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Pain Acrostic Poems

These Pain Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Pain. These are the best examples of Acrostic Pain poems written by international poets.

Spiritual Success
R-oad to spiritual success
O-pens the gate of heaven; 
S-alvation of the soul
E-nds the pain of the chosen.

D-ream about spiritual success, 
A-im for the everlasting glory;...

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Categories: birthday,

Spiritual Life
S-piritual life lives in peace, 
H-aving hope, faith, and love; 
A-lthough it needs sacrifices, 
R-apture is given by God above.
L-earn to uphold spiritual life, 

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G – Grime the walls
R – Reflect your souls
A – Joy or anger
F – Safety or danger 
F – Freedom is all yours to take

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Categories: anger, art, hip hop,

Premium Member 'Like A Tree Upon This Earth'
Like a tree in the green forest-  I reach for the sky,
into each new dawn I pray, but Lord, I
keep secrets deep in my...

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Categories: tree,

Premium Member Inner Nemesis
Intrigued by the beauty of bewildering sorrow

Never far away from their own contradictions

Nebulous ghosts sound a fog horn of doubt

Encased in confabulation the truth lies...

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Categories: courage,

Premium Member Iris
I wish I could rip the meanness from your spine,
Rinse and let drip the pain from your eyes.
In your heart there is one small door...

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Categories: anger, love, marriage,

Premium Member A New January
Resolutions each January I feel I must do.                 ...

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Categories: february, january, power,

Premium Member Spring STRAND CHOICE 2
Singing birds emerging.
Pretty flowers are blooming.
Rabbits are hopping.
In spring things start living.
Nests of eggs are cracking.
Gardens are now growing.

Written Date: 1/21/2020...

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Categories: bird, flower, spring,

Gratitude for saying farewell to disquiet
Obstacles faced for years from sorrow-
Opulent magnetism because I feared
Death would lament my heart again;
But I saw my medallion horizon...

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Categories: anxiety, inspiration, new year,

Things Hurt
Things Hurt
By: Ireland Dowd

Talk about all the failures of others all you want.
Hope it doesn’t come back to bite you.
I sincerely don’t care about all...

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Categories: 8th grade, 9th grade,

Premium Member The Great Escape

Grand dreams that weep from vaults amidst the rain

Rouge billowed cheeks bleed soft from twilight's hem

Each star bounds heaven's breast, one glistened gem

All birthed from...

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Categories: analogy, dream, fantasy, imagination,

Premium Member Steadfastness
Snow should be my name in reality, but
this girl was named an old lady name-
everyone says, I have an old soul
and it is true...

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Categories: forgiveness, god, memory,

Somewhere In The Future
M-isery and heartache
A-re often felt in this life; 
R-eality of extreme pain
N-ever departs from strife.
I-n a problematic world, chaos creates confusion; 
E-ven the kings and...

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Categories: birthday,

Solved By The Blue Skies
B-eautiful morning lights
A-re shining from above; 
B-athing your life to brighten
Y-our faith, hope and love.

A-s twenty-seventh November
L-ets the dawn gladly break; 
A-iming to soothe your...

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Categories: birthday,

Sip A Milk Shake
M-ilk shake you sip
O-pens Saturday with delight; 
N-ew dawn has broken, 
A-fter the long cold night.

M-ilk shake you sip
O-bliterates the intense heat; 
N-o more scorching...

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Categories: birthday,

Sing A Love Song
J-ust let foggy Friday fade, 
E-vading the sky so wide; 
N-ew dawn has broken, 
N-o more pain

D-on't let the hurt remain, the raindrop passes by;...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member War is a Bad Dream
War Veteran



Little brother to big brother I had to ask, lol

Q: What was it like to kill someone?
A: The first one was...

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Categories: war,

Premium Member Shingles
hitting someone hard
in sheer pain
needing relief and respite
gruesome reality
lacking strength
energy annihilated
sorrowful amount of pain


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Categories: sick,

Targeted Individual

  T earing at the seams to scratch its way inside
     E mpty hollow being with the lonliness that I...

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Categories: abuse, corruption, dark, emotions,