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Afraid Poems

Afraid Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of afraid poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for afraid.

New Poems

Dark Velvet
Can be scary
Not knowing
Where it leads

Doubts and uncertainties
In the depths
Endless maze

Deeply hallucinated
In my mind

Part from reality
Part from fantasy
All at the same time

Deep in my thoughts
Making me 
Modern Frankenstein
Dead and alive
Looking insane

Comfortable in chaos
Finding solitude
Curtains around me

No longer feeling...Read More
Categories: afraid, anxiety, dark, emotions, fear, journey, lost, sad,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member for thou art with me
a sigh, beaming ...
'je n'ai pas peur' she answered
though the question's intent
was to part more than just lips.
he latched her hand
tugging her up the wrought iron spiral
'rooftops!' he cried, 'rooftops and red skies!'
they ran out onto the tar-paper flat
giggling like...Read More
Categories: afraid, adventure, dark, fantasy, love, mystery, passion, romance,
Form: Free verse
cats are evil creatures from space
are evil creatures
from outer space

who can understand
their alien thoughts
where they came from
and why are they here

are they part of an advanced team
will the cats some day
take over the world
and turn us into their slaves

I have no answer
but when i see...Read More
Categories: afraid, animal, appreciation, cat, evil,
Form: Free verse
World's Fall Down CVOID-19
The temple, the Mosque, the Church..
All is shouting out as en empty wall..
All ages cry, 
Neither from any culture, nor from any sect..
Neither from any religion, nor from any race..
Some weep, some scared, some sob, some die..
Each is suffering severe...Read More
Categories: afraid, grief, world,
Form: Blank verse
Sudden fear struck by body
And I could barely breath
Move or speak
When I first heard about
The corona virus and
All its destruction
It's even scarier to
Believe that it's in
Your city and your town
What makes it even worse is
That I don't know who it
Has...Read More
Categories: afraid, emotions, feelings, hope, inspiration,
Form: Free verse

Midst enhanced community quarantine…
my soul earnestly seeks the Lord
Whose throne of grace door never closes
as He hears my supplication of faith-shout 
that pandemic-caused lock down cannot silence.

Despite social distancing rigorously enforced…
my heart intimately draws nigh to the Saviour
Whose presence sweetly...Read More
Categories: afraid, blessing, devotion, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, thanksgiving,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Poetry Month Challenge: forsake careless words of death
English showcases Joseph Conrad, Dickens, James Joyce, Tagore
Conrad, once a Pole, Joyce may be Irish, Tagore -Indian of course
In political terms, England rocketed after 1558, besting the Spanish
Our 'lingua franca' changed from Spanish to the Queens English

That is all the...Read More
Categories: afraid, appreciation, philosophy, poetry, wisdom, word play, words,
Form: Didactic
Premium Member Covid-19- Going To Forget Each Other
To me banana leaf is not cheap life providing lien
It serves me with certain safety like heavenly dish of earth
Dark venom fallen down in its safety embryo of oxygen
Venomous snake spreading burning meteors on heart

Breathing afraid of excess sneezing, chough,...Read More
Categories: afraid, depression, fear, life,
Form: Free verse
life as a evil master criminal
Life as a evil Mastermind criminal 

I am living the life
I am Slick Mc Dick
the one and only
the master criminal 

I live in Oakland
and I run drugs, prostitutes 
guns and illegal software 

I am part Irish, German, 
Black, Asian and...Read More
Categories: afraid, america, angst, evil,
Form: Bio
having a dog cured my fears
Having a dog saved my life

when I was a young lad
a dog bit me
and I became terrified of dogs
and to some sense still am

but then many years ago
i had a dog
a husky dog
raised as a pupy

the dog though was half...Read More
Categories: afraid, angst, anxiety, dark, dog,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member When We Can Dance
When you can dance
Don't walk

When you can together sing
Don't monologically talk

When you can bicamerally love
Don't just try not to be quite so bipolar lost
afraid and then angry and then afraid...

