that faith made me judicious.

Copyright © Nehpets Gnik | Year Posted 2015

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All In A Days Work

Cleaning the house
Washing dishes
Cooking dinner
It's all in a day's work

Household chores
It's all in a days work

Outdoor work
Running errands
It's all in a day's work
Which like, Groundhog Day, occurs, day after day. 

Emily Krauss

Copyright © Emily Krauss | Year Posted 2016

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At the top she stands pretty
Like a tiger on top
Flowing like a Butterfly wrapped in gold
Beneath the throne
Her beat is swift
Jay z and Drake don't know about this chick
Like Nicki and B,
On the flawless tip
Slicker than average
She on own her flow
Before she was the shorty that hid in the back
Wearing plastic crowns and pearls
Turning them Into art 

Following the rhythm of Maya's words
The beat hit like a ton of Bricks
 the flow of her heart
She Dance to it
The stumble is what made the passion
I flow through intensity
Step to it like a cat
Diamond necklaces and skinny jeans
She run the streets,
 like a catwalk of a fashion show
Harder the work
Better the Grind
Seeking the fierce
Through tears
Through pain
Through countless heart break
She made it to the top
While pulling A+`s 
representing the sistas on the block 
In class 
Making the history 
Honoring the hustle
All in a days work
She made it to the top
No questions
No answers
It's about to be mine
I hold my Crown high
It's do or die.

Copyright © Taylor Cathey | Year Posted 2015

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Ta Da

I could, but it wouldn't really be the same
Boy meets girl
Salt, pepper
Green eggs, ham
All the imperfect complimentary, and no 'Ta Da'
Not a surprise

All of the time in the world to spend and no leg to stand on
Every time she says so, it's like it doesn't 

My time is valid, I am certain of it
All about it
Do I convince the finest, the weakest? 
Do I convince myself?

All in a days work, and the gain of it was worth the pain of it
No pain, no strain, no gain and adequecy.
Last time makes me matter of fact, and suprisingly enough,
This is it now


Copyright © Jessica Saltzer | Year Posted 2010