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Actin Poems

Actin Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of actin poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for actin.

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Premium Member I Can't Write
This is a parody of "I can't Dance." by Genesis.

Metaphor junkies
spewing their dung
actin all holy
like they've written in tounges...

Can anybody
interpret that (Bleep)
explain the poems meaning
with a comment that fits...

Then say, I can't write
or compose
demi-gods are out there
always breaking my (Bleeps...)

They...Read More
Categories: actin, anti bullying, funny, humor, parody,
Form: Lyric

soleil levant
Actin like
Everything is the same
Everything is anything but
My world is turned
Upside down
I don't know
Into an optimal angle or a
Negative angle
The pastel colors
Of the sky
Are getting
Like Monet's
soleil levant
Felt like I was
The jump but now
I'm just floating
In midair
With sudden
Plummets my heart down
Got...Read More
Categories: actin, art, feelings, for him, heart, heartbroken, longing,
Form: Free verse
how do you know
you scared caused that b$tch
might wanna set your ass up
invite you in and
then get all corrupt
say one thing then do the other
act like she wanna do thangs
then start acting like
something other
why ya'll acting like that
why ya'll gather up like that
making...Read More
Categories: actin, adventure, anti bullying, confidence, courage, engagement, music,
Form: I do not know?
DADDY MEIN pappa mein
she don't love you and she don't
need you
keep my name out your mouth
stop calling my residence
your baby momma is
my spouse
ya'll aint gettin back
the way you ask her over
you think that's clever
ya'll aint compromising
I see the look in ya'll eye's and
talking...Read More
Categories: actin, break up,
Form: Alexandrine
Categories: actin, dedication, emotions, feelings, goodbye, hurt, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme

Fussi and them
One spoke, saying "we know what he's trying to do"
buying a ring, "that aint special mista". You act like
she loves you and all, we aint about that she'll say.
Who is he?" I bettcha that's what she'll say when
I mettle this,...Read More
Categories: actin, art, bridal shower, dance, desire, engagement, food,
Form: Didactic
For Kanye
Never bite the hand that 
feeds you.
Be careful not to burn bridges 
you need to
cross again.  
Let’s not pretend 
you’re not the issue
it’s everybody but you.
Sacrifices they made for you, 
but you forgot where you came from.
Actin like...Read More
Categories: actin, betrayal, black african american, black love, celebrity,
Form: Rhyme
So many people with so much to say
Seeking notability increases their way
With each other they'll all compete
Top position is what they seek
Wanted to be known as only the best
Strong contenders rise above the rest
Starting gossip so as others to discredit
However...Read More
Categories: actin, drug,
Form: Rhyme
Bad habit
I love you
But I hate you
One look from those eyes
I adore you
Still waitin for
Step up
Own up
Confess up
All those things you fight off
Like that real pain
It falls like acid rain
That damn good pain
Put it on me again
Drop me to my...Read More
Categories: actin, deep, desire, i miss you,
Form: Free verse
BOOM BOOM explicit
give me some room
can't f***g breath
with all these gunpowder fumes
guns blastin off
like my mouth poppin to
shut the f*** up up b****
I wasn't talkin bout you
fell off for a minute
the wagon got crowded
much like my mind
and I couldn't allow it
had...Read More
Categories: actin,
Form: Rhyme

Broken and Trippin

Broken and Trippin


Why you be trippin,

thought you was my hommie

but I guess as it turns out

you just a phoney.

Why ya be cryin,

actin a fool

tryna be big

but you'r just a tool.

