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Old Alliteration Poems

These Old Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Old. These are the best examples of Alliteration Old poems written by international poets.

La Pieta
Then, he knew why he must hew
old memories from marble- 
emotions quarried from heart's slew- 
Oblique fight with his faith's garble

Cut block unfolds Christ, enthroned

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Categories: appreciation, art, devotion, jesus,

Never Let Me Go

 Nameless nomad from nowhere needed nestling niche
 Emotions enveloped evermore excitement exuberant
 Vague venture veered on valiant venerable voyage
 Ever eager to enter enticing...

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Categories: how i feel, love,

by the water's edge
By pebbles bubbling where tides ebb,
yenning yellow yawns of a yesterday ~

Tis a return to what was my present 
Haven’s healing this heart’s beseech,
exploring old...

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© taai tekai  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art,

Premium Member The Old Poet
The Old Poet

To strain, to gain, to understand,
Creating scenarios that will explain,
Deepening thinking that taxes the brain,
And brings the mood down low.

What does the poet...

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Categories: angst, confusion, poetry,

Premium Member Truth Trinity
Stalwart integrity truth speaks of sunshine communication, slicing through occluded hearts, where the ruby ringing bells pump cells of blood that builds with righteousness auric...

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Categories: introspection, philosophy,

Premium Member QUIZ

Prime plot
Toss thought

Quiz queer
Strong sneer

Zip zest
Boost best

Odd old
Be bold

Glimpse good
Move mood

Last laugh
Sound stuff

Warm wit
Blown bits

Word wise
Prompt prize

Voice vote
New notes

Calm cheer
Heed here

Leon Enriquez
22 November 2018


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Categories: allusion,

The Old Last Act
The #Old-Last-Act, Act I, Scenes 1 - 13

A flirtation
And prostration

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Categories: fun, love, relationship, sexy,

One Foot in the Grave
Old overworked aged heart,
Beating bravely without stopping;
Controlling carefully the rhythm of life,
The terminally ill man holding on dearly,
Amid an attack which can end in tears.

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© Dedu Son  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: emotions, old,

Premium Member ON THE VERGE

Sense spacious silence speak
Prize primal pattern peak

Void vets vibrant vile voice
Cream clumsy changing choice

Toilsome thoughts tunnel time
Meet moist motionless mime

Feel fond fancy flavour
Opt old odd...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member IF ONLY

Aim apt ask
Bring bright bask

Charm clear chance
Dare dream dance

Etch each eel
Frame fine feel
Gain grips grill

High hopes hire
Inch ink ire

Jazz joy jock
Kind keep knocks
Love lifts lock


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Categories: allusion,

The Triumphant Tragedy
Hard to bear     and heart breaking,
The bitter sight     of the shining One,
Broken in body   ...

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Categories: celebration, christian,

The blade buried     beneath the burning.
Old hopes lost, back    in the lash of battle.
One man walks  ...

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Categories: myth,

Premium Member RIPPLES

Dwell dream dance
Choice crafts chance

Frame fond fit
Wear warm wit

Touch tastes truth
Prize prompt proof

Love leaps light
Sense sure sight

Quaint queer quest
Zeal zooms zest

Glimpse grand grace
Feel fond face


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Categories: allusion,

We went Haywire

The fruit of horrendous hurry
Hung appeasingly aloof
On a green tree with white lumpy leave
Situated amidst a green garden 

We harvested it imperiously
The day...

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Categories: 7th grade,

Depiction of my late son
The colour of your skin 
Was almost dark and with sheen 
it is sad of your  death
For your colour will no longer be Seen


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Categories: sad,

When hate is love
When up is down
When hot is cold
When young is old
When boring is fun
When drunk is sober
When high is low
When wake is to...

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Categories: relationship,

an atomical labour
tight thoughts toil,
as threads in head uncoil
ideas plaited, intent's tug
escort through dilate pupils.
umbrella lashes shady look
was all it took-
inception outspooked
at artful spirit's raid, 
inkling's snapline...

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Categories: introspection, life, work,

 It begins at home
even closer: it begins "I"nside
I have forgiven failures, failing in faith, inside me
Have you? Until you do, it is almost too...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: africa, appreciation, forgiveness, hero,

Micro Menace

People pollute, killing all living life!
When will they understand recycling recovers?
Hopeful, helping some species survive.
Intervention inadvertently stops strife.
Success, still wishful...

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Categories: pollution,

What Mothers Hold
Do you know what mothers hold?
They held and hold they shape and mold.
From birth until our lives are old.
They scold, they mend, they wash and...

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© Tom Valles  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: childhood, devotion, endurance, for