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Aesop Poems

Aesop Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aesop poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aesop.

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Premium Member RHIP

(insider trading)
Written: by Miracle Man

Our minds are assaulted daily by political tune,
by infiltrating our minds with the same tired old song.
Consolidated thinking they attempt to attune,
by promising voters "stuff" their careers they prolong.

With insider information they make stock trades,
information that...Read More
Categories: aesop, corruption, political,
Form: Lyric

Fallible Fate Fostered
wet wits bruised
gaunt gifts glued
callous crest cruised
vying voluptuous views
dark dances drool
punctured praises puked

wanky wastes wielded
damped dribbles processed 
pulpy pills possessed

sassy syllables etched'n
tactic trail, tensed
hanker hoisted, rent

fallible fate fostered
dripping damped clusters.

Note: Dedicated to Aesop....Read More
Categories: aesop, hero,
Form: Sonnet
Hen's Wings
A pair of blue wings is hovering
against the inky black covering
within ‘Little Fox’ constellation
of Vulpecula designation,

portrayed with stipple sidereal
in Hubble image ethereal,
‘Hen two dash four three seven’ labeled.
A hen with fox is Aesop fabled,

except it was really a crow
in that...Read More
Categories: aesop, allegory, animal, fantasy, inspiration, space, stars, universe,
Form: Verse
Roman a clef tragicomedy
Roman à clef tragicomedy...
overlaid with façade of fiction = Mein Kampf

No need for yours truly to dig deep,
(albeit bonafide figuratively)
by Dickens thru mine Uriah Heep,
a gnarled mass creep
ping, comprising, encompassing, glomming
abysmal existence strewn with hard times,

such that I wanna leap
out...Read More
Categories: aesop, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Refreshingly cozy chill September aire
Cold front brings August respite
upon cusp of autumn quite
natural palliative to forget monetary plight
relieving spate of dog days of summer
seasonal crisp balm appeared overnight
evidenced of late by Jeeves

cool temperatures at night
temporarily bumping ugly
global warming with moonlight
sonata courtesy mother nature
perfect bonfire...Read More
Categories: aesop, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, beauty,
Form: Free verse

The thread of love and understanding that grows thin with distance is very fragile 
Unless anchored well at both ends.
Just as a spider weaves her web with but a few anchors to support her beautiful creation, so must love be...Read More
Categories: aesop, allegory, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
Matthew Scott Whar Art Thou Spunk
Matthew Scott, Whar Art Thou Spunk?

Nobody, but yours truly
bore deeply and countersunk
his spontaneity satisfactorily
lightweight corporeal mein kampf,
didst more than baptize or dunk

cuff, which admirably aided to flunk,
(whereat no universal solvent,
could (kant) kelp dissolve barnacles
of sea sonned gunk),
asper thickly congealed

encasing this...Read More
Categories: aesop, 7th grade, absence, age, depression, humor, longing,
Form: Bio
Three Fables Revised With Modern Metaphorical Spin
for now please imagine generic
     fairy tale characters
     analogous if you will
to possessing physical, livingsocial,
     and three dimensional
     corporeal form (at least until
the end...Read More
Categories: aesop, 12th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, freedom,
Form: Political Verse
C Cure T Clarence axe 1
C. Cure T. Clarence

Been making, (sans
     daily) regular appearance
in the news oval
     hate gambling arrogance
vis a vis spewing,
     shouting, and scathing rabidly
     foaming explosive...Read More
Categories: aesop, 11th grade, 9th grade, abuse, anger, future,
Form: Free verse
Aesop Would Be Pleased
This is a fable, yet the truest of stories,
And yes, there’s a moral to this allegory,
Scientists in Athens had thought for a while,
Who is the prettiest in all the Greek Isles?

For thousands of year, the winner, of course,
Helen of Troy,...Read More
Categories: aesop, beauty, people, perspective, philosophy, women,
Form: Rhyme

Not Given to Know

Zeus mythical bastard son of Aesop wives tales
Y-chromosomes missing their synthetic teat surrogacy
Xanthium baby mamas getting the cash subsidy breed
Wisdom being parceled for fine print lab resale
Vector the hidden message unto the teeming masses
Upload the darklit parables into the UB-Human...Read More
Categories: aesop, spiritual, truth, visionary, wisdom,
Form: ABC
a stray tear doth adieu occasionally shed
toward thee spunky gal, 
     whose impregnation and debut appearance 
     way to brief a tale for Aesop
cuz, (umpteen iterations recounted),
     out the birth canal aye did...Read More
Categories: aesop, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Epitaph

School bag, blue shirt, hair parted on the right,
Dal-rice, clock ticking away in delight;
Cycles stop, wagons with seasonal crop, 
Get to her class before the gates shut tight.


