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Boat Acrostic Poems

These Boat Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Boat. These are the best examples of Acrostic Boat poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Fishing

From the dock, our boat speeds off
Into a channel to the calm Gulf of Mexico waters
Stopping when the GPS identifies our favorite reef
Hoping to catch...

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Realize Your Greatest Goal
R-ealize your greatest goal,
O-n February fourth Sunday;
S-tay focused on your dream,
E-ven though the sky is gray.

J-ust realize your greatest goal,
U-sing faith, hope, and trust;
R-egardless of...

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Categories: birthday,

Rays Of The Sun Will Shine
R-ays of the sun will shine, 
A-fter the night passes by; 
Q-uit not when the rain falls
U-nderneath the dark sky.
E-leventh November morn breaks after the...

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cyclone sega-nine
82 degrees W.....47 degrees N
Battle sequence deltaD.A..025
universal pattern, alfa delta 2
laqunch sequence with wide
 spread projection....

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Caribbean Pundit: Thankful Tribute
Pan: Betel. Or quintessentially creole, made anew, pan-American music
Aloo: also Native American, the staff of life, versatile with curry
Naan: often translated roti, chapati, dhaalpuri, but...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: 12th grade, allegory, america,

Wade On Inn
The gentle rocking of a boat ~
How the waves lap so sooth ~
Eventide fills my lone solace ~

Beyond land’s loud hubbub 
Eased away is messy...

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© taai tekai  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: appreciation,

On Board A Boat In The Sea
A-llow the beacon to come, 
R-ain is nowhere in sight; 
N-ew dawn has broken, 
E-ndorsing a bright

R-ising sun early Thursday
A-ims to warm twenty-sixth January; 

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Nothing But Your Oath
R-eaffirm your sacred oath, 
E-arnestly make a promise; 
S-aturday December thirtieth, 
A-llow not your ship to go amiss.
L-ove inside your heart
I-s coupled with solid faith;...

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Knifing Through The Wave
K-nifing through the wave
I-s the ship of your journey; 
M-idst the deep rough ocean, you're guided by the Almighty.

S-olid faith knifing through the wave
O-f trials...

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Premium Member CHAOS

Child O Child how the boat rocks...
Heart of Mine ~ cossets your soul,
As the sea serpent roars with contempt...
O Child, you belong to God! ...

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Categories: abuse, children, christian,

Never Let Your Hope Die
N-ever let your hope die, 
A-llow it to see the light; 
L-et it stay aglow and alive, 
Y-es, let it leave the cold 


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Categories: birthday,

Miss Not The Boat
M-iss not the boat, 
H-urry up, time flies fast; 
E-agerly do it now, 
L-et not holdback last. 

M-iss not the boat, 
A-s the voyage begins;...

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Love Is Fair To All
A-s love is fair to all, 
E-veryone never fails; 
N-o one can blame the love, 
J-ust see the blue boat sails. 
E-ach love is fair...

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Premium Member World Cruise
     Well, now another cruise she's off to book,
     On 'round the world' tour they just now...

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Categories: boat, travel, world,

World Cruise
Witnessed together, both the bright sun and the faint moon.
Oh!That early morning cruise was really a fortuitous boon;
Ride on the banana boat, and snorkeling in...

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Categories: adventure, travel,

Premium Member World Cruise
What fun it would be to sail on a ship
Over all the world on a pleasure trip
Riding the waves from shore to shore
Landing to browse...

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Categories: adventure, boat, travel,

Premium Member WORLD CRUISE
W henever I retire, 
O nce my lump sum comes,
R emind me of my promise to
L oad my case and not return.
D estination.....The World. 


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Categories: boat, goodbye, happiness,

World Cruise
Waving goodbye we embarked onto the huge ship
Obviously not in ship shape because we both slipped
Raging waters made us both feel seasick
Later the dramamine kicked...

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Categories: adventure, boat, vacation,

Have The Last Laugh
A-s you have the last laugh, 
N-o one can put you down; 
G-roups of people think
E-rrors midst sea will make you drown.
L-ast laugh is in...

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In The Middle Of The Sea
L-et the seventh day
O-f January show the light; 
R-ise of the sun begins, 
E-arly morn leaves the

M-ake the Friday chill
E-vade the Saturday sun; 
N-ew dawn...

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