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Ageing Poems

Ageing Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of ageing poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for ageing.

New Poems

Premium Member Honey for the Soul
Honey for The Soul

True love is a magnificent gift
From God in Heaven above.

Beginning as a flame
Ageing into a roaring fire.

What words can’t describe
All eyes see.

Love of an experienced couple
Displayed for young to learn.

A simple touch or an open door,
Perhaps it...Read More
Categories: ageing, age, god, husband, love, spiritual, wife,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Mirror of Peace
Looking through frosted glass of windows' sorrowed pain I who

Reflects upon the frozen condensation in the shelter of my mind

Delight that there are crystals on the panel which refract the joy

On the grace bestowed upon me by hindsight observation glare

I...Read More
Categories: ageing, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
I am one of nature’s most grand masterpieces
Forget the anti-ageing pills and the maquillage
All you need are my fleeting wrinkles on your pretty face 
And you are good to go

I am without a price-tag
I do not belong to anyone but...Read More
Categories: ageing, smile,
Form: Free verse
A Few Words About Vanity

Ageing, sooner or later betrays us
and vanity, supposedly, saves us.
Men, less so, but women especially,
fall prey to its superficiality
with measures used no better than
the least skilled mortician,
and the end results are about
as good as any corpse laid out.
It’s all but...Read More
Categories: ageing, age, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member I'm The Jonah Who's Spread Corona
A poem about the Corona Virus?
Now that really should inspire us,
A poem about Covid Nineteen?
I guess we'd better keep it clean!
Let's nip one rumour in the bud:
You need not be of royal blood
To end up with a rasping throat
From coughing,...Read More
Categories: ageing, age, appreciation, death, endurance, food, scary,
Form: Light Verse

I bid farewell to
the brash carnival of youth
and await the peace                     
that follows on from mellow 
age for all who...Read More
Categories: ageing, age, celebration,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member Royal Roulette
Her Majesty the Queen is ageing fast,
Not for long now can her long reign last,
Surely it is time she stepped aside,
Although, perhaps, the move would hurt her pride.
If - God forbid! - she should suddenly die,
Poor Charles would be left...Read More
Categories: ageing, age, death, england, god, history,
Form: Heroic Couplets
Premium Member In Step
A little boy takes three faltering steps,
At one year old he is learning to walk,
What a clever little fellow he is.

A young athlete receives a gold trophy,
Loud cheers are heard as he holds it aloft,
He has just won first prize...Read More
Categories: ageing, boy, child, games, sports,
Form: Tristich
Premium Member Another Man's Treasure

"Another Man’s Treasure"

Jetsam tumbles
broken doorbells
no one

ironing boards 
pressing to imprint
something of significance
a life, your life
droll and predictable

it all sinks 
to the bottom 
of a bad dream
with yesterday’s 
stale tears

sharp heels
clicking on a parquet floor
like knives ripping words
jagged scratches on old...Read More
Categories: ageing, baptism, romance, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
The Deer and the Chinaman

Driving for my morning coffee I pass 
the old Chinaman’s vegetable garden. 
A deer in its winter fur stands motionless
vapor streaming from its nostrils.

It’s the end of November. The garden 
still has enough greens left to satisfy 
the deer’s appetite...Read More
Categories: ageing, age, garden,
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member Fog and Water

Fog slow-dances over the inlet
until water and air waltz together.
Too early to tell
if any birds are awake
besides, my ears are muffled in the wet air.
Grebes and Coots colonize this tributary,
gulls just visit.
I could row out to the ocean from here,
but...Read More
Categories: ageing, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Ode to Death
he who wields scythe aloft
to reap a withered and ageing crop
the harvest of the doomed and lost
who fell to their winter's frost 

the skeletal hand you must now hold
clenched so you may better feel the cold
the weak, the strong, the...Read More
Categories: ageing, angst, death, destiny, fate, funeral, gothic, night,
Form: Ode
My Dogs Eleventh Year

It doesn’t seem possible I tell myself –
eleven years already and going on twelve!
I suppose I should have a party – a piece

of prime beef lit with eleven candles. 
But he’d never get close enough to blow them out.
So it...Read More
Categories: ageing, dog, humor,
Form: Light Verse
The New Normal
People are walking
for health
and exercising
to push back the clock
of ageing.
...Read More
Categories: ageing, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Ok Boomer - the now infamous put down
A badge of great honor
We wear it with pride,
They say it’s an insult
But we’ll let that one slide.

