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Nursery Rhyme Baby Poems

These Nursery Rhyme Baby poems are examples of poetry about Nursery Rhyme Baby. These are the best examples of Baby Nursery Rhyme poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Little Miss Muffet
Little Miss Muffet loved her curds and whey,  
give me a box of cereal with cold milk and I will be on my way....

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Categories: baby, children, fun, nursery rhyme,

Premium Member White Fluffy Snow Nursery Rhyme
Look at all the white fluffy snow,
I see Birdie the old black crow.
Mommy can I go out and play,
yes but a coat and hat on...

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Categories: baby, child, chocolate, dance, fun,

Premium Member My childhood Lullaby
Uncle Moon so far away, 
jaggery donut cooked for the day,
You come and eat in the courtyard, 
for Baby, a cup is prepared.

Uncle moon afar,...

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© Jay Narain  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: baby, Lullaby,

Premium Member Legos Nursery Rhymes
My bedroom has a rug on the wood floor,  
Many colorful squares are everywhere.  
I made a tall blue tower up my door,...

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Categories: baby, animal, blue, child, color,

Premium Member Tovin Tortoise
Tovin Tortoise, where are you?
It’s been months and you’re not here.
Holding my breath makes me blue!
When you get here, I will cheer.

I can’t wait to...

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Categories: animal, baby, birth, cute

Premium Member Jumping Baby Jaxon
Baby Jaxon loves to
Jump, jump, jump.
His feet hit the floor with a
Thump, thump, thump.
Should Jaxon fall he'd go
Bump, bump, bump.
But Grandma holds him tight when...

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Categories: baby, nursery rhyme,

Premium Member Bouncing Baby Song Nursery Rhyme Song
Bouncing on my grandma's knee.
A pirate on a boat at sea.
A monkey swinging from a tree.
Laughing with grandma and me.

Up and down
Round and round
Riding on...

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Categories: baby, song,

Premium Member My Cute Little Puppy Nursery Rhyme
My cute little puppy,
let us go riding in my doll buggy,
let us go riding in my doll buggy.

My cute little puppy, 
I am so very...

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Categories: baby, child, cute, day, dog,

Premium Member The Proud Green Worm Nursery Rhyme
This worm is proud to be green,                  ...

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Categories: baby, food, fun, humor, teenage,

Premium Member Little Gray Filly-Nursery Rhyme
On a stormy night a baby horse was born.
It took many tries to stand on her own.
Her mother warmed her and by the morn
she could...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: baby, horse,

Premium Member Sleep Little One Nursery Rhyme
Mommy do you see the pink fluffy cat,
she is wearing a big purple lace hat.
Mommy see the red polka dotted rat,
he ran fast with an...

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Categories: baby, blue, cat, humor, purple,

Premium Member Winter Is Not Forever
Quote By Poet "Bears sleep all winter. Spring is their wake up call." 

Winter is coming so we must hide,          ...

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Categories: baby, animal, cool, flower, humor,

Premium Member Questions
If Jack and Jill did go up the hill together
and when Jack fell down and broke his crown,
why did Jill come tumbling after?
Was she just...

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Categories: baby, nursery rhyme,

Premium Member My Flower Garden Nursery Rhyme
My pretty pink flowers have been crowned,
big yellow bees went round and round.            ...

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Categories: baby, bird, blue, butterfly, flower,

Premium Member My Kitten Nursery Rhyme
I hold my soft kitten tight,                                       ...

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Categories: baby, cat, garden, kid, mom,