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Mystery Acrostic Poems

These Mystery Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Mystery. These are the best examples of Acrostic Mystery poems written by international poets.

 Synchronicity is something
You see, hear and feel everywhere
Never boring
Comes along without cares
Hearing the same words, music, phrases
Randomly repeating more than
Once or twice in separate...

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Categories: how i feel, inspiration,

Acrostic on NIGHTMARE

N-ightmare hugs my brain
I-nk of dream kisses my pain
G-rasps me it fully with the bundle of bone,
H-urts me amid my sweet dreamy plot,

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Categories: dream, mystery,

Premium Member Poetry Day
Positioning of words to create
Original ways to say
Everyday beauty, unique hurt
Truth is mystery, discovering
Roads of a day, or
Years to travel-

Devotion to your
Art may seem to...

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Categories: creation, poetry, words, writing,

Mona Lisa

P erfectly composed is she
O bject of the artist's eye
R eginal serenity
T ransfixing every passer-by
R iddle of her mesmeric stare
A ges long has mystified
I taly's...

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Categories: appreciation, art, mystery,

Premium Member BOOM
B  better bursting of ballistic bombs

O often opened shooting annular offenses

O overly ousts on 

M mountains of memories motionless mystery

written  words by James...

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Categories: abuse, allusion, engagement, judgement,

She Is The Mom
Secured her baby in the womb.
Helped the child to walk on it's leg.
Efficient in making us to eat food.

Idol of us in our childhood.
Super woman...

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Categories: dedication, miracle, mom, mother,

Great Mystery
J-ust know the great mystery, 
U-sing the vine and the branches; 
V-erify the deeper meaning, 
Y-ou must put it in your chest. 

B-elieve in the...

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Categories: birthday,

Divine Knowledge
E-arnestly discern divine knowledge, 
L-isten to the voice from above; 
L-et your mind and heart 
A-im to learn faith, hope, and love. 

G-od's divine knowledge...

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Categories: birthday,

Love Always Seems To Know
L-ove always seems to know, 
H-owever dark or deep; 
E-ach mystery is seen, 
N-o top secret to keep.

M-ay eleventh Thursday
O-pens the heart for love; 

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Humanity

H umility is the capacity to
U nderstand that we
M ay not know
A ll of the answers, and we may
N ever...

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Categories: community, happiness, humanity, introspection,

Light Of Reality
R-eality's light 
O-pens the person's mind; 
S-haring the truth of life, 
A-s myth is left behind. 
L-ight of reality 
I-s the word of wisdom; 

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Categories: birthday,

Evangelize Every Soul
S-tart to evangelize every soul, 
A-im to snatch them from fire; 
M-ission is to persuade the people, 
U-nder the sacred desire.
E-vangelize every soul, let them...

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Categories: birthday,

In The Midst Of An Abyss
S-o deep and so great, 
H-ow can you ever fathom? 
E-yes look down at the dark ocean, 
E-stimating the bottom.
N-o one can ever measure the...

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Categories: birthday,

Be unbounded by the ways of the world.
Ignorance claims the dogma of men
To qualify as the sheer pith of truth.
My thirst will then be quenched,...

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Categories: adventure, christian, courage, desire,

In the nights sky
In the nights sky, The big round moon amplifies
Nocturnally a journey set in motion, as my minds eye opens
Through the shining stars I will find...

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Categories: adventure, imagination, journey, night,

When An All Is A Bit Unsure
W-hen an all is a bit unsure, 
H-aving a little uncertainty; 
E-xpect the Almighty's way, 
A-s you have known His mystery.
N-ow, when an all is...

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Categories: birthday,

each time with you my breath is taken away
such wonder to see ivory open and free
splendor journeys beyond grass reaching golden sands
essential are you to...

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© Lisa Ricci  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beach, ocean,

Message in an acrostic

aPproaching the speeD of light		
loOse particles gathEr,			
iroN, carbon, silicon…			
many Atoms Form			
amino aCids, mIcrobes			
as biochEmical compouNds,		
as molecuLes that			
created seEds of...

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Categories: acrostic, creation, science,

Showing You The Way
S-eventeenth September
H-e had shown you the way; 
I-n the midst of darkness, 
R-ight path God did display.
L-ord had shown you the way, 
E-ven though you...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Your Favorite Habit-Forming TV Show - Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Tom Quigley 

Beneath the shadows Buffy prowls to use “Mr. Pointy” her favorite stake
Under the tunnels she...

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Categories: evil, imagination, mystery,