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Night Alliteration Poems

These Night Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Night. These are the best examples of Alliteration Night poems written by international poets.

Premium Member GRAPPLE

Glimpse gain
Pace pain

Love laughs
Stern stuff

Quaint quest
Zoom zest

Word well
True tell

Now note
Voice vote

Meet maze
Craft craze

Taste truth
Prize proof

Spice sweet
Mull meet

Last light
Nude night

Pluck poise
Calm choice

Leon Enriquez
30 August 2019


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Thomas Obscured
Thomas Obscured

by our religion
we have avoided
this channel to truth..
it is a direct channel
not impeded by tenets 
and teachings which
veil that which
is obscured..
there is a...

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Categories: encouraging, friend, night, thank

Premium Member Celestial Seas
Celestial Seas

An anointing beam blazes from
     breathtaking cosmos clusters
illuminating indigo skies 
     in the blissful birth of...

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Categories: beautiful, birth, earth, silver,

The helm of darkness

It was a long fretful watch
Stretching years of secrets divulged 
Ifs and whys splashed everywhere
As one whose yearning eyes awaits

The forms, they...

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Categories: cancer, dark, depression,

Premium Member RANDOM

Silence spreads spores
Mindset moves more

Dazzle dream deep
Succinct sweet sleep

Stillness speaks soft
Laughter lives loft

Placid peace primes
Cozy crafts chimes

Easy etch earns
Brighter blaze burns

Random race runs
Primal play puns


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Categories: allusion,

Never let me go
As I wait woefully for my love to come,
The shimmering sun sinks sullenly
and a wild wind washes the weary shore,
The knights of the night descended...

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Categories: lonely, longing, lost,

Never let me go, my Saviour…
…now that I’m Your named child, grace-in-need;
Nestle my heart within Your love’s nostril
Nail me in Your nearness as to You...

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Categories: appreciation, christian, devotion, faith,

Premium Member BY The Water's Edge
Wistfully watching by water's edge,
Shivering and shaking from cold,
I watched with weariness for a sign
Of small skiff without a hold.

Tearfully turning to walk away,
Knowing night...

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Categories: weather, wind,

Premium Member By The Water's Edge

As a sanguine sun slowly starts to sink
rubicund ribbons render ripples pink.
And where a Midas moon mirrors its face 
bobbing bronze beams begin to take...

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Categories: 10th grade, beach, beautiful,

Moon Drunk
Moon drunk fool,
you hide your pain

I adore the way you
drape your words
around the night and
make mellow poems
to soothe the sting of this

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© Madhu mita  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beauty, life, poems,

I wake up when it’s dark,
Everything lacks color,
Sun comes to torment,
It doesn’t give me time to work.
By eating time midday,
Too tired to lift my feeding...

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Categories: cheer up, christian, dark,

Premium Member Cherub's Jubilee

When the ninth hour of night is cloaked in velvet
And small star kisses sprinkle the Junie-moon sky
The ambling amber moon glides with Glen Miller...

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Categories: celebration, dream, love, romantic

Premium Member Ethereal Mermaid Goddess
Glimmering in glittering gemstone swirling seas,
shadows of shimmering shades of emerald and azure are
highlighted by setting coral and amber sunset while
singing seagulls sway through settling...

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Categories: adventure, color, moon, muse,

Premium Member PROFOUND

Sift sleep soft
Love lifts loft

Calm choice clears
Freeze frame fear

Dig deep dream
Sip swift streams

Loud laughs leap
Taste time trip

Sense screams score
Cheer crafts core

More minds mull
Drench daze dull


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Hello Soulmate Hello
Lingering scent of the sensual enchantment passionate perfume tingled the very toes of my father’s heart, for he knew he danced closer and closer to...

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Categories: abuse, boat, destiny, sea,

Premium Member Curtain Call

		Maple trees on both sides of Nineteenth Street
		closed down the evening sky.
		In a slight uncovered slice a single star
		was made to burn the brighter
		by this...

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© Bill Keen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: assonance, metaphor, star, symbolism,

a thin gush spreads
deep into your hearts

do you know, why

doors close down to darkness
loneliness remains inside

now night, are you cold

one question falls to deeply
unanswered to...

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Categories: allegory,

winter cooling
get inside me
live the difference

night scares
come to my bed
be safe

desolate road
deters from go
call me

in your each case...

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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member Diamond Light Diamond
Lighthouse gleams from full moon pearly beams,
rising as regal hope from lapis lilies lapping the luxury sands.
Ships sail through nighttime gales as wood burned hearts

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Categories: bird, light, metaphor, moon,

Premium Member When The Sun Bids Goodbye
Sometimes when the sun
Hovering on the horizon in the eventide
On a cold, windy winter day
Is bidding goodbye at the close of day

I watch it almost...

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Categories: desire, imagery, longing, sun,