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Good Night Acrostic Poems

These Good Night Acrostic poems are examples of poetry about Good Night Acrostic. These are the best examples of Acrostic Good Night poems written by international poets.

Midsummer Night
Abstract algorithm. Brooding distraction, 
cleverly cloaked in digital fleece.
Enigma encoded. Like so many fireflies,
Hastening gauntly heavenward.
Juniper immolation.
Ides jaundiced light.
Kinetic kites, luminescent in the night. 

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Categories: 10th grade, allegory, allusion,

Night moon shines bright in the cloudy sky, 
Azure carpet with stars glowing high, 
Twinkling lights sing a sweet lullaby, 
Unending darkness that makes me...

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© Jo Daniel  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: good night, moon, stars,

Fragile Hearts

Fragile Hearts 

Fashioned of hand whispered crystal endeavors
Resting the perch of my long distant tears
Affectionate longings of three flavored wishes
Glass blown by sunsets in marmalade...

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Categories: good night,

Until tomorrow is no more

Until tomorrow is no more 

In a summer whispered dream
Lingering amongst the sound
Over sunsets in between
Visions of your beauty found
Endless melodies now ring
Yesterday was sung...

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Categories: good night,

Premium Member NIGHTY NIGHT---
N---never saying good night

I---ignoring intimate fair wells

G---governing graciously

H---high delight 

T---telling's testimonies Ta-ta...

Y---your way or mine

N---now I say our fond fair wells

I---it is time to leave...

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Categories: farewell, good night, goodbye,

Premium Member Angels
Angelic seraphim have spread their wings with divine blessing; 
Nurturing children kneeling and praying beneath the eaves, 
Groggy bundled in blankets in beds full of...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angel, children, evil, good

Hopeless my Oblivion
page after page verse after verse trying hard to find the words to keep my heart from being cursed that same kiss was the advocate...

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Categories: america, anxiety, farewell, good

Shining your light on the clock as if to offer a begging child a loaf of bread.
Always out of reach, grasping tightly for fear of...

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© Mike Beard  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: good night, goodbye, lonely,

Premium Member Ice Skating

                  ICE SKATING


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Categories: winter,

Premium Member CRIMSON
C aught in the act after
R emoving our clothes.
I  was absolutely, truly
M ortified I suppose.
S omehow I forgot to
O pen my eyes, to realise

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Categories: body, good night, house,

Lean on me
Leanne loves milking her cows 
Everyday she dreams of those cows when she is away
A noise she hears
Nay says the horse, Nay says the cows

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Categories: animal, cheer up, giggle,

Halloween night 
All is right
Love trick or treaters
Listen to the wind howl
October 31st
Walking through enchanted trees
Every child smiling
Eve of the Jack o lanterns
Naughty or nice


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Categories: candy, childhood, good night,

The Pitch Dark Night Sky
Laying in my bed
There is nothing in my head
The night is growing mysterious
Time is going crawling by
I can see the pitch black sky
It’s silent every...

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Categories: dark, good night, how


Flappers zoom with gentle reels of caprice
In twinkling shade coated by moonlit fleece
Roulette of wings dazzle to glaze skyline;
Enchanted, aisles of boughs play with the...

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Categories: joy, magic, nature,

Everyone is sleeping, but am not..
Room is full of silence, & weather is hot.
I have closed my eyes,as dreaming deep..
 But am not lost in...

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Categories: confusion, youth,

Premium Member BEDTIME MAGIC


Sprawled under nightscape of galaxy bright
Tiny sequins pulse on blaze of luster,
A beaded stars nova bursts on flight
Into a full-blown montage, the lawns...

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Categories: fantasy, happiness, magic, uplifting,

Destroying everything I’ve ever held dear,
And you more than anyone were hurt by the fire.
Rage allows clarity through delusion,
Kindred spirits will know peace of which...

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Categories: depression

Brittan y and Josh
Brittany is the name of the girl that has my heart 
Right away with a smile and a stare into her eyes I fell for...

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Categories: love

Acrostic Christmas
A ngels hanging on the tree
C hoir sings serenity
R ibbons and bows, how they glisten
O n Dasher, on Donner, On Prancer and Blitzen
S now flakes...

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Categories: holidaychristmas, christmas,