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Light Alliteration Poems

These Light Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Light. These are the best examples of Alliteration Light poems written by international poets.

Premium Member HARMONY

Frame fond flight
Spice spurs sight 

Cheer calm charm
Apt art arms

Love lifts light
Bless boom bright

Soul swirls sense
Thrill taut tense

Hope heals heart
Screens soft start

Life leaps late
Glimpse grand...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member MAGIC

Taste truth
Prize proof

Apt act
Feel facts

Mind maze
Rich race

Drill deep
Poise peeps

Seed sweet
Gaze greets

Last light
Seize sight

Frame fest
Bloom best

Prize poise
Charm choice

Taste time
Reap rhymes

Wise wit
Bright bits

Leon Enriquez
03 September 2019


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member WHIMSY

Feel fear forge frame
Beat bleak blunt blame

Watch wit work wild
Charm cheeky child

Wear whimsy will
Feel funny feel

Love labours light
Fling fuzzy flight

Sense sparkle sweet
Glimpse grandeur greet

Flame furious...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member WORDS

Speak soft spread
Dance dream dread
Best break break

Niche nice name
Glimpse good game
Sling shot same

Lift loose lines
Bear bright bind
Faith frames find

Prize prime peace
Etch end ease
Live love lease


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member GRAPPLE

Glimpse gain
Pace pain

Love laughs
Stern stuff

Quaint quest
Zoom zest

Word well
True tell

Now note
Voice vote

Meet maze
Craft craze

Taste truth
Prize proof

Spice sweet
Mull meet

Last light
Nude night

Pluck poise
Calm choice

Leon Enriquez
30 August 2019


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Lucifer a Wolf in Lamb Clothing-
Legendary, lean Lucifer a weak, wooden wolf in shrimpy, short sheep coarse, creative clothing,
Large, long Lucifer a winning, white wolf in sharp, shaky sheep confident,...

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Categories: adventure, allusion, analogy, anxiety,

Premium Member Backyard Barbecues

A splendiferous songbird sings,
at the rise of a sanguine sun.
And as summer starts its first day,
happy holiday hopes, are spun.

Morning mist mourns the loss of...

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Categories: 10th grade, 9th grade,

Premium Member SUMMER LOVE--
Southern summer lame, light love 
Sultry, slow summer, lush love 

Smart, scrummy summer lazy, low love 
Scary, small summer legendary, little love 

Spiffing, stunning summer...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, love, summer,

Alliteral Storm
Turgid tempest traipses slowly,
heavy thunder, hammers holy,
livid lightning lights the lowly.

Storm surges, striking sand-bar,
winds wailing, whipping wife’s car,
rain races to rills and rock scars.

Power pulses,...

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Categories: fun, imagery, light, nature,

Premium Member ECHO

Wise wit
Hurls hit

Set sight
Love light

Etch ease
Prompt peace

Word well
Spur spell

Calm cast
Lines last

Due date
Face fate

Kind keep
Dream deep

Set sail
Fear fails

Dare dream
Spice streams

Glimpse grand
True trends

Taste truth
Prize proof

Mind maze
Craft craze


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member This is Love
Twilight's aurora seems so perfect.

Lustrous shades of clementine, 
caressing vivid violet visions.

Majestic moon enlightens,
as shadows come to life.

Flashes of light, 
pierce through a black blanket.


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Categories: passion, romantic love, true

Premium Member PEACE

Prize pure peace
Earn each ease

Prime prompt pace
Set sure space

Love lines leap
Taste true trip

Wise word wit
Feel fond fit

Breeze bright blooms
Reap rich rooms

Speak sound say
Plot prime play


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member LOVE OF GOD
Alliteration  -Love of God-
Little love of great, God 
Lovable love of, golden God 
Lost, lovable love of graceful, God 
Long love of, gracious God 
Lovely, loyal love, of God 
Light love of glow, gorgeous God 
Lively, lean...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, love,

Never let me go
As I wait woefully for my love to come,
The shimmering sun sinks sullenly
and a wild wind washes the weary shore,
The knights of the night descended...

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Categories: lonely, longing, lost,


Lucent is new light waking laced leaves,
        When  rays descend upon diamond dew

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Categories: morning, uplifting,

Premium Member LOVELY

Lovely love lives
Grace gently gives

Stillness speaks soft
Light laughter lofts

Feel flavours fine
Live lovely lines

Think timely thoughts
Ply pleasing plots

Dance dreamy day
Prompt profound play

Frame funny face
Glimpse grandeur's grace


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member EPIPHANY

Buzz blooms bright
Faith feeds flight

Love leaps loud
Prime poise proud

Choice charms cheer
Dance dream dear

Heed heart health
Word warm wealth

Seek sure soul
Will works whole

Sculpt sure scope
Heart heaps hope


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member SYMPHONY

Muse moves more
Spice spoons spore

Work words wise
Seize sure spice

Warm words write
Choice crafts cite

Meek mind moves
Glimpse grand grooves

Sweet scent sums
Just joy jumps

Nude new notes
Vet voice vote


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member CALLING

Glimpse gist
Love lists

Free fall
Charm calls

Huge heart
Sweet start

Moist mimes
Craft chimes

Deep dream
Swift streams

Live light
Bless bright

Words write
Craft cites

Note nice
Sound spice

Change chance
Dream dance

Quote quest
Fond fest

Bloom bright
Risk right

Sweet stay
Prompt play


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member EPIGRAMS

Wit words well
Truth thrills tell


Just joy juice
Niche nice noose 


Work words wise
Spread sure spice


Here heap health
Wake warm wealth


Live long lull
Cast cool cull


Lift last light
Bless buzz...

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