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Acidity Poems

Acidity Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of acidity poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for acidity.

New Poems

still tarnished
I still remember 
that one time I fell into the lust filled puddles
 that settled where your eyes once were
 we both know
it was over and over again
that i'd willingly dove in
I replay you in my mind
here's a secret
never have...Read More
Categories: acidity, bullying, crush, depression, desire, lonely, lust, soulmate,
Form: Free verse

The woman is
juice to milk,
the man is
cane juice

The woman is
Apple pear,
the man is
prickly pineapple

The woman is
Prosecco wine,
the man is

The woman is
sweet potato,
the man is

The woman is
the warmth,
the man is

The woman is
the man is

The woman is
The man
it's...Read More
Categories: acidity, fun, hilarious, humorous,
Form: Free verse
Galvanized With Steely Mettle
Countless instances submitting poems
finds me racking
quite a hefty collection of rejections,
the responses lacking
disappointing voluminous vicious
venomous vitriolic backing
quite the contrary,
the prefabricated responses

unsuccessful at hijacking
my "FAKE" toothy gumption
(since I wear dentures) lip smacking
bite size packing
not exceptionally appetizing,
but definitely wanting
with more pungent acidity...Read More
Categories: acidity, abuse, courage, discrimination, growth, humorous, judgement, motivation,
Form: Bio
Couach potatoes!  Scrambling for trivialities 
The eyes delight, detrimental to their intellect 
Immersed in gape at the melanin free race
Laying eggs of colloquialism to metamorphose into
Formality cherishing fool's errand with hilarious gestures 

Blindly swaggering when near a shelf of...Read More
Categories: acidity, 5th grade, anger, cry, depression,
Form: Blank verse
is it the Ebson salt
Is it Epson Salt?

All those nice villas along the coast are empty save for stray cats and those too poor to live inland because the sea stinks like bouillabaisse gone off. Marine life and sea plants have died out too...Read More
Categories: acidity, character, christian, city, columbus day,
Form: Blank verse

PhD In Redneck
I have go not advanced degree
from a fancy eastern school.
I’ve no idea who Beckett is,
so you declare that I’m a fool.
Yet yesterday I restored to life
an old engine from the thirties,
I’ve got a PhD in Redneck,
you’ve never gotten your hands...Read More
Categories: acidity, america, anger, how i feel, i am,
Form: Rhyme
A very nice little horse story
A nice little horse story to tell to the beetles and cakes.

What if the rotating square meet the sides of a spinning circle? Well a dance, a spin and a sparkly front facing flip out from the watching triangles. Triangles...Read More
Categories: acidity, beauty, horse,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member acidity aside
Acidity aside
In the back of her mind
The poison leaked through
No rooster to roo
But beyond blasting
A hole in my shoe
I tell her I love her
Nothing to do
...Read More
Categories: acidity, america,
Form: Free verse
A study at dawn
Skylights warn and warm where acorns drip. The slight angle of acidity in the air can be measured accurately with a ruler or the nib of a ball point pen. Ball point pens are not really balls or points for...Read More
Categories: acidity, age, angel,
Form: I do not know?
Ode To The Hydrangea

Misunderstood little Mophead,
They call her ‘Changing Rose’,
Her colour comes from the soil
And the acidity in which she grows.

Chorus:	Water in her name,
		Water in her veins.
		Blue Azorean stranger,
		Nothing rhymes with Hydrangea.

Graceful in the half-sun,
She turns pink with added lime.
At...Read More
Categories: acidity, flower,
Form: Ode

Goodness lives
Goodness lives.

