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Accrue Poems

Accrue Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accrue poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accrue.

New Poems

They christened her Corona, and not to be dismissed
The blight that made the planet, get its knickers in a twist
They closed the universities, and then they closed the schools
The world was in a panic because no one knew the rules

We...Read More
Categories: accrue, fun,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member To Have and To Hold
Your beauty eloquently shines,
with effervescent hue.
An ushered in new day,
additional memories to accrue.

Moments swelled from passion,
can certainly overwhelm.
Always assuring my attention,
in a perfect magical realm.

Fairer beauty nowhere to be found,
witnessed by my own two eyes.
A constant and veracious attraction,
invariably never...Read More
Categories: accrue, love,
Form: Rhyme
I was born to be a survivor and a fighter.
That's why I became a writer.
As a child the physical abuse I endured.
Being a baby it was pretty absurd.

The child of recovering addicts.
Even one that still until recently would slip.
Watching a...Read More
Categories: accrue, absence, abuse, addiction, anger, depression, drug, how
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My Two Sons
How proud I am I pray that they see
My hopes and my dreams for them to be
Two young men much better than me
My two young sons so dear to me

Wisdom and truth I'll try and convey
Heartache and pain to be...Read More
Categories: accrue, children, family, happiness, love,
Form: Rhyme
Dearest Amelie Beth Harris Mcgeehan
Dearest Amelie Beth Harris-Mcgeehan

If royalty moost likely
spotlight ye would dodge
nonetheless anointed, deemed, granted...
within humble abode
of your lodge
most righteous, magnanimous, gracious...
among confrère noblesse oblige.

Methinks twas foolhardy of me
when joost a mere young man
(more'n half agoo me lifespan)
ye always acknowledging me birthdate,
(although...Read More
Categories: accrue, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Dramatic Verse

Premium Member Begin With A Breakthrough
Say a heartfelt "adieu"
to the weight you used to accrue.
Downsize to widen your view,
but keep your barbeque.
For everything say "thank you."
Keep your heart and hopes new 
with love and laughter to pursue.
Begin this year with a breakthrough
and be relieved with...Read More
Categories: accrue, growth, happy, heart, hope, inspirational, love, new
Form: Monorhyme
Yea, I stand here just before you, visualizing your golden hue. 
None other to appreciate thee, no one else but you and me. 
I look upon your light so fair _ that reach beyond your souls’ aware. 
I see the...Read More
Categories: accrue, birth, evil, innocence, lust, people,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member LUDix-Rym -Five Decades an Adult

My first ten years (or childhood), I'd say were pretty great.
although my confidence could easily deflate.
To be a teen - For this I could not wait!
I wanted a nice boyfriend and loved that first big date!
I learned a lot, like...Read More
Categories: accrue, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Where Leaps Hot Desires In Adoring Breast
Where Leaps Hot Desires In Adoring Breast

Here atop this majestic mountain crest,
Amidst flying winds that soothe aching soul,
Looking at earth, at Nature's very best,
Where resides a force man can not control;
Man, mortal man his heart too often weeps,
For selfish pleasures,...Read More
Categories: accrue, appreciation, art, beautiful, blessing, imagery, love, passion,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member LUDix-Rym-Why my Name is Moon

With ancient mysteries you come
In your full light, hearts you do strum
Amid rituals some succumb
To your heartbeat played on a drum
Your names do change meanings for some
January wolf howls a thrum
Eerily call family hum
Never knowing where you come from
February called...Read More
Categories: accrue, culture, moon, myth,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Here One Minute -

The tree it grows
The stream it flows
Each in its time
Not yours nor mine

The May bug flies
In  hours it dies
Yet for each one
A full life’s run

Does time speak true?
Our lives accrue
Each minute new
To have or rue

Too short a...Read More
Categories: accrue, life,
Form: Rhyme
From the heart
A loving heart is the truest wisdom.
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
A sun had risen,
Some bit of ice or mercury had melted.
One stormy wind had come
When a sigh came out from deep...Read More
Categories: accrue, faith, family, fantasy, fate, relationship, true love,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member As You Have Your Cup Of Joe, Each New Morn
As You Have Your Cup Of Joe, Each New Morn

As you have your cup of Joe, each new morn
Think of Life as dawn in glory is born
See those gleaming rays sun casts in its glow
For this world does daily its...Read More
Categories: accrue, appreciation, art, beauty, bird, happiness, nature, uplifting,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Trusted Friends
Trusted Friends
Written: by Miracle man

Healthy friendships don’t just happen,
and social media can never compare.
To a face up meeting with a trusted friend,
who has voiced your name in prayer.

