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Aggravated Poems

Aggravated Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aggravated poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aggravated.

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The king approached the Sage, as he found
himself easily overwhelmed, aggravated
and anxious resulted making illogical
decisions that caused a lot of stress.

How to stop, asked the king. The Sage
listened intently; suggested
‘Take a vow of silence for a day’
It will be both...Read More
Categories: aggravated, silence,
Form: Verse

The Rock of My Salvation
When I'm in a trial or under temptation.
I cleave to the Rock of my Salvation.
When I'm aggravated from my own frustration.
I cleave to the Rock of my Salvation.
When I don't know an outcome to any situation.
I cleave to the Rock...Read More
Categories: aggravated, christian, faith, religious,
Form: Kyrielle
Brotherly bummer plods along his staid usual humdrum life part one
Methinks lame excuses poorly explain
absent presence gnosh hoe wing up to
acknowledge our papa's ninetieth orbit
around sun, nor dearly beloved eldest
commencement successfully, modestly,
honestly (applying her smarts) as freshly

minted (sage) University of Pennsylvania
graduate, now where webbed wide world
avails untold opportunities to make...Read More
Categories: aggravated, grief, heartbreak, hello, husband, identity, loss, self,
Form: Free verse
Bright Star

There are two kinds of people in this world, there are Hummers and there are Nails. You decide which one you choose to be.
Mallow, soft, smooth and sweet. A type of heart that speaks in silence
Lingers with joy in...Read More
Categories: aggravated, anger, love,
Form: Elegy
Mine Impossible Self Educating Mission
Mine Impossible Self Educating Mission...

Finds muss elf facing Lenovo
     (external Macbook
     Pro screen) whoosh'n
with all manner 
     of thoughts cascading,
     flowing and swoosh'n
thru ma...Read More
Categories: aggravated, 12th grade, class, crush, grandfather, grandmother, journey,
Form: Free verse

Lord im tired.. 
Can u hear my cries 
Trying to make it 
Every step im getting aggravated 
Tired of being tired 
Keeping me here 
Living i fear 
Love me for me 
Lets keep it clear
Stoner intelligent 
No mannequin 
Once i...Read More
Categories: aggravated, anger, betrayal, blessing, childhood, deep, depression, emotions,
Form: Blitz
This Day
This Day
Dr. Jim Martin

This day is God’s gift to you, 
What with it will you choose to do? 
It can be spent in so many ways, 
As you enjoy the sun’s warm rays. 

There is a way that some may...Read More
Categories: aggravated, 11th grade, 12th grade, christian,
Form: Rhyme
Your Body Speaks
Listen when I tell you
its way too much
must I bleed for you to see the hurt in me
Pierced, burnt and scarred by needles
stained in your ink
an aggravated soar
your cruelty heightens more and more
My questions have gone unanswered
did my...Read More
Categories: aggravated, abuse, body, pain,
Form: Free verse
Trump Bragged About Creation
Trump Bragged About Creation

Can you believe Trump bragged about creation;
He planned and prepared it without provocation;
Was not authorized;
By Trump disguised,
And what he did was hide in an awful allocation.

Jim Horn

Feel Invigorated not Agitated

Women prefer being inspired and invigorated;
Not by Trump...Read More
Categories: aggravated, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
The Lighthouse
This boy’s heart and mind overflowed with so much love, yet so much pain
His lighthouse of a friend guided him through the foggy nights filled with rain
The life he had been leading wasn’t the best, nor the worst
His gleaming tower...Read More
Categories: aggravated, anxiety, care, courage, crush, encouraging, friendship, missing
Form: Rhyme

Middle Child
you find light in a parasite
and i don’t like your taste all that much
but i’m stained to you like a henna tattoo
one that’s course to the touch

bittersweet is the word on the street
but I know sour is more your style
now...Read More
Categories: aggravated, brother, conflict, sister,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Jerusalem, The Jugular -2
It was not uncommon to discover a missing Brother Legionary
castrated, and decapitated
with a headless eagle carved upon his chest,
don't speak to me of morals and mercy
for I have seen and dealt the damage of rude death,
hate becomes your Father, vengeance...Read More
Categories: aggravated, history,
Form: Epic
Aggravated With Trump
Aggravated With Trump

With Trump, are always aggravated;
And by him often horribly humiliated;
A pain in rear;
Caused a tear,
Should be impeached and eliminated.