I thought we was tight,

family you know

but that's gone to hell

that's...Read More
Categories: actin, betrayal, conflict, feelings, friendship,
Form: Rhyme
Radio Days
Hey DADDY run as-fast-as-you can
You oughta-see-my-mama-oh-man
She dancin to a radio show
And bein kinda naughty-you-know

Never seen her actin this-way-before
Look she shufflin out-all-over-the-floor
It's a song that I ain-never-heard
And she just-said-one-of-them-ugly-words

Take me back to my radio days
Take me back to the simple old...Read More
Categories: actin, music,
Form: Lyric
Just Fine
Girl i ya unsure,the way i be sometimes
but dont u ever just relax,u the only one on my mind
with nobody else,why would i ever be?
because u my soul mate u already showed that to me
i love your eyes,brownest in summertime
u...Read More
Categories: actin, faith, friendship, love,
Form: Free verse
THis is a Trini
Dem Trini's is something esle
Ma still love dem
Proud to be one 
Some thing we doo just kills me
Allyuh see something 
allyuh want it
When yuh wake yuh bother ur child bout the ting
Help mih look for the ting
What ting mommy
De ting...Read More
Categories: actin, funny,
Form: Free verse
I'm Back
It's sad it took this to bring me back. Heart broken, tryin to get to the right track. I've been silent for a minute. I will admit, I found comfort elsewhere. Little did I know that it would leave me...Read More
Categories: actin, life, heart, heart, me,
Form: Rhyme
baby im likin the way u look

u just got me on the hook

ur like my favorite page in my book

u just mistook the way im actin

if it was up to me baby i would make it happen

make u start reactin...Read More
Categories: actin, song-me, girl, me,
Form: Lyric
You got me
I’ve been thinking about you.
 You know know know
 Im hitting my all time low low low
 Wonder how you’re dojng
 Here there’s no point for proving
 Baby, I just really care.
 Baby, don’t act like it’s rare.
 25 hours
...Read More
Categories: actin, depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, romance, sad, me, lost,
Form: Free verse
Pull The Cord
I'm Aboard
The Train to heaven with a sword
My bodies in a morge
My souls what i forge
Scorch me along with the tourch
Crash me along with the porsch
Use phsyical forse
Lifes a deludiable cousre 
Full of preceptions of happiness
It leads to roy slapin...Read More
Categories: actin, death, depression, me, me,
Form: Rhyme
Men In Panties
Ladies run for life 
see there's an 
outbreak like the 
flick, instead of 
coughs and 
monkeys there's 

that's brewed in 
towns amidst and 
all around so take a 
sip, some men just 
swear they're hard 
forever actin str8 
like...Read More
Categories: actin, inspirationalmen, men,
Form: Rhyme
Foolish Dudes
Foolish Dudes

Foolish dudes never have a clue
Shootin they own foot while stealin loot
Slappin chicks and yelling at kids
Actin like Ike Turner til she hits the skids
Bruisin up chicks givin out licks
Burnin bridges fatal decisions lights flick flicks
Now old all alone...Read More
Categories: actin, black african american,
Form: Free verse
Do You Really Know Who I Am
You've seen me by a million names,
You've read all about my pain,
but do you understand me? Do you know who I really am?

My head is pounding slightly, 
Sometimes I lose my eyesight,
my body likes to destroy me. It doesn't much...Read More
Categories: actin, artme,
Form: I do not know?
You Followed
Yo Lauren,

From faith, to fugees, to fantastic lyrics against abortion and the senseless
extermination of black babies under the guise of family values making slave prisons for

I know your heart, as it spoke to a young brotha with a baby on...Read More
Categories: actin, dedication
Form: I do not know?
its worth living
did you grow up without any food
were you forced make a shelter out of wood
have you ever been hunted down
have you been beaten into the ground
what makes you think that you are ready to die
youve never seen death
never herd the...Read More
Categories: actin,
Form: I do not know?
Nothing wrong with being good
There's nothing wrong with being good it's also not that hard
hold on to God instead cuz everything relies on God 
your troubles turn to joy and your worries turn to peace
your wants will fade away and your needs will be...Read More
Categories: actin, hope, inspirational, peacegod, god,
Form: I do not know?
takin my love 4 granted
Im feeling really sad
cus youre not actin right
you taking my love for granted
and that just aint right
I dont know 
if I should stay or leave
im so confuse
you hardly say you love me
so tell me wats goin on
whos that on the...Read More
Categories: actin, girlfriend-boyfriend, husband, life, loss, lost love, love,
Form: Lyric