G amble you don't with emotions,
O dium is like a venom in motion,
O n the wane welcoming hospitality,
D esultory are ties today in its acidity,
N o,the one in pink is good,
E very look says she is class,dude,
S he has...Read More
Categories: acidity, emotions, environment, hope, world,
Form: Acrostic
Scribble All Over Your Face
Fueled by 
a schizoid frenzy
in an 
angers intensity
loves acidity 

Sparked by
a passions blazing
in an
array of crayons
blank faced canvas

Ignited by
a lovers raging
in an
unleashing of scribbling
vivid colors releasing 

Fired by
a wild appeasing 
in an
mind blowing flow
caught up in throws

Cooled by
an abstract messiness
in...Read More
Categories: acidity, anger, art,
Form: Free verse
Her love was insipid
It was lukewarm and murky
His heart sipped it
Spat it out and rinsed it 
Cleansed itself
All traces of insipidity
Murkiness and acidity
Disguised as love
Dripping from a broken heart
...Read More
Categories: acidity, love,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member When the World Grew Wings - FULL
There once came a day
when the world took flight
('twas only a handful
who gaped at the sight)
For when she spread her wings
so few could believe;
and fewer still
could keep alive the dream,
that had awakened for all to see.
Galileo Galilei took center stage,
as...Read More
Categories: acidity, allegory, allusion, beautiful, earth, metaphor, spiritual, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member When the World Grew Wings - Part 1
There once came a day
when the world took flight
('twas only a handful
who gaped at the sight)
For when she spread her wings
so few could believe;
and fewer still
could keep alive the dream,
that had awakened for all to see.
Galileo Galilei took center stage,
as...Read More
Categories: acidity, allegory, beautiful, bible, metaphor, spiritual, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
N otice me when I am in a mood to
   E valuate my every move!
V oice your opinion to
   E scape the wrongdoing.
R eality is never given to you.
A nswers are forthcoming when you...Read More
Categories: acidity, wisdom, words,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member KARMA

Epigram #201:

Yes stupidity has no expiry date;
Purge harsh acidity lest you reap sad fate!


Leon Enriquez
21 September 2015
...Read More
Categories: acidity, allusion,
Form: Epigram

Mindfulness is being in the moment, with the past
A dim memorial and the future ripe anticipation;
Without investment of self in uncertainty and “when I…”,
Just living life in the now.

I read the book of recipes and am drawn 
Into its world...Read More
Categories: acidity, absence, betrayal, break up, confusion, feelings, grief,
Form: Blank verse
DNA - you misspelled my destiny
Block after building block
Destroyed with your sour acidity
Tried to redefine my black

DNA – in my human footprint
You left a lasting impression
With this uncertain genotype
Designed my unnatural selection

DNA – you spilled my humanity
Into mud like a...Read More
Categories: acidity, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme
Remember Me
What do you remember when you look at me? 
 Can you even say, objectively? 
 I'm sure it's not a symphony.
 A tranquil sea, or being free.
 I probably remind you more of anarchy... Of villainy...
 My memories consists...Read More
Categories: acidity, memory,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Wild Blueberries
Wild blueberries taste 
beyond the pale
of domestic cultivars,
sweetness cut by granite acidity
underlain by the spice 
of marginal existence.

A blueberry’s destiny
is realized through consumption.
I satisfy as many as I can
to deposit their future
a couple portages down

An older poem recycled as...Read More
Categories: acidity, nature,
Form: Free verse
Once was drinking Gelusil
A liquid that aids digestion, effervescent in acidity
Suddenly some amount spilt on the floor unnoticed
A colony of black ants scurried up to lap the pink river
All of them drank it full fledged to their hearts content
And submerged...Read More
Categories: acidity, funny,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Something Not Right
To Carol’s pumpkin patch I did go 
With my little red wagon behind in tow 
A fifty pound one I would use for show 
Through teeth and eyes an eerie light would glow 

To my surprise as I did a...Read More
Categories: acidity, funny, me,
Form: Rhyme
every face has a thought hidden behind the visage of visuals
like the beating of the ear drum listening to compound residuals 
the beating of the heart, adreneline rush, push past the point of strain
mental structure whinding spiraling downawrd thinning...Read More
Categories: acidity, love
Form: Rhyme
So this is what it’s about
sitting under the darkening sky
hoping to finish the last red drop
before the first rain drops

swirling burgundy around the crystal
grape puddles breathing an oily fog
spit seeds of perception—
the acidity of intellect
eating through the rinds of remorse
as...Read More
Categories: acidity, confusion, depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, introspection, love, philosophy,
Form: Blank verse