Jim Horn

...Read More
Categories: aggravated, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Is all relationships complicated or is it just mine? Or is complicated even the word I'm looking for that's unknown just like my thoughts n questions I torture myself wit!! Am I good enough will I ever be? Is it...Read More
Categories: aggravated, anxiety, change, confusion, pain, relationship, sad love,
Form: Bio
Jail House Laughter
Forded laughter, empty of mirth.
A pretense of amusement, empty of worth.

Jail house laughter, hard and brittle.
Louder than normal, but means so little.

Laughing just to keep from crying,
their laughter just a sad way of lying.

Lying to themselves but not to me.
Their...Read More
Categories: aggravated, prison,
Form: Iambic Pentameter
Everyday living becomes more of a truculent battle;
Where survival stands in the way of my living.
While Instinctively trying to live.
I need eyes in the back of my head,
while scratching out a meager existence.
Predators pulling us back from our every advancement:
The...Read More
Categories: aggravated, betrayal, emotions, environment, hurt,
Form: Blank verse
Do You Mind
Doyoumind if I speak my mind? 
A lot of cluttered thoughts in my mind. 
Strange assumptions, the nerves, the gumptions. 
Aggravated cells making me grumpy do you mind!
Feelings of hopelessness, old quotes, no faithfulness but do you mind! 
Twisted realities,...Read More
Categories: aggravated, word play,
Form: I do not know?

Everyday living becomes more of a truculent battle;
Where survival stands in the way of my living.
While Instinctively trying to live.
I need eyes in the back of my head,
while scratching out a meager existence.
Predators pulling us back from our every advancement:
The...Read More
Categories: aggravated, betrayal, deep, destiny, inspirational, words, writing,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Did Anyone Hear the Song Bird Cry
Deep in the woods in the dark of night
Creatures crawling, hunting til daylight
Did anyone hear...Read More
Categories: aggravated, longing, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member You Shoulda Called Angies List
He fancied himself Mr. Fixit for things that broke around the house.
He had a knack for screwing things up which aggravated his spouse.
His tool kit consisted of a wrench, hammer, screwdriver and a brush;
Also, a plumber's helper to unplug his...Read More
Categories: aggravated, home, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member What's fair is fair

What’s fair is fair

I walked into Macys Department Store the other day
thinking I’d buy a few items for the summer
I entered on the first floor and was met by
counter after counter of cosmetics and perfume
with finely made up women in...Read More
Categories: aggravated, fashion, humor, men, women,
Form: Free verse
Train of thought
I came across a dwelling in the dark forest,
outside there was a rickety wooden fence
Ravens perched, evil in their eyes gravest
black, as black as night, I must commence,
the gate swung back and forth creaking,
felt compelled to enter, unknowing the fate
that...Read More
Categories: aggravated, imagery, scary, travel,
Form: Rhyme
Sin's Cure
Sin’s Cure
Curtis Johnson

Been around since the beginning of time
It’s older than Methuselah and all mankind

It has concern for neither your life nor mine
It’s often aggravated with a little mix of wine

It’s irresponsible for leaving destruction behind
It might strip us of...Read More
Categories: aggravated, bible, christian, destiny, evil, miracle, sin, slavery,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Broken- fragments of me
       ...Read More
Categories: aggravated, childhood, conflict, courage, hope, joy, love, soulmate,
Form: Bio
That 9 11 Day
That 9/11 Day

I was eager that day, 
Just as I was 
Any other day, 
To start my work, 
And state the statistics,  
Discourage clientelle,
Validate company antics, 
Embrace others
When I thought would, 
Make a good share price, 
Positive returns, 
No...Read More
Categories: aggravated, america, anniversary, death, evil, political, religion, war,
Form: Tail-rhyme