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Rude Acrostic Poems

These Rude Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Rude. These are the best examples of Acrostic Rude poems written by international poets.

Right Way Of Life
A-im at the right way of life,
M-ake it your everyday rule;
I-n the midst of the wicked world,
E-vade the eyes of the fool.

C-hoose the right way...

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Premium Member Monosyllabic
My friend, I wish you not to think me rude
Or to have wronged you by replying terse
Now I must be I fear, in your sight...

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Categories: silence,


Corky Withers was a Very talented performer,
leaving audiences Excited and mystified
with his magic acts Night after night. 
More mesmerizing Than the sleight of hand
was his...

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Categories: film, horror,

Just Turn The Other Cheek
J-ust turn the other cheek, 
E-vening the black and blue; 
N-o two wrongs make a right, 
N-or another fault favors

M-ake both your cheeks
O-utsmart the rude...

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Either Sweet Or Sour
L-ove, faith and trust 
E-nhances our firmness; 
O-ur vigor is intensified in spite of scorn, insult and dis. 

A-t times they talk civilly, 
B-ut rude...

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My Beautiful Rusty Body
Mint condition - brand new transmission and loaded.  I used to fit that description.
You should've seen me brand new. My owner had the only...

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Haunting Noise
I kept running here and there,
This room to that room,
My house to her house,
But noise left me not for a second.
Nowhere to escape,
I sat on...

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Categories: age, anger, anxiety, cry,

Obviously positively negative or negatively positive...going through pros and cons in my daily routine as time flies by oh so swift 
Painstaking tears are like...

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Categories: deep, emotions, encouraging,

Openly opinionated 
Blunt with few social skills
Nobody likes a know it all
Overbearing and rude 
Xanthippe – this speaks for itself!
Ignorant of the feelings of others

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Written by: Unique Poetry 2015...This only Reflects those whom are Not with a Disorder they just are Hateful Humans....

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Categories: anger, bible, computer, irony,

Forget that it's all sugarcoated
Accept that you can't quit
Censored, conformed and covered up
Egotistically you won't admit 

Because you'll never see how you're
Obsessively checking in 

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Categories: allegory, rude,

Crazy lady with model outfits – what now? You’ll see in a moment *hint* she’s a taker, not a giver ~!
Hah! She’s straight-out self-confident –...

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Categories: addiction, character, crazy, fashion,

Sunset a glowing red
4 minutes till bdtime
When grandchildren stall
Vocalizing needs of snack and stories

9 picture books later
Rude it might seem
You are the one yawning
Sugar intoxicated...

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Categories: children, funny,

Mimicry is Murder
Mirror melted, and I enclosed in solid space of ice
Intersperse images, direlict of other's maiming vice.
Mimicry is not a benign deceit as you would think

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Categories: political,


 Life is smooth-life is rude,
He stands today...

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Categories: peace, people, philosophy, life,

My Advice
Mind not the past, not a thing can change;
You are unique, don't think it's strange.

As often as ever give love to all;
Don't be rude, that...

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Categories: life, people, philosophy, satire

Stuffed with well cooked food
Turkey drumsticks do extrude
Undercooked statements are rude
Family members feud
Football sets the mood
Expanding bellies cunclude
Digestion sounds are crude

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Categories: family, food, holiday, social

Premium Member My Closet Poetry Soup Pals
C	lassy Carolyn, pretty and vibrant
A	mazing poet gifted, a joy
R	eachng with kindest heart
O	ver the top where friendship counts
L	oyal and gentle, always close by
Y	et, never imposing, overbearing...

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Categories: dedication, friendship, lovepoetry,

Because of you
Happy from the very day he was born
Amazing, I would never want to see his heart torn
Rich in thoughts, always stops and thinks twice
Respectful, never...

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Categories: father, son

Evil, Wicked & Demented
Enjoys her new found roles in her life
Visions of dastardly deeds dance in her head
Irate when people are rude and show disrespect
Loves to know what...

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Categories: dedication, devotion, family, sisterhope,