A boomer’s a doer
A person with Pep,
Marching alone
To their own special step.

The children of Giants
Who lived through a war
Instilling in us 
The passion...Read More
Categories: ageing, age, anti bullying, character, confidence, courage, discrimination,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Golden Years
Another year older
Another year gone,
A little more wisdom,
Can that be too wrong?

A few more fine wrinkles,
A dark spot or two,
Expressions pronounced
Through the skin’s darker hue.

Time seemed eternal,
A lifetime ahead,
But blink and what happens,
One’s tummy has spread.

Gone is the spring
In every...Read More
Categories: ageing, age, birthday, encouraging, fun, growth, happiness, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Remember how once we walked through an olive grove,
we heard no sound, not even our own footsteps.

Remember how once we stood in a sea warmed by a hot sun,
our weary  feet soothed in warm shallows, our skin scorched.

I remember...Read More
Categories: ageing, loss, lost love, memory, mirror,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Lost and Alone
Abyss in thought with anguish
Tormenting his mind as he sits
With bitterness and great pain
Ageing without companionship

His only warmth is a warm fire
No one comprehends his ordeal
Compassion forgotten and alone
As darkness looms he wanders

No tracks or trail of blood found
A knock...Read More
Categories: ageing, animal,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Solo Performance
It had been a hellish week.

On Monday
my lonely and tired AfricanAmerican husband
told me, as gently as possible,
that what I had hoped was a temporary separation
is to be extended into perpetuity.

This separation had been scheduled to terminate
when my Fetal Alcohol daughter...Read More
Categories: ageing, age, earth, family, health, integrity, nature, spiritual,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member A world tomorrow
As I watch the sun descend from view,
cast shadows across the land anew, 
Floating warehouses engulf the sky
thus the shadows never die.

The drones which fill the evening air,
aren’t drones of old to thus compare,
but silent, programmed to communicate,
delivering goods and...Read More
Categories: ageing, future, life,
Form: Rhyme
clima modifictation
The Creator

Lately, I think it has to do with ageing
have been thinking of religions, one can say
Exploring them for the best option, they all fail miserably
To the point, I will call organized faith humbug.
The idea that someone has the key...Read More
Categories: ageing, absence, beach, break up, celebrity, cheer up,
Form: Blank verse
the creator
The Creator
Lately, I think it has to do with ageing
have been thinking of religions, one can say
Exploring them for the best option, they all fail miserably
To the point, I will call organized faith humbug.
The idea that someone has the...Read More
Categories: ageing, adventure, allusion, appreciation,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Love Never Fades
When night settled over driftwood on the lonely beach

Caressed forthcoming peace in his sharp ageing mind

He stumbled on a starfish propped on glistening rock

Wetted his appetite for salt sand mud and adventure

The old man needed no torch other than rays...Read More
Categories: ageing, love,
Form: Free verse
I wanted it to be the best of me
Illustrating my inner strength
Emphasise my well being
Developing my writing skills
Little did I know

That it will open my eyes to reality
Which would lead a healing vessel
It will be a mystery unfolding
Which would lead...Read More
Categories: ageing, adventure, africa, age, culture, faith, freedom, future,
Form: Free verse

Before me laid an untasted bowl of candy
And the duty owed to family.
Do I satisfy my long craving self
Failing to respect responsibility ?
Or to my lover's vows turn deaf
And pay homage to ageing sagacity? 

Papa claimed my lover gave not...Read More
Categories: ageing, 11th grade, creation, family,
Form: Free verse