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Summer Acrostic Poems

These Summer Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Summer. These are the best examples of Acrostic Summer poems written by international poets.

Premium Member SUMMER
Sun glistens with brilliance on tropical seas.

Under a palm tree we sit as a breeze

Meanders the island, and ripened on trees,

Mangoes are hanging – to...

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Categories: summer,

The Four Seasons

S. Starting of the new season, all new life begins to grow
P. Preparing for mother nature’s new growth, her embryo 
R. Reaping and sowing of...

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Categories: autumn, spring, summer, winter,

Rest While On Vacation
R-est while on vacation,
U-sing a resort to frolic;
T-ired and burned-out body
H-as to skylark and rollick.

Y-ou rest while on vacation,
O-n the fifth of September;
S-tart to bask...

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Categories: birthday,

Rounded purity, crystalline pearl, spherical perfection, of heavenly maker
A world whirls in your reflective tensile curvature, like a dreaming Utopia
In your droplet kingdom, multitudinous cells...

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© taai tekai  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: rain,

Beautiful fall
Body bronzed bathed in warm bright sunshine 

Emitted effortlessly by our celestial star

Affectionately accepted, totally adored and

Utilised until summer undeniably ends to

Transform our cloudless sky...

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Categories: autumn, nature, seasons, weather,

Premium Member Beautiful Fall
Beside him, in the glow of October's setting sun, 

Enjoying the whistle-song of a sparrow as we make our way

Around a pristine lake, we stroll.


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Premium Member Beautiful Fall
Burnt orange, yellow, red and russet brown leaves
Enhance the rich and vibrant colors of autumn.
Attractive purple asters and strawberry sneezeweeds
Unite with multicolored chrysanthemums
Teasing the senses...

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Categories: appreciation, autumn,

Premium Member Beautiful Fall
Brilliant leaves of yellow, orange and red,
enchanting and pretty are falling;
another summer is dead . . . 
Unpredictable the sun is crawling,
turning the days short....

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Categories: autumn,

Premium Member Beautiful Fall
Bountiful goodness of squash, pumpkins and gourds decorate hay bales
Elaborate labyrinth of vines dried by August suns lean against twilight fences
Autumn colors of browns reds...

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Premium Member Beautiful Fall
Beautiful Fall

Beautiful Fall becomes our prize when Summer 
Ends its long-awaited season of renewed beauty
After long, cold, dreary Winter months.  Now we
Understand it's time...

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Categories: autumn, beautiful,

Blessed season of Fall bursts with beauty
Exposing color-changes’ divergence
Accentuating air of serenity
Upheld by God’s glorious magnificence!
Testifying nature’s great variety
Inspiring creativity’s influence
Fall’s radiance shines midst gloom’s...

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Categories: appreciation, autumn, faith, god,

Beautiful Fall

Blazing summer sun shows its mellowed face when 
Each dawn it rises with crimson aura of the autumn
Across the sky painted with ribbons of astral...

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Categories: analogy, autumn, beauty, nature,


Blowing winds usher in colorful fall's parade
Elusive as a butterfly on the wing in an
Atmosphere that changes everything.
Uniting leaves to depart from their bowers,

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Categories: autumn, beautiful,


Blithesome autumn comes on cue
Each year to chase the heat away.
As summer starts to fade from view,
Unique fall will seize the day.
Turning leaves to brown...

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Categories: appreciation, autumn, beauty,

Premium Member Beautiful Fall
Basking in the cool Autumn sun I sit in awe
Enjoying the crimson and medallion hues.
Awaiting the next morn for the fresh crisp air
Utterly flowing through...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: autumn, beauty,

Until tomorrow is no more

Until tomorrow is no more 

In a summer whispered dream
Lingering amongst the sound
Over sunsets in between
Visions of your beauty found
Endless melodies now ring
Yesterday was sung...

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Categories: good night,

Summer Acrostic Poem
S is for the Sun 
that shines brightly 
in the sky  

U is for umbrellas 
that shield you
from the hot sun 
at the beach


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Categories: nature, seasons, summer,

Lone Life Like Dead Wood

Late summer storm fells the defoliated tree
Over the hill slope it rolls on to the stream
No branch survives the rough downslide free
Entering the stream like...

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Categories: analogy, angst, life, memory,

Premium Member July Sauna
Juicy sweat trickles down my back, the
Undulating fan, noisy, weakly blows
Lethargic gusts of dazed and drugged humidity in
Yellow-crusted corneas, blinded by desert dust

Steamy, simmering hot...

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Categories: july, summer, yellow,

Premium Member The Jersey Shore in June
Jersey Shore was where my family picnicked every year
Under the weeping willow with a spraying fountain near
Nineteen ninety-eight we saw a bald eagle fly west

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: summer, sunshine,