The obsession froths beyond the eavesdrop,
Secrecy brews a moral of Aesop;
Friends don't yet...Read More
Categories: aesop, crush, growing up, longing, memory, school, teacher,
Form: Rubaiyat
In a Wood by the River's Edge, a found poem
In a wood by the river's edge,
flat and very full of trees,
with banners flying
and no misgivings,

brothers Thomas and John
and gallant Aesop,
at song and in praise—
"Good pillage!" Beer and biscuit.

Their fleet— their raft,
a sail of a biscuit sack.
An afternoon, idle
near the...Read More
Categories: aesop, adventure, games, nature, summer, voyage, water, youth,
Form: Free verse
Friendships do Sink
Drowning in labels
not Aesop Fables
not normal retard
like being slapped hard
born an army brat
Lady was the cat
without hardly any hair
they would laugh they would stare
they called me hippie
I seemed so wimpy 
stuttered bad in school
looked on as a fool
Navy my biggest...Read More
Categories: aesop, childhood, military,
Form: Couplet

The cellar is his bleak repose,

in concert with the cockroaches and flies;

there he wipes his runny nose,

toils the day long, sunshine tries,

insinuates through rough and crumbled boards.

Lessons can't assuage his conflicts,

the bottom of the pile, his heritage affords

no more, the...Read More
Categories: aesop, music,
Form: Quatrain

Rachel, sweetest looking peach on such a high branch
A teasing sway in her round hips, full of undiluted
gorgeous femininity
Eyes as blue as sky and a voice that is felt all over,
more like a warm breeze than sound
Aesop might recommend the...Read More
Categories: aesop, beautiful, beauty, for her, fruit, longing, lust,
Form: I do not know?
turn left to make a right turn
storm in the air and loud thunder
but as I recall
it was a sunny day
puffy clouds that spelled your future 
but not mine, not ours
gates locked because the truth was a fire hazard 
I said I would help
I said my pleasure
I...Read More
Categories: aesop, boyfriend, change, desire, how i feel, i
Form: Free verse
Improves upon the amount of time it takes you to conduct an opera that 
tells about how to live this life.
Moralistic conceptions are fulfillments of healthy appetites.
An Aesop Fable he or she will write.



Rapunzel Rapunzel let your...Read More
Categories: aesop, abuse, allegory, analogy, body, growth, judgement, wisdom,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Thought cops wouldn’t determine,
he put himself in that popcorn box.
Maybe he should have used his socks.

A world famous recluse.
Millions for planes, women and cars,
treasured most his urine in jars.

A czarina whose needs couldn’t wait.
Rumored to...Read More
Categories: aesop, funny, life, people,
Form: Clerihew
World Cutup
what from the founder Aesop fell
	vital spark of heavenly flame
	unto my thinking thou beheld'st all works

	Who ever weeps somewhere out in the world
	Yellow butterflies 
A dream of Venus 
	let nothing disturb thee
	music first and foremost of all
Mystical Strains unheard 
No,...Read More
Categories: aesop, angst, art, depression, devotion, happiness, history, on
Form: Free verse
Another Crossroad
Another crossroad.
Invalids weep when 
wearing another's
soiled diapers suddenly 
In spite of the battered off-chance -
from a despondent interruption;
I'm the exposed exception.

Coarse fingers bleed.
My wheelchair spokes 
are hardly friendly.
I proudly bawl when no one 
can see me bow my head
amongst the...Read More
Categories: aesop, deathme,
Form: Free verse
Without a wish in my heart
I stare at glen's pinnacle.
The end of the yellow brick road shakes my weary hand.

Without a knot in my throat
I gaze past a forgotten dell's innocence.
The beginning of a backward's journey has just begun.

The fairy...Read More
Categories: aesop, imagination
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Bad Hare Day
Aesop writes about an unlikely pair

     A race betwixt a turtle and a hare

          While the hare fiddled around

        ...Read More
Categories: aesop, animals, funny
Form: Limerick
The Rook
my mind is an open book.
read it and have a look.
"Open" said Crow.
"We near the brook"
"Stones are there and
little by little does the trick.

Love the journey... it's the
Mother of all invention.


Article By Malcolm Ritter, Associated Press
NEW YORK — From the...Read More
Categories: aesop, imagination, inspirational, love, mystery, naturewater, water,
Form: I do not know?