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the beauty blind men see

new joys ...
drop like seeds to fill the furrows
left by the torrents of losses
when the heavens open
seemingly to wash you away
they find the green of new growth ...
hope, love, laughter, anew
but some ...
some yawn like the shadow of the earth
a darkness too deep ...

          the lack you left inside of me
          a hummingbird that's lost at sea
          whose wings are pressed to winds at length
          availing hours to ebbing strength

     oh, to know the beauty blind men see

my ear to the past
with tender and tireless course
tympans longing for the soft shuffle
of a toe slipper ...
the gentle gasping
of a grand jete' in execution
or the pixie-ish giggle
that always left your lungs with a flutter
if you knew I was watching
for a rare misstep

          the sweetness, once from honeyed lips
          that time turned sour, like poison, drips
          to stain those precious moments, rare
          pressed 'tween the pages, needing care

     oh, to know the beauty blind men see

I am two people ...
inside, one of a melancholy temper
ageing or not as elements see fit ... or found
the other but a ghost ...
growing younger with each obstinate minute
a callow phantom of yearning and fanciful motivation
you ... you birthed that apparition
with the bloom of your smile
brought its aching id to existence
please ... haunt me no more ...

          I'm bound by one warm ember, past
          to roam 'midst aimless dreams, downcast
          through twilight mists I can't define
          chased by the bleeding angels, mine

     oh, to know the beauty blind men see

(perhaps that is a wish ... I'd best let be)

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Brian's Choice L , Any Form, Any Theme" Poetry Contest, Brian Strand, Judge & Sponsor.

~ 10th Place ~  in the "Double Exposure" Poetry Contest, Kai Michael Neumann, Judge & Sponsor.

( I accidentally mislabeled the first contest as the "Double Exposure" Contest - I apologize )

Copyright © Gregory R Barden