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Addictions Poems

Addictions Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of addictions poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for addictions.

New Poems

You were born with the Breath of God;
Glory to God in the highest
He was chosen turn off. God's daughter
Glory to God to the highest
This was in 1985
You were born alive 
To God be the glory to God to the...Read More
Categories: addictions, adventure, analogy, appreciation, encouraging, engagement, forgiveness, love,
Form: Lyric

Addiction and Suicide
Drug Addiction and suicide are no joke.
Some people find it entertaining when those individuals croak.
Recovering and living I've seen both sides
I just wish people could live their lives.

Whether it's a pill, powder, or a needle
This epidemic can be unspeakable.
Whether it's...Read More
Categories: addictions, abuse, addiction, death, death of a friend,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Don't Give Up
Don't give up
on precise strategic resilience
and passionate communitarians
winning here and winning now,
now already won here
with and for those with 20/20 sight
thought with feeling,

Do give up blaming
only your own internal addicted climate
without also shaming your medicine-pushing society
of left-hemisphere verbal violent domination.

Do...Read More
Categories: addictions, earth, health, humanity, humor, peace, psychological, religion,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Empowering Integrity
Verbal microaggressions
[You are a liar!]
neglect non-violent humanity
as macroaggressions
[uninvited explosions with intent to kill],
rather far beyond verbal bullying,
physically retaliate against abusive inhumanity,
seldom too fastidious
about recognizing collateral damage
to people
planet Earth.

Critical mistrust
[how does this defend democracy?]
may yet remain mindful of Golden Rules,
active hope...Read More
Categories: addictions, bullying, health, integrity, peace, political, psychological, violence,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Singing In the Dark
Singing in the Dark

You are everything to me, 
why can’t you see, that you are…

I wake up,
and breath you in, 
I want to cry
and then, 
You make me laugh, 
You make me smile, 
You make me believe, 
if just, for...Read More
Categories: addictions, abortion, abuse, addiction, allah, angel, anxiety, atheist,
Form: Lyric

Dynamos of Goodness spin and spawn off good
Christians may be expected to seek perfection
But what exactly is it ("Obedience not sacrifice," says the WORD)?
No, not perfection but multiplication
Never ever reaching perfection in this world

Imitation of Christ - Thomas A Kempis...Read More
Categories: addictions, abuse, adventure, jesus, loneliness, myth, prayer, religious,
Form: Prose Poetry
Addictions and Change
I battle addictions
And they’re as sweet as honey,
As a summer day and I’m okay
Good feeling’s only price is surrender

I battle addictions
And they feel like watching
Myself rip up rationality,
Building and spreading like cancer

I battle addictions
And they infest every cell
My body, home...Read More
Categories: addictions, addiction, depression, desire, growth,
Form: Free verse
There's Satisfaction In Jesus
You’ll Only Find Satisfaction In Jesus!

Some like to boast about their sexuality.
Do they ever think about their spirituality?

The Bible talks about a problem called SIN.
This is common with all women and men.

It’s a corruption since the beginning of time.
This is...Read More
Categories: addictions, addiction, encouraging, faith, hope, jesus, life, lust,
Form: Rhyme

I feel honoured to have known 
Your innermost soul.
And wish I’d had success
In freeing you of demons.

I watched you struggle, 
And gave you guidance.
In return was pushed away.

So I hypnotize you
With my big brown eyes, 
And take you on a...Read More
Categories: addictions, betrayal, caregiving, lost, memory, sad,
Form: Free verse
R I P Addictions
Ignorance destruction can't beat them don't join'em. Death B-4 dishonor be the strong. Humanity is a reflection of our works. Can't depart from the characteristics of our works affect & effects negative or positive. Till we do better when we...Read More
Categories: addictions, abuse, addiction, anxiety, depression, encouraging, inspirational, journey,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Silent Scream of Anxiety
No one ever invited him to a birthday party
Relatives asks his parents to get a sitter
For when they do bring him around
He breaks all of the things he can
Showing his sadness

At three he had been kicked out of two preschools
No...Read More
Categories: addictions, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th grade, 7th
Form: Narrative
Up to Me
We are virtually interconnected
Yet socially disconnect to our demise
Modernity rewards ignorance
The ignorant condemn the wise

We’re a society addicted to addictions
Hungry for knowledge that’s void of proof
Confirmation bias is perplexing and pervasive
Paradoxically – leaving us disinterested in The Truth

We are over...Read More
Categories: addictions, encouraging, growth, happiness, passion,
Form: Rhyme
Up to Me
Up to Me

We are virtually interconnected
Yet socially disconnect to our demise
Modernity rewards ignorance
The ignorant condemn the wise

We’re a society addicted to addictions
Hungry for knowledge that’s void of proof
Confirmation bias is perplexing and pervasive
Paradoxically – leaving us disinterested in The Truth

We...Read More
Categories: addictions, america, anxiety, beauty, confidence, courage, deep, growth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Word Fantasy in F Sharp Minor in 3 Movements
Word Fantasy in F Sharp Minor  (3 Movements)


(Andante con moto)

Hey man. Take this.

