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Aggregate Poems

Aggregate Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aggregate poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aggregate.

New Poems

Premium Member Looking Through The Glasses Reflecting About The Masses
Someone once published a title “A Tale of Two Cities” 
And tonight’s European football fate seemed to be artistically witty 
Over Anfield the stadium was a fill 
While Paris there was nil 

With Man City Citizens and their gunners getting...Read More
Categories: aggregate, evil, games, london, mirror, paris, sick, soccer,
Form: Rhyme Royal

Premium Member An A Lesson - CA
Angels observe in un-articulated anguish from above,
 anxiety afflicted by appalling accelerated ambition of the aggregate  
that redefines the archaic, apocalyptical allure 
 driving humanity to its brink of active self annihilation;
those moments of antiquated adversarial abstractions
 when history...Read More
Categories: aggregate, dark,
Form: Free verse
Cosmic Jewels

If Keats could have seen through Hubble’s eyes
when the sonnet ‘Bright Star’ he wrote,
meaning its telescope-imaged skies
with those stellar tableaux afloat,

would he have noted ‘aloft it hung’ 
 ‘steadfast’ all night in ‘splendor lone’,
that poet who died, alas, too young
yet...Read More
Categories: aggregate, earth, fantasy, nature, poetry, space, stars, world,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Aggregate of Days
Aggregate of Days
Written: by Tom Wright

Sometimes I feel broken down due to aggregate of days,
There’s much I can’t hear, and I need glasses to see.
But God continues to bless me in so many ways,
*And the best is yet to come...Read More
Categories: aggregate, age, blessing, god, life,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Is This a Friend, I Ask You

Is this a friend, I ask you!

"Oh, you are dying?I really could care less.
I have a garden to attend to, for folks to impress. I live in a state of eternal busy-ness.
No heart of mine, shall I share.
See, I am vacuuming my stairs,
Aren't...Read More
Categories: aggregate, friend,
Form: Rhyme

Battery for Hyundai Sonata Needed Today
Battery (for Hyundai Sonata) Needed Today

Frugality worn by fiat generated
by alternate fickle finger of fate,
the plus side being said vehicle
parked here in public Salem's lot,
where I live with said diabolical mate

at highland manor apartments
penury run me underground in potter's
grave adversity...Read More
Categories: aggregate, anxiety, blue, fate, humor, life, technology, word
Form: Free verse
The voice of truth
Speaking truth through lies, in a society so guarded, 
Desperate proclamations simply disregarded,
covered by what is maleficent,
unheard and insignificant, 

within the draught a cocktail of emotion,
patronising rumours ignite the commotion,
Preconceptions mask the integrity of one’s word,
Misunderstandings faintly disperse, no-one’s truly...Read More
Categories: aggregate, truth, voice, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Lucubrations Fuels Ebullience
Unsolicited, revered, and praised
potential literary fete,
(yes a bit hyperbolic),
sans mine posted poems that perambulate
such feedback, whither donning trumped
("FAKE") facade, Oriel sincere

twittering, nonetheless tis great
for an ego striving to maintain
hum bull modesty, yet I hate
to be misperceived as
arrogant, boastful, pretentious,...wait
et cetera,...Read More
Categories: aggregate, birth, celebration, devotion, encouraging, fun, howl, humor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Our States Our Coutry
Our States Our Country
By Franklin Price

We have all but forgotten
What our founding fathers meant
To create a central government
Where representatives are sent

A common place for our protection
To determine laws for all
Otherwise the states autonomous 
On their own to rise and fall

Three...Read More
Categories: aggregate, america, political,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My net worth
One day I decided to aggregate what I own
Realizing soon enough I couldn't count it all,
Though I never thought I had all that much
What I had was oddly beyond simple math.

Determined I was to know what I'm worth
And I knew...Read More
Categories: aggregate, perspective,
Form: Verse

Trump Trumped Decree Targeting Undocumented Americans
No secret the Don did abrogate,
his strict ban barring employees to acclimate
themselves, to live within United States
legal tender, and accommodate
themselves comfortably anonymous,

though "NOT FAKE," but accurate
reliable, trustworthy, et cetera
resources who did activate
my awareness, his hired hands receive adequate
pay, (perhaps greater...Read More
Categories: aggregate, abuse, anger, bullying, judgement, leadership, pain, self,
Form: Free verse
Ten Percent Brain Myth
Medical and/or scientific experts
     doth now corroborate,
promulgate, validate...(wait
don't go there's much more)
     linkedin with falsehood
     that requires me to terminate,
an average dumb founded guy
    ...Read More
Categories: aggregate, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th grade, meaningful,
Form: Free verse
Das Decrements Describe Digs
Das Decrements Describe Digs ©