In healthy friendships mutual respect is vital,
whether joy, or sadness, the other feels...Read More
Categories: accrue, friendship love,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Stumbling Blocks
Stumbling Blocks
Written: by Miracle Man

The way each lives his life, to another conveys
It isn’t always about saying, but rather what we do.
Many live like the Devil, while giving God praise,
A hindrance to others, as their sins accrue.

One picture is far...Read More
Categories: accrue, christian, god, life,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member The Poo Poo Bird
They pursued it with vigor, they pursued it with crass
They hunted with valor and hope
They proceeded with a dose of good Knightly sass
They chased it with tackle and rope

Now King Arthur declared in a boisterous voice
He was tired of the...Read More
Categories: accrue, adventure, funny, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Emotions as Cash
"Can you consider emotions,
As a possession 

Like shoes or a coat,
Bike or a boat 

Can we claim what we cannot see,
I’m sorry you just have to believe

Some emotions however we can see,
Like those exposed on your shirt sleeve

Happy, sad, perturbed...Read More
Categories: accrue, blessing, confidence, emotions, feelings,
Form: Rhyme
Understanding the Why
"You need to understand the why,
As in “why” we must try

To improve ourselves each day,
Like a foundation that we lay 

Building confidence brick by brick,
And upon the candle of desire is lit 

To want something more,
Than we had the day...Read More
Categories: accrue, confidence, motivation,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Pen Wakes, Shakes And Casts Its Darkest Long Frown
Pen Wakes, Shakes And Casts Its Darkest Long Frown

When faithful pen, releases not its ink
heaven and stars refuse usual blinks
moon dims and lets out moaning mournful cries
poison arrows shoot across wailing skies
Paper cringes in desperate despair,
around weeping edges begins to...Read More
Categories: accrue, appreciation, art, poetry, poets, symbolism, word play,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Sonnet Doubles,Forty Years Of Inking
What Great Love, Our Memory Shall Remain

What is left when I am buried and dust
ancient grave upon which a white-stone rests
vanished shades of a future we did trust
as if that one great wave would never crest!

What great love or memory...Read More
Categories: accrue, appreciation, art, character, growth, imagery, life, writing,
Form: Sonnet
One Never Knows, Keep Believing
Bushels please stop this we need our light to be sought
Match come to candle unless moths become fraught
Pure enlightenment's easy, walking out of darkness
Meditations upon meditations engage with our prowess

Letting love in, allowance, saying it, "I love you".
It is in...Read More
Categories: accrue, appreciation, blessing,
Form: Verse
Miscarried ascendence toward heavenly bliss
Though joyousness impaled,
albeit skewered over poker hot coals
courtesy roaring fiery
molten psychological magma
kindling sparks incinerate
nonetheless inchoate coalescence

asserts, damned feeble endeavor
fostering, glomming, harking
futile hellbent fixation manifests
imperceptible yearning inclination
atavistic aspiration toward archangel
fleetingly overrides pathos

prevalent within pathetic psyche
regarding mental health
linkedin to mein kampf
oft times...Read More
Categories: accrue, allusion, angel, cry, depression, pain, peace, sad,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Let me not say hurtful things,
Or shameful actions do.
Let my words not sow deceit,
And thus bring shame to You.

Let my words bring only peace,
And my actions too;
That I may walk with head held high,
And only friends accrue;

For there are those...Read More
Categories: accrue, anti bullying, introspection,
Form: Quatrain
Wood chew believe aye took stock
Wood chew believe aye took stock...?

Upon a whim, an endeavor
arose to communicate
cumulative key whatchamacallit,
yea...nuggets o' wisdom, asper
about yours truly no reason, nor

rhyme unwinding, tooling sputtering
most vexing mystery more
baffling than any whodunnit,
asper in this ole rattle trap to whit,
which drab filler...Read More
Categories: accrue, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, devotion,
Form: Lyric
The Dictionary Equals Logophile's Paradise
Nope reforming hardened criminal donning
scarred face, manacles jailhouse stripe, et cetera
nor taming screwish incorrigible guttersnipe
ain't most difficult enterprises
entailing me to wipe
dripping sweat from my hoary brow,

neither primary tsoris,
(i.e. Yiddish, asper in woeful gripe),
but reading tome thick as stovepipe
hat, I declare...Read More
Categories: accrue, addiction, allegory, drink, education, feelings, funny love,
Form: Free verse