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Aye Aye Poems

Aye Aye Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aye aye poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aye aye.

New Poems

Premium Member Aye Aye, Said The Captain
Aye, aye! Said the Captain, who spoke on his date, 
He spoke on his date to his very first mate, 
His very first mate, the lady Miss Tate, 
The very first lady to say he was great! 

Yes, yes, my...Read More
Categories: aye aye, fantasy, humor, light, nonsense, ocean, silly, word
Form: Light Verse

The Best Ever
"Best in the League"
The Number One
Best in the World
Greatest Under the Sun
Challenged in contest
All contenders come
At you
The. Top of the list
They stay mad at you
And chumps
Best all around
Even when you're
In a slump
They try to up
Stage you
Messing with your head
Color you...Read More
Categories: aye aye, business, engagement,
Form: Ballade
An Aye For a Nay
Sometimes its an aye, aye, aye
Instead of saying nay, nay, nay;
Patience is a virtue
So hold it, can you?
If you can then go, go, go!
Life goes on the way we like it to.

They said, 'wait till you become
so be it;
And when...Read More
Categories: aye aye, 12th grade, analogy,
Form: Free verse
Ship Shape
Aye, Aye Captain
That's what sailors say
When all is ready
To travel on their way

To far off places
And get the ship afloat
When all is in order
On this orderly boat

A boat has to be tidy
It's a huge ship
With a place for everything
Put to...Read More
Categories: aye aye, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme

Oh, mighty creator God, why is everything beautiful;
Everything is pleasant...
In the eyes of the Lord our God \Everything is beautiful
EVERYTHING, yes everything is beautiful;

Even Lucifer Satan
God created him oh, so beautiful

Oh,...Read More
Categories: aye aye, allusion, analogy, appreciation, image,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member Aye to eye
eyeye...Read More
Categories: aye aye, africa, animal, fun, history, poetry, word play,
Form: Footle
Odyssey from Africa 14e
CHapter 14 King Ptoleny the 2nd (cont.)

Thus they charted weather systems 
Grey depressions bringing rainclouds,
Towering dark cumulonimbus,
Or the violent storms and cyclones
And in turn this processed data,
One or two days’ weather forecast,
Spirited across the island 
By the network of...Read More
Categories: aye aye, adventure, africa, animal, environment, history, myth, nature,
Form: Narrative
Beside the tree, beneath the hills, 
There is a dark and deep valley, 
With the most fragrant flowers, 
And lo! Self-ruling?! 
Nay! They live by the rules of their Creator. 

Look at the oceans! 
Oh vast and wide with their...Read More
Categories: aye aye, analogy,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Eye to Eye Seeing Perceiving
Eye to eye, pupil to pupil searing stare too confronting,
so you look down or to the side,
watching with peripheral vision.
You glance for signs of weakness
when the eyes looking at you, stray and look away.
Then it is safe to refocus,
to beam...Read More
Categories: aye aye, people,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rainbow Colored Camouflage
I glanced up the road and was taken aback with what I saw.
I looked again and to my surprise, 
There was a troop of army guys coming down the road, all decked out in rainbow colored garb.
How could their coats...Read More
Categories: aye aye, soldier,
Form: Narrative
Christos as the serpent being raised in the wilderness to cure the blind
I traveled eons
on pom poms
like a cool breeze through palm fronds
sharp and sticky
galactic automatic
mind spastic
thoughts reverberate elastic.
aye, aye,
ayahuasca milk shakes
makes coiled snakes
elevate toward
my Kether (???) earthquake
Malkuth (?????) lacks Truth (???)
and Jah's (????) gold tooth
delivers serum antidote
to your venom wound,
Mr. Holy...Read More
Categories: aye aye, bible, religion, religious, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Yo-Ho-Ho And Shiver Me Timbers
Yo-Ho-Ho And Shiver Me Timbers

Shiver me timbers and loosen me limbers
I sail me sloop until it lin’ers
And drop anchor in t’  nearest lagoon
Bury me treasure chest full o’ doubloons 
Then set off durin  t’ next full moon


“Aarrr!” I’m...Read More
Categories: aye aye, boat, imagery, travel,
Form: Free verse
A Tear for Kanade
This happens all the time,
The water ripples far from my mind,
I know not, yet know yet again;
the water ripples, is this my sign?

