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Funny Ballad Poems

These Funny Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Ballad Funny poems written by international poets.

Baby face - about face
To you it may seem
That I'm grumpy or mean
Or that I cry a lot

The truth I fear 
Is so very near
And it all explains a...

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Categories: baby, funny,

Premium Member Never Mess With a Chicken Ranch
The barnyard was a twitter.
“She is walking pigeon-toed!”
“You should see it.”
“She thinks she is all that!”

I am dragged out to see.
After listening to them cackle...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

War with Venus
I love you then I hate you then I love you again it's not a battle with you it's a battle within 

I love you...

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Categories: angst, beautiful, black african

The politicans cry
Not once have I lied, not once have I stolen
Not once have I made a mistake in my life
Not once was I bribed, not once...

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Categories: evil, political,

Adventures of a sole trader
I had a dream once, every move was cloud nine 
My soul was bright, everything was just right
My sins were carried in the sky with...

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Categories: deep, fear, growing up,

The ballad of Arthur and Mandy
A tribute to the late, great Victoria Wood x

Arthur and Mandy sat one night
When he gave her a dreadful fright
Ripped off his jumper revealed his...

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Categories: ballad, funny,

Premium Member Ballad of Smorgasbord Cat
Ballad of Smorgasbord Cat

Once upon a hot July night
Smorgasbord Cat was born, not right.
The only kitten born with clothes,
She came out wearing pantyhose.

Blue bellbottoms when...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

I heard a lot of bird whispering
Only about your name,when
I started to listen them,that's where
I noticed how much i love you

Yes,you can take my eyes...

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Categories: addiction, beautiful, beauty, black

Premium Member Ballad Of Little Arlene
She was lean, she was mean, a fighting machine.
Sixteen brothers had toughened her up.
She was secret woman, our little Arlene.
Raised on cold kerosene from a...

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Categories: ballad, 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

Tale Of A Horse
by Wayne Wysocki

This poem was inspired by a joke going around in the 1970s.

There was a man who bought a horse
From a rancher known as...

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Categories: funny, horse, humorous,

My Engel
Evening comes with brightness
That will never end,that brightness
It's you with your light face,your
Glowing eyes,you are the Engel indeed

I love the way you make me happy...

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Categories: black love, blessing, body,

When i see your face,i spend half
An hour without even noticing that
Am smiling,your sparkling eyes
Reminds me stars at night,your 
Beauty reminds me the beauty of

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Categories: angel, baby, candy, friendship,

The Haunted House
"The air was crisp but there was
               no moon.
shadows seemed to...

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Categories: funny,

Dedicated to her
I know...
I know you look pretty today..
I know you are blessed..
I know you smell like a thousand roses..
I know that smile warms,all you greet..
I know...

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Categories: cute, dedication, feelings, funny

Strong love
Some people they say am crazy,
Some they say i fall in love quickly,
No am's just that i love you
Can i tell you how much...

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Categories: beauty, cute love, family,

Gas Station Sushi
 Ow! gas station sushi.
 I want my gas station sushi.
 I don't care about the cramps & the whooshi.
 Just give me my gas...

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Categories: funny, humorous, hurt, pain,

B wth urself
Spend some time with itself
Believe me u will never ask for company again
Work on itself
Believe me u will never find an amazing person
Being alone is...

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Categories: funny love,

I'd say I do
The ordeal of love
Drops of pain
Tears of longing
And the terror of losing out
If love wasn’t born a fairy then why is it a son of...

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Categories: betrayal, black love, break

25 To Life
I was born once, with good blood
pumping through my vains.
Somewhere down the road I took the
wrong path.
Now my blood is black, black as the
blood of...

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Categories: anger, betrayal, break up,

Swivel's Song
she say hi
I say bye
I move to kiss her
she walks by
aint that dilly
dumb and silly
I say dilly
but I mean Damn!

Party's in the barn
hoe's in the...

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Categories: art, crush, feelings, for