Grasping figurative literary straws
     poetic theme yielded
     farfetched aggregate
i.e., where each dwelling
     listed as figurative Stormy bedmate,
this nada so eminent (Eminem fan)
  ...Read More
Categories: aggregate, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
A Pound of Friendship
Pounds, Dollars, Rupees, Yen
     Time to stop this if we can
Impossible, I know but still
     When money rules, it’s all downhill

Euros, Pesos, Shekels, Krone 
     What the evidence...Read More
Categories: aggregate, friendship, money, world,
Form: Rhyme
The Rainbow
It was a new year's party
Footfalls of the cups and glasses
Dances of the eyes and tongue
The time swung with the music
She wore a light pink lipstick
A lithe body of twenty 
A handndsome cascade in the eyes
Time forgot to fly

Across the...Read More
Categories: aggregate, appreciation, culture, endurance, environment, strength,
Form: Free verse
Cart Blanche ALDI Time - part iii
glancing at thee beautiful doll female human, 
   an aggregate of positivity arose. That four 
tut hood toward slender youthful looking chica 
   figuratively took my breath away. She galore
re: us lee ranked topnotch on my...Read More
Categories: aggregate, angel, angst, beautiful, beauty, devotion, encouraging, hello,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member ME AND DAD

            ME AND DAD

     ...Read More
Categories: aggregate, appreciation, child, father daughter,
Form: Couplet
It's true
Bunking its task
in the blue sky
Golden sunshine
Lies down morose
In sorrow
Laying its head on the tree trunk
Looking pale
It surprises me
As I see it smeared
With ashes of fear
All over its countenance
Will he too be raped and murdered
Like the hapless Rohingyas
Fleeing their...Read More
Categories: aggregate, anger, anxiety, confusion, environment, fear, god, violence,
Form: Free verse
Booby Bliss
"A 'person' can be understood in terms of the 
five aggregates or Skandhas (Sanskrit) . 
These are: 
(rupa) form, matter, body ,
(vedana) sensations,feelings received from form 
(samjna) perceptions  
(sankhara) mental activity or formations  
(vijnana) consciousness 

Being is not...Read More
Categories: aggregate, love, mythology, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
On the Straight
On the Straight

A stealthy mover on this silent passage
Parting the calm with rippled arrow
And purring rhythmic chug as friend
A distant bird sings a capella

Its painted wooden structure fore to aft
Sails the straight with house on back
As slow as a snail...Read More
Categories: aggregate, boat,
Form: Blank verse
Photons of life
Photons of Life

For millennia they remained etched in the very essence of mother Gaia herself
For eons they`ve travelled at sub-sonic speeds within the space we call the universe
They brought light to the darkest realms, casting aside the shadows birthed in...Read More
Categories: aggregate, sunshine,
Form: Sonnet
Unholy Thunderous Domination
Destroy thine own brother in abject apathy
taking up arms 'midst conquering expectancy,
invoking howls of contemptible thunder 
neath skies' transparency beyond trepidation,
battles' plundering captures naught of stability 
nor intervention from otherworldly gods
predisposed towards earthly universal unity, 
persecuting soil's divinity neath aggregate...Read More
Categories: aggregate, allegory, conflict, corruption, fire, freedom, humanity, war,
Form: Free verse
If I could gather every moment 
missing you 
into the sum of my tears
I’d cry you a river

I’d cry the compassion of the Sun as he lets the clouds roll in, 
if it would give us more years
I’d cry you...Read More
Categories: aggregate, dad, death, friend, pain, poetry,
Form: Rhyme

Gravel beach walking is noisy  -
Small shells breaking, all empty.
Grind  tiny gravel, stones flying out; 
Pound small sand to finer grains.
Looking back you see  no marks in the beach,
No trace of footsteps, in the aggregate.

On a sandy...Read More
Categories: aggregate, beach, life,
Form: Imagism
What is death by chocolate?
Chocolate you must accumulate,
To amass your aggregate,
Are Mars Bars better than a man?
For chocolate you reach your hand,
Is there enough chocolate in the land?
Then there's housework in the world,
Best keep your strength up, girls,
Give those chocolate...Read More
Categories: aggregate, chocolate, feelings, women,
Form: Free verse