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Water Acrostic Poems

These Water Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Water. These are the best examples of Acrostic Water poems written by international poets.

Sail Across The Ocean
S-ail across the ocean, 
N-ever fear the deep blue sea; 
O-n Sunday February eleventh, 
O-pen water is an opportunity.
K-eep sailing across the ocean, explore the...

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Running Water In The River
R-unning water in the river
I-s a blessing from above; 
T-he graces from the sky
A-re truly the Father's love.

B-lessings never run dry, 
E-ver-flowing without end; 

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The Waterfall
The Waterfall

T Torrent river, running swiftly past the large plateau 
H Heaving tons of water, crashing to the rocks below 
E Eroded rocks, jagged edged,...

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Categories: earth,

Lone Life Like Dead Wood

Late summer storm fells the defoliated tree
Over the hill slope it rolls on to the stream
No branch survives the rough downslide free
Entering the stream like...

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Categories: analogy, angst, life, memory,

Quench Your Thirst
L-et water quench your thirst, 
A-s the deer goes to the river; 
U-nder the heat of the sun, 
R-eplenish your fluids after your saunter.
E-agerly quench...

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Pure Spring Water
A-im at pure spring water, 
R-each the fountain of truth; 
I-t's free from dirt of lies, 
E-very soul is truly 

P-ure spring water of...

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Premium Member Juneteenth

June...back in nineteen-fifty eight, just sixty years ago,

Unknown to me, nine hundred miles away in the mid-South,

Never did I think of anything that would foreshadow...


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Categories: discrimination,

Premium Member Summer Cooking
Cabal’s Cantankerous Carnival

Carefully they plot the final climax before midnight falls at summer tides

Anticipate what is brewing in the potty vessel of self-righteous ritual

Bellow the...

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Categories: death,

Portrait Of Your Birthday
J-ust let March twenty-eighth
O-pen the early Tuesday; 
R-ed beacon is shining
I-n the wide blue skyway.

A-fter the cold dark night, 
R-ain comes to a close; 

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Playing In The Water
F-oggy Wednesday passes by, 
R-ed beacon has come out; 
I-t's a beautiful Thursday, 
T-aking away your doubt.
Z-enith ninth February
E-xposes the bright sky; 
L-et the wind...

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Ozonized Water
J-ust let Saturday sun 
O-pen the day with light; 
A-fter the twilight is gone, 
N-ew dawn leaves the night. 

M-orn eighteenth February 
O-bliterates the shadow;...

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Overflowing Water
M-onday morning March sixth 
I-s here to meet the day; 
N-ew dawn has broken, 
E-vening shadows fade away. 
R-ise of the sun begins, 
V-ile weather...

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Premium Member SEAHORSES
Seawater swimming
And fast moving
Horse-like fish of the sea
Orange, blue and red too
Ride in herds
Elevated neck, of course

April 30, 2018...

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Categories: color, first love, fish,

Our Times-Sign Of The Times
Soon everything we know will rapidly be changed
Into an unfamiliar landscape and a worldwide shooting range
Guns pointing in every direction and at every town
No inspections...

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Categories: earth, time, war, water,

Log Cabin
L-lost in the past
o-often built by water
g-grassy pastures


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Categories: loneliness, nature,

One Dusk Leads To New Dawn
S-unlight in early morn 
H-as begun to slowly shine; 
A-nother night turns to day, 
N-ew dawn makes you fine. 
I-t's time to leave the dark...

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What are the ocean like?
How do you traverse them?
Are they as vast as we imagine?
Long and deep are your travels
Everything you do is massive
Sometimes I...

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Categories: animal, beach, deep, earth

Once The River Begins To Run
M-ountains bring water, 
H-ills set everything aright; 
I-t's the river running by day, 
E-ven during the 

B-lessings are overflowing, 
R-unning not dry under the...

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Bountiful Supply
C-hoose the bountiful supply
A-ided by the Father alone; 
R-eceive His endless blessings
M-ade in heaven

A-im at the bountiful supply, 
L-ook for the crystal-clear water; 
Q-uest for...

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Keep Your Head Above Water
K-eep your head above water, 
E-arnestly learn to survive; 
Y-ou must manage the situation, for your hope to stay alive.

A-s you keep your head above...

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