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The Samoan Bash by Suzadail Jr., Vince

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The Samoan Bash

I was working in the Capitol late one night 
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
Nancy Pelosi began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise
She did the bash
She did the Samoan bash
She did the bash
It was a liberal smash
She did the Bash
It gave me a rash 
She did the bash
She did the Samoan Bash
She denied American Samoa minimum wage
Somebody left her out of her cage
She could care less, no conscience found
So Star Kist stock didn’t go down
She did the bash
She did the Samoan Bash
She did the Bash
It was a liberal smash
She did the bash
It was her husband’s flash
She did the bash
She did the Samoan bash.
Now all is peaceful in socialist land
As we watch our retirement sink in the sand
You have to give the devil her due
When she’s done shafting them
She’ll shaft me and you too.
She did the bash 
She did the Samoan bash
She did the bash
Now they have no cash
She did the bash
She believes we’re all trash
She did the bash
She did the Samoan bash.

This verse was inspired by "The Monster Mash" which wasn't near as scary as 
Congress and the former Speaker of the House

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2010

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 Quietly filling
 deep cups of the red blossoms.
 The morning sunrise.

 The rock bowl is full.
 Filled by the rain for the birds
 and for my quiet mind.

 Dried stalks of rhubarb
 turn brittle in the summer.
 Born again next year.

 The sparrows come back
 to say thank you for their home
 I lovingly made.

 My red dogs eyes gleam.
 Before eating, her eyes ask
 is it OK Dad?


 The strong bowstring sings.
 My arrow will find its home
 I turn to sip tea.

 First Love
 How reluctantly
 the shy, young man moves forward
 toward the full, red lips.


 In the maiden’s bed
 He found his heaven and hell.
 Such was his first love.


 Small favor to ask.
 Please spread my ashes on the sea.
 No wife, no roommate.

 Who is Buddah

 She poured my green tea
 Until the cup ran over.
 Now, I know Buddah.


 Cousin Roni was loud.
 Married a Samoan man.
 They both ate roast pig.


 My old friend, Bucky.
 Carried a gun in his boot.
 Afraid of himself.

 Old Friend

 Alvin slapped his first wife
 and then he married a man.
 I don’t know him now.

 Exercise I

 he crosses the wide, busy street,
 to catch up with love.

 Exercise II

 she announces her mistrust.
 Not Republican.

 Exercise III

 She knew the problem.
 He had to learn it.

 All his writing was
 He was egocentric.


 The autumn raging
 I am blinded by red leaves.
 Too many to count.

 Surf crashes fiercely.
 Shadows lessen, skies turn gray.
 Winter storm moves near us.

 This Spring, my house burned.
 I now have a better view
 of the blue mountains.

 Fresh ink on blue lines
 the words come like hungry bees
 to form my Haiku.


 Summer. I feel strong.
 Equal to birds in the tree,
 and pebbles near feet.

Copyright © Thomas Pitre | Year Posted 2007

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The Greatness of Small

Spiders – Arachnids

From the tiny pinhead Samoan Moss spider
To the huge Tarantula with legs spreading wider
Exists a diverse and interesting creature
With many a color and many a feature
Comparing ounce by ounce with steel
A spider’s silk is much stronger and real
Made up of proteins, natures building blocks
That can absorb even the most violent shocks

Honey Bees – Apoidea

These amazing insects with incredible ability
From honey production to their communal civility
As the dance and waggle to show direction
Towards nectar and pollen for their collection
Using the sun as a reference for flight
Seeing with their eyes the ultraviolet light
Carrying their loads on electrostatic legs
Back to the hive for their larvae and eggs

Leaf Cutting Ants – Apoidea

These small busy insects with dynamic strength
That can carry a leaf five times its length
Way underground, into chambered nest
With vigor and vitality and so much zest
To lay down these leaves to feed its batch
Of harvest fungus in their garden patch
They can carry a load thirty times their weight
And build a mound that is mighty and great

Butterflies – Lepidoptera

These angelic creatures with iridescent wings
Of overlapping scales in patterns and rings
From egg to caterpillar its, first life stages
And then to chrysalis where it rests and ages
To emerge one day so transformed
So utterly beautiful, so perfectly formed
To flutter by in colorful flight
And onto a flower, there alight

Copyright © Marilyn Clarke | Year Posted 2006