When you can exercise compassion
Don't just wear out passion

When you can...Read More
Categories: afraid, earth, happiness, health, integrity, political, power, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Why I Strayed Part 1
Why I strayed, I know the reason, but do you? You’re the one that I fell into their arms, the one that I turned to
Although I told you then I never got too deep, but now I feel as though...Read More
Categories: afraid, heartbreak, hurt, sad,
Form: Rhyme
quarantine blues
quarantine blues

Quarantine such an ugly word
Unlike any other 
All at home 
Regardless of desires
No where to go 
That is the worst part of it 
In fact enforced staying at home
Not to bad
Especially I have you by my side 

Blues come...Read More
Categories: afraid, america, angst, anxiety, fate,
Form: Free verse
Too Silent
It's too silent now
empty streets
people behind closed doors
afraid and alone
my phone rings
and I jump
it has broken the silence
and I know I am not alone...Read More
Categories: afraid, fear, people, silence,
Form: Free verse
Oh my God you are the man!
What an amazing job you did creating all of this land.
The bright blue sky and how the clouds magically hang.
Every field of green, mountains, lightening and how the thunder does bang.

From the largest beasts...Read More
Categories: afraid, prayer,
Form: Rhyme
april 3 poems
April 3 Poems

Humor keeps us sane
it is a piece of what we need to do
to prevent us from getting 
the dreaded corona virus
coming up your nose

Pensively prompt - unpublished

creative talents unleashed

First Kiss with My wife

It was 1982 
when I first...Read More
Categories: afraid, anxiety, april, poems,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Have You
Have You

Ever wondered how it happens?
How the last person stays, 
How they make sure, everyone else gets out?

Ever wonder why?
Is that important? 
As long as we are safe, 
does it really matter who sacrificed;
or more specifically or…
even more importantly what...Read More
Categories: afraid, angel, dance, friendship, grandparents, growing up, heart,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member New Day Hope
Curse willful ignorance for the rusty chains it brings
Reigning in imagination’s course
Shuttering up heart and soul alike.

Don’t be afraid, hiding, not knowing something
For knowledge is an open, free river
Be well afraid of not learning in its currents.

Else understanding forever stands...Read More
Categories: afraid, 12th grade, imagination, judgement, life, perspective, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Loud voices
Rowdy minds
I get so afraid when I see them fight
Will I exercise?
Tomorrow,I will open a bag of rice
And call some wise men to show me the Eastern star
Which will lead us to afar
That's how must punish these boys.

...Read More
Categories: afraid, allah, beautiful, best friend, birth, books, bridal
Form: Ballad
Clouds Hanging Over Me
Clouds Hanging Over Me

dark clouds, ominous
feelings of dread swamping
me with foreboding
unable to get my breath
anxiety leading to yet another
panic attack to
disarm me
detach me from myself
alone and afraid I am
losing my mind
certain it has happened in
the past
confident no one notices
that there...Read More
Categories: afraid, depression, emotions, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Artful Author of Attention
Artistic expression of exotic and esoteric paintings 
Lives in the home of our hearts where love lingers 
May we dance in this celebration of confinement 
Reading to each other a variety of books and
Sparkling Scripture that shows us the importance...Read More
Categories: afraid, appreciation, art, celebration, christian,
Form: Alliteration
She is alone
Hoping to be loved
By a man

The one who loves her
For all she is
Good, bad and ugly

Wounded in battle scars 
Across her fragile heart
Her mind traumatized 

Builds her highest defense
With hidden traps
Not get into her again

Prosecuting trespassers 
With sharp...Read More
Categories: afraid, angst, betrayal, cry, desire, feelings, missing, sad,
Form: Free verse
Product Of Greatness

So here I am standing face to face with myself
Staring deeply though the windows of my inner man
Wondering, who am I? And how did I get here?
I know some how, some years ago
My parents got together and conceived me
But I'm...Read More
Categories: afraid, change, character, passion, strength,
Form: Free verse
Fear not
Dare what?
Everything you don't know
Everything you don't show
Not a place 
Not a fight
It is everything you don't know about yourself
The ability to not be afraid is to brandish the unknown self
It transcends your ego
An overflow of desires
It is deeper...Read More
Categories: afraid, confidence, courage, desire, dream, education, endurance, fear,
Form: Free verse
Always be more to learn
Quickly adapt 
Crushing timelines

Hard to keep up
No matter how much I ask
Still being back 
Where I started

Confused of important or urgent
Cannot make a difference
When everything pushes me
In all directions

Pressue cooker
Waiting to explode
Need to breathe and cry

Not...Read More
Categories: afraid, confusion, emotions, how i feel, lost, scary,
Form: Free verse