I got it last night,
under a fractured street light,
with shattered pieces of clear glass, scattered
at the nexus of an obscure dark freeway offramp,
way down there in magical...Read More
Categories: addictions, allegory,
Form: Free verse
Going Without
With over-abundance and all kinds of addictions staring me in the face,
I like to, just occasionally, make do or go without, 
Even when I don't have to.

I sometimes even pretend I have no car,
No matter what the weather.

That ice-cream or...Read More
Categories: addictions, absence, addiction, appreciation, blessing, celebration, character, confidence,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member A Word Or Three
Death ...

Death is NOT the enemy
It is but the longest part of eternity
The essential part that gives life its preciousness and value
It is the body's rest, the spirit's release, and the soul's freedom
When we again join tenderly with the Universe...Read More
Categories: addictions, addiction, death, emotions, introspection, life, sad, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The King of Kegs

The King of Kegs

He was the town drunk, that
everyone loved.
Didn't care about being arrested
nor his children going food less.
But at the bar, oh such a big hit.
Always knew tons of jokes, he
was the King of the Kegs!
And nary a night,...Read More
Categories: addictions, addiction, hope, motivation,
Form: Free verse
My calling
Did I sign a contract?
For these personal life experiences slept beside my always busy mind
Calling to me

As I stumbled down the Devil’s staircase
Once encased by my addictions
Bathed and soaked scars that I allowed myself to control and define me

My Angels...Read More
Categories: addictions, angel, blessing, dark, destiny, devotion,
Form: Free verse
One More Thing

"One More Thing"

This morning
Clouds forming
Soon to be storming

Most ignoring
The warning
Continually warring

Waters forking
Rapids roaring
Avians soaring
As events continue coursing

Heard enough recordings
That were reporting
About global warming

Whether it's sunny or pouring
Cold or scorching
Dogs and cats arrive for boarding
In a building with tile flooring

Bottles uncorking
This...Read More
Categories: addictions, deep, fun, heart, poetry, rap, word play,
Form: Rhyme
Legally Addicted
Legally Addicted
Legally Addicted 

I'm a slave a prisoner to its sweet nectar. 

It calls to me like human flesh calls to Hannibal Lecter.

My lips need its sweet syrup to quench their desert dryness, 

Without this elixir i cannot live my...Read More
Categories: addictions, addiction, drug, emotions, feelings, life, pain,
Form: Rhyme
Speak, Speak, Speak voices in my head speak
But of what thought, what emotion, what feeling do I speak of?
Speak, Speak, Speak they yelling
I could just dig a hole and fall right in it
What do you want from me? 
What do...Read More
Categories: addictions, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Weed Administration
Gardeners and farmers know better 
than to feed and water the weeds.

Psychologists and sociologists agree, 
 best way to manage an unrepentant narcissist 
is to ignore him 
and his ego-privileged run-away lose/lose habits, 
ranting paranoia.

Political scientists might learn from...Read More
Categories: addictions, garden, health, integrity, mental illness, political, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
Losing My Way
Aged sixteen when it all begins
a downward spiral I fell in
steady consumption on the fringe
to being consumed on the binge

overindulgent to a lost mind
need the endorphin buzz to unwind
my image morphing but I was blind
as the drink the drugs an...Read More
Categories: addictions, addiction, depression, drink, drug, loss, sad,
Form: Rhyme
If you Love me
If you Love me,
Don't give in to all my demands,
Don't excuse my bad behaviour,
Or give me praise for doing nothing.

If you Love me,
Don't believe everything I say,
Don't give me extravagant presents,
Or tell lies on my behalf.

If you Love me,
Don't tell...Read More
Categories: addictions, analogy, appreciation, baptism, bible, blessing, forgiveness, love,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member THIS N THAT
Going inside to get out
Traversing the transition 
Repeating my numbers 
Kneeling at the most expensive 
Waiting by the moving cocoon 
Waving to my beginning 
Embracing my end
Where sequences bleed
Boring stories die slow slow deaths
Puddles become oceans 
The ducklings turn to...Read More
Categories: addictions, addiction, humanity, i am, perspective, psychological,
Form: Free verse