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Aeolus Poems

Aeolus Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aeolus poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aeolus.

New Poems

The Odyssey Pantoumimed - i
Priam's pride to history's dust consigned
Our Gift of Horse had done it's deed
With spoils of war, exulting, we unfurled our sail
Twelve ships set hopes to land on Ithaca's shore

Our gift of horse had done it's deed
Great misery was deemed our...Read More
Categories: aeolus,
Form: Pantoum

The Odyssey Redux Part I - From Trozan Shores To Aeolian Isle
Now gather around, ye lusty lads, a tale I'll tell to thee
Of jealous Gods, monsters and ill-fated men who sailed the sea.
My tale is set in hoary times when fickle fate was by divine decree.
Then men were men who faced...Read More
Categories: aeolus, adventure, fantasy, myth, mythology, drug,
Form: Epic
Premium Member LOSS
Dark clouds drift slowly across the leaden sky.
The air is stagnant, still, heavy with promise of the tempest to come. 
Standing, abandoned, forlorn, on the edge of the abyss I wait.
Tears of anguish course down my cheeks, vanishing into the...Read More
Categories: aeolus, best friend, death, loss,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Gods of Winds

Notus comes creeping furtively from the south
hot and bothered from the blazing summer sun.
The wind of change...concealed it launches sudden storms
as clouds pile up across the sky, dark and towering,
lightning flashes, thunder drawls, torrential rain descends;
rivers swell to bursting point;...Read More
Categories: aeolus, wind,
Form: Verse
Gods of Winds
Aeolus God and Ruler of the Wind
Summoned Aura and surveying her grinned

Then proceeded to whisper in her ear
Brought shocked expression, a falling tear

"Please do not pursue the Aurai nymphs"
Whose replicas were on all column plinths

Aeolus struck his staff on marble...Read More
Categories: aeolus, fantasy, wind,
Form: Rhyme

Brutus Iulius Trois page 07
Brutust Iulius Trois Page 07
Brutus called his captains into conference
we are done with creeping along the shorelines 
prepare now to sail out across the Aegean
the winds are with us and Troy awaits! 
Imogen seeing Hesione, ceased weeping
Hesione, were you happy...Read More
Categories: aeolus, history,
Form: Epic
A Day with the Gods -- Part 2 of 2
I left thanking Poseidon,
Heading towards Mount Olympus,
Approaching more than any mortal,
Just to see it would whim us.
I met Aphrodite,
In all her perfection,
And begged of this Goddess,
Of love and affection.
"I need this man more than the air Aeolus provides on,
I need...Read More
Categories: aeolus, inspirational, love, romance, me, love, me,
Form: Epic
Count the Wolves and We'll Sleep Tonight
I live in a house where
all the doors are closed
they hide away the secrets
that can’t ever be told.
I live behind these doors
hidden away, no one knows
what goes on within my head;
or the monsters the closet stows.
One by one, the lights...Read More
Categories: aeolus, angst, family, imagination, introspection, lifehouse, house,
Form: Rhyme
Winds Of Earth
Invisible power
mighty strength,
force of Nature
fearing of no earthly being.

Whipping, ripping, howling -
those inhuman sounds;
gentleness, soothing -
like holding a newborn.

Civilizations have honored you -
Aeolus, Zephyrus, 
Aquilo, Auster...
Gods - Greek and Roman.

We build towers to harness you,
birds to ride you,
tunnels to beat...Read More
Categories: aeolus, nature
Form: Free verse
Nyx opened black arms
threading her twilight fingers 
and cradled my awe 
to turn my hair, white  
she filled my eyes with stars
firing a comet to 
the core of my heart 

my second breathe
carved dragons of fire,
as Aeolus filled each...Read More
Categories: aeolus, imagination, lifesong, longing, song,
Form: Free verse

Splendor in the grass
Come; lie with me in the grass
Of summer and feel the cool green
Blades give ground to our presence here.
Smell the white clover my dearest?
Its odoriferous fragrance
Pales by comparison with you.
Look! I see a four-leaf clover,
Though rare, it’s not as rare...Read More
Categories: aeolus, love, nature, passionsummer, summer,
Form: Free verse
Winter Fog
amorphous creeping, flowing fog
a living wispy presence
directed by Aeolus whim
searching for substance and form 
to grasp and entomb
finds unresisting, sleeping shapes

in gray shadowed forest trees 
reaching and waving 
in the early morning cold
with gnarled fingers tipped with
a million tiny blood...Read More
Categories: aeolus, nature
Form: Free verse
The wind blows cold
And icy shivers
Down my spine
Benumbs me
To a static
Frozen mass of pain
Beneath my boots
The white crystals
Crunch like glass
And suck my heat
Downward from my brain
Leaving only breath
A frigid cloud
Frighted by the quartet
Of doom,
My malice
For Kaikias stays silent
And shrivels
The pallor...Read More
Categories: aeolus, allegory, nature
Form: Free verse
Acrobatic Essence of Zephyr
winds drift
hopes cascading

Zephyr's delight
caressing branches in the breeze
Zephyr's delight
Spirals of light
flickering shadows from the trees
Currents of erotic winds tease
Zephyr's delight

from mires
of gray sway
and receive thrills
as the soft whispered breath of Zephyr spills. 

Zephyr races Rushing, Gushing through
He passes so Fleeting,...Read More
Categories: aeolus, nature, sweet, sweet,
Form: Cinquain
The Wanderer
Many moons have fallen 
Since the captain set sail.
This relentless wanderer,
Who searches the world
To uncover a timeless tale.
Rove though he must,
Persevere through time,
Across a perilous sea,
For more than aged wine.

“Let it go, tis the key,”
Whispers the wind amidst the billows.
But...Read More
Categories: aeolus, adventure, allegory, confusion, faith, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Dearest young leaf,
Why so melancholy?
Thy emerald sheath has not borne Time's folly.

Think not of Autumn's deathly brilliance,
Of colors rich and flaky grounds,
For Thou wilt weep every moment hence,
While Springtime's youth still bounds.

Greet Thy greenness with glee,
For thy root to the...Read More
Categories: aeolus, faith, inspirational, life, nature, seasons, uplifting,
Form: I do not know?