If I walk away, will I sink?
If a wish comes, is it a thought?
What is it that I...Read More
Categories: aye aye, angel, cry, memory,
Form: Prose Poetry
“The heaventree of stars” (in Ulysses as said Joyce)
“hung with humid nightblue fruit” (ah that Bloomian voice)
could evoke a masterpiece the world has come to know,
The Starry Night, so treasured now, by Vincent van Gogh…

In Vincent’s time that painting left...Read More
Categories: aye aye, analogy, art, creation, fantasy, imagery, space, stars,
Form: ekphrasis
Know Justice, know piece
"Have you called Brigit yet?" A friend to bawl and 
Here she is, in times or tales of plight and fight, 
peace and flight.
One year for every finger on each hand,
one to hold and one to rend.

Will you send me...Read More
Categories: aye aye, adventure, animal, brother, change,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Poem Of Love, Question Mark
Write a poem of love? 
 Aye, aye, aye.  
 I'll try.... 
 It's like trying to recall a violent crime. 

 Describe the incident.
 Details, be specific. 

 My body shakes. 
 Tears flow uncontrollably. 
...Read More
Categories: aye aye, anger, betrayal, heartbroken, lost love, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
SHHHH..... its 12o clock 
Do I hear a knock ??
Oh no , is it the chimney ? 
Or is it ................ SANTA CLAUS !!!!

Its 25th December , the day I've been waiting for,
To open my gifts by given by SANTA...Read More
Categories: aye aye, christmas, winter,
Form: Light Verse
Writing for myself-2
(Inspiration: Meat Loaf’s lyric found in Deb’s blog)

And I won’t write a poem  for a contest
Whoever asks and whatever the provocation
Day or night, rain or shine, east or west
I wont write any more for a contest
But, I would write...Read More
Categories: aye aye, write,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member HIND SIGHT
                                       ...Read More
Categories: aye aye, depression, life, loss, lost love, romance, me,
Form: Acrostic
Medieval Times
MEDIEVAL times         ABC form

A beautiful castle donned exquisite flavours- Good, Hate.  Inquisitive jesters kept lined 
maps noting property.  Queens ran street trade until various wild exploits yielded zen.

MEDIEVAL Times ...Read More
Categories: aye aye, history
Form: ABC
Stop Look and Listen
A poem that I myself must writ
Because the contest calls for it
Cautiously I grab my pen
Deciding words from end to end
Extracting words from who knows where
Feeling right, I put them there
Gosh I hope this wins for me
Happiness or perhaps top...Read More
Categories: aye aye, angst, depression, hope, on writing and wordswords,
Form: ABC
Romance,love and
H ey girl you remind me of an angel
E mereld your eyes attract me always
A lthough never talked to you but I guess
V ery sweet your voice like chimes of a bell
E vening prayer's chanting from the temple
N ever could...Read More
Categories: aye aye, love, romanceme, sweet, me, sweet,
Form: Acrostic
Aye, Aye and A Mistress contest
Inspired by Deborah Guzzi's contest
3 poems alliteration, acrostic, and ABC poem together on one page.

Under blue skies
Naked flesh revived
Sensually stimulating
Hours become minutes
Intimate revelation of self
Nap included to ponder the view
Earth to sky

Fake falsies flash and flutter finely from Felicia's face
Fragrant...Read More
Categories: aye aye, funny
Form: ABC
Premium Member Aye,Aye, and a Mistress
Writers wrong readers with wiles
Please protect poetry and prose
From flagrant fraudulent fancies
Of overwritten odius odes.

A related collection of poetry
Now can be published at whim.
The author just needs lots of money,
Hubris,and perhaps a few pencils or pens.
Once the selection is published,
Layman...Read More
Categories: aye aye, on writing and words
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Life after Life
After each
birth eventually
comes the inevitable
death in the physical realm.
In between are blessings we want to last and hardships we seek to halt.
H ere we are
A nd here we remain
L ooking for ways
T o stop the progression of time
Sentry...Read More
Categories: aye aye, death, faith, life
Form: Alliteration